"Unusual" Issue 13

Page 14

“Orange Sunsets” My toes would play with blades of grass In the middle of my lawn in July. It’d tickle my base of my feet. And I’d watch the sun go down on me. It was always an orange sunset. The clouds always looked like disguises They were hiding new shapes like surprises. My phone goes off in my pocket. Another guy with pic requests... Another weight put on my chest. But there’s an orange sunset. I’d message my friends as I lay on my back. The sun would create patterns on the walls. They’d moan about the homework And how their boyfriends wouldn’t call. It was such a beautiful orange sunset. I watched the sky fade from blue to grey. I’d question myself almost everyday. Do I know what love is? Do I understand? I love this orange sunset, But I could never love a man.

(Writer) Kira Green

@poemsandq (Illustrator) Lola Beale


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