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Izzi Hays // Mo Georgia Clouting // Sara Wickings

issue 04 // sept 2016


so, what is BUMF? BUMF is the student publication supporting the creators/creatives within the Arts University Bournemouth, we have 3 strands to our brand these are bumfmedia - our online platform. bumfzine - our printed publication. bumfgallery - our in-house gallery. Our gallery focuses on student run exhibitions which are then featured and reviewed on bumfmedia along with any submissions we receive. Our printed publication comes out termly and aims to cover relevant topics, students work, interviews and reviews of recent events/happenings. Our great team has helped bumf to be shortlisted in 2 categories at the Student Publication Awards. We were shortlisted for -

Editors in Chief Lauren Housego & Ismini Black

Exec Editors-

Alice Pomfret & Rory James.

Writers -

Josh Acton Moseley Lindsay Harris Sawers

Photographers Ewa Ferdynus Danielle Johnson

Contributors Izzi Hays Mo Georgia Clouting

2 Best Publication Best Specialist Publication. If for some reason you can’t find BUMF around uni we’re now stocked in numerous cafes such as 60million Postcards, South Coast Roast and Conto Lounge. If you want to submit your work to be featured head to our website bumf.media/submit and follow the form. Support us on social media, send us a picture of you enjoying issue 04 on... Snapchat - @bumfmedia Twitter - @bumfmedia Instagram - @bumfmedia

Thanks to our great success last year, we are now supported and sponsored by our printers,

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what’s in issue 04?

whats happening pg 04

Izzi Hays pg 06

Mo Georgia Clouting pg 12


exit velocity pg 14

grad show survival pg 10

Sarah Wickings pg 16

BUMF.gallery pg 15

whats going on in sept...

tues 13th

weds 14th thurs 15th

fri 16th

AUB Halls Social

Picnic in the Park

Arts Bar Quiz

2-5pm Madeira Halls

12:30 -5pm Slades Farm

2pm - 5pm The Arts Bar


mon 19th

tues 20th

weds 21st

thurs 22nd

Freshers Fayre

Beach Party

Fancy Dress Quest

10am - 3pm AUB Campus

3pm - 6pm Boscombe Beach

10pm - 2am 60 Million Postcards

Velo Sur Mer - Bike

10pm - 4am The Winchester

sat 17th Essence - Scratcha 9pm - 2am 60 Million Postcards 4

12pm - 3pm AUB Students Union

fri 23rd Freshers Ball 10pm - 3am Halo

rip this out & stick it up so you don’t forget where to be during freshers

suddenly last summer,

graduate exhibition @ AUB 5

Suddenly Last Summer is a selection of work from members of the 2016 graduating cohort from Arts University Bournemouth. Bringing together the creative student community in one exhibition, the show includes work from Preparation for Higher Education (Foundation Diploma), BA courses and Masters programmes. 8 – 15 October / AUB Campus Galleries: The Main Gallery, Northwest Gallery, M Studio Gallery & Library Wall Monday – Thursday: 9.00am – 5.00pm Friday and Saturday: 9.00am – 4.00pm Closed Sundays

izzi hays talks to bumf about how to break bread. I: I have grown up in multiple parts of the world and have viewed firsthand the connection between culture and food. It is something that shapes the lives of so many people through tradition and connection. From this I chose to explore the general theme of food and community and how that can work as a tool for a brighter future for the world. I interviewed people via email, conducted an experiment with my classmates, and recorded interviews with kids in France and England.


both notions close to the heart of breaking bread and cooking as a family. The color red was used due to its connections with hunger, although some orange was added to make it feel friendlier.

The first layer of the box contains a number of items to make cooking as a family more convenient, the lid is repurposed as a calendar in a weekly format to plan viable days for family meals. A notebook of perforated grocery lists is divided into the sections of a grocery store, After researching I began to realize that many of with a column for writing which meals you have the connections between food and community planned so nothing is forgotten! A timer quirkily are passed down from generation to generation. ensures that no meal will take you longer than However as we lead busier and busier lives thirty minutes to prepare. A recipe book of quick considerably less and less time is dedicated to and easy thirty minute recipes is included to cooking. Especially due to the rise in fast and prove just how simple it can be the cook at home convenient foods. for and with your children. The illustrations in the book are left in black and white so that they Breaking bread is what we do with our families can be colored in by children after they have and our loved ones and our friends, we talk, we been cooked and they have seen the colors for eat, we enjoy. Why shouldn’t every meal feel this themselves. intentional? How to Break Bread is a kit which seeks to connect parents and kids through the The bottom layer of the box makes up the acts of cooking, eating, and growing plants most sustainable and ecologically conscious together. portion of the project. Through a cycle, the kit urges families to use leftover cans and cartons The packaging of the kit was influenced by from cooking to grow herbs to use in future the form of a loaf of bread. The box itself has meals. Therefore adding longevity to the kit and roughly the same dimensions as a loaf of bread ideas behind it. A simple idea which promotes from your local shop. The logo and branding of recycling and caring for our planet. Perhaps the project was also influenced by bread and most importantly it teaches young children traditional bakeries, keeping the ear of wheat about where their food is coming from. symbol at its core. Hand lettering was used throughout the kit to emphasize the feeling of tradition and making things with ones hands,


3rd year graphic designer

Connecting families and connecting them to the food they eat.




photographs by ewa ferdynus 9

lindsay harris sawers on how to survive a grad show


We were kindly invited to visit AUB’s BA Hons Fashion Grad Show and were blown away by Lindsays professionalism and ability to curate such a successful show. Here’s what Lindsay has to say about the whole experience... L: For my final major project studying BA Fashion Communication earlier this year, I, despite all the warnings and looks of pure horror, agreed to base my last terms work on orchestrating our 2016 summer graduate shows. The 3rd year Fashion students have to put on two shows every year. So I decided to attempt to plan both. Through a mad rush of lists, meetings and trying to be a bridge between students and tutors, the two events slowly came together. Half the battle of putting on a Graduate Show is selling the tickets in the first place: take to Social Media. We had to ensure that we sold tickets in advance for an acceptable price. I created a Facebook event two months before the event, and all 60 3rd years began to share the page. In order for a graduate show to work, you all have to pull your weight. You don’t stand a chance of doing it alone.

photographs by ewa ferdynus

If you feel yourself having a pre grad show meltdown feel free to rip out this list to keep yourself sane >

illustrations by izzi hays

how to survive a grad show 101 01//Don’t cry. It’s embarrassing. The world will not end if all of the tickets do not sell/ something goes wrong. You’re a student, not an event planner.

02//Plan ahead; you won’t be able to pull it out of the bag if you only give yourself a month to prepare.

03//Sponsorship; save yourself some money and contact companies regarding sponsorship; lighting, location, snacks, alcohol. It is worth contacting everyone and anyone.

03//Throw a pre-event event. Enlarge your non-existent student budget for the show and throw a student night. 11

04//DO NOT let the show take over your assessed work priorities. A well curated event may potentially land you a job, but not if you manage to fail your degree along the way.

05//Swearing/crying/red-faced students and tutors are all part of the ride. Don’t take it personally.

06//Remember that this is everyone’s shining moment: 3 years of hard work. Make sure everyone feels like their voices have been heard and their work is valued.

07//If you’re wearing a headset, don’t start bitching about someone without pressing mute first. Fighting students won’t bode well for the audience.

08//If there is free alcohol at the event, ensure you get there first, you deserve it.

09//Have business cards at hand; be ready to sell yourself.


Mo Georgia Clouting Mother Moon.

photographs by Danielle Johnson

M: Ever since I was little I have always admired the Moon and its everlasting beauty. As part of my Major Project I decided to design and make a conceptual costume inspired by this. Roughly based upon the character Mother Moon from the ancient folk tale The Stolen Mother Moon, it comprises of a skirt, a top, a silver lined hooded cloak and a delicate head-piece. I wanted to technically push myself within this unit and so I draped my own patterns experimenting with shape and structure. The construction of my sleeves was quite a challenge due to the sheerness and fragility involved with working in silk organza. Everything had to be finished neatly and beautifully and it is safe to say that after hours of practicing I have finally perfected the rolled hem! Over the course of my three years at AUB I have developed an interest for textile work. My costume encompasses a mixture of techniques such as dying, felting, embroidery and beading – all of which are inspired by the Moon’s surface and texture. I took a 4am research trip to the observatory of the Astronomical Society, Chester, in hope of catching a firsthand glimpse of the Moon’s craters. I have attached a photograph taken through a phone pressed up to the telescope as I was blown away by the detail I was able to see. It was a magical experience that reignited my excitement and passion for my project.

graduate costume & performance designer

Mo speaks to us about her Final Major Project inspired by the moon.


photographs by Josh Moseley

josh moseley reviews ba photography grad show.


2016 was a fantastic year for AUB Graduation shows with hundreds of students exhibiting their final year work, with a variety of concept, style and execution. I had the pleasure of working at Exit Velocity, the BA Photography show which took place at the Old Truman Brewery. It forms part of Free Range, which brings together a variety of art institutions and provides a platform which allows a collective atmosphere whilst still maintaining a feeling of each institution having their own show within the space. Whilst not directly assessed, the idea of a graduation show is very much a driving force for the 3rd year photography students. It gives them a chance to see the process of creating and curating an exhibition and just how many considerations there are when putting together a show of this size. From the organisation of the work at Exit Velocity, to the drinks and catalogs provided to visitors, its fair to say that all areas were carefully considered, creating a fantastic atmosphere full of excitement and passion for the medium of photography.

A diverse range of material was displayed, from exploration of alternative photographic processes to moving image based work on current issues both political & societal. This diversity was also evident in the final mediums the exhibitors chose to work with, sculpture, installation, moving image and photographic prints were just a few that made up a show which celebrated the possibilities of photography in the context of art. Through almost a year of planning, fundraising and advertising, the 52 students put on a show which really demonstrated what the AUB Photography course has to offer. Exit Velocity by definition is the speed needed to ‘break free’ a fitting name for a show which will surely have kick-started the careers of all the artists involved.

BUMF.gallery information

BUMF.gallery, a brief intro. BUMF.gallery is a completely student-led exhibition space for current and past students at AUB, supported by AUBSU. Since 2015 this space has been filled with student work, and students across many different courses have curated exhibitions, from Photography to Textiles and Fine Art.

Roles we’re looking for Gallery Coordinator We need students who are passionate about curating,organising and promoting events, being the backbone of the exhibition.

Gallery Team BUMF.gallery uses a simple hanging system to Looking for team member who wants to get exhibit work, meaning exhibitions are easy to set stuck in with curating, setting up and overseeing up, and allows work to be hung without being private views. framed.We also have screens and pro- jectors available for moving image. Gallery Photographer We’re looking for a photographer who is BUMF.gallery was a huge success last year, available to photograph behind the scenes, and Private Views were always filled to the private viewings and general exhibition events. brim, bringing students from different courses together and providing a creative social space. If you’re interested in getting involved please And free beer! email us at gallery@bumfmedia.co.uk and let us know how you’d like to be involved! We’d love for as many students as possible to hold exhibitions in this space, but to do this we need a team of eager curators, coordinators and organisers to help run our student gallery.

photographs by Felix Speller.


a summer in colour


Sarah Wickings talks to us about her personal summer project named ‘a summer in colour.’ S: For this project I wanted to focus on something I often ignore, color. With summer coming up, I saw it as a perfect example to experiment with color and digital art. I wanted to create abstract, light hearted pieces of art that would simply make someone smile or laugh. When deciding on what to put together, I really spend a lot of time researching the objects and trying to find obscure ways of using them. With my theme of circles running through all my work, I wanted to try and push the boundaries of this, considering objects that I can create circular or simply have the basic elements.

insta @sarahwickings

3rd year graphic designer 17


help us out!

we’re recruiting... Seeing as our old team have graduated and departed from AUB we now need a new fresh team to curate bumf. We’re looking for the following roles Content Manager // We are looking for someone who can organise & respond to our submissions, schedule website posts and bring new submissions to our tuesday meetings. Social Media // We need someone who can look after our social channels. Interacting, gaining and sustaining our follower base.

Videographers// We’re looking for a team of videographers who can be available at sometimes short notice to film for our Friday Features. We’re looking for people who work efficiently together. You may also be required to attend some of our events such as Gallery Private Views or such alike. Subject Scouts // We’re looking for a group of students to be ambassadors for BUMF, we’d like you to engage with and interact with different courses enlightening them about submitting to our publication and BUMF as a whole.

Photographers // In-house // We are looking for someone who is available to photograph students work. Events // We’re looking for an event photographer who is keen to shoot our Gallery Private Views and any other events we hold. Writers // Article // We’re looking for some writers who are interested in current affairs predominantly within the creative realm. Someone who can write to a short deadline & can respond to current & relevant topics. Events // We’re looking for a review editor who will be able to attend events and write a substantial review based on their experience. This could entail music events, gallery private views or plays.

If you’re interested in applying for a role in the team, we will be releasing information on what you need to do over on our website bumf.media



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BUMF Issue 04  

BUMF Issue 04  

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