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Over the centuries, Bangkok has developed into a great metropolis which has a charming mixture between East and West. It retained its traditional charisma of the ancient and the modern that keeps enchanted the visitors. It has got its own cultural patterns from such little things to ubiquitous objects. In this photo book, starting with nature -- we as human, as civilized creature we keeps building up the long tall concretes high up into the sky. Keep on invading nature without realizing the consequences that could happen. After counless concretes we once again rely our faith on a religion, praying for infinite desire to keep eveything in peace. We never really get enough of wanting more but instead look for next destinations. BANGKOK PATTERN reflects the infinite desires of human nature which can be regularly found in many sequences, objects, or events. Hopefully a reminder to all humans to demand for less and give for more.

Panita Saenghiranwatana

Photographs By Panita Saenghiranwatana

Bangkok Pattern  

Photographs by Panita Saenghiranwatana

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