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Buna Beacon WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2012


Buna murder suspect takes guilty plea on tax charges By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor A Buna woman who is a suspect in the investigation of her husband’s 2011 murder pled guilty to multiple tax violation charges last Thursday in a Beaumont federal courtroom. Patricia Wiggins Sheard, 61, of Buna, was named in a federal grand jury’s indictment along with Elizabeth Gayle Bailey, 57, of Spurger in December of 2011. In December, Sheard was charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, and Bailey was charged with one WINNING GRAND CHAMPION hog at the Jasper County Junior Livestock Show Saturday was Matthew Akridge of conspiracy to defraud the United the Evadale FFA, left, and winning Grand Champion goat was Madisyn McClelland of the Buna 4-H group, right. States and 14 counts of preparing false tax returns. According to United States Attorney John M. Bales, Sheard entered a guilty plea on Thursday before United States Magistrate Judge Zack Hawthorne, and earlier last week, Bailey also pled guilty before Hawthorne to charges from the same conHours spent raising an animal ship winners were announced, as spiracy. or working on a project culmi- Evadale senior Brooke Burnett According to Bales, Bailey nated in several more hours of and Jasper senior Will Miller founded Gayle’s Taxes in 1999 in hard work and competition last each received $1,500, Buna seSee Tax... Page 5A week, as the Jasper County nior Erika Jade Hunt received Junior Livestock Show was held, $1,250, and Evadale senior Branwith Buna and Evadale partici- don Midkiff received a $1,000 pants taking some of the top award. Brittany Nichols of Kirbyville spots. Evadale FFA member Matthew FFA won Grand Champion steer, Ackridge won Grand Champion while Heather Folk and Tanner hog, selling for $2726.50, Buna Sims, both of Kirbyville FFA, FFA member Keather Nichols won Grand Champion rabbit and won Grand Champion lamb, sell- broiler, respectively. Buna FFA member Brian Askew ing for $1,500, and Buna 4-H member Madisyn McClelland won third place steer, selling for won Grand Champion goat, sell- $7,200, while Evadale FFA member Colten Cotton won third ing for $1,600. Buna 4-5 member Erica Berry place hog, selling for $1,228.50. Buna 4-H member Jordan won Reserve Champion hog, selling for $1,470, and Evadale Jr. VanDevender won third place FFA member Austin Reeves won lamb, selling for $1,200, while ADDING TO THE Buna total, Buna FFA member Keather Reserve Champion rabbit, selling Buna FFA member Zach Ford Nichols, third from left, won the Grand Champion lamb for $1,500. award at the Jasper County Junior Livestock Show held Sheard Saturday evening the scholarSee Livestock... Page 9A last Saturday evening.

Buna, Evadale students top winners at Livestock Show


Officers make arrest in Evadale theft cases By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor As spring is in the air, Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman’s office is continuing to pressure suspects in local cases, as one man was arrested last week after successful investigations. On Mar. 23, Deputy Jason McClelland and Captain Bob Walker were able to solve two burglary cases, both recently occurring in Evadale, with the arrest of Delton Whitmire, Jr. Whitmire, 28, was charged with theft of property over $50 and, as of Monday, a warrant for Whitmire’s arrest was issued by McClelland for a burglary of a habitation charge. As of Monday, he was still in custody in the Jasper County Jail. The case began when a television was allegedly stolen from an Evadale home off CR 1131 over a week ago. McClelland began the investigation, and the Evadale burglary came back up last week when he answered a disturbance call from Whitmire’s girlfriend. In the midst of dealing with the disturbance call, Whitmire’s girlfriend told McClelland that her little girl’s Nook, an electronicbook reader, was recently stolen. Walker said that while looking into the alleged stolen Nook, evidence pointed to Whitmire as the alleged thief, not only for his girlfriend’s daughter’s Nook, but also the alleged stolen television. Whitmire allegedly took both of the items and sold them. The officers were able to locate Whitmire, and McClelland and Walker recovered the items from the people he allegedly sold them to. The items have been returned to their respective owners, and the investigation continues.

- BEACON BRIEFS - Square dancers have Buna Elementary Pre-K and Kindergarten round-up Pre-K and Kindergarten Round Up for the 2012-13 school year at Buna Elementary will be held on Apr. 11 from 9 to 11 a.m. in the elementary library.

Preschool story time today at 10:30 a.m. The Buna Public Library hosts their weekly preschool story time today at 10:30 a.m. for preschoolers and their parents or guardians. The hour of fun begins with a story and craft actitivity about frogs.

BISD trustees meeting changed to Apr. 10

Redbud fun all year By Tina Cooley Beacon Reporter Although the 2012 Redbud Festival has come and gone, there’s a group in Buna who carry the Redbud name all year long. The Lions Hall in Buna is alive with dancers every fourth Tues-

The Buna Independent School District board meeting scheduled for Monday, Apr. 9 has been moved to Tuesday, Apr. 10 at 7 p.m.

Buna Little League Opening Ceremonies The Buna Little League opening ceremonies will be held Saturday, Mar. 31 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Buna Little League ball fields located on Hwy. 62.

Blood Drive for the late Janie Bouillion Mar. 31 M.D. Anderson Cancer Center blood bank will host a blood and platelet drive benefitting the late Janie Bouillion on Saturday, Mar. 31 at First United Methodist Church in Buna from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All donations will count towards the units used for Bouillion and help defray the medical expenses incurred by the family. Surgeries have already been planned based on the number of donors who registered to donate blood and platelets. For more information, contact Diane Wylie at 994-5203 or Kay Simmons at 423-9073.

Buna 4-H meeting cancelled The Buna 4-H meeting for the month of April has been cancelled. Meetings will resume in the month of May and be held at Central Baptist Church in Buna.

Self defense classes for women The Newton County District Attorney’s Office and Family Services of Southeast Texas Piney Wood Safe House have joined together to sponsor free self defense classes for women on the second Saturday of each month. The next class is scheduled for Apr. 14. For more information, contact Tonia Rooney at 379-8600. See Briefs... Page 3A

HERC AND MICKEY Rogers are two of the Redbud Square Dancers members. day of the month from 7 to 9 p.m. That’s where you’ll find Buna residents Sue Burt and Mickey Rogers, along with several other folks who come from all around the Golden Triangle area to enjoy an evening of good ol’ square dancing fun. “We like to have a good time,” said Sue. “Some of the other area clubs don’t seem to have as good of a time as we do.” Sue is the president of the Buna Redbud Square Dancers.

She leads the group of dancers that meet monthly with her husband James; Herc and Mickey Rogers, secretary; and Rick Wakefield, treasurer. “We’ve had as many as several dozen members and as few as six,” said Mickey. “It’s always fun with our group, but the more you have the better it gets.” There’s always plenty of food to go around. Each meeting, someone from the group mentions what entree they’ll bring to the next meeting, and the other group members fix side dishes and desserts. “Sometimes it’s home cooking and other times it’s fried chicken out of a take-out box,” said Mickey. “Whatever it is, it gets eaten.” Many of the group members have become like family and have get-togethers outside of the regular dance meetings. Several of the members attended a National Convention in San Antonio back in 2007. Mickey, one of the Buna dancers asked to be a greeter at the San Antonio airport, recalls the event. “People came from all over and there were folks from as far away as Japan,” she said. “When they’d get to the common area of the airport, they would recognize us as square dancers by our greeting, known as yellow rock.”

THE JASPER COUNTY Sheriff’s department took the two HMMVs out last Tuesday evening to patrol flooded areas.

Sheriff’s department puts military vehicles to use

By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor Not many Sheriff’s offices have a military tactical vehicle, but Jasper County Sheriff’s Department recently acquired not one, but two High Mobility Multi-purpose Vehicles. Due to all the rain last week, the Humvees were put to use by officers to patrol commonly flooded areas in Jasper County. Both of the Humvees were once used by the Department of Defense and are no longer needed. “They’re still usable, so we thought we could put them to good use here where we need them,” said Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman. Newman says the new additions will help deputies get to flood scenes faster and improve search and rescues, something See Dancers... Page 2A they got to experience first-hand

last Tuesday evening, Mar. 20. Newman and several members of the department drove through neighborhoods in Kirbyville and Roganville where water was already over six foot deep in some locations. “That right there is supposed to be a bridge,” said Lt. Scott Duncan, pointing out one specific spot in Roganville. Water flowed over the street and into the creek on the other side, and no road markers could be seen. “People try to drive through flooded areas all the time,” said Newman, “and if they get stalled, our patrol cars can’t get to them. These Hummers will help us respond more quickly.” Duncan explained that the Hummers can be submerged in water all the way over the hood See Sheriff... Page 3A



Buna Bridle Club’s Redbud Rodeo results

Dancers From page 1A A square dancing yellow rock is a big friendly hug. Mike Mayeaux, caller for the Redbud Square Dancers, is a Hemphill native who makes his way to Buna each month to be a part of the group. Group members enjoy Mayeaux’s style and the enthusiasm he brings to the dance floor. Many describe square dance calling as both an art and science. The caller’s task is to create dance sequences that have the quality of good body flow and good timing. Dancers should be surprised by the calls but have to keep in sequence and with the correct partner pairings. Not only is square dancing good, clean fun, but it’s also a great way to exercise the body and mind. With all the moving, twisting, and turning, square dancing provides more than the daily dose of heart healthy physical activity. Remembering all the calls, from “do-si-do” to “alemand,” keeps the mind sharp. Listening and executing the commands takes concentration. The combination of movements and responding to the calls exercises both the body and mind. Square dancing offers social-

ization and exercise and has been a part of culture dating back to the 1800s. Since this was a time before microphones, a caller was in each square and the music was a fiddle or guitar, maybe even a banjo. Western square dance was established during the 1930s and 1940s by Lloyd Shaw. In 1939, Shaw published a book, “Cowboy Dances.” With insight gained from reading Shaw’s book, callers learned the square dance figures so that when dancing in other areas, the dance would be the same. Much has changed through the years with square dancing, including the introduction of turntables and eventually CDs and stored media. However, according to Sue, one thing remains the same. “Square dancing sets friendship to music,” she said. “It’s the camaraderie of good, clean fun that makes it something you look forward to going to. Don’t be surprised if you quickly become the newest member of the Buna Redbud Square Dancers!” For more information about being a part of the Buna Redbud Square Dancers, contact President Sue Burt at 673-6019 or Secretary Mickey Rogers at 9944746.

THE BUNA BRIDLE Club held their annual Redbud Rodeo, which featured riders like this one, two weekends ago on the nights of Mar. 16- 17. Photo courtesy of Joey Lavergne

GoldenBy Margaret HubHolmes Bowling Top scores for the week of Mar. 12: Inger Bridges 196; Dee Holiday 167; Peggy Peck 160; Kelly Davis 182; Ruth Herrington 172; Sachiko Golden 165; Nelda Herring 162; Margaret Gore 160; Peggy Whitehead 162; Ginny Karr 179 Top scores for the week of Mar. 19: Judy Lemp 206; Sharon Dryden 201; Betty Chatagnie 191; Ginny Karr 193; Diann Foreman 195; Jean Thompson 187; Ruth Herrington 184; Mary Hatch 170; Kelly Davis 161; Peggy Stone 175; Judy Richbourg 189; Jean Thompson 176; Omie

Hagler 178. Teams of the week: Lucky Charms 1929 series and Quilter’s Studio 1901 series. League standings as of Mar. 19: Dipsticks 35; Lucky Charms 34; Charlie’s Angels 33; Smoothie King #14 31; Edward Jones 30 ½; Serenity Salon 29; Colton Construction 28; Community Bank 25 ½; Pooh’s Pals 25; Belles 25; Compass Bank 24; Health Care Dynamics 24; Pat’s Spirits 23; Ultra Con 22; Hatch’s Wreckers 21; Scaredy Cats 20; Richbourgs 17; Scatter Brains 15 ½; Quilter’s Studio 14 ½.

The annual Redbud Rodeo was held Friday and Saturday, Mar. 16-17, at the Buna Bridle Club arena. After rescheduling due to the rain the previous weekend, organizers were concerned about what the turnout would be. However, a large crowd showed up for a great couple nights of entertainment and fun. The rodeo kicked off at 8 p.m. on Friday. Events included open bulls, Junior bulls for 15 and under, bareback, tie-down, saddle bronc, open breakaway, Juniors breakaway for 15 and under, team roping, steer wrestling, and open barrels for Juniors 15 and under and Pee Wees 9 and under. Friday night was primarily preliminary events for Saturday night’s cash prize contest. Showcasing the fun side of rodeo was Mike “Scooter” Smith, an award winning rodeo clown whose acts include Cisco the Kid and the Purple Dinosaur. This year’s event will also included a sheep and calf scramble both nights. The big rodeo also included

the fan favorite mutton’ bustin’ (sheep riding) for ages 5 and under. The all-new competitive buffalo races were also on the schedule. The buffalo races started in the bucking chute. At the release of the gates, the race was on to see who could get the mammoth beast across the finish line. Cindy Reynolds of the Bridle Club said the Club was grateful that Sheriff Mitchel Newman and former Sheriff Billy Rowles participated in the buffalo races on Saturday night and brought a large crowd with them. All of the events provided live action thrills and great entertainment. Winners from Friday night’s events included Cody Alston on bull riding, Kacie Greer on barrels, Cedric Fontenot on open breakaway, and Conner Hanna on tiedown. Winners from Saturday night’s events included Nate Baldwin on tiedown, Leigh Ann Cole on barrels, Chance Hanna on open breakaway, and Tristan Reeves on bulldoggin’.

Advertising works! You’re reading. Tell ‘em that you saw it in the Buna Beacon.



Sheriff From page 1A before it would actually flood out. “These HMMVs will allow us to get to places that our regular patrol cars and trucks can’t,” said Newman. Duncan says that there were neighborhoods in the county in 2008 that they had to launch boats off Hwy. 96 to get to. “These Hummers will allow us to check on residents who are stuck back in these low-lying areas before it gets to that point,” said Duncan. “And besides dealing with flooded areas, the four-wheel drive on this thing can get you anywhere.” And while someone would think that turning a Hummer around in a tight location would be difficult, Duncan and other officers demonstrated that it is certainly possible with a little bit of experience. Newman said the plan right now is to leave one of the Humvees at the Buna County Barn and leave the other one in Kirbyville.

“The south part of Jasper County holds the most easily flooded areas,” he said. “We want to be able to respond to emergency calls more efficiently and the location of these vehicles is essential to a quick response.” In addition to using the Hummers for flood patrol, Newman says they will be utilized to conduct a wide spectrum of law enforcement operations within Jasper County. Previously there weren’t any vehicles of this size and power to easily cover Jasper County which spreads out approximately 970 square miles. The best part of the whole deal is that the vehicle didn’t cost local citizens a thing. Of course, taxpayer money paid for the military to get them years ago, but to put them in use here locally was thanks to a grant. It’s big savings to tax-payers and increased protection for everyone, something Newman says is priceless for everyone in the county.


Kirbyville Auction Barn Market Report Mar. 24 2012 Total Head: 214 Bull Calves 0-299: $1.55 - $3.45 300-399: $1.40 - 2.50 400-499: $1.32 - $2.10 500 and up: $1.15 - $1.78 Heifer Calves 0-299: $1.35 - $3.20 300-399: $1.35 - $2.10 400-499: $1.30 - $1.85 500 and up: $1.05 - $1.75 Pregnant Cows: $530 - $1450 Cow/Calf Pairs: $850 - $1825 Slaughter Cows: $57 - $96 Bulls: $86 - $109 Hogs Boars: $18 - $30 Sows: $35 - $43 Tops: $52 - $60 Pigs: $25 - $45 Goats: $35 - $185 Horses: $170 - $550

The Beacon From page 1A wants your news! Deaf Action Center sponsors meeting today The Jasper Newton County Public Health District office at 139 W. Family, Lamar St. in Jasper will be the site of a public meeting sponsored by school, the Deaf Action Center of Longview today at 1:30 p.m. Anyone with a disability that has difficulty operating a telephone is encouraged to church or attend the meeting and apply for a free telephone. For more organization information, contact the Deaf Action Center at 903-553-9655. news. Archeological Society to meet Apr. 2 Stop by, call The Deep East Texas Archeological Society will meet Monday, 994-2218 or Apr. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Newton County History Center, 213 East Court St. For more information, contact Pam Wright at 379-2109 or Dickie email editor@ Dixon at 366-6029. Newton Garden Club hosts flower and plant sale The Newton Garden Club presents its’ 49th annual standard flower and plant sale at the Christian Community Life Center of First United Methodist Church in Newton on Friday, Mar. 30 from 4:30 until 6:30 p.m. and on Saturday, Mar. 31 from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Free admission and a free food buffet will be served. Call the Newton Garden Club at 397-4131 for more information.

Pet Talk Horses and Thunderstorms Severe weather can be a troubling event, especially when there are animals whose welfare and comfort is of concern as well. Small pets can usually take cover with their owners, but what precautions can an owner take for larger animals such as horses? “The first step in protecting your horses and other livestock from severe weather is to realize what the severe weather risks are in your area,” says Dr. Brandon Dominguez, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) & Biomedical Sciences and member of the CVM Veterinary Emergency Team. “For many areas, springtime brings threats of severe thunderstorms, lightning, flash floods, and tornadoes.” Often owners like to keep horses stalled in a barn to protect them from lightning during a storm, but giving them the ability to travel could keep them safer. “Generally, if horses are in a pasture with trees or near a lightning rod, the risk of the horse being struck is greatly diminished. A threesided shelter can help to keep them warm and dry during a storm in addition to shielding them from lightning strikes,” says Dominguez. Dominguez believes that when storms become more severe, to possibly include tornadoes or high gusts of winds, horses are even safer outside of their stalls. “It is wise to keep barnyards and pastures clear of debris before storms are due to strike. If a tornado were to hit a barn with horses secured in stalls, the likelihood and severity of being hit by debris would be considerably increased,” says Dominguez. True, horses in pasture may not escape completely unscathed, but the cuts and contusions are usually less significant. With torrential rainfall, flooding, and particularly flash flooding, if horses are given the opportunity to move to higher ground away from danger, they will follow their natural instinct for survival. Flash flooding, if injury or obstacles prevent horses from escaping, can lead to a horse being swept downstream and potentially drowning. “Less harsh, but just as serious, are the consequences of standing in perpetually flooded pastures. The chronic exposure to moisture could lead to softening of the hoof and sole leaving a horse susceptible to stone bruises, sole abscesses, white line disease, and infection such as thrush,” says Dominguez. Dominguez explains that rapid drying may cause hooves to crack and become brittle, but keeping feet cleaned and picked out and applying hoof conditioners will help minimize the harm from flood waters. Additionally, flooding may cause toxins to spread from storage areas to pastures where horses are gathered exposing them to contaminants that they would not ordinarily contact. “The most ideal confinement during severe weather would be a large pasture with a three-sided shelter to protect animals from the elements, but that also allows them to escape from danger. Not being in the lowest portion of the field, but in the vicinity of trees or a lightning rod is also advantageous,” says Dominguez. With the variety of horse-owners, horse-properties, and horses, planning before severe weather occurs should take into consideration the ability to keep everybody safe. This message sponsored by

Buna Animal Hospital 994-5986

Drs. Dennis & Kim Foster



The Whole Truth

BUNA CHILDREN SAT on back porches and played in backyards over Spring Break as youth from Central Baptist Church in Buna held backyard Bible clubs to give children an opportunity to learn about the Biblical story of Jonah.

OLGA BIRMINGHAM, EXECUTIVE Director of The Helping Place in Buna, second from left, recently received a $3,800 check from Brookshire Brothers and Campbell Timberland Management as part of the “Grow the Good” campaign.

Obituary Beverly Jackson Beverly Ann Trunnell Jackson, 76, of Evadale died Mar. 21 at Harbor Hospice in Beaumont. A memorial service was held Saturday, Mar. 24 at Farmer Funeral Home. Survivors include son Michael Kelly of Algoa; daughter Cindy Voyles of Evadale; sister Caroline Hagerman of Maryland; seven CHILDREN ATTENDING THE Mighty Mustard Seeds program at Buna’s First United Meth- grandchildren; and five greatodist Church enjoy games, songs, and Bible stories on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30. grandchildren.

HOW TO PREACH THE BIBLE I presume that the people who read this column assume that the writer of the column is a preacher. This column is a form of preaching the Bible. We call it THE WHOLE TRUTH, because we believe that is how we are to preach the Bible. Jesus said, “Thy word is truth.” John 17:17. And Paul said, “Preach the word.” 2 Timothy 4:2. He also said, “For I shrank not from declaring unto you the whole counsel of God.” Acts 20:27. I also presume that when one goes to the trouble to go ahead and read this column, that is what he expects to find. Fair enough. I feel a grave responsiblity to make sure that is exaclty what I present, the whole truth. For I feel governed by what Paul and Peter have said. “Preach the word.” And, “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God.” 1 Peter 4:11. Preach the word. Speak as the oracles of God. That sets the parameters of what I must preach, and what goes in the column. I write this column, and in this manner, because I think when I do I will be doing what Paul did. “How I shrank not from declaring unto you anything that was profitable.” Acts 20:20. But the reader also has a responsibility to himself. If it is the truth, then he must receive it with joy, and be obedient to the truth. Northwest Buna Church of Christ, (409)658-7578

Give the most valuable gift of all...

your time. Volunteer in your community!

Church Bulletin Fish Fry at Call Community Church The Call Community Center Church of God in Christ will be holding a fish fry fundraiser on Friday, Mar. 30 beginning at 10 a.m. For more information or to place an order, contact Supt. M.C. Hafford at 384-8781 or Deacon Milton Hughey at 379-4103.

Trial ride at Three Cross Cowboy Church Three Cross Cowboy Church in Kirbyville is hosting a trail ride and pickin’ and grinnin’ on Mar. 31. Interested riders should be at the church by 7:30 a.m. and have negative Coggins for each horse in the ride. The ride will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at the church at noon. Hot dogs, links, and drinks will be served at the church with fun and fellowship provided by local musicians. For more information, call Reba Bennett at 994-0207.

First United Methodist Easter services First United Methodist Church in Buna will hold Holy Thursday service on Apr. 5 beginning at 6 p.m. An Easter sunrise service will be held beginning at 7 a.m. on Sunday, Apr. 8 followed by a free Easter egg hunt on the front lawn. Evening services are cancelled for Easter Sunday.

Central Baptist Buna hosts egg hunt and cantata Central Baptist Buna will host a free Easter egg hunt on Saturday, Apr. 7 at 10 a.m. for children through sixth grade. On Sunday, Apr. 8 during the 10:30 a.m. morning worship, choir members will present an Easter cantata, “Redemption.”

Central Baptist Evadale Easter service

Local Church Directory

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Calvin L. Harris • 994-3552

Church of God in Christ Supt. Curtis Jones • 994-3603

Buna’s Bread of Life Church Pastor Byron Johnson

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop Dudley Harrison 994-4339

Buna Cowboy Church Pastor Joedy Burnett 454-8775 Buna United Pentecostal Church Rev. Richard Dykes 994-2501 Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle Evadale Pastor Steve McMullin Central Baptist Church Rev. Delbert Milstead 994-3641 Central Baptist Church, Evadale Rev. Roger Hoogterp 276-1700 Church of Christ 994-2075

Faith Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Gene Maddox 382-2784 Faith Outreach Church of God Rev. Reginald Brandenburg 994-5897 First Assembly of God Rev. Dennis Owens 994-2670 First Baptist Church Rev. Paul Boughan 994-3517 First Baptist Church, Evadale Pastor Jimmy Williams 276-1907 First United Methodist Church Rev. Bill Jobe 994-3232

Friendship Baptist Church Pastor Paul Swearingen 994-3273

New Beginnings Assembly of God Pastor Jeff Gravis • 276-2005

Genesis Baptist Church Rev. Robert E. Carter 994-4012

New Cherry Grove Baptist Church Pastor Doug McWhirter

Gist United Pentecostal Church Rev. Bert Arnold 221-5162 Grace Fellowship Church Pastor Rick Tallent • 670-3656 Grace Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Mike Ivey Greater Pine Valley Baptist Church Pastor E.E. Robinson 994-9801 Heart of Christ Bro. Robbie Ratliff 423-1419 Northend UPC Pastor Ralph Bertrand 299-0318 Mt. Zion Baptist Church 423-4928

Northview Baptist Church Pastor Joe E. Hinson 385-2744 Northwest Buna Church of Christ Evangelist Gary Scott 658-7578 Old Laurel Baptist Church Pastor Lee Everhart 994-3434 Parkwood Missionary Baptist Church Bro. Tim Rule, Pastor 994-2631 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Father Delphyn Meeks 994-3456 Trout Creek Baptist Church Pastor Randy Fults 423-5023

The following are proud sponsors of this church directory and urge you and your family to attend your chosen house of worship this Sunday!

Central Baptist Church in Evadale will hold a morning Easter service on Sunday, Apr. 8 beginning at 9 a.m. with a message from the pastor and the presentation of a cantata by the choir.

Genesis Baptist Buna Easter services Genesis Baptist Church in Buna will hold regular Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. followed by morning worship at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, Apr. 8. Evening service will begin at 6 p.m.

Cowboy Church hosts egg hunt and sunrise service The Cowboy Church of Orange County will host its fifth annual free Easter egg hunt on Saturday, Apr. 7 beginning at 1 p.m. for children through age 10. Hot dogs and drinks will be provided for children and their families. The annual Easter sunrise service will be held at 7 a.m. on Sunday, Apr. 8. Regular morning service will begin at 10:30 a.m. For more information contact pastor Dale Lee at 7180269.

North Orange presents Easter pageant North Orange Baptist Church will present an Easter pageant titled “Sketches of the Cross” on Palm Sunday, Apr. 1, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. For more information, visit the church website at



Tax From page 1A Spurger and employed Sheard as a bookkeeper. Allegedly, in 2007, Bailey and Sheard entered into a profit sharing arrangement for the business with Bailey receiving 60 percent of the profits and Sheard receiving 40 percent. For several years Bailey and Sheard prepared IRS forms on behalf of their clients and would electronically file the returns. Bailey and Sheard allegedly prepared Form 1040 individual income tax returns for their clients, but would prepare two different tax returns. Allegedly the first return was an accurate return that was given to the client, and the second was a

different return to be submitted to the IRS. Bales said the purpose of the second return was to inflate certain reported deductions in order to generate a greater refund than what the taxpayer was actually entitled. Without the knowledge of their clients, and relying on an IRS Form 8888, Allocation of Refund, Bailey allegedly would then split or allocate the refund, giving the client the amount indicated on the first return while keeping the larger remaining sum for herself and defendant Sheard as a secret profit. The women are accused of allegedly filing more than 100

false tax forms in the names of their clients, causing a loss to the government of more than $465,000. Although a sentencing date has not yet been set, the women could face up to 5 years each in a federal prison. Sheard was arrested Jan. 24, 2011 and charged with murder in connection with the death of her husband, Willie Thomas “Tommy” Sheard on Jan. 14. Bailey was also arrested last year and charged with tampering with evidence of the alleged weapon used in the shooting. According to Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman, after the shooting death, Sheard allegedly

gave the gun to the Elizabeth Gayle Bailey and Kelley Gene Bailey to dispose of for her. Sheard allegedly confessed to being the shooter in the case, but it is still ongoing and under investigation. The Jasper County District Attorney’s Office says Sheard will most likely go to trial on the murder charge sometime in 2012. The Buna Beacon is not responsible for claims made by classified advertisers. Readers are advised to investigate advertisers before purchasing products or providing personal information.

BUNA RESIDENT WYLIE Hargrove, seen here at the airport in Brussels Belgium, traveled Mar. 10-16 on a business trip where he visited Bastogne, Antwerp, Liege, Ghent, Brugge and Waterloo, and he remembered to bring the Beacon.

Buna Beacon Classifieds GARAGE SALE


GARAGE SALE - Fri. & Sat., PLANT SALE - Thur. & Fri. March 29-30 at CR 759, 4th street March 30-31 at CR 747 & Redbud. behind Brookshire Bros. 1TP-31 Mini fridge, new corsages, clothes for the entire family, tricycle, biLARGE GARAGE SALE - Fri. cycle, comforters, curtains, and March 30, 7am-5pm & Sat., March much more. Please call (409) 9981TP-31 31, 7am-3pm. Located ½ Mile 5985. down Airport Rd. FM 82W) in GARAGE SALE - Fri. & Sat., Kirbyville. Turn at the red light by the Elementary School. Lots March 30-31 off Caillier Loop in of toys and baby clothes. Table Buna, PR 8102. Furniture, golf cart, w/4 chairs, new shop vac., school Christmas ornaments, dreamcicles 1TP-31 desk, glider rocker, and a whole & more. lot more. 1TP-31 YESTERDAY, TODAY & TOMULTI-FAMILY GARAGE MORROW - Resale Consignment SALE - Fri. & Sat., March 30-31, ½ mile North of red light on Hwy. 7am-5pm. Stove, refrigerator, bird 96. Check out this month’s 50% cage, housebold items, clothing. off tag sale and our special $1 Located at 935 CR 780 in rack. (409) 994-3303. TFN-18 Gumslough off CR 777. 1TP-31




FOR RENT - On Hwy. 96 in FOUND DOG - Male, boxer, on Buna, small 1 bedroom trailer, CR 720. Please call (409) 781-0101. $450/mo. + $100 deposit, all utili1TC-31 ties paid. Please call 409-670-3796. TFN-30 2 LOST LABS - 1 Blonde & 1 black, last seen on FM 253. ReFOR RENT - Small trailer space ward! Please call (409) 223-3226. for rent, all utilities paid. On Hwy. 1TP-31 96 in Buna $225/mo. Please call 409-670-3796. TFN-30 FOUND KEYS - Dodge key with Angel on keyring, found near FOR RENT - 3BR, 2BA, with barber shop on Hwy. 62. Please carport, located inside Kirbyville call 201-6981. 1TC-31 city limits. Asking $800/mo. + deposit (pending credit application.) MEMORIAL Please call for more information (409) 423-2166, ask for Donna. IN LOVING MEMORY of TFN-30 Annie B. Freeman, 3/29/21 - 12/ FOR RENT - 4BR, 3BA, with 2 car garage, located inside Kirbyville city limits. Asking $1,200/mo. + deposit (pending credit application.) Please call for more information (409) 423-2166, ask for Donna. TFN-30

HELP WANTED HELP WANTED - Buna ISD is currently taking applications for bus drivers. Applications may be picked up at the Maintenance & Transportation Office. Please call 994-4880 or 994-4881. TFN-26




FOR SALE NOMEX - I buy and sell nomex. Poor Man’s Shop, Hwy. 96 - Buna. (504) 655-1679. 8TP-25 TILLER FOR SALE - Troy Built tiller horse - good condition $275. Contact Toby Beasley 994-4518. 2TC-30 94 CHEVY CHEYENNE - For sale, runs great, new engine, new front end, new transmission. Long wheel base, great work truck. $2,200 1TP-30




RAGBALL TOURNAMENT Kirbyville Operation Graduation will have a ragball tournament March 31, 2012 at the Kirbyville Little League Fields, starts 10am. Sign up by Thrusday, March 29th, contact Mary Herriage at 423-9670 or Becky Williams at 281-923-8716 to get signed up. We will be having a homerun derby, must have a minimum of 7 boys & 3 girls on each team, but no maximum. 1TP-31

LAWN SERVICE - Mowing, weed eating, and yard work. Please call 409-745-9148. 10TP-29 FREE PICKUP - Appliances, ice boxes batteries, aluminum, anything metal. Please call 994-2560. 8TP-26

PEVETO’S LAWN CARE Taking new customers. We offer lawn care for residential, commercial, churches, shcools, and cemetaries. Stump grinding availSERVICES able. Please call (409) 994-5666. 8TP-28 DIRT/GARDEN WORK - Can do light dirt work, garden tilling. 12/07. If flowers grow in heaven Front end loader, tiller, box blade. Deadline for the God, then pick a bunch for me, Buna area (409) 994-9494.4TP-28 Buna Beacon then place them in my Maw-Maw’s Visit is Monday arms and tell her they’re from me. Tell her that I love and miss her at noon. and when she turns to smile, place for online classifieds. a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while. She will want to know her seeds of love are growing strong and tall, Then tell her Happy Birthday from the hearts of us all...We love and miss you Maw-Maw. Happy Birthday. Written by: Amber Parsons Marzilli.

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powerlifting girls Cougars lead the district Buna go to regionals, state with four wins, no losses The Buna Cougars hosted the Deweyville Pirates last Monday, Mar. 19, and won, 10-2. Glenn Patrick was 3-for-4 with two runs scored, an RBI, and one sacrifice bunt. Joseph Clark was 1-for-2 with an RBI, run scored, and two sacrifice bunts. Richard Walden was 2-for-4, and JM Kelly was 1-for-3 with a double, two runs scored, and two sacrifice bunts. Justin Yoes was 2-for-4 with a double, three runs scored, two RBIs, and four stolen bases. “We played great defense and did not commit an error,” said head coach Kevin Terrier. “That is four district games and only three errors!” Ethan Franklin got the win on the mound, going six inning with 10 strikeouts, four base on balls, and two earned runs. Clark pitched one inning for the Cougars in relief, giving up two hits but no runs. The final score was 10-2 in favor of the Cougars, and the team enjoyed a bye last Friday night. “We are playing well and improving every game,” said Terrier. The Cougars are currently on a seven game win streak. “Our pitching and defense continue to get stronger,” said

The Buna High School girls powerlifting team competed at the regional meet Mar. 10. Logan Vaughn took home second place with a total of 610 pounds and was a state qualifier. Crystal Ballin also took home second place with a 720 pound total and was a state qualifier. Melanie Batchelor placed third with a 605 pound total, and Rachel Smith also placed third

Buna girls golf plays well at Sunset Grove The Buna High School girls golf team competed in the Little Cypress-Mauriceville tournament held at Sunset Grove on Mar. 19. Lauren Hale shot a 121, and Tori Kellum shot a 127. The other Lady Cougar team members were ill. The girls will compete Wednes-

day, Mar. 28 in the Warren High School tournament at Wildwood. The boys will play in the Anahuac High School tournament at Chambers County on Thursday, Mar. 29. Both teams will compete in the district tournament at Wildwood on Wednesday, Apr. 4.

Lady Rebs bask on the beach, Rebels fall, 8-5 BUNA COUGAR GLENN Patrick slid into home to score. Photo courtesy Joey Lavergne Terrier. “Our offense has been bers is in second place with three face East Chambers in Winnie on Thursday, but on Friday, Mar. 30, executing our sac bunts and wins and two losses. squeeze plays as well as hit and Deweyville and Hardin have the Cougars will host the runs.” two wins and two losses, Kountze Anahuac Panthers at home. Come out and support your Currently the Cougars lead the has one win and three losses, and Cougars as they make a run at the district standings with four games Anahuac has four losses. won and no losses. East ChamThis week, the Cougars will district championship position.

Lady Cougars defeat Lady Buccaneers, 10-0 The Buna Lady Cougar softball team hosted the East Chambers Lady Buccaneers last Friday night and defeated the Lady Bucs, 10-0. Buna pitcher Kaitlyn Williams was on the mound for her team to open the top of the first inning. The The Lady Bucs got a hit into shallow right field for a single to start the inning, followed by another single and a walk to load the bases early. The Lady Cougars responded with three straight outs to strand the Lady Buccaneer runners as Williams made a nice play on a slow roller in front of the pitcher’s mound, Jaeci Dans gunned out a runner at home to save a run from scoring, and Williams earned the strikeout to end the inning. After their rocky start, the Buna pitching and defense got rolling, not allowing another

with a 535 pound total. Lily Bayer played sixth with a 545 pound total, Chelsea Cripps earned eighth place with a 460 pound total, and Keana Ratcliff Hogan won ninth place with a 465 pound total. Ballin placed ninth at the state meet with a 750 pound total, while Vaughn placed fourteenth at state meet with a 575 pound total.

Lady Buccaneer to reach base the rest of the game. The Lady Cougar offense came alive in the bottom of the second inning when Raylie Richardson led off with a walk and then stole second. Hailey Campbell was next up and hit a double to score Richardson. Bailey Campbell then stepped up to the plate and singled to right field, scoring pinch runner Jessi Clark. With a 2-0 lead, Buna’s Madison Franklin kept things moving in the right direction as she singled, putting runners on first and second. After Suzanne Berry was hit by a pitch, the bases were loaded. With two outs in the inning, Williams hit a hard ground ball to third base, forcing an error on an overthrow and scored two more runs for the Lady Cougars. Dans batted next and hustled

down the line to beat out an infield single, keeping the inning alive and scoring another run. The sixth and final run of the inning came on a passed ball as Williams, on third base, charged down the baseline scoring for her team. The Lady Cougars now led 6-0. Buna tacked on another run in the bottom of the third inning as Bailey scored on a sacrifice from Berry to make the score 7-0 in Buna’s favor. After a Dans infield hit and stolen base in the bottom of the fourth inning, Richardson tripled to right center, adding two scores as the Lady Bucs overthrew third. The Lady Cougars led 9-0. Buna put the 10 run rule into effect when in the bottom of the fifth inning Keana Hogan hit a double, scoring Berry from second base. The game was over as the Lady

Cougars won 10-0. The Lady Cougars are now 3-2 in district play and have high hopes of making the playoffs with solid pitching and defense and timely hitting. Traveling to Anahuac on Thursday, the Lady Cougars will face the Lady Panthers for the first time in district play this season. On Friday, the Buna girls will travel to Hardin. Although the Lady Cougars didn’t beat the Lady Hornets when they faced the team on Mar. 5, losing 7-5, head coach Jim Sherman says he hopes this week it’s a different story. Your next opportunity to see the Lady Cougars play at home will be Monday, Apr. 2 against the Warren Lady Warriors at 6 p.m. Come out and support your Lady Cougars!

By Scott Loar Beacon Correspondent The Evadale Lady Rebels softball team took a pair of wins down on the coast last weekend as they defeated High Island on Friday and Sabine Pass on Saturday. The Lady Rebels are beginning to look like a team that can contend with the best in the district, and as they season nears its mid point, the team looks to be in position to secure a playoff spot. Last Friday the Lady Rebels needed only three innings to defeat the Lady Cardinals by the score of 22-0. Kori Soignet was the hitting star for the Lady Rebels with four hits, three of which were doubles. Chelsey Murphy had two RBIs as well. Alayna Langston picked up the win on the mound. Due to rain last week, the Lady Rebels played on Saturday to make up for a postponed game against the Lady Sharks. The Lady Rebels came out on top in this one 13 to 1. Soignet again led the team at the plate with two hits and three RBIss. Kat Reeves also had two hits and three RBIs. Langston picked up the win again with Reeves pitching some strong innings as well. “With so few games and with postponements it is hard to get into a rythum with the team,” said

head coach Robert Hollyfield. “They are battling at the plate and in the field. We just need to get some more games under our belt, and I believe we will be just fine.” BASEBALL After five games in district, the Evadale Rebels’ baseball team finds themselves in a place that have not been in more than five years. With a district mark of three wins and two losses, the Rebels are not atop the district standing in baseball. On Saturday the Rebels traveled to Sabine Pass and dropped their second game in district to the Sharks, 8-5. The Rebels dug a deep hole for themselves as they trailed 7-0 after three full innings and 7-4 after five complete innings. Wes Williams went 2-for-4 at the plate and scored two runs. Deven Murphy went 1-for-2 with two runs scored. Kody Ingram took the loss on the hill for the Rebels. “The team is making adjustments, and we are still working to get the pitching staff settled,” said head coach Mark Williams. “We need more game situations for our players, but inside district play it is tough to get anything extra. We will continue to work and get better with every game. Our goal is to get back to the playoffs.”



Helping Place volunteers recognized at banquet

THE NEW 2012 officers for The Helping Place in Buna, installed last Friday night at their annual volunteer appreciation banquet at Central Baptist Church in Evadale, include, back, left to right, Larry Sanford, Bro. Paul Swearingen, Toby Beasley, Ezell Seaman, Truman Goins, and front, left to right, Betty Shofner, Betty Sheppard, Shirley Conner, Melissa McKinnon, and Thelma Roberston.

By Amber Hawk Beacon Editor Honoring those who reach out to others in this community, The Helping Place celebrated year 27 of “God’s work in action” at their annual banquet last Friday night. Over 40 Helping Place volunteers from Buna and Evadale were on hand for a recognition dinner at Central Baptist Church in Evadale. Pastor Roger Hoogterp hosted fellow pastors, volunteers, and their families in the fellowship hall. The group represented 14 churches who gave sacrificially and 43 people who volunteered 3,163 hours during the last year, including collecting and administering food and clothing to individuals in need. Executive Director Olga Birmingham welcomed the group and thanked them for their assistance at The Helping Place. “We appreciate your volunteer hours and monetary donations,” said Birmingham. “We couldn’t operate without them.” Katherine Wilkinson presented certificates of appreciation to the volunteers in attendance and Ezell Seaman gave the yearly comprehensive report. The Helping Place distributed $28,992.44 to people in need in our community this year. $4,739.87 was given out to pay for electrical and medical bills, $19,950.89 was spent in food, $1,367.20 was spent on school supplies, and $2,934.48 was spent on the Helping Place’s internal costs like electricity. “We had the privilege of having several youth students and college members who helped us at Christmas time,” said Birmingham. “We enjoyed the

younger generation helping us.” First Baptist Church Pastor Paul Boughan installed the new officers President Larry Sanford, Vice President Bro. Paul Swearingen, Secretary Thelma Robertson, Treasurer Melissa McKinnon, Volunteer Coordinator Shirley Conner, Food Administrators Dezie Gill and Olga Birmingham, Clothes Coordinators Betty Sheppard and Shirley Conner, Membership Organizer Toby Beasley, Toy Coordinator Betty Shofner, and Building and Grounds Supervisors Ezell Seaman and Truman Goins. Boughan offered a prayer for the new officers. Following the installation, Hoogterp delivered a heartfelt message about the importance of training up the generations behind those who are current Helping Place volunteers. “It’s our responsibility to teach our children and grandchildren about giving back to those in need,” said Hoogeterp. “They need to see that what we do stems from our love of God.” First United Methodist Church pastor Rev. Bill Jobe encouraged people to join hands at their tables and pray for the community of Buna to close out the banquet. Buna churches who help support the Helping Place include: Antioch Baptist, Buna United Pentecostal, Central Baptist, Evangelical Baptist, First Assembly of God, First Baptist, Friendship Baptist, Genesis Baptist, Parkwood Baptist, St. Francis Catholic, and United Methodist. The Helping Place is also supported by Central Baptist and First Baptist of Evadale and Faith Outreach Church of God in Call.

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ALSO INSTALLED AS 2012 officers for The Helping Place in Buna at last Friday night’s banquet were Food Administrators Olga Birmingham, left, and Dezie Gill, right.

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Sheriff’s News By Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman I spent Friday and Saturday evenings at the Jasper Livestock pavilion where I saw a lot of great young people working diligently getting their animals ready to show. Times are hard and money is tight, but you wouldn’t have known it Saturday. Buyers at the sale stepped up to support our kids in a big way. Everything went off without a hitch. There is no better investment than the time we invest in our young people. Thank you to all the buyers, volunteers, parents, and spectators. Also, I want to say a big “well done” to all the dedicated young people who participated in the show and sale. We recovered some stolen property in the Evadale area and returned it to the rightful owners. The perpetrator is now in jail. There was a large party on CR 222 where a fight broke out

among some family members. One was slapped, one bitten, and one came to jail. What a party! As I was returning from the south end, we got a call of an assault taking place on CR 296, but when we arrived the actor ran into the woods. We got a warrant on Saturday and found him this morning. He is currently in jail. Newton County brought us five inmates, and we have nine from Tyler County. The Sheriff from Sabine County is trying to get a contract signed so we can house some of their inmates. This offsets some of our costs and helps to keep county taxes down. On a more personal note, today is my father’s 81st birthday. I have been blessed to have parents that have tried their best to raise me in a loving family. Happy birthday, Dad! We have 81 in jail today. If you need us, give us a call. We are never too busy to help.



Hometown People

Sherri Hickerson Birth: May 31, 1962 in Kountze. Family members: Husband Dwayne and daughter Kristen. Pets: Chihuahuas Chloe, Tizzy, and Sophie. First vehicle owned: Plymouth Horizon. Favorite author: Patricia Cornwell. Things I like to read: Murder mysteries and People magazine. Favorite movie: Steel Magnolias. Favorite musician: Bon Jovi. Hobbies: Sports, reading, and loving on my Chihuahuas. Favorite type of food: My favorite mexican restaurant is Café Del Rio. What you watch on TV: CSI and Criminal Minds. Church I attend: First Baptist Church in Buna. Favorite childhood memory: Going to the Pinehill Swim Club where I got to spend everyday with my friends since my mom was the manager. First date story: I went fishing with Dwayne for what was supposed to be about four hours. We didn’t bring anything to eat, and we ended up being out there 14 hours. Last vacation: Cozumel, Mexico. Most memorable vacation: We went to Cozumel for my nephew’s wedding and most of my family was there. We did a lot of things as a family. Famous people I’d like to have at a dinner party: George Clooney. He needs me in his life. Most embarassing moment: While on a date with a really nice looking guy and a group of friends, our waitress spilled a tray

PRESCHOOLERS AT THE Buna Public Library enjoyed a story and craft last Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m. The group meets weekly, and community members are invited.

Livestock of drinks all over me and acted like I caused her to do it. Scariest moment: Being chased by geese while running. Oddest job: Washing buses for the school. Something you do that irritates your spouse/coworkers: I don’t know, but I’m sure they will tell me when I do it. How I met my spouse: In high school. Where I went on my honeymoon: Beaumont. I did not live with my husband the first six months of marriage. I taught in Spurger, and he taught in Caddo Mills. Next on your ‘to do’ list: Go on a cruise. Future goals: Retire and enjoy life. Advice to a high school graduating senior: Go to college. Don’t take life so serious. Favorite thing about Buna: It’s hometown friendly, a Christian environment, and I love the school’s family environment.

Court accepts contract with Newton to house inmates The Jasper County Commissioners met in a special court session on Friday, Mar. 16 to discuss housing Newton County inmates. County Judge Mark Allen and Sheriff Mitchel Newman addressed the Court regarding a request from Newton County. Allen advised the Court that Newton County’s contract with the current private prison company was terminating, and that Newton was at least temporarily seeking a source to house their local inmates as a cost savings measure. Allen further advised that

Judge Dougharty from Newton had contacted him about the possibility of housing inmates and that Newton County had already voted to utilize Jasper County’s jail space if the Court agreed. Newman advised that although Jasper County was currently housing Tyler County inmates, he felt he had enough room in the jail to house additional ones from Newton County, while still maintaining space for local Jasper County inmates. The Court then voted to accept the contract with Newton County at the rate of $40 per inmate a day.

From page 1A won third place goat, selling for $1,050. Buna 4-H member Amber Askew won fourth place steer, selling for $3,600, while Buna FFA member Tanner Cox won fourth place hog, selling for $1,334. Evadale FFA member Lane Walker won fourth place goat, selling for $1,300, while Evadale Jr. FFA member Jamie Jackson won fifth place hog, selling for $1,541. Buna 4-H member Gracie Smith won fifth place broiler, selling for $1,200. Buna and Evadale both fielded more winners in the Livestock Show portion, with the top 20 in each category going to sale. BUNA RESULTS All FFA members, Anna Welch’s rabbit placed sixth, selling for $900; Emilee Harris’ goat placed sixth, selling for $1,100; and Kayla Mancill’s steer placed seventh, selling for $4,200. All 4-H members, Kylie Gore’s goat placed eighth, selling for $700; Madisyn McClelland’s hog placed tenth, selling for $1, 068; and Case VanDevender’s goat won tenth, selling for $750. Other results: Tyler Holland11th place lamb; Kaleb Humble11th place broiler; Sophie Palmore11th place goat; Suzanne Berry12th place lamb; Ashton Stanley14th place hog; Tanner Weir-

14th place broiler; Cory McCurley15th place rabbit; and Korbin Harris-15th place goat. Also, Dustin Stanley-16th place lamb; Calvin Welch-16th place rabbit; Dalton Ford-17th place broiler; Hayleigh Delahoussaye19th place hog; Kinzi Jo Nolan19th place rabbit; Savannah Palmore-20th place hog; Erika Jade Hunt-20th place lamb; and Suzanne Berry-20th place broiler. EVADALE RESULTS All FFA members, Brooke Barnett’s steer placed sixth, selling for $6,900; Amanda Arnold’s hog placed seventh, selling for $927.50; and Brooke Tanton’s goat placed seventh, selling for $1,000. Jr. FFA member Joel Hare’s hog placed ninth, selling for $938, while FFA member Kennedy Jackson’ steer placed tenth, selling for $3,180. Other results: Kade Uphaw11th place hog; Morgan Black12th place steer; Austin Reeves16th place steer; Morgan Black16th place hog; Danielle Guzman18th place swine; Dustin Sirmons19th place hog; and Kinzie Christian-20th place goat.



Jasper County Junior Livestock Show

WINNING RESERVE CHAMPION hog at the Jasper County Livestock Show, selling for $1,470, was Buna 4-H member Erica Berry, left. Evadale Jr. FFA member Austin Reeves, right, won Reserve Champion rabbit, selling for $1,600.

WINNING THIRD PLACE hog at the Livestock Show was Evadale FFA member Colten Cotton, left, while Buna FFA member Tanner Cox won fourth place hog, middle. Evadale Jr. FFA member Jamie Jackson won fifth place hog, right.

WINNING FIFTH PLACE broiler at the Jasper County Livestock Show was Buna 4-H member Gracie Smith, while Evadale FFA member Lane Walker won fourth place goat.

WINNING THIRD PLACE goat in the Livestock Show was Buna FFA member Zach Ford, left, while Buna 4-H member Jordan VanDevender won third place lamb, right.



WINNING THIRD PLACE steer at the Jasper County Junior Livestock Show this past Saturday night was Buna FFA member and Buna High School senior Brian Askew, below, while his little sister, Buna 4-H member Amber Askew, above, won fourth place steer.

BHS band plays for Spurs, visits Alamo By Troy Loftin Guest Contributor When people think of high school band, they think of Friday night football games, marching contests, and nerds. That being said, the Buna High School band broke all those stereotypes this past weekend with its trip to San Antonio. The band renewed the annual spring tradition of traveling to a place in the United States and performing. In the past, the band has gone to places like Colorado and Disney World, but this year the band directors decided to put a Texas twist on things. The McCartys, Buna band directors, lived in San Antonio for a few years before their stay in southeast Texas, so they know the area well. As well, the city boasts amazing tourist attractions that the Buna students were able to visit. The main draw was the chance to play a pre-game medley in front of almost 20,000 spectators at the AT&T Center before a fierce San Antonio Spurs home game against the Dallas Mavericks. The band left around 6 a.m. on Friday morning aboard two charter buses. The cramped quarters may not have been ideal, but they were much better accommodations than the “yellow dogs.” The buses drove nonstop to San Antonio and arrived at the Alamo around 11 a.m. The Alamo was the first stop on the whirlwind tour. The students got to explore the historic site and think about what the early Texans experienced in their fight for freedom. “I really enjoyed the Alamo,” said Buna sophomore Emily Jacobs. “I like learning about history, so seeing a place where real people fought and lived almost two hundred years ago was really cool.” After the Alamo, the students were allowed to roam around the Rivercenter Mall for a few hours. Every kid enjoys a shopping spree, and the band members were no exception. By the time wallets were empty so were the students’ energy levels.

The band then stopped by at its hotel, a Springhill Inn and Suites, for some rest and relaxation. The respite didn’t last long, sadly, and at 4 p.m. the buses started up again, this time set for the AT&T Center. Excitement was high as the students arrived at the arena, though it was still a good three hours before the band would play. A brief warm-up in the parking lot was all the band got before the group was corralled in the stadium to await the game. In what seemed like no time, the band was ushered out onto the floor. With bright lights and the roar of the crowd around them, the band played its heart out. “Playing at the Spurs game was my favorite part of the trip,” said Buna freshman Hannah Sartain. “I don’t really enjoy basketball, but playing on the arena was awesome. I was a little nervous, especially when the camera got in my face, but I had a lot of fun.” After playing, the students got to watch the game. The Spurs fought hard, and in the end it paid off with a 17 point victory over the Mavericks. The next day proved to be fun for everyone, even for the students who didn’t enjoy basketball. Seaworld was the last item on the trip’s itinerary. The band arrived at Seaworld early in the morning for a day in the sun and an opportunity to see Shamu, everyone’s favorite killer whale. “Seaworld was a ton of fun,” said freshman Madison Bonds. “I had a great time with my friends, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I bought a penguin named Darcy, which was probably the highlight of my day.” After Seaworld, the band hopped on the buses and headed home, but not without a quick stop at Buc-ee’s. With junk food bought and bladders empty, the trek home officially began. The students rolled back into Buna at midnight, ending two full days of entertainment and memory making.

Happy Birthday March 28 Darlene Boutin Michelle Frickey Shelly Glynn Lisa Gonzales Alma Ham Amanda Holmes Garrett Nelson Kevin Swearingen Curtis Williams March 29 Joseph Richard Andy Smith Misty Watson March 30 Gary Anderson Spencer Blessing Minnie Brown Gina Cleveland Jo Gray Leanne Jordan Rhonda Green Jo Ann Parden Buck Swearingen March 31 Tammy Burton Melissa Hicks Lynda Sanford Cord Tucker April 1 Dacia Ann Belt Imogene Ellison Mike Mark Kelby Gene Risch Kelsea Mae Risch April 2 Kent Boyd Billy Buffington Sarah Reid Tonya Strickland Jen Tomas Chris Waldrup April 3 Tammy Gatlin Buck Hathaway Brandon Hillin Pam Hudson Lera Jean Turner

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Jasper County Arrest Report The following persons were charged but not convicted of crimes listed. Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman provides this information under the Texas Open Records Act, article 62552-17A. Mar. 16, 2012: Ronald Wayne Coleson, Jr., 12/13/83, no safety belt, driving while license invalid, bond not set(x2); Lyndon Louis Jones, 8/31/79, disregard red light or stop sign, failure to appear, bond not set(x2); Darin Thomas Kemp, 1/30/88, assault causes bodily injury family member, $500 bond; Dealtric Tramaine Thomas, 12/14/ 91, evading arrest det w/veh, $10,000 bond; Torsha Yolanda Lewis, 7/ 20/72, theft prop<$50 w/prev convic, $1,500 bond; Eddy Bernard Gilbert, 8/9/70, order of commitment; Debbie Jean Eaker, 7/7/75, hold for other agency/man del of c/s, bond not set; Aisha Latori Theriot, 3/ 7/79, order of commitment/evading arrest or det; Caleb Christian Hamilton, 8/9/85, poss cs pg 1<1g, $5,000 bond, false report/ statement officer/agent hmo, $1,000 bond; Rebecca Lynn Trinkle, 4/ 27/66, order of commitment/dwi. Mar. 17, 2012: Leah Rachelle Mancil, 7/25/86, proh sub corr facil alcohol/drug/phone/tobacco, $10,000 bond, public intoxication, disorderly conduct (threats), $500 bond(x2); John Terry Grant, 1/29/ 80, assault causes bodily injury family member, $2,000 bond; Britt Wayne Burmeister, 10/14/79, driving while intoxicated 2nd, $2,000 bond; Jerry Mire Southwell, Jr., 11/5/56, criminal trespass, $1,000 bond; Letha Donese Miles, 3/8/89, speeding (exceed prima facie limit) 82mph/70mph, bond not set; George Frederick Park, III, 4/20/67, poss marij<2oz, $1,500 bond; Mujib Mansurali Budevant, 1/29/72, assault causes bodily injury family member, $4,500 bond. Mar. 18, 2012: Cody Jack Lout, 3/14/80, assault (physical contact), bond not set; Bryan Nash, 5/6/87, disorderly conduct (nonspecific), bond not set; Norman Lewis West, 10/24/52, retaliation, no bond. Mar. 19, 2012: Kyle David Butaud, 7/18/81, driving while lic invalid w/prev conv or susp, $1,500 bond; Christopher Ray Robinson, 8/22/79, assault causes bodily injury family member, $3,000 bond; Rhonda Sue Haley, 11/6/59, motion to revoke probation/ agg asslt w/deadly weapon, no bond; Dacia Suade Clursky, 8/26/93, credit card or debit card abuse, $5,000 bond; Kiaria Renee Hadnot, 3/ 26/87, agg asslt w/deadly weapon, $10,000 bond; Kelsey Marie Murray, 10/2/90, theft>=$20<$500, $1,500 bond; Helen Diane Murray, 10/5/64, theft >$20=<$500, $1,500 bond; Debra Diane Busley, 8/19/69, theft >=$20<$500, bond not set. Mar. 20, 2012: Brandi Elaine Theeck, 8/25/83, assault family violence, bond not set; Steven Wayne Brown, Jr., 6/11/82, no safety belt(x2), failure to appear(x2), failed to maintain financial responsibility, $500 bond(x5), assault public servant, evading arrest det w/veh, $5,000 bond(x2), resist arrest search or transp, $2,000 bond; Curtis Paul Jones, 12/15/78, hold for other agency; Nicole Dawn Thomas, 7/ 7/79, motion to adjudicate guilt, $7,500 bond, theft prop>=$20<$500 by check(x3), $1,000 bond(x3), issuance of bad check(x3), $500 bond(x3); Henry Floyd Trammel, 5/31/69, hold for other agency; Curtis Satterwhite, Jr., 11/20/74, hold for other agency/probation violation; Roger Dale Sanders, 6/23/54, hold for other agency; Cindy Danette Compeon, 4/11/80, hold for other agency; Johnny Renard Bass, 9/9/72, hold for other agency; Kyle David Butaud, 7/18/81, driving w/lic inv w/prev conv/susp/w/o fin res, $2,000 bond; Gerry Donald Allen, 7/20/61, hold for other agency/poss of marij<2oz, bond not set; Lance Devone Fowler, 6/11/90, order of commitment; Daniel Andrew MacGinnis, 6/11/59, hold for other agency/fail to register sex offender; Pedro Miguel Collado, 6/6/62, speeding (exceed prima facie limit) 75mph/65mph, $500 bond, hold for other agency/asslt family viol, bond not set. Mar. 21, 2012: Stephen Douglas Green, 12/18/52, hold for other agency/dwi, bond not set; Javier Climas Leonides, 2/28/75, assault causes bodily inj, $3,000 bond, hold for other agency/for ice; Michelle Lee Cormier, 9/15/80, unauth use of vehicle, $5,000 bond; John Cornelious Henderson, 5/29/82, evading arrest det w/prev conviction, $5,000 bond; Tracy Earl Justice, 7/29/66, motion to revoke probation, no bond; Matthew Gene Haskins, 4/14/81, fail to identify giving false/fictitious info, $1,000 bond, motion to revoke probation/ dwi, no bond; Fred Dwayne Powers, 3/26/73, driving while lic suspended, $2,000 bond; Mathew Patrick Williams, 3/21/95, poss marij<2oz, $2,000 bond; Ryan Sterling Farmer, 11/22/81, assault causes bodily injury family member, $3,000 bond. Mar. 22, 2012: Brandy Laine Waggener, 9/15/89, motion to adjudicate guilt, abandon/endanger child crim negligence, bond not set(x2); April Michelle Parker, 4/15/80, bench warrant district court, bond not set; Robie Wayne Brown, Jr., 11/20/92, bench warranct district court, bond not set; Brandon Tyrail Allen, 10/27/85, del marij<=5lbs>1/4oz, $10,000 bond; John Ellis Baird, 8/23/66, poss marij<2oz, $2,000 bond, poss cs pg1<1g, $5,000 bond.

Constable’s Corner By Precinct 4 Constable Gene Hawthorne There was a little incident at the Buna office last week. A lady brought her daughter up there. The daughter was publicly intoxicated. I tried to talk to her, but supposedly she was on some kind of substance other than alcohol. The mother couldn’t handle it, so she brought the daughter up to see us. The daughter went to jail. There was also a disturbance ting cages that will soon take the last week at Paradise Park beplace of the swimming area. tween a boyfriend and girlfriend. Garner’s Swim and Fitness will The girl was staying with another now become Garner’s Sports and guy, and the boyfriend wanted to Fitness. Batting cages and machines will be available for rental by the hour. Teams or individuals desiring to increase their batting performance are invited to make use of the facility. Batting lessons will also be available. Baseball is no new adventure for father and coach Grant Garner. He grew up playing baseball and now enjoys teaching the sport to his two children. Leading the construction is contractor and Buna resident Neal Lonion with D and N Contractors. Lonion expects the project to be complete within a couple of weeks. Paid Advertisement

Garners dive head first into baseball season For more more than 20 years, the Garner family has embraced the little swimmers of Buna. When Earline and the late Bob Garner began teaching swimming lessons at their home, the need for a public swimming facility was evident. In 1994 Garner Swim and Fitness was built and classes were moved to the new location. From tiny toddlers afraid to shed their floaties to teenagers eager to have a go at the diving board, years of swimmers have brought joy to the Garners. But to everything their is a season, and baseball season is bringing about many changes at Garner’s. Owners Grant and Kara Garner are excited to announce the arrival of the new two-lane bat-

Area residents called for county jury duty Jasper County District Clerk, Kathy Kent, lists prospective jurors summoned for jury duty on April 2, 2012 at 9 a.m. at the Jasper County Courthouse, Jasper, Tx.: Buna residents summoned to serve include Tamera Alred, Ladonna Archer, Reba Bennett, Zakary Blessing, Joyce Booker, Kathy Boutin, Carl Boyd, Jessica Brooks, John Broughton, Amber Bruk, Clovis Click, Aaron Collins, Suzan Crutcher, Betty Curry, Andrew Daville, Joshua Denby, James Ferguson, Amber Flowers, Dennis Foster, Reba Gaudet, Linda Gilliam, Laura Goins, Ashley Gonzalez, Susan Harding, William Harley, Peggy Head, Lawrence Helton, Margaret Holmes, Rebecca Hooks, Jeffrey Jones, and Calvin Kelly. Also summoned from Buna are Catherine Lambert, Dorothy Lewis, Jose Mancha, Dennis Marse, Wendell Martin, Rachel Maxwell, Jerry McEachern, Colleen McWhirter, Colton Mullins, Karen Mullins, Montana Quinn, James Ray, Dayle Robinson, Charles Ruso, Danni Sheard, Teresa Smith, Bonnie Spittler, Jerrell Stanley, William Sweeten, Lydia Travis, Kevin Walker, Jr., Lori Welch, Telisa Welty, Rita Wilbanks, Stephanie Willis, Michael Worsham, Jodi Young, and Thomas Young.

Evadale residents called to serve include Matthew Bruce, Crystal Edwards, Joann Giroir, Rhonda Gravis, Charlotte Hall, Gary Hopkins, Debra Moss, Damien Okun, Donetta Parsley, Aaron Shows, Charles Taylor, and Lee Ann Williams. Call residents summoned to serve include Cheri Gill, Jerrett Granger, Anthony Lane, Mickey Metz, and Maria Richardson. Kirbyville residents called to serve include Charlette Alfred, Connie Ballard, Earl Bean, Jr., Fred Booker, Bonita Brabham, John Britt, Jr., Nathan Brumit, Kenneth Burdett, Augene Butaud, Miles Caston, Richard Chandler, Walter Cline, Janet Fanning, Lucas Gustafson, Elizabeth Hale, Kylie Hale, Kathy Holmes, Ellis Johnson, Kenneth Jones, Shawna Jordan, Phillip King, Timothy Lewis, Darla Lopez, and William Luther. Also summoned from Kirbyville are Samantha McBryde, Margaret McClendon, Damian Mefford, Ronny Meredith, Tanya Odom, Myrtle Olds, Thomas Orsak, Helen Ozan, Billie Pearson, Scotty Perkins, Cynthia Reeves, Kandace Riley, Heather Roberts, Stacy Sackett, Robert Theriot, Randall West, Rachel Whitten, Donna Williamson, Tonya Williamson, Larry Wilson, and Michael Wise.

talk to her. The guy she was living with told the boyfriend to get off his property. The boyfriend ended up leaving before he went to jail. I got a disturbance call on Hwy. 96 out by the Veterans Memorial. A husband and wife are getting a divorce, and they got into an argument. The husband wants his washing machine and bed, and the wife said he wasn’t getting it. The man ended up leaving before we got there. Deputies are seeking a warrant for his arrest.

March 28, 2012 Buna Beacon  

Volume 22 Issue 31

March 28, 2012 Buna Beacon  

Volume 22 Issue 31