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ANDREW BLAIR Andrew Blair is a freelance liar and a rubbish polymath. How did you get into doing what you do? I used to write short stories, so I went to open mic nights to read them and get feedback, but five minutes isn't a long time to read a short story. They have to be about eight hundred words and I prefer to write longer pieces, so I started writing poems instead. It was entirely pragmatic, and it benefits my prose.

How has the festival been for you so far? Alternately hectic and sluggish. Flyering and performing flit past like someone dancing behind you. Then there's the admin.  The hedonist's paradox told you there'd be admin, but you always ignore it even though it's always right. Our venue changed and I got a job half in early August (so had to cancel a few things) leading to myself, Ross and our partners amending


Bunbury Issue Six  

Hey Bunburyists! Remember that time when we did Bunbury and it had all manner of wonderful Bunburying things in it, like poetry and art? Oh...

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