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andy watson

“Adriano Moraes, Justin McBride and J.W. Hart’s shared traits of courage, strength and character earned them entry into the brotherhood of the Professional Bull Riders Ring of Honor.” Susan bedford writing about the PBR Ring of honor in The Fellowship Of The Ring

Rocky McDonald attempts Dakota/Rosen’s Big Tease during the third round of the Worcester Built Ford Tough PBR event.

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Rocky McDonald: Up To the Challenge page 20

“If you have the talent, the Challenger system allows you to rise to the top.” Jay Daugherty, VP of Event Tours, discussing the 2009 Challenger Tour season [PG 16]

Rocky Mcdonald, talking about his extensive traveling including trips to Australia, Mexico and Brazil this Summer in Up To The Challenge

matt Breneman

“I’m definitely earning a lot of frequent flier miles this season! I’m getting on a lot of bulls and a lot of planes.”

Cody’s All Stars page 52

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“It’s much more exciting going as an owner than just a spectator; you’re much more involved in it. It brings it up to a new level and it is extremely exciting and I recommend it to anybody who really enjoys the PBR.” Rebecca Hewkin talking about partnering on a PBR bull in the special section, “Put Your Name on a PBR Bull” [PG 39]


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PBR Editor-in-Chief

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“Maybe someday I will beat him, but I don’t know. He is so good.” 2008 PBR World Champion Guilherme Marchi on Teague Bucking Bulls’

Bones after the PBR World Champion Bull bucked him off to end a remarkable string of 7 straight rides on his way to the gold buckle. [PG 58]


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The Riders Greetings

Randy Bernard

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elcome to the 2009 Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour, and the Enterprise Rent-ACar Tour! I’m grateful that you’ve joined us, and hope you enjoy experiencing the PBR as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Some have described our Challenger and Enterprise Tours as “minor league.” And to an extent, they’re right. At this event you’ll see a number of up-and-coming athletes doing their best to break into the rarified ranks of the Built Ford Tough Series. But unlike just about any other sport’s alternative leagues, you’ll also see superstar veterans at the top of their game. They’re

not here to “practice,” or to recover from injuries while facing lesser talent. They’re here2 to win. The name of the game is competition, and that’s what you’ll get. Every dollar earned at this event counts toward qualification for our Built Ford Tough World Finals in Las Vegas. And with the number of points available in Las Vegas, almost any of these young men has a shot at winning a World Championship. Let me take a moment to thank our title sponsors. Copenhagen has been a strong ally of the PBR since the beginning. They’ve stuck with us jump for jump, through good times and bad. Their generosity allowed us to award over a million dollars at the Chal-

lenger Tour Championship in 2008. We’re honored to call them our friends. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is to car rental what the PBR is to bull riding. There’s simply nothing else that comes close. I’m extremely grateful to them for their steadfast support, and look forward to many more great years with them. Again, thank you for coming. We’re the seventh largest sport in the nation, and we know it’s because of your passion. We won’t forget that. Enjoy!

The PBR Headquarters building in Pueblo, Colorado.




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The Riders Greetings challenger tour logo

Ty Murray


PBR Co-Founder 9-time World Champion

Randy Vaughn One-On-One Marketing Mgr. Copenhagen Bull Riding



elcome to the show. I’m glad you can be a part of the PBR and I hope that you’ll enjoy the Challenger Tour experience. I always like these events because I get to see not only some of the current stars, but also the young guys who are the future of our sport. In the past few years we’ve seen some serious talent emerge from the Challenger system. If you have the talent and the drive, the PBR tour system is structured so you can rise to the top. Reigning Challenger Champion Clayton Williams won over $740,000 at just the last two Challenger Finals alone and 2008 PBR Rookie of the Year Reese Cates is another rising star to come out of the Challenger system recently. The PBR has always been about being inclusive. A big part of our Challenger system are the international tours in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. At my event in Albuquerque, N.M. this year I invited the Top 5 Native American riders to participate. The PBR wants the best athletes in the world competing, regardless of where they were born or currently live. The PBR provides a proving ground that gives an equal chance to any guy to climb up the ladder to the elite Built Ford Tough Series, provided he has the talent. When we founded the PBR over 15 years ago, a primary goal was to make sure that one day, bull riders would get paid a fair amount for the work they do and the risks they take. Just like the NFL or NBA, only talent and your work ethic can take you to the top in the PBR. Once you are there, you should be paid accordingly. I am proud of the money our riders are starting to make. The recently retired two-time World Champion Justin McBride made over $5 million in his decade in the PBR. We have the toughest and most gifted athletes in the world and I’m thrilled with what we’ve already achieved and where we’re headed. Thanks to you, the fan, for supporting our dream and for helping to make bull riding into what we always knew it could be.




he Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour has become our signature program of the year, attracting the top contenders from all over the world. These cowboy athletes are chasing one of the three most prestigious gold buckles in the world, which includes the Built Ford Tough World Championship, the PBR World Finals event championship and the Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour Championship. Each year the Challenger Tour grows—in both available prize money and in quality of competition. Clayton Williams showed us once again that he has what it takes to be a champion—drive, determination, dedication and sacrifice—by overcoming injury and achieving an unprecedented second consecutive Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour Championship in 2008. His prize money check for $525,000 was well-deserved, putting him over a million dollars in career earnings. Williams had enough Challenger money won to lay claim to the title of overall Challenger Tour Champion as well. Close behind was Bryan Richardson, who took home $112,000 for second place, and Brazil’s Robson Palermo, with $83,000. Kody Lostroh and Australia’s Jared Farley rounded out the top five. Copenhagen Bull Riding is proud to provide this showcase for the rising stars of the sport—both human and bovine. There are as many four-legged superstars as there are cowboy superstars competing at the Challenger Tour events. It’s an exciting time for our company and for the sport of bull riding. On behalf of U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. we appreciate your support of this tour and the PBR.

Enterprise is proud to once again join the PBR as an official partner. Since the relationship began in 2003, Enterprise has been proud to support the PBR in a variety of ways. TEAM ENTERPRISE, otherwise known as “The White Shirt Guys,” includes a rough and tumble core of 12 riders, two legends of the sport in Michael Gaffney and Tater Porter and one world renowned, entertaining barrel man in Flint Rasmussen. The entire team is built to bring you the best overall experience the sport has to offer. The Enterprise RIDE WITH THE BEST® challenge has become a PBR institution and fan favorite. The rules are simple, but the ride won’t be. It’s bull rider versus bull in a fight to the finish. If the previous Built Ford Tough Series long-round winner can stay on the bull he’s drawn for 8 seconds, he wins $5,000. If he can’t, the bull takes home the prize. Be it man or beast, winner takes all.

The Enterprise Tour also is back for another year, providing opportunities for the sport’s up and coming athletes. With nearly 100 annual events spread out around the country, it’s just one more way that Enterprise is committed to promoting the sport and giving more riders more opportunity to succeed. So the next time you need to rent a car, truck or van, please consider Enterprise, the Official Rent-A-Car Company of the PBR. Visit us at or call 1-800-rent-a-car.

2009 Schedule of Events The Riders Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger


2009 Built Ford Tough Series

Tour Schedule

as of July 1st, 2009


Event Title

January 2-3 January 9-11 January 16 January 17-18 January 24-25

as of July 1st, 2009


April 3-5

Baltimore Invitational Madison Square Garden Invitational Table Mountain Casino Invitational Sacramento Classic Dickies Invitational Copenhagen Bull Riding Invitational Presented by Pike Electric Tampa Invitational Troy-Bilt Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires Express Classic Anaheim Invitational Glendale Invitational Enterprise Rent-A-Car Invitational Kansas City Invitational Pike Electric Invitational Tacoma Invitational Sandia Resort & Casino presents the Ty Murray Invitational Nampa Invitational

Nampa, ID

April 17-19

The NILE Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires

Billings, MT

April 24-25 May 1-3 May 8-9

Omaha, NE Worcester, MA Des Moines, IA

October 16-18 October 30-November 1

Bass Pro Shops Shootout Presented by Tracker Boats U.S. Air Force Invitational Genuity Invitational The Ford F-150 Invitational Presented by Copenhagen Bull Riding U.S. Border Patrol Invitational Bud Light Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires Jack Daniels Invitational Presented by Copenhagen Bull Riding PBR World Cup - Barretos Copenhagen Bull Riding Invitational Springfield Invitational Dickies Invitational Portland Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires Cooper Tire Invitational Presented by Copenhagen Bull Riding Mohegan Sun Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires 2009 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals

Uncasville, CT Las Vegas, NV

November 5-8

2009 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals

Las Vegas, NV

January 30-31 February 06 February 7-8 February 13-15 February 20-21 February 22 February 27- March 1 March 7-8 March 14-15 March 21-22 March 27-29

May 16-17 July 17-19 August 1-2 August 15-16 August 28-30 September 11-13 September 19-20 September 26-27 October2-3 October 10-11

Date November 21-22, 2008

Florence, SC

December 5, 2008

Lexington, VA

December 6, 2008

Lexington, VA

January 24

Augusta, GA

April 10-11

Ft. Pierce, FL

Winston-Salem, NC

April 23

Clovis, CA

May 23

Decatur, TX

May 29-30

Lexington, KY

June 4

Santa Maria, CA

June 5-6

Elk City, OK

June 13

Bastrop, TX

June 19-20

Bismarck, ND

June 30

St. Paul, OR

July 4

Giddings, TX

July 3-4

Tidioute, PA

July 2-4

Park Rapids, MN

July 10

San Antonio, TX

July 11

Springdale, AR

July 15

Salinas, CA

July 15

Bozeman, MT

July 17

Thief River Falls, MN

July 18

Thief River Falls, MN

Pueblo, CO

July 20-21

Cheyenne, WY

Tulsa, OK San Antonio , TX

July 24-25

Guthrie, OK

July 31-Aug. 1

FL Fort Myers, FL

August 2

Paso Robles, CA

August 6

Santa Barbara, CA

August 7-8

Molalla, OR

August 22

Prescott, AZ

August 21-22

Archdale, NC

August 21-22

Beaumont, TX

August 28-29

Baton Rouge, LA

September 6

Steamboat Springs, CO

Sept. 14-15

Pendleton, OR

Nov 20-22 Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour Championship presented by Dickies

Atlanta, GA

Tampa, FL Tallahassee, FL Oklahoma City, OK Anaheim, CA Glendale, AZ St. Louis, MO Kansas City, MO Birmingham, AL Tacoma, WA Albuquerque, NM

Nashville, TN Barretos, BR Reno, NV Springfield, MO Ontario, CA Portland, OR Columbus, OH

Follow the PBR on for the most up-to-date schedule and events. Schedule subject to change without notice.

TICKETING: Follow the PBR on TV! For a list of televised events, visit: 10



Baltimore, MD New York, NY Fresno, CA Sacramento, CA Dallas, TX


Challenger Tour System

Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour The PBR’s Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour is comparable to baseball’s minor league. It offers up-and-coming bull riders the opportunity to compete in PBR sanctioned events while earning money to qualify them for the elite Built Ford Tough Series. The top athletes of the Built Ford Tough Series can also compete in Challenger events, and most choose to do so on weekends that they don’t have a Built Ford Tough Series event on their schedules. Once the season begins, the world’s top 40 bull riders have to be on top of their game to stay in the Built Ford Tough Series. Several cuts of the bottom athletes are made over the course of the year, with the top Challenger athletes moving into these positions.

Enterprise Tour

The PBR Enterprise Tour is an exciting series catering to both current and future stars. All prize money won on the Enterprise Tour counts toward qualification toward the lucrative Challenger Championship and the Built Ford Tough World Finals in Las Vegas.

2009 Enterprise Tour Date November 1, 2008 November 4, 2008 December 13, 2008 January 9-10 January 9-10 January 9-10 January 9-10 January 10 January 12-14 January 15 January 16-17 January 16-17 January 16-17 January 16-17 January 24 January 24-25 January 24-25 January 30-31 January 30-31 February 13-14 February 13-14 February 21 March 13-14 March 20-21 March 20-21 March 20-21 March 21 April 4 April 17-18 April 24-25 April 25 April 24-25 May 1 May 30 May 29-30

City Kansas City, MO Las Vegas, NV Grand Island, NE Louisville, KY Bossier City, LA Pensacola, FL North Charleston, SC Knoxville, TN Denver, CO Pueblo, CO Monroe, LA Columbus, GA Wichita, KS Spokane, WA Davie, FL Fairfax, VA Bridgeport, CT Jackson, TN Johnson City, TN Saginaw, MI Wheeling, WV Little Rock, AR Poplar Bluff, MO Hampton, VA Columbia, SC Roanoke, VA Evansville, IN San Francisco, CA Southaven, MS Trenton, NJ Cleburne, TX Brawley, CA Gonzales, LA Midland, TX Ada, OK


The Discovery Tour enhances the PBR’s competitive structure by providing a level four tier affiliated with the PBR that includes smaller grass roots markets and more permit entries. Discovery Tour events feed the Challenger and Enterprise Tour levels, which in turn operate as stepping-stones to Built Ford Tough Series action. All prize money won on the Discovery Tour counts towards qualification for the Challenger Tour Finals and the Built Ford Tough World Finals.

Date October 24, 2008 October 25, 2008 November 14, 2008 December 5, 2008 December 31, 2008 January 9 January 23 February 6-7 February 12 February 21-22 March 6-7 March 13 March 28 April 3 April 3-4 April 3-4 April 10-11 April 10-11

City San Antonio, TX Augusta, GA San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX Salina, KS San Antonio, TX Kalamazoo, MI Victoria, TX San Antonio, TX Palestine, TX San Antonio, TX Stephenville, TX Mesquite, TX Summerfield, NC Mesquite, TX


June 5 June 6-7 June 12-13 June 19 June 19-20 June 26 June 27 June 26-27 June 27-28 July 2 July 3-4 July 12 July 17-18 July 23 July 25 July 25-26 July 31-Aug. 1 August 5 August 13 August 15 August 19 August 21-22 August 21-22 August 22-23 August 28 September 5 September 4-5 Sept. 10-11 September 19 September 24 October 2-3 October 9-10 October 9-10 October 17-18

2009 Discovery Tour The Discovery Tour

as of July 1st, 2009

Elizabeth, CO Providence, RI Sidney, MT Evergreen, CO Rapid City, SD Greeley, CO Binford, ND Kinder, LA Manchester, NH Wimberly, TX Rocksprings, TX Gonzales, TX Clemson, SC Grand Junction, CO Hastings, NE Del Mar, CA Weatherford, TX Goodland, KS North Platte, NE Ft. Smith, AR Helena, MT Sulphur Springs, TX Aiken, SC Santa Fe, NM Lancaster, CA Hollister, CA Belton, TX Fort Collins, CO Stockton, CA Red Bluff, CA Lafayette, LA Roswell, NM Pasadena, TX Clovis, NM

as of July 1st, 2009

Date April 17-18 April 24-25 May 6-7 May 8-9 May 16 May 22 May 29 May 29 June 6 June 19 June 20 June 26 July 10-11 July 18 July 25 July 29-30 September 11-12 September 11-12

City Mesquite, TX Greensboro, NC Wharton, TX Richlands, NC Stephenville, TX San Antonio, TX Ardmore, OK San Antonio, TX Perryton, TX San Antonio, TX Winner, SD San Antonio, TX McLeansville, NC Harrison, AR Dublin, VA Yuba City, CA Richlands, NC Boone, NC SCHEDULE 11

PBR Scene Ty Shakes Must See PBR TV His Groove Thing You won’t have to wait for the weekend to watch the Toughest If you thought Ty Murray could only two-step, think again! Murray was a hit on the popular ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.” Despite a rough start, the “King of the Cowboys” was able to channel his inner “Lord of the Dance” and improved remarkably from week one until the second to last week—when he was one of the last four couples still dancing. “For me, taking part in Dancing with the Stars was about enjoying the process, having a good time and making sure you put in the work,” explained Murray. Murray credits his loyal fans, the “Ty Army,” for keeping him in the competition so long. Murray also embraced the opportunity to reach new fans and to show America what the PBR is all about.

Ross Coleman Gives Back PBR Superstar Ross Coleman knows how to throw a party—he shoots for the stars! The Fifth Annual Ross Coleman Invitational will be held on Aug. 6-8 and will once again benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon. Besides supporting a great charity, the bull riding will feature live music, a Metal Mulisha Motocross freestyle demonstration before the event and an auction.  “The event got started because my good buddy Jack Peterkin had cancer,” explained Coleman.   “We had a meeting to discuss how we could help him and came up with the idea to hold a PBR bull riding to benefit him.”  Folks from Coleman’s hometown of Mollala, Ore. came out to see the PBR riders and to support Peterkin. That first event was a huge success, and the next year it was decided that the money raised would go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants the wishes of children facing terminal and chronic diseases.  The Ross Coleman Invitational has raised over $400,000 during the last three years, including $127,000 for the Foundation. The Ross Coleman Invitational starts with a team of horses driven by Peterkin (whose cancer is in remission) pulling a carriage filled with the guests of honor: the kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The weekend festivities will kick off with a Golf Tournament and a Kick-Off Party on August 6 with the Justin McBride Band. Eighty cowboys will ride over the two-day event. Log onto  or call 503-759-BULL to buy tickets. Tickets are just $16 in advance. 12

PBR Scene

Sport on Dirt anymore. PBR.TV, a new broadband network, will allow fans to watch hours of high-quality footage online. Tune in for highlight action from previous events. Watch behind-the scenes interviews with your favorite riders. Listen in to podcasts from Ty Murray and Cody Lambert. Watch Flint Rasmussen’s “Outside the Barrel” show. It’s all there, it’s all new, and it’s all free. Visit PBR.TV today.

Bulls Go Bionic Most bull riders leave mechanical bull riding to the patrons in country-western bars. Bull riders have always found a way to practice their craft between events (from a barrel on springs to practice pen bulls), but mechanical bulls just weren’t “real” enough to be of much use to professionals—until now. The radio-controlled Robo Bull machine is completely mobile and mimics the movements of a live bull. It is part of Robo Cyber System/JLD’s line which also includes a Robo Bronc and a Robo Steer. PBR superstar Mike White has used Robo Bull at his bull riding schools and he also uses it for rehab. “Once I was introduced to the Robo Bull and Robo Steer, I’ll never use anything else,” stated White. “As a teaching tool for young students, it’s a great way to give them the feel for a real animal without the same danger. For me, it’s been a lifesaver for keeping me in shape and helps me focus on using my legs while my arm is still injured.” White is expected to return to competition in August and is planning on using the Robo Steer to practice his roping once his arm and shoulder heal. “From my love of riding bucking bulls and broncs,” shared Robo Cyber System’s Jim Donnelly, “I knew we could develop a bucking machine that had forward momentum and could travel in dirt and be run through a bucking chute. What we have now is better than we even imagined. This machine can go as slow as you need for beginners or younger riders and then you can crank it up to be rank—if you want it to be.” Imagine the Terminator in bull form on an ATV that can move 360 degrees, and you have a good idea of the Robo Bull. The remote device allows the operator to be in full control of the direction of travel, speed and intensity of the ride—which means if a cowboy has a problem with a specific type of bull, he can now practice on a “bull” that simulates the problem the cowboy needs to work on. Unlike past machines, the Robo Bull doesn’t create bad habits and it enables riders to train correctly. Visit to learn more.

Fellowship of the Ring d The


he Ring of Honor is more than just a physical ring. It is a fellowship. The Ring of Honor recognizes those who have had the most profound impact on bull riding. They are the true ambassadors of the sport.


The actual ring they receive is handcrafted of diamonds and gold, and features the PBR logo, the recipient’s name, and the year he was honored. The concept behind the ring is even richer than the materials it is made from. The tradition was begun in 1996 by the PBR Board of Directors who wished to bestow appropriate laurels on the sport’s legends. They wanted a way to recognize the unique individuals who—through blood,

sweat, heartache and handshakes—were instrumental to the past, present and future success of the sport. The PBR Ring of Honor is awarded to individuals who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the sport of professional bull riding, both in and out of the arena. Deciding on each inductee is no easy task. There have been many great competitors in the sport, but talent alone doesn’t earn the Ring. Some recipients hold mul-

watson photo


by Susan Bedford

tiple world titles while others have never known the weight of a world champion gold buckle. But in and out of the arena, all have devoted themselves tirelessly to the sport they love. They are all men of character and distinction—the rock upon which bull riding is built. In Pueblo, Colo., on May 16, the three newest members put on the ring that has now been awarded to only 30 cowboys in the world. Adriano Moraes, Justin McBride and J.W. Hart’s shared traits of courage, strength and character earned them entry into the brotherhood of the Professional Bull Riders Ring of Honor.

Justin McBride From a long line of cowboys and bull riders, Justin McBride’s chosen profession came as no surprise but his enormous success did. Despite roughstock events being in his blood, no one is born a great bull rider, and McBride excelled at the sport through hard work and gritty determination, winning two world titles. He earned over $5 million during his 10-year career in the PBR, the most of any man in history. “Justin is the kind of guy I wanted to put my gear bag next to in the locker room,” shared Ty Murray, “because he didn’t whine or make excuses. He did things the cowboy way-being tough and laying it on the line each time.” McBride’s talent was so immense that no one was surprised in 2005 when he won his first PBR World Champion title and no one was surprised in 2007 when he shattered countless records. He broke the single season event wins record with eight event wins-the previous record was six. McBride also eclipsed his own record , set in 2005, for the most money won during the regular season. He earned $835,321 and then went to Las Vegas and earned a bonus $1,000,000 for being the World Champion. McBride also surpassed Adriano Moraes’ record of 28 career event wins by chalking up 30 event wins to his credit. Before he retired, he won another two events. A bull rider as skilled and experienced

as McBride could have had another decade in the spotlight. But McBride was ready to retire by the end of last year. He had a country music career just taking off and a knack for being in the PBR broadcast booth. The legendary bull rider most recently performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry.

J.W. Hart When the PBR was founded over 16 years ago, one of the first cowboys to make a name for himself was J.W. Hart. Over the next 13 years, The “Iron Man” Hart earned his nickname one bull at a time. In a sport where athletes are plagues by injuries, Hart was tough and talented enough to keep going. He competed at 197 consecutive events, setting a PBR record that stood until 2007. Hart was just 18 when the PBR started but he was already wise beyond his years. Hart had a clear vision of what his sport could become and what a group of dedicated cowboys could accomplish. From the very beginning, Hart was an ambassador for the sport. Hart was always a PBR fan favorite, but he was also a cowboy’s cowboy. Seemingly cut from a cloth of an earlier era, Hart truly embodied the concepts of “heart” and “try” each time he entered the arena. Ty Murray appropriately described him as an icon for his era and an example of everything a great bull rider should be. After having to take time off for a serious injury, Hart unofficially retired in 2008. His last ride came on May 23 at the PBR event in Decatur, Texas. Hart’s talent helped him accomplish many impressive feats over the years—1994 Rookie of the Year; 2002 World Finals winner; thirty 90-point rides; six event wins; and 2004 U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. Challenger Finals event winner. But it was his no nonsense attitude and straight talk that helped him this season as he transitioned into the TV broadcast booth. Paired with his extensive knowledge of bucking bulls, due in part to his own success as a stock contractor with bulls that include Cat Man Do, Hart continues to reach and educate fans about the sport he loves. Hart will once again serve as the Team America captain for the 2009 PBR World Cup competition in Brazil. Last year under his leadership the Americans were

able to beat Brazil, Canada, Australia and Mexico for the crown.

Adriano Moraes There is no bull rider in history as decorated as Adriano Moraes. The PBR’s only three-time World Champion (1994, 2001, 2006) Moraes is also the two-time Challenger Tour Champion and the secondhighest money earner in PBR history with over $3.5 million won. But the real value of Moraes’ accomplishments can’t be measured in dollars or buckles. “Adriano is a true legend and has rewritten the history books on professional bull riding,” said PBR CEO Randy Bernard. “He took a chance and flew over here from Brazil in the late 80’s not speaking any English, very poor, but with a passion for riding bulls. His ability along with his passion helped him become one of the greatest, if not the greatest, bull riders of all time.” Last year at 38 years of age, Moraes retired. He had been the oldest man competing on the elite Built Ford Tough Series and qualified for the PBR World Finals more than any man in history. Moraes paved the way not just for himself, but for every young man from Brazil who came to America with a dream. Ednei Caminhas and Guilherme Marchi would not be PBR World Champions if not for their fellow countryman. Besides blazing the way, Moraes also served as mentor, friend and father-figure to dozens of Brazilian bull riders competing in the U.S. over the last 15 years. Moraes is also serving as Team Brazil’s captain at this year’s PBR World Cup in Barretos, Brazil in August. “Adriano’s won about everything you can win as far as a bull rider goes,”stated Cody Lambert, PBR Livestock Director, co-founder of the PBR and Ring of Honor member. “When we had the first PBR Finals he was there and he was our first PBR World Champion. In the couple of years that he competed in rodeos professionally, he went to the National Finals (Rodeo) twice and rode 19 out of 20 bulls; he was the National Finals Champion both times. When they talk about the all-time greats, he’s right up there at the top of the list.”


1996: Cody Lambert, Ted Nuce, Jim Shoulders and Harry Tompkins 1997: Donnie Gay 1998: Larry Mahan and Jerome Davis 1999: Tuff Hedeman, Lane Frost and Jerome Robinson

• • • • •

2000: Clint Branger 2001: Wacey Cathey 2002: Daryl Mills, Ty Murray and Denny Flynn 2003: Cody Custer, Myrtis Dightman and Aaron Semas 2004: David Fournier and Charlie Sampson

• • •

2005: Troy Dunn, Michael Gaffney and Bobby Steiner 2006: Bobby DelVecchio and Cody Snyder 2007: Phil Lyne and Carl Nafzger 2008: J.W. Hart, Justin McBride and Adriano Moraes


challenger tour logo


Challenger Tours: 2

d Aim for the Stars d


LEFT: Jared Farley rides Berger/Ryken’s Walk the Line for 88.5 points during the championship round. RIGHT: Josh Koschel can’t ride Page & Teague’s Hustler.

ans and cowboys alike are passionate about the Challenger tour—and for good reasons. Where else do you have green rookies competing alongside seasoned pros, both riding the best bulls in the business? Where else would you have the opportunity to see next year’s Daisy Rookie of the Year and a PBR World Champion each make the whistle on the same night over the course of two adrenaline-fueled hours?

ent, the Challenger system allows you to rise to the top.” The rookies appreciate the opportunity to ride alongside legends they’d previously only seen on television. The veterans often find themselves reminded of what the heart and soul of bull riding is truly about. “Both the rookies and the veterans enjoy Challenger events. The level of competition is extremely high, but it still retains an atmosphere that the cowboys really like. Most of the guys count our Challenger Finals as one

ball game and the crowd is usually electric with excitement knowing that, in a few years, these are the guys they’ll be watching on the Versus television network. PBR fans are the best for this reason: they’ll support a cowboy from his first ride until his retirement. Fans appreciate that they are an integral part of the organization and they love the intimacy of a Discovery event where they can sit just a few hundred of feet away from a talented young man just starting on his professional bull riding career, but

“You can be a guy who is virtually unknown, like Clayton Williams was before he won the Challenger Event title for the first time in 2007, but if you have the talent, the Challenger system allows you to rise to the top.” - Jay Daugherty, VP of Event Tours


of their all-time favorite events every season,” shared Daugherty. The Enterprise and Discovery tour events also have top-notch talent and the vast number of events in this system assure that Americans from coast-to-coast can experience the thrill of a live PBR bull riding within an hour or two of their hometown. Enterprise events, like Copenhagen events, feature some big-name stars while the Discovery tour is for guys just starting out on their professional careers. Discovery events have the same energy as a top college foot-

already displaying a spark of genius, 8 seconds at a time. It is impossible to tell who the next big break-out stars will be who will graduate to ride on the elite Built Ford Tough Series with the top 45 bull riders in the world. Over the past few seasons, Clayton Williams certainly has made a big name for himself on the Challenger tour and on the Built Ford Tough Series. Other Challenger cowboys on the cusp of greatness include Kolt Donaldson, Cody Ford, Harve Stewart, Ryan McConnell and Ryan Dirteater.

watson photos

Fans love the Copenhagen Challenger tour events because they bring together the best cowboys and the best bulls—regardless of how much experience or chute time either has experienced. Man or beast, if qualified for a Copenhagen event, it’s because they are talented athletes with the right stuff and the potential for greatness. “You can be a guy who is virtually unknown, like Clayton Williams was before he won the Challenger Event title for the first time in 2007,” commented Jay Daugherty, VP of Event Tours, “but if you have the tal-

Challenger Tours: Aim for the Stars (cont.)

The Brazilians and Canadians who come to the U.S. to compete in the Challenger tours are also an extremely impressive bunch. Leonil Santos, Edimundo Gomes and Pim Rosa are just three of the men who could very well follow in the footsteps of Adriano Moraes and Guilherme Marchi. At a Challenger event it isn’t unusual to get to see Canadian Champions like Scott Schiffner and Aaron Roy competing alongside some of their talented countrymen—Tyler Thomson and Vince Northrop to name a few. No matter what country or state they hale from, all the cowboys look forward to the Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour Championship each year. With a $500,000 purse, it is the second-biggest event in the world for any bull rider (only the PBR Built Ford Tough Series World Finals has a bigger total purse with the PBR World Champion earning a million-dollar bonus). Not only do Challenger athletes work tirelessly to accrue enough money to qualify for the event, the cowboys on the Built Ford Tough Series compete at Challenger events when they have a weekend off from the televised series in hopes of making it to the Finals. And it isn’t just the cowboys who look forward to the Challenger Finals. PBR CEO Randy Bernard has compared the importance of the Challenger Finals to PBR fans

Pandora’s Box gets the best of Guilherme Marchi.

“it is a big-time event with big-time talent and big-time money. To be able to attend is to be able to witness greatness— and history— in the making.” - Randy Bernard, PBR CEO


Shorty Gorham risks life and limb to save Ryan Littau from D&H’s Bad Yeller.

watson photos

to what Wimbledon means to tennis fans. In other words, it is a big-time event with bigtime talent and big-time money. To be able to attend is to be able to witness greatness—and history—in the making. “2009 looks to be our best season ever,” affirmed Daugherty. “Each year we’ve just seen the Challenger Finals get bigger and better. We get the best bull riders from all of the PBR tours and the toughest bulls and a huge prize purse. I think our cowboys and fans have a lot to be excited about. We’ve got some great things in store for this season.”

Robson Palermo can’t make the whistle on Berger/Ward’s Blue Boy during the short go.


Breneman (mcdonald mug); watson (mcdonald on over the edge)


Rocky McDonald:

Up to The



ith international stars, a new home for the Finals and unparalleled rookie talent, the PBR’s Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour is having one of the most exciting seasons in its history. So is one of its most dynamic riders, fan favorite Rocky McDonald. McDonald, who was sitting in the No. 1 spot in late June, may very well win the Challenger title this year. First he traveled to Australia where he won two Challenger events. His next international stop will be 20

rocky mcdonald

by Susan Bedford

“If there is a good event, I’m there, and if it is a Challenger event—no matter where it is—you’re going to have a chance to get on good bulls and win some really good money.” South America where he will serve as the captain for Team Mexico in the PBR World Cup. “This has been a great season for me so far. I hope I can bring some of that luck to Team Mexico. I think our team has been able to fly under the radar and I’m looking forward to competing with them in Brazil,” shared McDonald. McDonald, who was born in Col. Juarez, Mexico, competes at Challenger events from coast to coast and across the seas. “If there is a good event, I’m there,” shared McDonald, “and if it is a Challenger event—no matter where it is—you’re going to have a chance to get on good bulls and win some really good money.” 22

rocky mcdonald

McDonald had won just over $10,000 before he headed down under. Winning Troy Dunn’s and Brendon Clark’s namesake events nearly tripled his Challenger earnings. “Those victories were so important to me,” he explained, “and not just to get ahead in the standings. It also meant that I have enough money won that I’ll be at the Challenger Finals and the PBR World Finals. Winning those Challenger events made a lot of things possible for me.” It also gave McDonald a boost of confidence before he faces Team America, Team Canada, Team Australia and Team Brazil in late August. “I’m definitely earning a lot of frequent flyer miles this season,” he joked. “I’m getting on a lot of bulls and a lot

of planes.” After the World Cup, McDonald will start preparing for the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas. After Las Vegas, McDonald will head down south for the 2009 Copenhagen Challenger Tour Championship presented by Dickies. Previously held in Oklahoma City in February, the new date will place the Challenger Finals after the PBR World Finals which conclude on Nov. 9. The marquee Challenger event will now take place in Atlanta, Ga. from Nov. 20-22. The Gwinnett Center will play host to the three-day event where $500,000 is up for grabs. Clayton Williams, who did the super-human feat of taking the Copenhagen Challenger Tour Champion title two years

“I’m definitely earning a lot of frequent flier miles this season,” he joked. “I’m getting on a lot of bulls and a lot of planes.” in a row, has been sidelined by a shoulder injury since February. It required surgery and should keep him out of the arena until early September. McDonald isn’t the only international athlete making a run at the prestigious buckle. Other international stars near the top of the Challenger standings are 2002 PBR World Champion Ednei Caminhas from Brazil and Pete Farley from Australia. PBR Canada Champion Aaron Roy is also sitting in the top 20. But you can never count out America, with the deepest talent pool. With 32 of the top 45 Challenger athletes hailing from the U.S.A., odds are good that it may be an American who follows in Williams’ footsteps. But McDonald is hop-

ing it’s a Mexican-American. “It’d be nice if I could win it!” said the cowboy who resides in Hachita, N.M. McDonald is the perfect example of the fact that the Challenger Tours can propel a cowboy to success pretty quickly if he’s got the talent. If your favorite cowboy isn’t sitting in one of the top spots, just wait a few weeks and see what happens. A big win or two can send a cowboy, whether he is a seasoned veteran or an 18-year-old rookie, to the top of the standings. Williams won over $800,000 at Challenger events in 20072008, but he will have a lot of ground to make-up to even qualify for the Challenger Finals this year. It can be done, but it won’t be easy. There is so much talent in the PBR

and the Challenger Tours are where it all comes together. The guys that can stay on top of the Challenger standings will find their way onto one of the 40 spots on the Built Ford Tough Series. As one of the top Challenger cowboys, McDonald’s victories ensured he’d be headed back onto the Built Ford Tough Series when it came time for the next cut. “I’ve been riding good and won enough to get promoted again,” chuckled the self-deprecating McDonald. “Now I have to figure out how to stop getting fired!” Rest assured that should McDonald ever get a Built Ford Tough Series “pink slip” again, he knows the path to reinstatement -the wildly exciting, and lucrative, Challenger Tour system. rocky mcdonald 23

Breneman (mcdonald chap); watson (mcdonald on over the edge, on bugs bunny, on big tease)

LEFT: Rocky McDonald attempts Jeff Robinson/Anchor Bull Co.’s Bugs Bunny. MIDDLE: Rocky McDonald attempts Dakota/Rosen’s Big Tease. RIGHT: Rocky McDonald attempts Lufkin’s Over the Edge.

The 50 Top Riders Challenger Athletes Standings based on Challenger event earnings as of 6/23/09



mark scott

matt Breneman

Pete Farley

Rocky McDonald

Hometown: Col. Juarez, Mexico Birthdate: 11/1/79 Ht: 5’ 10� Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $32,637


Hometown: Kempsey, Australia Birthdate: 11/22/88 Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 140 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $28,353


matt Breneman

mark scott

Cody Nance

Hometown: Paris, TN Birthdate: 12/23/87 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 162 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $28,197 24


Brian Canter

Hometown: Randleman, NC Birthdate: 6/25/87 Ht: 5' 3" Wt: 120 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $25,754



caleb sanderson

mark scott

Reese Cates

Hometown: El Dorado, AR Birthdate: 1/12/89 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 135 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $22,026


Caleb Sanderson

Hometown: Kissimmee, FL Birthdate: 2/13/89 Ht: 6' 4" Wt: 170 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $20,453


Hometown: P. Alves, Sao Paulo, Brazil Birthdate: 10/6/75 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $18,845

mark scott

mark scott

Ednei Caminhas

Austin Meier

Hometown: Kinta, OK Birthdate: 1/5/87 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $18,396 Riders 25

Top 50 Challenger Athletes



skeeter kingsolver

andy watson

Jock Connolly

Hometown: Australia Birthdate: 2/10/77 Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $17,759


Skeeter Kingsolver

Hometown: Mclouth, KS Birthdate: 8/29/89 Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $17,713




matt Breneman

matt Breneman

J.B. Mauney

Hometown: Mooresville, NC Birthdate: 1/9/87 Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 140 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $17,390

Dusty Ephrom

Hometown: Arcola, Saskatchewan, Canada Birthdate: 10/8/80 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 160 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $17,006



Hometown: Johnson City, TX Birthdate: 4/27/89 Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 145 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/24/09: $16,168


andy watson

matt Breneman

Clayton Baethge

Beau Hill

Hometown: West Glacier, MT Birthdate: 2/7/79 Ht: 6' 1" Wt: 190 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $15,851


andy watson

elliott jacoby

Elliott Jacoby

Hometown: Fredericksburg, TX Birthdate: 4/26/91 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 140 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $15,804

Chad Denton

Hometown: Oroville, CA Birthdate: 4/19/78 Ht: 5' 6" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $15,512 Riders 27

Top 50 Challenger Athletes



mark scott

mark scott

Aaron Roy

Hometown: Asquith, Saskatchewan, Canada Birthdate: 7/2/87 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $15,204

L.J. Jenkins

Hometown: Texico, NM Birthdate: 7/17/87 Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 140 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $15,072



Hometown: Galax, VA Birthdate: 12/22/79 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 145 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/24/09: $14,824 28


mark scott

mark scott

Billy Robinson

Cory Rasch

Hometown: Clarksville, TN Birthdate: 11/21/78 Ht: 6' 0" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $14,791




matt Breneman

matt Breneman

Ben Jones

Hometown: Goulburn, NSW, Australia Birthdate: 3/9/79 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 163 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $14,603

Dusty LaBeth

Hometown: Louisburg, KS Birthdate: 9/6/79Â Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 170 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $14,511


mark scott

andy watson

Tyler Thomson

Hometown: Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada Birthdate: 1/22/81 Ht: 6' 1" Wt: 180 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $13,578

Nick Landreneau

Hometown: Sulphur, LA Birthdate: 12/6/84 Ht: 5' 6" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $13,471 Riders Riders 29

Top 50 Challenger Athletes



credit pending

andy watson

Ross Lewis

Hometown: Reed Point, MT Birthdate: 12/7/83 Ht: 6' 1" Wt: 155 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $13,323


Allan Moraes

Hometown: Brazil Birthdate: 11/7/78 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $13,190


Hometown: Longmont, CO Birthdate: 9/18/85 Ht: 5' 7" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $13,177 30 RIDERS RIDERS

mark scott

matt Breneman

Kody Lostroh

Ned Cross

Hometown: Midland, OR Birthdate: 4/8/85 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 155 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,765




jt sumner

andy watson

Jody Turner

Hometown: Cochran, Alberta, Canada Birthdate: 5/19/81Â Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 145 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,617

Josh Koschel

Hometown: Greeley, CO Birthdate: 11/22/84 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 130 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,517


pbr photo

matt gray

Matt Gray

Hometown: Montecello, AR Birthdate: 8/10/89 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 160 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,445

Robson Aragao

Hometown: Aracaju, SE, Brazil Birthdate: 1/31/80Â Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 180 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,415 Riders 31

Top 50 Challenger Athletes



michael manes

mark scott

Hometown: Conway, AR Birthdate: 12/31/79 Ht: 5' 7" Wt: 135 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,270

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX Birthdate: 7/2/81 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 135 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,263

Michael Manes



Hometown: Wentzville, MO Birthdate: 7/3/83 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 135 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $12,086 32


matt Breneman

matt Breneman

Travis Sellers

Colby Yates

McKennon Wimberly Hometown: Cool, TX Birthdate: 6/16/88 Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 150 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,920



matt Breneman

pbr photo

Douglas Duncan

Hometown: Alvin, TX Birthdate: 5/8/87 Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,832


Jimmy Tubbs

Hometown: Greenbrier, AR Birthdate: 3/11/86 Ht: 6' 0" Wt: 145 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,653


bonner bolton

jason o’hearn

Jason O’Hearn

Hometown: Rothbury, New S. Wales, Australia Birthdate: 6/17/79 Ht: 6' 0" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/24/09: $11,594

Bonner Bolton

Hometown: Gardendale, TX Birthdate: 6/1/87 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 175 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,464 Riders Riders 33

Top 50 Challenger Athletes




mark scott

andy watson

Tanner Girletz

Hometown: Cereal, Alberta, Canada Birthdate: 5/12/86 Ht: 5' 7" Wt: 145 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,428

Ryan Dirteater

Hometown: Hulbert, OK Birthdate: 4/14/89 Ht: 5' 6" Wt: 125 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,360


Hometown: Randleman, NC Birthdate: 4/10/89 Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 155 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,347 34 RIDERS RIDERS

pbr photo

josh faircloth

Josh Faircloth

Edevaldo Ferreira

Hometown: Andradina, SP, Brazil Birthdate: 12/5/81 Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 145 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,249



Hometown: Aparecida de Goiania, Goias, Brazil Birthdate: 6/13/79 Ht: 5' 9" Wt: 165 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $11,042


andy watson

matt Breneman

Valdiron De Oliveira

Evan Rasch

Hometown: Clarksville, TN Birthdate: 6/19/80 Ht: 6' 1" Wt: 170 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $10,055


andy watson

Kevin Kieckhefer

Hometown: Prescott, AZ Birthdate: 9/9/89 Ht: 5' 11" Wt: 160 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $10,006

Zane Lambert

Hometown: Westbourne, Manitoba, Canada Birthdate: 1/22/81 Ht: 6' 2" Wt: 185 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $9,994 Riders Riders 35

Top 50 Challenger Athletes



mark scott

pbr photo

Juarez Silva

Hometown: Anteroza, MG, Brazil Birthdate: 12/12/83 Ht: 5' 6" Wt: 154 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $9,780


Pistol Robinson

Hometown: Burleson, TX Birthdate: 1/1/84 Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 135 Challenger Event Earnings as of 6/23/09: $9,770

Put Your Name on a PBR Bull

>> Keep in mind that really young and really old animals tend to be the cheapest. Bulls that are already

How to Own a


Bull d

without Owning a

Ranch Part-time, Full-time or No-time—it’s your choice


Mike Lee rides Berger/Loe/Rosen’s Palace Station Deuces Wild for 87.75 points during the first round of the 2008 PBR World Finals.

2-year-old bulls. The ABBI also offers competitions for 3 and 4-year-old bulls (called Classics) where top animals can win over $300,000 a season. The ABBI has so radically changed the game for bucking bulls that animals can now earn more competing at ABBI events than bucking at PBR events. Top Futurity and Classic animals can also command as much (or more) money than established buckers. However, bulls of a caliber high enough to be chosen to buck at top-tier PBR events can earn money in other ways: being a star can greatly increases the price of a bull’s genetics (semen). Superstar animals can also earn money through merchandise and naming rights. Keep in mind that really young and really old animals tend to be the cheapest. Bulls that are already established and successful will cost more (unless they are at the tail end of their careers or are not proven sires) than green ones. Certain pedigrees can add an ex-

tra zero—or two—to the price based on what other animals from the same bloodline have accomplished. You may also want to go in with a group of friends of family members to purchase a share of a bull to make it more affordable. Some stock contractors will even allow you to come to their ranch and “meet” your bull. If you want a more hands-on experience, many are also happy to teach you some of the basics of caring for bucking bull athletes. If you are looking for an investment and don’t have your heart set on owning a bull, you may want to take a look at the ladies. Top cows that produce sons that really buck are also extremely valuable. Don’t be afraid to give a stock contractor or bucking bull breeder a call to learn more. Most embrace partners from outside of the bucking bull or ranching communities. Get a feel for what is out there and determine what matters most to you—fame, fortune or just some fun—and get into the game. -SB

watson (lee on palace station)

No matter what your age, occupation or experience level, you CAN own a bucking bull! More stock contractors than ever are offering partnerships in the bucking bull industry. A partnership means you can get involved without needing to care, feed, house or haul a bull yourself. If you want to own a bull 100%, that is now easy to do too—there are some top-notch contractors who, for a monthly fee or a portion of the bull’s earnings, will take care of an animal that bears your name and brand. Your level of involvement in the bucking bull business depends on your interest and what a stock contractor offers. There are plenty of options. Some folks buy into a bull, name him and then just sit back and enjoy watching him buck at televised PBR events. Others want to get in on the ground level (or womb level)—buying embryos with championship bloodlines and hoping they’ll turn out to be young stars that will win futurity events such as the Exclusive Genetics Million-Dollar Futurity (which is a partner and sponsor of the PBR) or one of the ABBI’s many lucrative and high-profile competitions for

established and successful will cost more

Partnerships in Bulls by Bridget Cook

These stories illustrate the success investors have had in the bucking bull business.

Tom Peterson – partnered with Diamond S Tom Peterson, of Rhome, Texas, used to get his kicks out of building his sandmining business, but as time marched on and the business became more successful, the head-on challenge that he loved so much decreased by the day. “There aren’t too many things that I have left to enjoy, but I enjoy the heck out of these bulls.” Peterson said of the five bulls he has in partnership with Diamond S Bucking Bulls. “It was convenient for me to be partners, I don’t have to get to a show a day ahead with my bulls, and it’s a lot easier on me because I don’t have a lot of time, so it’s easier for me to write a check then to haul them.” Peterson has three bulls competing in Vegas, two in the 2-year-old Futurity and one in the Classic. His favorite is Kinder, La. champion Top Diamond, followed by More Bucks and Top Bucks. Peterson makes it to as many regular season events as his schedule allows and this year showed up at more than 10. He gives preference to the futurities. “I sure enjoy going to the events. I like playing the futurities with the 2-year-olds. They’re unpredictable,

(unless they are at the tail end of their careers or are not proven sires)

they’re like the Dallas Cowboys—anybody can beat them on a given weekend; a bull can always have a bad day. My bull might be good, or be beat. “They’re interesting. Some of them can be standing real still and calm in the chute and then they come out of there like a stick of dynamite—they’re just jumping and ablowing. That’s exciting to me. I love their breeding and am excited to be able to do that.” Peterson loves to watch the bulls and enjoys the advantages of being a partner without the hassle. “I can be as hands-on as I want. I’m around them and I know them but I don’t flank or go behind the chutes—I’d rather watch them when they come out because behind the chutes you can’t see them as good. “I’ve enjoyed the heck out of it and I don’t go to Shreveport to gamble near as much as I used to since I got in this bull business – it’s taken the gambling spirit out of me because I’d rather play with these bulls.”

Rebecca Hewkin –  partnered with Ravenscroft Kankakee, Ill., schoolteacher Becky Hewkin attended her first PBR event back in 1998. Since then, she’s attended up to 10 events per year. Three years ago she decided it was time to be more than just a spectator. When visiting family in Colorado, she, her two grandkids and a friend made a side-trip to Steve and Julie Ravenscroft’s ranch in Nebraska to look at a yearling son of Little Yellow Jacket numbered SJR204.

glanville (615 B top diamond)

Tom Peterson, left, and Diamond S’ Scott Pickens, center, buck their futurity bull 615 B Top Diamond in Kinder, La.

than green ones.

“I saw the bull and we decided to partner on him. We named him Try This Jacket after my grandkids, Ty and Ry.” As a 4-yearold, Try This Jacket competed at the Classics in Rebecca Hewkin and Oklahoma City, her horse, Jack. Kansas City and Albuquerque. “When Try This Jacket entered Classic competition in Oklahoma City, I learned first-hand just how much excitement went along with having an interest in a competition bull. It was fantastic, as was the competition in Kansas City where Valdiron de Oliveira rode him for an 88-point score, and Albuquerque, where he bucked off J.B. Mauney and Colby Yates. It brought my interest to a totally higher level,” Hewkin enthused. Both Kansas City and Albuquerque were televised, and Hewkin explained that the thrill of having your bull on TV extended beyond her and to her friends and family. “Everybody back home was calling me as they were watching it on TV. You actually get to see more sometimes on TV then in person and it brings a lot of other people into it also.” Try This Jacket was sold to Diamond S and bucks under the name Bigger Man. With his sale, Hewkin didn’t want to lose the thrill of bull ownership and became partners in 2-year-old prospect SJR311. “Having a bull like Try This Jacket aka Bigger Man was a great beginning experience. His performance level far surpassed my expectations for my first bull partnership. I can only hope that SJR311 will bring the same level of thrills. Partnering on bulls with the Ravenscrofts has been a great opportunity and experience. I have told them ‘thanks for the ride’. ” An added bonus for Hewkin was that she’s always loved the West, and having bulls has enabled her to be part of it while living in Illinois. “It’s much more exciting going as an owner than just a spectator; you’re much more involved in it. It brings it up to a new level and it is extremely exciting and I recommend it to anybody who really enjoys the PBR. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet several of the other contractors and they’re all very gracious. I learned quite a bit, and I hope to continue getting more and more involved. Being a schoolteacher compliments it because I have summers and weekends off. I really like the fact that the ABBI has gone to having most of the Classic events on weekends, because that way people like us can make it to them.” PUT YOUR NAME ON A PBR BULL 39

Put Your Name on a PBR Bull

>> “Locating an animal for purchase is the easy part. Locating a business partner, be it through ownership, or training, is a completely different story.

The Nuts & Bolts

“I want to invest in the bucking bull industry. Where do I start?”

by Kelly Pickens


ost PBR personnel and contractors have fielded this, or similar queries, concerning the financial aspects of investing in the bucking bull business. The answers may vary depending on the person questioned, and how much time he or she has to devote to the conversation. Whether or not, you own a trailer, land, or even a truck, there are numerous ways for interested persons to become involved in today’s bucking bull industry. But if you are looking for the “yellow brick road” to bull ownership, you need to obtain the map to Oz first. Without the proper knowledge of ownership rights and requirements, flying monkeys will be the least of your concerns. With the notoriety of such superstars as Little Yellow Jacket, Reindeer Dippin’ and Mossy Oak Mudslinger, through PBR competition, and parent verification of animals by the ABBI, the bucking bull industry has achieved unimaginable levels of success. Because of the large variety of opportunities for ownership in the bucking bull business, one must first decide what they want to accomplish by becoming an owner/ investor. Do you want to own a competition bull, a PBR Built Ford Tough Serieslevel performance bull, a breeding bull or a cow? How quick of a return are you wanting from your investment? And how active of a role do you want to play in the maintenance of said animal? Competition bulls start at the Futurity level for 2-year-old bulls. These bulls, in lieu of paying an entry fee per event, may compete for prize monies, and a chance to compete at the annual ABBI Futurity Finals. It sounds very simple, but if you want to invest in a long-term ownership, you should research the bloodlines of any prospects. Through information made available by the ABBI, performance history can be

researched on any bull with confirmed parentage. Much like the Futurity bulls, 3 to 4-yearold Classic bulls also pay an entry fee and compete for prize monies. However, these bulls are also eligible to perform at any level of PBR competition (if approved by the PBR livestock director). If your bull makes it to a PBR Built Ford Tough Series performance, you may see him on the Versus telecast, and you may have your name broadcast as the owner. In addition to this type of notoriety, bulls bucked in PBR shows are eligible to earn “out” money depending on their performance. The third level of bull usually available for ownership opportunity is that of the PBR performance bull (over the competition age limit). Due to the performance history/reputation of these bulls, they are usually the higher priced animals to purchase for ownership. However, these bulls bring the most notoriety to owners, due to their exposure at PBR Ford Built Tough shows. Once you decide what level of ownership/partnership, you aspire to, along with the limitations of your budget, you must then come to an agreement with the seller. This is where actual and hypothetical situations must be explained in intricate detail. There is not a “standard or universal” contract for this type of transaction. Basically, each contract can be tailor-made to fit both party’s needs and expectations. Because you are dealing with a potential breeding animal, there is always the avenue for semen collection, sales and rights. Usually, an agreement is made splitting the cost of the semen collection and storage, with an even number of semen straws distributed to each party. If one or both parties own cattle, they may agree on live coverage breeding of said bull. Also, both parties must decide who will be responsible for the maintenance, training, and representation of the animal(s).

This would cover the daily feeding and upkeep of the animal, as well as hauling to competitions/performances, payment of entry fees and veterinarian/medical fees as well as the division of any monies won. Another important aspect to any contract of joint ownership deals with the hypothetical situation of one party’s decision to sell their interest/ownership of the bull. Often, it is agreed that first opportunity for purchase rests with the partner in ownership of the animal. If your budget does not allow for the possibilities of long-term ownership, there are facilities/businesses that specialize in term ownership of bulls, for a lower price. Term ownership typically means that as the buyer, you would be part owner of the bull throughout a said amount of time. (Usually the competition age span of the bull.) If your interests lean toward the reproduction side of the bucking bull industry, there is an entirely different scale of elements to consider. Owning a bucking bred cow(s), can be another exciting avenue for investment. Due to the aspects of flushing cattle and embryo transference, a buyer can actually own a small herd, and reap the benefits from the ever-growing demand for embryo solicitation. Locating an animal for purchase is the easy part. Locating a business partner, be it through ownership, or training, is a completely different story. As a potential owner, research is your most important tool. Becoming a member of the ABBI should be your first action as a potential buyer. The ABBI provides a wealth of information pertaining to the bucking bull industry, including an in-depth understanding of the different levels of both Futurity and Classic competition. For more information go to



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>> Becoming a member of the ABBI should be your first action as a potential buyer. >> Learn more about the Bucking Bull Business by visiting

What is the


a nutshell, the ABBI is to bulls what the PBR is to bull riders. American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI) was started five years ago. This sister organization to the PBR focuses on bucking bull DNA registration (to track bloodlines of bucking cattle) and to hold high-dollar competitive events for 2, 3 and 4-year-old bucking bulls. The winning Classic bull earned a purse of $250,000 in Las Vegas during the ABBI Classic Finals, while the champion Futurity bull took home $100,000. Just like the bull riders, the ABBI Classic (3 and 4-year-old) bulls and Futurity (2-year-old) bulls have been competing all season long to earn a spot in Las Vegas. The 2-year-old bulls buck with a small metal dummy on their back for 4 seconds, a new rule for 2009. In November, the ABBI holds their annual sale featuring some of the most exclusive bloodlines in the industry. It is open to the public and is fantastic for fans interested in the industry—and for stock contractors looking to add more top-notch genetics to their programs. Many of the top bucking bulls in the PBR start their careers in the ABBI. Troubadour, contender for 2008 PBR Bull of the Year, was the 2007 ABBI Classic Champion. Versus Blackout (formerly known as Stray Kitty) was the 2004 ABBI Futurity


sively seeking ways to protect the quality of the registry, while benefiting its members, we will continue to see growth in membership, as well as increased value of our bucking stock.” To get everyone involved, ABBI started the U.S. Bucking Bull Association (USBBA) in 2004 for fans of the bulls and members of the bucking bull industry. The Bull Pen Magazine, which every USBBA member receives, is the leading bucking bull industry publication in the world. Visit or to learn more. Whether you want to invest in a single bucking bull, start your own herd or just cheer from the sidelines, the ABBI is for you—and the world’s best bucking bulls!

Join the USBBA One of the many facets of this fastgrowing bucking bull business is a relatively unknown association that is doing its part to increase the credibility and accessibility of the entire industry. With the formation of ABBI in 2004, a tax-exempt nonprofit agricultural association known as the United States Bucking Bull Association (USBBA) was also established. “The primary mission of USBBA is to publicly promote bucking bull ownership,

breeding, training and welfare,” noted ABBI General Manager Andee Lamoreaux, “while simultaneously enhancing the marketability and value of bucking bull stock.” That mission is accomplished through the promotion and growth of USBBA membership, as well as aggressive marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns developed and administered by USBBA,

glanville (winner shot)

Champion and 2005 ABBI Classic Champion. Many ABBI Classic bulls are so talented that they have already bucked in the championship round of Built Ford Tough Series events this season and some were also selected as members of the prestigious PBR Bull Team Challenge. So many great PBR bulls have come out of the ABBI that it is hard to believe the organization is barely five years old. The ABBI has had unprecedented growth since its inception in 2003 and has evolved into the leading bucking bull organization in the world today. In September 2008, the ABBI claimed over 2,300 members (with 188 junior members) and over 70,000 registered animals. The primary goal of the ABBI: to improve the quality of the bucking bull industry. In January 2007, the ABBI headquarters relocated to Pueblo, Colorado, to move into the new PBR World Headquarters building. Due to a large increase in animal registrations, growing membership volume, and sanctioned Classic and Futurity Events, being able to utilize the resources within the PBR corporate office was crucial for the expansion of the ABBI. A large portion of membership growth can be attributed to the popularity of becoming a bull owner or bucking stock breeder. The ABBI has made possible—through professionalizing of its events, updating competitive standings and genetic investigation (DNA)—a reliable way to reScott Accomazzo, Toby Floyd and Brad Boyd present the Junior Futurity check search the buckfor $10,000 to Cash Roberts, second from left, in Ardmore. ing bull industry and specific animals before monetarily investing in it. ABBI board member and breeder J.W. Hart stated, “It is going to do nothing but get bigger and better from here. I think that with Andee (Lamoreaux) and the entire staff at ABBI aggres-


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>> Join the USBBA and receive 6 colorful issues of Bull Pen magazine! Visit

What is the ABBI? (continued)


including advertising and marketing programs conducted in association with ABBI’s activities and events. USBBA will also benefit bucking bull owners, breeders, trainers and the bucking bull stock registered with USBBA through the organization and operation of an innovative incentive program.

Incentive Program “One of the key objectives of USBBA is to increase not only the marketability but the value of all bucking bulls,” Lamoreaux continued. “USBBA has created and implemented a bucking bull incentive program that will continue to have a dramatically positive impact on the animals participating, the owners of those animals, as well as the bucking bull industry as a whole.” The USBBA Bucking Bull Incentive Program works as follows: Owners of mature bucking bulls who are also members of USBBA may, for a fee, register one or more of their animals in the Incentive Program. Once registered, a bull (Incentive Bull) will have the option of remaining registered throughout the life of the Incentive Program. Upon payment of a registration fee,


each bull calf produced from an Incentive Bull will qualify to be registered in the Incentive Program. Calves must be registered with ABBI on or before the date they reach the age of seven (7) months. Calves of nonABBI registered bulls will not be permitted to be registered in the Incentive Program. Incentives are set up to be able to be paid at designated events throughout the year or at World Finals. Recent payments of the Incentive program were over $46,000 in 2006 and over $71,000 in 2007.

Member Benefits USBBA members also receive the bimonthly Bull Pen Magazine, The Authority on Breeding, Buying and Bucking Bulls. You don’t have to own any bucking bulls, but you can still be in the know about what is going on in the bucking bull world.As a benefit of USBBA, you will receive 6 colorful, informative issues of Bull Pen Magazine, the official magazine of the ABBI. Bull Pen is the Authority on Buying, Breeding and Bucking Bulls. Each issue recaps the events that are happening, lists the standings of Classic

and Futurity animals, has feature stories on some of the top and up-and-coming breeders within the bucking bull industry and is a resource to experts in the field. Each issue will teach you tricks of the trade, whether you are just starting your herd or have a breeding program of your own.Bull Pen will also introduce you to the breeders who could be a resource to purchasing interest in a bucking bull that is currently performing in the PBR. To get your membership started, go to or or call 719-242-2747. It is just $25 per year to join USBBA and receive all the benefits. Stay in the know – join USBBA today!

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>> “We love the PBR. At the last Chicago event we bought 100 seats and tried to get as many of our friends and family hooked as possible.”friends and family hooked as possible.” - Clay Struve

PBR Fan Strikes it Rich— Wins 2008 PBR Stock Contractor of the Year Clay Struve partnered with Chad Berger five years ago, and now wears his own PBR gold buckle.



fancorp photo

Clay Struve, left, and Chad Berger

you are a cowboy, you aspire to be the PBR World Champion. If you are a bull, you’re aiming to be the PBR World Champion Bull. If you are a stock contractor, no award is bigger than PBR Stock Contractor of the Year. That award goes to the contractor who has the most consistently great group of bucking bulls all season long. It takes more than a superstar or two to earn the Stock Contractor of the Year buckle. You must provide top-notch stock at PBR events yearround. The winner is determined annually by a vote of the top 45 bull riders in the world, who appreciate being able to compete against the best animal athletes in North America. The 2008 PBR Stock Contractor of the Year was announced at the PBR Stock Contractors Banquet at the South Point Hotel and Casino on Nov. 5, 2008. The room literally fell silent as the envelope was opened; after all, it was the equivalent of the Grammys or Oscars for the bucking bull industry. Chad Berger and Clay Struve were announced the winners to a standing ovation from the audience as they made their way to the stage. It was the second year Berger has received the prestigious award. In 2007, Berger and partner Larry Ryken earned the honor. “He’s just into it in a bigger way than most guys,” stated Cody Lambert, PBR Livestock Director, of Berger. “He buys more bulls than anybody I know. He puts on several events himself and he does a really good job of keeping ‘em good once he buys ‘em,” “He’s got a great eye for talent and he’ll scout out some bulls that are maybe a little under the radar that I’ve never heard of. When he shows up with one that he says is good enough to be there, I know I can count on him.” Berger views the Stock Contractor of the Year honor as a reward for years of hardwork. He emotionally thanked his family when accepting the award and emphasized that his extensive bull knowledge came from his father, Joe Berger, who raised the legendary Little Yellow Jacket. “This is a team effort from my family, veterinarians, drivers and business partners. I could not have not done

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a From er, d e e r B he For t er! d e e r B


it without them,” affirmed Berger. Berger and Struve also were honored by having Copperhead Slinger as one of the top five bulls, as chosen by the bull riders, in contention for 2008 PBR Bull of the Year. Struve was a big fan of the PBR when he first met Berger at the PBR’s annual Calcutta in Las Vegas five years ago. The men continued to cross paths and Berger finally suggested at the PBR Built Ford Tough Series event in Chicago that Struve might want to look into getting involved in the bull side of the business. Struve thought it was a great idea, called Berger the next day—and a successful partnership was born. “I sold him half-interest in a few and now we own 80 together,” related Berger. “I think it is so cool that a city kid from Chicago could grow up to be Stock Contractor of the Year!” The prestigious award was as meaningful to Berger the second time around. “Clay has been such a great partner to me. That made this win very fulfilling. We’ll work even harder this year to win it again. Getting there is one thing— staying there is another!” “(Wife) Donna and I were big fans for 10 years We saw it on tv and were hooked. We started going out to Finals and have been about 12 times in a row now, “ said Struve. “We love the PBR. At the last Chicago event we bought 100 seats and tried to get as many of our friends and family hooked as possible.” Struve went from being hooked on the PBR to being hooked on bulls. Some of Struve’s favorite bulls include Copperhead Slinger, Crown of Thorns and “old-timer” Bulldog Disco. Other top bulls include Evil Forces-”rideable and a guy will be 90 on him” and Say I won’t Gunner who Struve

predicts will be a breakout star in 2009. “I cheer for all of Chad’s partners’ bulls. It really is a team operation. I was lucky to be the guy up there (winning the award) but the whole team enjoyed it and were there to support Chad,” said Struve. “Better bulls make it more challenging for the guys and more fun to watch for the fans,” explained Struve of Berger’s quest for the best. “All our success is due to Chad, I just help improve the pen. Chad and his family and staff really do all the work and deserve all the credit. They should have been the ones on the stage (accepting the award). Chad actually just wanted to be in the running (for Stock Contractor of the Year). Things went his way last year, but he wasn’t really expecting it this year. There are some other guys with some real top-notch bulls, the competition was very tough.” Runner-up for PBR Stock Contractor of the Year was D&H Cattle Co., who has won the award a record six times from 2001-2005. In 2006 they won the honor with partner Tom Teague. Adding to their past honors,

“I think it is so cool that a city kid from Chicago could grow up to be Stock Contractor of the Year!” —Chad Berger


D&H has the record for the most short-go high scores, 2006 World Champion Bull honors with Mossy Oak Mudslinger, 2005 ABBI Classic Champion with Stray Kitty, 2005 ABBI Futurity Champion with Crazy Train and 2004 Bull of the Finals, Crossfire Hurricane. Like Berger, the Pages also partner on some of their bulls and the father-son team of Dillon and H.D., along with their partners, didn’t leave the 2008 Finals emptyhanded. With 20-plus bulls competing in Las Vegas, D&H won over $716,000. D&H were also part of the team that took home first in the inaugural PBR Bull Team Challenge. D&H/Enlow/Gilbert earned $250,000 and bragging rights for the 2009 PBR Bull Team Challenge season. They also won the ABBI Wild Card competition with Showtime (owned with Jim Anderson), winning $50,000. ABBI Classic Champion Crosswired (owned with Cliff Wiggins) added another $250,000 to their total and in the ABBI Futurity Finals, D&H bulls collectively won $21,125. “You always hope to win first,” related H.D., “but we can’t complain. Chad has some great bulls and overall we were really, really blessed.”

andy watson (Copperhead Slinger)

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Copperhead Slinger is one of Clay Struve’s favorite bulls.

The Dickies Durabullfighters



The Dickies DuraBullfighters are the guardian angels of the PBR. They spend 6-9 hours every weekend keeping the top 45 bull riders in the world alive. On a good day, they’ll simply need to distract the bulls long enough to get the rider to safety. But when hang-ups happen, they’re leaping in to free the tangled hand. They’ve been known to shield downed riders with their own bodies. “I think the bullfighters save my butt more than I even realize,” says PBR rider Kody Lostroh. “Bull riding would end pretty quickly without them,” adds Wiley Petersen. The bullfighter’s uniform has changed over the years. The oversized clothing which once lent itself to the “clown” role has evolved into a loose-fitting jersey and shorts, which allow for maximum movement. The

size of the garments serves another purpose: it makes the bullfighter a bigger target. In the words of Frank Newsom, “The bull might think he’s got you, when he’s just got your shorts.” The vest is notably different from those worn by the cowboys. For one thing, since the vest is worn under the outer clothing, fashion plays no part. Another difference is that the bullfighter’s vest features hard plastic outer shells on the front and back, while the rider’s does not. Both types of vests feature break-away construction in the event of a hooking. ABOVE: Shorty Gorham takes a shot while trying to save Tyler Pankewitz from D&H’s Crooked Face during the first round of the 2008 Albuquerque Built Ford Tough Series PBR.

watson (gorham saving pankewitz)

he rider hits the dirt like a sack of wet concrete. The bull feels it. Turns. Searches for The Man—the small, two-legged thing who insulted his dignity. Sees him. The Man is hurt. Slow. He charges. From nowhere, two human streaks flash by his wild eyes. Their names are Joe Baumgartner and Shorty Gorham, and this is their job. They’ve drawn his attention. He turns to chase them, forgetting about The Man on the ground. Frank Newsom comes in from another direction and the bull turns to him. The rider is up. Limps to the gate. Survives.

c Frank Newsom d Paul’s Valley, OK 5' 9", 210 Years Fighting Bulls: 16

jon asp (frank newsom); john marinotti (joe baumgartner); Breneman (shorty gorham, darrell diefenbach)

Injuries: Broken left leg (twice), broken left arm (twice), broken ribs (all), broken scapula, several concussions, separated sternum and a shattered ankle.

c Shorty Gorham d Cotulla, TX 5’ 10”, 180 Years Fighting Bulls: 10

Injuries: Broken vertebra, shattered left shoulder, broken

sternum, tore pectoral muscle off the sternum, broke both ankles, blew out left knee and other assorted minor injuries.

c Joe Baumgartner d Red Bluff, CA 6', 190 Years Fighting Bulls: 20

Injuries: Torn up knees, broken legs several times, broken

numerous fingers, broken jaw and nearly lost an eye.

c Darrell Diefenbach d Kilkivan, Queensland, Australia 5’ 10”, 170 Years Fighting Bulls:15

Injuries: Broken back, broken neck, broken pelvis, broken

lower back, face reconstruction, broken leg, broken ankle, broken fingers, broken ribs and multiple concussions.

Durabullfighters 51

All stats as of 4/10/09


All Stars eg

The PBR couldn’t be where it is today without top-notch livestock. You can’t be one of the top bull riders in the world if you’re not facing the toughest adversaries on the planet. PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert works tirelessly to ensure each PBR event only uses the top bulls from a select group of stock contractors. Of the hundreds of bulls he saw buck over the past year—these are the bulls Lambert considers the best.

Bones Owner

Teague Bucking Bulls, LLC




1,525 lbs.


Bone Collector


Whitewater Skoal daughter

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

4.40 seconds



watson (bones); Breneman (lambert)

J.B. Mauney was the first man in PBR competition to successfully ride Bones.

Jacob’s Pet

u Besides being a top PBR bull, Jacob’s Pet was one of the top ABBI Classic bulls in 2008 and led the regular season standings with over $71,000 in money won.






1,650 lbs.


Hot Shot


Cow 53

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

3.6 seconds


u Pistol Robinson lasted 4.8 seconds on Gnash in, of all places, Nashville.


Tino Martinez




1,450 lbs.


133 Stitch


Fenhaus 162

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

4.07 seconds

watson (voodoo child, gnash); glanville (jacob’s pet)

Voodoo Child


Only Justin McBride has covered Voodoo Child. Ironically, both athletes live in Elk City, Okla..


Robinson/Broken N-N/ Beutler/Hyland/ Jennings




1,650 lbs.





2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

3.33 seconds


Chicken on a Chain Owner

Robinson/Tedesco/ Larry The Cable Guy




1,850 lbs.




Mark Hart cow

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

5.06 seconds


Teague Bucking Bulls, LLC




1,425 lbs.


High 007 Yippy High Yea


High X 23 Boo Hoo

Renato Nunes’ 95.75 points aboard Chicken on a Chain in St. Louis was the high score of the 2008 season, which Mike White tied in Tulsa.


I’m A Gangster

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

2.58 seconds


Kasey Hayes was launched from I’m a Gangster in 2.6 seconds. Very few riders have lasted more than 3 seconds on this unridden bull.

White Magic Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.




1,600 lbs.


R605 Crush Boss


V84 (Red)

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

3.13 seconds



watson photos


u White Magic, ferocious in the arena, is quite different at home. “He’ll follow you around like a puppy dog,” says owner Steve Gilbert.

Troubadour Owner

Moreno/Flying U




1,500 lbs.


Whitewater Skoal


Moreno 97-1

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

6.5 seconds

Troubadour’s name – chosen by the late Mikel Moreno, son of stock contractor Julio Moreno – was inspired by singer/songwriter Jewel.


Soulja Boy Owner

Priest Creek Ranch




1,300 lbs.





2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

5.5 seconds

u Pistol Robinson tries Soulja Boy in 2008 in Anaheim.

Copperhead Slinger Chad Berger / Clay Struve




1,750 lbs.


Mossy Oak Mudslinger


Copperhead daughter (Mother to Western Wishes)

2009 Buckoff %


Avg. Mark


Avg. Score


Avg. Buckoff Time

5.10 seconds



watson photos


u Copperhead Slinger and Guilherme Marchi have met three times in 2008, for scores of 92.25, 92.25, and 91.

2008 PBR World Champion Bucking Bull

In Las Vegas, Tom Teague’s bull Bones proved he is pure muscle. The 5-year-old bull was one of Cody Lambert’s All-Star picks for the PBR World Finals as well as one of the cowboys’ Top 5 picks for World Champion Bucking Bull. Bones faced stiff competition. In order to prove Cody and the cowboys’ opinions correct he needed to out-perform four other superstars in Las Vegas: Troubadour, Copperhead Slinger, All In and Spit Fire. Of the five bulls in contention to be crowned the king of all buckers, Bones was the only one who entered the Finals unridden. But a 100% buckoff rate wasn’t enough. The bull scored the highest by the judges would be the animal that would take the title. Julio and Cindy Moreno’s Troubadour initially looked to be the front-runner headed into Las Vegas. Troubadour tied for 2007 Mikel Moreno Bull of the PBR Finals honors and was the 2007 ABBI Classic Champion. He won a record-setting $318,000 in 2007. In 2008 Troubadour had some of the highest marked scores of the season and was only ridden twice—once by Mike White in Tulsa in what Cody Lambert described as “one of the best rides ever.” However, Troubadour wasn’t the only bull to have an outstanding season leading up to the showdown in Sin City. Bones was the bull of the event in Nashville and Jacksonville, and during the regular season he bucked off such notables as Ednei Caminhas twice, and also Brian Canter, Jus-

tin McBride and Guilherme Marchi. Bones, whom Lambert described earlier in the season as an “up and coming champion” was also all business in Las Vegas. First he bucked off McBride in 4.7 seconds in round two, and then Zach Brown in two seconds in round four. Marchi faced Bones once again in the championship round of the World Finals. Marchi had accrued enough points to seal the World Champion title the night before, but was looking to ride eight for eight and to set a record and win the event title as well. Ultimately, it was Robson Palermo who rode BoydFloyd’s retiring Camo Guilherme Marchi attempts Teague’s Bones during the (the bull who helped championship round of the 2008 PBR World Finals. secure the world title for McBride in 2005 and 2007) to the whistle and took the event Marchi. “He beat me before and he beat me win. Marchi held no ill-will toward Bones, again! Maybe someday I will beat him, but though. “He is a great, great bull,” stressed I don’t know. He is so good.” Bones was the

Trainer Boyce Knox, Tom and Penny Teague, their son Lacy Teague and his girlfriend Jana Jarreau celebrate after TG 05 Bones was named PBR Bull of the Year.

watson (bones, marchi on bones); glanville (teague family and trainer)



only bull Marchi didn’t get to pick — all other rounds of the Finals were drafts. “I would like to ride him again, but I don’t know if I’d pick him right now!” Bones was scored 47.25 for his trip with Marchi. That brought his total to 140.75, a quarter-point ahead of Troubadour. Bones’ victory came with $20,000, a Big Tex trailer and a buckle Teague will probably wear for years to come. Teague’s program will undoubtedly produce more champions. Herd sires he now owns include Mossy Oak Mudslinger, Little Yellow Jacket, and Big Bucks. Teague has been fond of his star since he was just skin and bones. “He was so skinny a few years ago! I was always saying we need to feed that bull and he’d just be standing out there by himself,” shared Teague. That skinny bull filled out to 1,525 pounds and more than came into his own. The Torres Bros. offered Teague $15,000 for Bones a few years ago. He told them he wanted $30,000 and they declined. “Boy am I glad!” he declared of their decision. Bones, son of Bone Collector and a Whitewater Skoal daughter, is from Tom Teague’s breeding program. Back in 2006 when Teague shared Stock Contractor of the Year honors with D&H Cattle Co. he said that the only thing that could beat the thrill of that honor would to be to have a bull from his breeding program someday win PBR World Champion Bucking Bull. That day probably came sooner than Teague expected, and he was thrilled. “This is the first bull that I’ve had make the PBR Finals that we’ve reared,” shared Teague at a press conference following the championship round. “At home I can walk-up and rub his head. I love him to death!” The PBR World Champion Bull is voted on by the top 40 cowboys prior to the World Finals in Las Vegas. Of the five bulls that get the most votes from the bull riders, the animal with the highest score at the conclusion of the Finals earns the title, $20,000 and a trophy trailer from Big Tex. The Mikel Moreno Memorial Bull of the World Finals is awarded to the bull with the highest combined score at the PBR World Finals.The Bull of the Finals award was renamed for Mikel Moreno after he lost his battle to cancer in 2006 at the age of 18. Mikel was the son of Julio and Cindy Moreno and the grandson of rodeo legend Cotton Rosser. Bones with a score of 140.75 points earned the award and $12,500.

2008 PBR World Champion Bull Final Standings:

1 Bones (Teague Bucking Bulls) 2 Troubadour ( Moreno Livestock/Flying U Rodeo) 3 All In (Naccarato Bucking Bulls) 4 Spit Fire ( C-G Rodeo Livestock) 5 Copperhead Slinger (Chad Berger/Clay Struve Bucking Bulls

Teague Bucking Bulls’ Bones beat out second-place Moreno’s Troubadour to win 2008 Bull of the Year by the slimmest of margins—a quarter-point.


PBR 101

Judging A cowboy must ride for 8 seconds to earn a score. The clock starts when the bull’s shoulder or hip breaks the plane of the gate. It ends when the rider’s hand comes out of his rope—voluntarily or not. Four judges rate each rider and each bull on a scale from 1-25. Those points are added together and divided in half to reach a score between 0 and 50 for both the rider and the bull. Those final numbers are then combined to reach a final ride score between 0 and 100.

Any score over 90 points is considered a great ride – a “home run” of bull riding. The highest score ever earned in the PBR is 96.5, a feat accomplished by Chris Shivers, Michael Gaffney and Bubba Dunn. A cowboy is judged on how well he matches the bull’s moves and maintains control of the ride. He cannot touch anything with his free hand. Extra points are awarded for style; spurring, for example, demonstrates good control. A bull is judged on his athleticism, which

Invented by PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert, the protective vest the cowboy wears absorbs shock and dissipates blows to the body, helping prevent injuries to the internal organs. Made of leather and thick foam, the vest is surprisingly lightweight, and is built to tear away in the event of a hooking. takes into account spin (right or left), direction changes (contrasted with spin, a change of direction means a switch in movement forward and backward or side to side), kick in the back end, drop in the front, height of jumps and difficulty to ride.

8 Seconds = Qualified Ride

A single glove protects the riding hand from the intense pressure and friction of the bull rope during the ride.

The bull rope is wrapped around the bull’s chest, directly behind his front legs. Custom-made from nylon or grass, the flat rope has a leather handle braided into it that the cowboy grips. The tail of the rope then passes through the palm, behind the hand, and back through the palm. The metal bell on the bottom of the rope serves as a weight which helps the rope to fall off once the rider has released it. 60 PBR 101

Spurs help the rider maintain his balance by giving him added grip with his feet. Bull riding spurs have dull rowels (wheels) that are loosely locked into place—unlike a horse, a bull has loose skin that has a degree of “roll” to it. The spurs do not cut a bull’s hide, which is seven times thicker than human skin.








PBR 101 (continued) Leather chaps protect the cowboy’s legs from both the bull and the unforgiving steel chutes. Custommade and worth up to several thousand dollars, each rider has chaps with his own unique colors, designs and sponsor logos on them. The fringe on the sides—a traditional decorative accent—helps the rider bring the judges’ attention his legwork.

Cowboy Score + Bull Score Ride Score Rosin is a sticky substance that provides extra grip. It comes in powder and rock form. You’ll often see cowboys rubbing it into their ropes before riding.

The PBR leaves the choice of headwear up to the individual rider. Many choose to wear only a cowboy hat out of a sense of tradition, or because they feel helmets interfere with balance and vision. Often, cowboys will wear a helmet and/or mask after a particularly nasty face or head injury. The helmet is similar to those worn in hockey, with some adaptations.

The flank strap is positioned around a bull’s flank, in front of his hips. It is designed to give him a sense of timing when he bucks. A bull without a flank strap could lose his rhythm, and his bucking will become very unorthodox. The flank strap does not irritate the animal’s genitals in any way. Bulls, like people, aren’t very enthusiastic about moving around if their sex organs are in pain. And with breeders paying as much as $5,000 a straw (vial) for genetic material, it would make no sense for a stock contractor to risk the reproductive health of his animal. 62 PBR 101

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