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The good ol’ matching game The iPhone is a smartphone that has cause a stir worldwide because of its ability to have access to over thousands of applications. Despite its expensive cost, it is still the number one gadget that many dream of acquiring since it is the most modern mobile gaming and communication device to date. In fact, many multimedia developers such as Popcap have developed games and applications for it. One of the most popular games that it has made is the Bejelwed Blitz. Bejeweled is one of the very first application game that Popcap Games has made for the iPhone; it is a game with very simple objectives and it barely needs mastery or special gaming skills. Over the years, it has evolved and has released several updates of it with new specials and modifications. Because of its pioneering status in the matching puzzle game category, many similar games have evolved from it; not necessarily the same, but in a way that they are all matching puzzle type as they say. To date, there are more than at least fifteen new games each month that are being launched that fall in the matching puzzle type category; not to imitate Bejeweled but to offer many options for players of all ages, types and playing preferences. In spite of the numerous RPG’s, racing and all the other games, the matching puzzle type remains the favorite among people who wants to have good clean fun without overstressing themselves on competition. Matching puzzle type games will always be around and in style because it is the easiest to understand and play. You don’t need research to play it and it doesn’t require hardcore gaming skills to enjoy it. It is simply a family friendly game that everyone can enjoy and grow to love. If you want to try out a different kind of matching puzzle game, hold on to your seats as the best is yet to be released.

BumBum Babies - The Good Ol' Matching Game  

Don’t you just love babies? What about a good old matching game with a twist?! Bumbum Babies is the newest and most delightful matching gam...