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London’s South Bank soon to be home to one of the tallest residential towers in Europe p3

The Sunland Group and Versace are pioneering a fashion branded resort through the creation of Palazzo Versace p6


Marketing property internationally

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Developers wake up to a changed Investors shop landscape Business News

for Britain’s retail premises B Y A NDREW J EFFORD , B USINESS R EPORTER K and overseas investors can see value in the British retail sector since the domestic consumer can be relied upon to spend even in challenging times. There are several key trends in the retail warehouse sector which make it an interesting market from an investment perspective. Compared to town centre properties, retail warehouses continue to be attractive to retailers for reasons including affordability (rents and service charges), design flexibility and attractive amenities (free on site car parking). Genuine demand exists from retailers to acquire new space, upgrade existing holdings and expand into new sectors and markets. Out-of-town retail space remains a very efficient and cost-effective way of doing this. In addition, high street names such as BHS, John Lewis and Debenhams are all expanding into out-of-town retail centres, as the opportunities for floorspace and subsequent volume simply cannot be found in town centres whilst other retailers are actively pursuing new out-of-town fascias. For example, Next Home, TK Maxx, Homesense and Boots’ new drive-thru pharmacies show how successful, existing names are looking for new markets to expand into. In terms of investment, private equity has been attracted to the retailers in the sector this year with significant acquisitions including DFS, Pets at Home and Hobbycraft. These strategic purchases confirm investor confidence in well run businesses, providing the necessary capital for expansion. Likewise, global equity is looking to move into the UK retail warehouse property market since investors view the UK out-of-town retail property sector as a liquid, transparent and stable market offering good returns. In summary, the prevalent conditions within the out-of-town retail property sector make this an ideal time for investors from both the UK and overseas to invest in the asset class.


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Public consultation has been transformed since the start of the recession, presenting new opportunities to developers and making the process both more effective and efficient. B Y P ENNY N ORTON , S OCIAL M EDIA R EPORTER evelopers who have been hibernating for the past three years are waking up to a new dawn. Advances in internet communications and the opportunity for online engagement have created the means for consultation to evolve into something more responsive, more adaptable and more cost effective than unruly public meetings in draughty church halls. Developers are now hosting Facebook campaigns which generate ‘fans’ in the hundreds. Artists’ impressions are brought to life, promotional videos are posted on YouTube, questions are responded to within minutes and online polls are used to shape the future of a scheme. Local residents – or their virtual counterparts – have been able to step inside future developments on SecondLife; up-to-the-minute news bulletins are provided on Twitter, and focus groups have been replicated online through live forums and tweet-ups. Whether participating during snatched moments between meetings, on the train with a laptop or sitting at home with a glass of wine and an iPhone, a development team can engage both on a one-to-one and a one-to-many basis in relative comfort and convenience. For developers and the public alike, the internet – in particular social media – can help overcome the traditional hurdles of consultation whilst bringing about substantial additional benefits. The internet can be used and has been used by many objector campaigns. Halftruths and rumours can be posted on blogs with misinformation and negative opinion spreading quickly. By creating their own online presence, developers can avoid this. Dedicated websites and social media campaigns set up specifically for development proposals can present information reliably and provide a


controlled forum for people to discuss proposals. Social media is engaging and informative, and can encourage the target audience to help in disseminating a message.

A DVA N C E S I N I N T E R N E T C O M M U N I CAT I O N S A N D T H E O P P O RT U N I T Y F O R O N L I N E E N GAG E M E N T H AV E C R E AT E D T H E M E A N S F O R C O N S U LTAT I O N T O E VO LV E I N T O S O M E T H I N G M O R E R E S P O N S I V E , M O R E A DA P TA B L E AND MORE COST EFFECTIVE While we have found that all consultation tactics can be replicated online, we are not advocating that this should be the case: the digital divide exists in all communities. Where the project requires face-to-face meetings, the immediacy of a focus group or a presentation by developers, this is invariably the better option.

tta group

Traditional media and targeted leafleting also play an important part. Crucially though, the time taken to engage online is determined by the level of interest, not regardless of it. This puts an end to the waste so frequently experienced when a planning issue has little interest yet the development team are required to spend days kicking their heels at an empty exhibition simply to enable them to tick the required box. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites are now increasingly integrated, enabling clients to get maximum benefit from their financial investment. At the same time, the opportunities are broadening and enabling us to fine-tune the online opportunities to our clients’ requirements. As one of the first companies to carry out a large-scale consultation, working with Linden Homes at Caterham Barracks in the 90s, and now responsible for a number of pioneering online campaigns, tta is well placed to remain at the forefront of consultation. It’s an exciting place to be.

ttagroup property marketing


ttatimes | Edition one

Business News


An Englishman’s Home is no longer his castle B Y P ETER W ALKER , N EWS E DITOR ome property industry commentators forecast that the UK is on the brink of radical structural and social changes that will see a shift away from the tradition of home ownership, and the emergence of an enhanced private rented sector, with products and services developed by build to let companies of a type that already exist in countries such as the United States. Since 2000, the private rental sector has grown by over 23% compared to only 2% growth for private home ownership and a decrease of 6% for the social renting sector. The average age of the first-time buyer is now 38, and the typical deposit on a property is more than half the average income. In 1999, private renters accounted for just 9% of British households. Now in 2010 it's almost 15% and rising. Figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government suggest that 3.1 million people are currently renting a property privately – a million more than in 2001. Figures from the English Housing Survey indicate that home ownership has fallen to its lowest level in 20 years. In London, the National Housing and


ur leader in this edition of the tta times tackles social media. I recently gave a talk at the International Property Awards presenting from my iPad, during which I showed the multi-national attendees some of the staggering statistics reflecting the rise of social media. We have all heard to some extent about the radical change social media is making to the way we engage with the world both as individuals and as businesses. As the property industry develops so we must stand up and embrace the potential the social-information age has to offer, not least because of the rate of progress and the risk of being left behind - the brilliant minds of Silicon Valley keep on introducing a new revolutionary platform before we’ve got our feet firmly planted on the last one. The iPad, however, I think marks an important change in the way business will be conducted. Not only does it give portable access to online content and emails with minimum fuss, but it offers an intuitive, stylish, quick and professional means of presenting to clients and conducting business outside the office.


Planning Advice Unit, highlight that only one in 10 couples under 40 with children can afford to buy a home, since the deposit on a typical home in London is now £57,213. All of this has led to young people in their 20s and 30s now being called the “Rent Generation” by media commentators. Over five years, says IPD, total returns from the private rented sector are just below those of bonds at 6.6% and 6.9% respectively. They are also just ahead of commercial property, at 4.6%, and equities, at 3.5%.

THESE EMERGING TRENDS I L LU S T RAT E T H E S I G N I F I CA N T GROWTH POTENTIAL OF THE P R I VAT E R E N TA L S E C T O R AS A T E N U R E P R E F E R R E D BY M A N Y P E O P L E , E S P E C I A L LY D U R I N G A P E R I O D O F C O N S T RA I N E D M O RT GAG E AVA I LA B I L I T Y These emerging trends illustrate the significant growth potential of the private rental sector as a tenure preferred by many people, especially during a period of constrained mortgage availability.

There have been two key issues: scale and management. Fund managers struggle to get hold of residential portfolios of a size that makes it worth their while. This is why the British Property Federation advocates a more professional, European-style rental market, and firms such as the Wellcome Trust, Aviva and Legal & General have assigned multimillion-pound funds in order to acquire large blocks of buy-to-let stock, and operators such as Evenbrook, Grainger and Dorrington are leading the way in the sector. The British Property Federation has also called on the property industry to increase its focus on the build-to-rent market and to look at the creation of vehicles such as a residential Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in order to transform the residential property market into a more fund-based system, similar to the commercial property sector, which should help to attract institutional investment into the housing market. However, there are a number of changes that would need to be made, to the legal structure of REITs, the planning system and to the way real estate is taxed. Whilst capital growth and income returns are good for the private rented sector, yields are not as lucrative as other sectors. An option is to improve the yield by lowering the purchase price, or provide public sector derelict land to private sector developers to build houses on. In addition, to make them viable, sites for build to rent could be exempt from affordable housing requirements. There is also the possibility of a separate planning use class for build to rent housing or of having subsidised rents for a given agreed period, followed by a return to full market values following an agreed period.



As Penny Norton’s cover article shows, tta group is consistently ensuring it is at the sharp end of all new social media developments, creating campaigns that fully exploit and explore the opportunities and possibilities on offer from services such as Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps most exciting is our ability to digitally connect with potential customers from all over the world. This becomes particularly important when such stunning projects as Palazzo Versace Dubai are nearing completion and when there is a healthy interest from overseas investors in London prime real estate. This is not to say, however, that more traditional methods of engaging with potential customers have become defunct. As our recent events demonstrate one of the best methods of connecting with your audience remains face-to-face. Likewise, the traditional press, targeted and positioned in the right way, still remains a powerful tool and must not be ignored in the exciting world of cyberspace. I hope you enjoy this first edition of the tta times.

A selection of the Forbidden City furniture collection at the Chelsea showroom

A selection of the Forbidden City furniture collection on show at tta group’s Mayfair office

Enter the Dragon: Forbidden City launches in Europe B Y O LIVER P RAT T, N EWS R EPORTER


hinese luxury furniture brand, Forbidden City entered the European market by bringing its bespoke furniture collection to London for the very first time. The collection was launched and showcased through special London exhibitions at selected venues in both Chelsea and Mayfair. The collection ranges from home accessories to chairs, tables, cabinets and lamps appealing to buyers in the private home, hotel, office and resort sectors in the UK and wider interior markets. Forbidden City Chairman Mr Eric Lo commented that: “Through the combination of Forbidden City’s expansion plans and purchaser demand from Hong Kong we decided to launch into Europe in London in conjunction with Decorex, the UK’s leading home furnishings exhibition, with the ambition to showcase our unique, high quality collection to key buyers, designers and journalists within

the European interior market.” tta group worked closely with Forbidden City to increase their brand awareness in the European market and also invited key prospective furniture dealers to the exhibition in order to discuss business opportunities. tta group also arranged private tours and media briefings for Forbidden City, resulting in pre-event coverage and briefings with a range of international and trade publications



including The Sunday Times, Metro, The Independent on Sunday, The Financial Times, Blue Print Magazine, Elle Magazine, Ideal Home and finally The Epoch Times. Forbidden City’s entry into the European market was also undertaken in

partnership with the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC), focusing on utilising Anglo-Chinese Trade relations. David Marsden, Director UK of the HKTDC commented, “Bilateral trade between the UK and Hong Kong exceeds US$10 billion a year. Hong Kong is Britain’s second largest market in Asia after the Chinese mainland.” This highlights the strength of Anglo-Chinese trade, of which Forbidden City aim to supply high quality Chinese products to the UK from their distribution point located in West London. Forbidden City has had a pop-up exhibition in the tta office to showcase the 2010 collection. The offices have been used as the selected venues for multiple seminars in which leading high profile designers and architects have discussed key issues. The tta offices have also encompassed the work of Geraldine Larkin who recently unveiled her latest entrée into the home arena specialising in bespoke hand embroidery through Decorex International.


ttatimes | Edition one

Property News

The London View

Dropping the Ego Social media is about how the community shares experiences and what they think of your brand. Be real and interact with your followers.

Tablet Computers The last time a bunch of tablets caused such a stir, Moses was stood on Mount Sinai. This time around it’s down to the likes of Apple and Blackberry, whose tablet computers are radically changing the way businesses work and communicate.

Taking on Google Internet experts are predicting that the sharing of information through social media looks set to overtake traditional search engines as the primary method for finding online content.

Cloud Cover With more and more people using their smart phones and iPads to access “The Cloud” (internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to devices on demand), city centers must look to provide widespread wi-fi coverage for users.

London’s South Bank will soon be home to one of the tallest residential towers in Europe as St George PLC, a longstanding client of tta, launched The Tower, One St George Wharf, in SW8. B Y G ILES M ILNER , F EATURES E DITOR


ondon’s South Bank will soon be home to one of the tallest residential towers in Europe as St George PLC, a long-standing client of tta, launched The Tower, One St George Wharf, in SW8. Accompanied by substantial coverage in the Financial Times and the Evening Standard, as well as a double-page spread in The Sunday Times, the launch of the 50-storey tower attracted high levels of interest from media and high net-worth individuals across the world. Rising 594ft (180m) into the sky and crowned by a stunning triplex penthouse, The Tower has been described as a shimmering column rising from the River that will become the pinnacle in



UPS Social Media

DOWNS Heads In The Sand

sophisticated city living and boast some of the most spectacular views across London’s famous skyline, including Westminster, the City and beyond. Each of The Tower’s 223 riverside homes will enjoy floor-to-ceiling triple glazed windows and sky gardens and will be fitted with Bulthaup kitchens, luxury bathrooms, comfort cooling and a discrete integrated home entertainment system. Residents and guests of The Tower will experience a hotel style service provided by Harrods Asset Management with a greeting doorman, 24-hour concierge, and a dedicated valet parking service. In addition to this, there is an exclusive residents-only health club with state of the art gym, infinity swimming pool, sauna and steam room, as well as a private screening room, business lounge, underground car park and private

catering facilities. Mark Griffiths, Managing Director of St George South London comments: “This exclusive scheme appeals to a truly international audience as London is still recognised as the world capital and attracts investment from a global audience. The opportunity to purchase in a high end residential prime tower development that offers a luxurious, hotel-style lifestyle, is generating a lot of interest.” St George Wharf, London’s riverside destination benefits from excellent transport links with close proximity to international airports. There are a variety of shops, bars and restaurants on the scheme, which is opposite Pimlico and perfectly located for easy access to the best of London culture and entertainment in the nearby West End.

With 500 million active users and people over 50 forming the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, those still dismissing social media as a fad do so at their peril.

Information Overload Only share what is relevant – your network friends don’t want to know what you’re having for breakfast.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition Don’t treat social media as just another distribution channel for your press releases. Create fun, interesting headlines that demand people’s attention.

Selfish Networking Don’t have a one-way stream of information. People want dialogue and evidence that they’re being listened to.

Dean Simmons interviews Tandice Abedian, tta’s newest recruit Q Why did you choose

Q Why do you enjoy

London when the whole world beckons?

working for tta?


working on?

I enjoy working for tta because apart from being the leaders in the international PR property market, my team are the most knowledgeable and professional individuals I have ever worked with. tta’s clients are the leaders in the national and international property markets, and I feel privileged to have the chance to work with the global leaders in the property world.

I love that London is such a fast paced city with so much to do. If I feel like a relaxing day I can just head to Hyde Park for a walk, if I feel like shopping I have the worlds best boutiques on Oxford Street. The cultural diversity of the city means that I can sample the finest cuisines from all over the world.

In the short time I have been working for tta I have had the fortune to be exposed to Forbidden City’s gorgeous range of handmade bespoke Chinese furniture, the remarkable mansions at Cornwall Terrace, the revolution of social-media in public relations, insights into the luxury property market by John Lees and the outstanding interior design work of Geraldine Larkin.

After spending two weeks in London last year, I fell in love with the city. I feel like London is the centre of the world and offers many more career opportunities than in Australia. The fact that London is so close to some of my favourite countries such as France, Italy and Austria was a major drawing card. London is a lively mix of cultural living and diverse backgrounds and that is what offers the unique mix that I love about this city.

Q What do you like about Q What have you been


ttatimes | Edition one

Social + Events

Fusion Marketing: The future of luxury property campaigns


1 Budget Is the most important aspect of any event. The event organiser must have a very clear understanding of the budget before any planning can go ahead.

2 Why Why is the event happening? Be sure you know the answer to this question, always set your goal first and tailor the event to ensure you achieve your goal.

3 Who Who is being invited. The key to any good event is a great guest list.

4 Where Where is the event going to take place? It is so important to have the right venue for your event. Space, size and atmosphere can make or break an event.

5 When Organising a date for your event can be tricky. Do a ring around of all the key guests to find out a few dates which they can all attend.

Linking different luxury brands together provides a powerful approach to promoting top-end property. B Y C AMILLA W ARR , E VENT C ORRESPONDENT t Cornwall Terrace in The Regent’s Park, developer Oakmayne Bespoke has launched a scheme of eight double-fronted mansions, priced from £29-60million, built behind the Grade I listed façade designed in 1811 by John Nash and Decimus Burton. For the launch of Cornwall Terrace, tta group has been working with Oakmayne Bespoke to create a fresh and sophisticated approach to the marketing of the residences. Bringing together the art and property worlds in a spectacular series of luxury events based around Frieze Art Week in the adjacent Regents Park. Oakmayne Bespoke has teamed up with luxury art brands, the Saatchi Gallery and Christies, Channel 4 Television and leading art curators Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz and Victoria Golembiovskaya, to create an arts focused approach to the marketing of Cornwall Terrace. tta group has managed the public relations and communications activities for the launch. This has resulted in one of the mansions being transformed into a 15,000 sq ft art gallery, showcasing works by the world’s top 20 contemporary artists, including Paul Cezanne, Edouard Manet, Nicolas Poussin, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Yves Klein.


Two others mansions have been dressed by award winning interior designers Nicola Fontanella of Argent Design and Darren Gayer of the Sheldon Studio, and like the art exhibition, dressed with artwork by artists including Damien Hurst, Pablo Picasso, Serra and Francis Bacon with statement glassware and furniture pieces from Murano and Portofino. tta has helped to organise a series of spectacular private dinners in the dressed residences hosted by The Sunday Times, Christies and Knight Frank, where guests have included senior journalists, estate agents, art critics and luxury brand companies. tta group has worked with David Linley, Chairman of Christies UK, who has kindly participated in key media briefings for the project, which has generated headline media coverage in publications including The Sunday Times, The Financial Times and The Times. The launch of the Cornwall Terrace art exhibition, known as “The House of the Nobleman” Exhibition, was attended by over 35 senior editors and journalists from the art, design and property sectors, and over 1,000 high net worth guests attended the two VIP evening events for the launch of Cornwall Terrace. James Simpson, Partner at Knight Frank comments: “The interplay between luxury art and property sales has always existed, but its only now, starting with Cornwall Terrace, that we are formally doing a launch that brings together the two sectors to co-ordinate sales of

products at the top end of both the art and property worlds. The “property-as-art” launch at Cornwall Terrace is an industry first, but we believe that its success could be a theme that it repeated in other top end London developments.”


Beth Dean, Sales & Marketing Director at Oakmayne Bespoke comments: “The launch of Cornwall Terrace last week brought together the worlds of luxury art, interior design and property in a compelling and fresh approach. We benefited from publicity in the arts and news media way beyond the property world. By aligning the Oakmayne Bespoke brand with other luxury brands such as the Saatchi Gallery and Christies we are promoting the Cornwall Terrace mansions to a much wider audience than we would be able to do through a conventional property launch.”


ttatimes | Edition one


Shopping for marketing A strategic marketing mix ensures a wider range of possible audiences are targeted; a mix of social media, print marketing and promotional activity can be utilised to ensure your message reaches the maximum number of consumers. Image News

Issue 1





To showcase the great press coverage you have achieved, a press book becomes an invaluable tool to display your products and services to your customers. Whether it is displayed in reception for waiting clients to browse through or within a project or sales office for potential purchasers to flip through, showing the media support your company or project has received is an understated yet effective method to educate your audience.

From mini brochures small enough to be handed out with your business card to showcase display books and annual reports, tta group have developed a huge range of market leading literature for leading clients. tta group can help you showcase your company or project with innovative ideas and creative solutions.

Newsletters and newspapers play a key role in the ongoing promotion of your business or project. From publicising your company’s achievements and growth through to individual project progression, tta group can create a leading and unique design to effectively communicate to your audience.

Social media is a cost effective tool to compliment a campaign targeting customers or clients who may not otherwise be exposed to your product or service. Social media advertising on Facebook or Twitter can be highly targeted from the user’s age through to their exact location ensuring your product or service directly reaches qualified potential purchasers. Why not try out social media for your next campaign?


Maintain a consistent brand image and message Your company or project branding is a critical part of how you are perceived by clients and potential customers.Take a consistent approach to your promotion and advertising (both online and offline) to reinforce and help create a positive and effective company brand.

Listen to customer feedback A brands real power comes from the attributes, feelings and beliefs of your customers. Obtain and analyse customer perceptions and what they find valuable about your company – ensure your marketing and branding strategy effectively reflects these values.

Create strong brand guidelines Guidelines create and maintain a clearly defined identity helping to engage customers and so all employees can share the company’s vision and ethos. Design efficiency - time equals money and providing a well-managed set of guides can reduce your marketing spend. Brand guidelines are a guide, not a rule book, and should continually evolve.

INSIDE Property p5 David Phillips Designs


Spring sales success at Stanmore Place

Hemel's Famous Sons & Daughters

By Terry Green, Editor-in-Chief Since its launch last autumn, Stanmore Place has experienced excellent sales success with more than 75% of the 117 properties in Phase One of the development already sold. Stanmore Place is St Edward’s luxury development off Stanmore’s Honeypot Lane. Phase One of the development is currently under construction and will be completed in autumn, with later phases featuring a selection of two and three bedroom apartments and houses. Paul Vallone of St Edward says, “Our sales success is a testament to the quality of the apartments on offer. I encourage any potential buyer who is looking for a high-quality, well located new home to take a look at what’s on offer here at Stanmore Place.”

“Our sales success is a testament to the quality


Feature p8

Sports sponsors risking reputation damage

Leisure p8 Putting the ‘OOh’ into food

PITMANS TIMES Issue 1. 2010


Pitmans’ new look wows industry A By Judy North News Reporter

By Christopher Avery, Editor-in-Chief Leading law firm Pitmans has now unveiled a new brand identity to reflect its strategy, values and to underline its position as a market-leading practice. Retaining the respected Pitmans name, but incorporating a stylish new logo, fresh corporate colours and a new strapline – ‘Making It Humanly Possible’ – the rebrand captures the values and aspirations of the firm and positions it for continued success. Christopher Avery, Managing Partner of Pitmans, comments: “A powerful

ward-winning developer Dandara has unveiled the soon to be completed KD Tower at its Image development on The Cotterells in Hemel Hempstead. Standing at 22 storeys high, the KD Tower is Hemel Hempstead’s tallest landmark and is the conversion of the former European headquarters of Kodak into the town’s most desirable apartment building. The completed tower includes a total of 254 one and two-bedroom apartments and penthouses offering a specification and finish unrivalled anywhere else in the local area. The generously proportioned apartments range in size from 514 sq ft to 831 sq ft, with many of the properties benefiting from private

NEWS IN BRIEF World of mouth – the revolution

balconies and terraces. The panelling. An additional two floors have How social media is transforming apartments on the upper floors of the been added to the roof of the building the workplace building provide uninterrupted views News p2 to provide space for the prestigious over Hemel Hempstead and the penthouses and a pinnacle for the Hertfordshire countryside. building. Priscilla’s progress helped South’s regional chairman by adviceDandara from Pitmans

Owen “The apartments within theEntertainment p3 O’Neill comments: “The completed KD Tower makes a striking KD Tower are some of the Blood addition on the high to thestreet Hemel Hempstead original We fashion designs skyline. have taken a 1960s office best available anywhere inProtecting from being copied by brought rivals block and it back to life by Hertfordshire and are the Fashion p3transforming the exterior to provide a fresh, sleek 21st century façade. The result of nearly five years Defence and security: apartments within the KD Tower are rule Britannia? some of the best available anywhere in of patient planning, designBudget cuts for the armed forces? Hertfordshire and are the result of Defence p4 and construction” nearly five years of patient planning,

As part of the conversion and No place design and for construction. We are to run refurbishment of the building, Dandara extremely proud of the finished result battered blogger has replaced the concrete façade with and Spectator have created a development which PCC censures journalist a stylish sleek exterior incorporating for blog has far exceeded the local expectation.” extensive glazing and coloured glassTechnology p4The KD Tower is part of Dandara’s





wider Image development which includes a total of 455 apartments in six buildings and approximately 40,000 sq ft of office space, as well as a range of retail units and landscaped grounds. The development offers residents the complete lifestyle with services including a concierge, a car club and even transport to Hemel Hempstead train station during peak hours. Image has been a commercial success since its launch in 2007. Over 180 of the apartments have been sold to date and 60% of the KD Tower has already been reserved. Purchasers interested in making Image their new home should contact the development’s marketing suite on Tel: 01442 838 120 or visit


importance of image management B Y N ICOLA G EE , C REATIVE E DITOR sing stock photography for marketing and design whether for web or print gives you highquality images that can make your project shine, without having to be a professional photographer or commission a shoot. Two main categories of stock photography are available to all: Rights Managed and Royalty Free. Rights Managed stock photographs have individual licensing agreements that are negotiated for each use. This includes restrictions on the length of time, the medium, the size, the format and where it is to be used (eg UK only). It is an expensive option, but you will be assured of excellent quality and you can usually track whether the image has been used in your industry / region. Royalty free licenses however, allow for multiple use for a set fee. This offers you the ability to use an image in an unlimited number of ways for a single license fee, but this does mean that many other companies could be using the same image. Remember “royalty-free” does not mean “no payment required” or “free for all”. Beware: even royalty-free images may have restrictions. For example, the license terms may forbid the use of the image in connection with the distribution of print-




Keep an eye on market trends and your competitors Constantly monitor industry trends and market conditions to ensure your brand stays current and relevant, moving with new technologies. Be aware of how the competitive landscape is changing.


New Image unveiled for Hemel Hempstead’s tallest tower



Maintaining a successful brand

Stanmore resident World-class Viola performer p7

Is it time to refresh your website? A website should compliment and enhance your brand - it is often the first point of call for a new customer or client and should clearly showcase your offering. tta group have produced a range of websites for clients from simple community consultation websites to multi-layered websites with sophisticated functionality and Content Management Systems. From ensuring websites have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase visitor traffic, to maximising user journey experience when they arrive at the site, the whole process is carefully thought through RODUCT ARKETING for clients. Keep your brand at the forefront of your targets mind with inspiring product marketing. An effective tool to promote your brand, tta group can coordinate the production of a huge range of products including umbrellas, desk calendars and mp3 players.





Jubilee Line 30% Capacity increase p3

tta group produces outstanding award submissions for clients, helping them to stand out from the competition and increase its chance of winning. Over the past 18 months tta group have helped our clients win over 32 awards. Let us help you achieve success in 2011. Building Awards 2011 Entry deadline December 2010

on-demand products such as t-shirts or downloadable products like electronic templates. Some licenses limit the number of reproductions that may be made and most stock agency license agreements prohibit the use of their images in trademarks, logos and other corporate identifiers. The Internet allows you to download high resolution files direct to your desktop and this is where problems can arise. Just because you can get the file in high resolution does not mean that you have the right to use it. Large stock libraries are now investing a lot of time trawling through websites looking for images that are from their libraries and finding out whether a licence exists to use their image. So what can be done to help you: Firstly make sure you know where all your imagery has come from. Retain any “proof of purchase” documentation when you purchase any stock images. A copy of the high-res file will not be enough. Always purchase images from a reputable library. Weigh up the pros and cons of using a Rights Managed image against commissioning a photographer, because you then have a unique photograph that was tailored to your exact needs, sometimes at a fraction of the cost.

Property Awards 2011 Entry deadline December 2010 RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2011 Entry deadline December 2010 Evening Standard Awards 2011 Entry deadline January 2011 RICS Awards 2011 Entry deadline January 2011 Contact Carly Wall for further information on 020 7886 0314 or


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Versace looks to redefine the market Luxury products are most usually marketed through their powerful brand identities. For luxury property developments, however, names are often interchangeable due to standardised design and branding. The Sunland Group and Versace are pioneering an altogether new approach through the creation of Palazzo Versace. B Y S OHEIL A BEDIAN , F OUNDING D IRECTOR , S UNLAND G ROUP uxury products are most usually marketed through their powerful brand identities. For luxury property developments, however, names are often interchangeable due to standardised design and branding. The Sunland Group and Versace are pioneering an altogether new approach through the creation of Palazzo Versace. Palazzo Versace has been branded through its design. These prestigious luxury resorts, in Australia and Dubai, are furnished with exclusive furniture and amenities by iconic luxury fashion brand Versace whose experience, quality and heritage in luxury design are legendary in the fashion world and are now defining the experience of staying at the Palazzo Versace. This unique positioning should serve the venture well as customers look to buy into trusted brands they associate with quality, exclusivity and attention to detail during a period of economic turbulence. A new show residence at Palazzo Versace Dubai was launched in November 2010 providing a unique preview into the quality, uniqueness and grandeur that the Palazzo Versace brand is synonymous.


This fully ‘dressed’ 4,732 sq ft four bedroom condominium complete with the elegantly styled Versace furniture, porcelain and linen demonstrate the luxury, fine attention to detail and lifestyle of the resort. The commitment to quality and detail in the design and build up of Palazzo Versace Dubai is best demonstrated in the Sunland Group’s recruitment of over 100 skilled artisans from around the world, to create the exquisite mosaic and marble work displayed throughout the palace. Palazzo Versace Dubai, now over 80% build complete and due to open in midlate 2011, will feature 169 private residencies and 213 super-luxury hotel suites in a 170,000 sq m palace complete with fine dining facilities, health spa, gymnasium and a Versace boutique, surrounded by elegantly landscaped gardens overlooking the Dubai waterfront. With the unveiling of the show residence followed by the creation of the first dressed hotel-suite, Palazzo Versace looks on course to not only become an iconic statement of style and luxury living but to redefine the parameters of what luxury property developers can achieve.

The power of Knightsbridge Every capital city throughout the world has its own unique appeal to attract the global market, but when it comes to Knightsbridge, there is no need for the hard sell. B Y A LEX L AWRIE , L UXURY E DITOR ou simply can’t help but be impressed by Knightsbridge.You could describe Knightsbridge as being very much an island, in the way it is neatly enclosed in a prime bubble all of its own, with the serene surroundings of Hyde Park to the north, Kings Road to the south and the Natural History and Science Museums to the west. Situated in the heart of London, it is easy to see why so many overseas investors are happy to wait to get their hands on property in Knightsbridge and why it stands apart from anywhere else in the UK capital. It isn’t just the British who are aware of what is on offer in Knightsbridge. The weakening of the pound has brought in buyers from the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, who are looking to submerse themselves in all that the area has to offer. Indeed, Knightsbridge is arguably one of the best, most attractive and most powerful brands that UK plc has to offer the world. The combination of residential developments of exceptional 5-star


quality, with boutiques, elite bars and renowned restaurants, lie at the heart of why it is such a desired destination. That is before you even get around to the world famous Harrods department store and the iconic Royal Albert Hall, all in keeping with the sophisticated lifestyle that makes it arguably the most exclusive district of its kind in London, a village in the heart of a famous world city where everyone wants to be seen. Knightsbridge isn’t just global in terms of the residents though; its businesses are also international, with Harrods itself the perfect example as a recognised icon around the world. If you are a fan of sport, you are never far away from the clamour for football, with Chelsea, who backed by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, one of the biggest teams in the world to watch, and nearby Fulham, another popular “local” club. Knightsbridge is home to some of the richest people in the world and Harrods Estates - Knightsbridge’s leading residential estate agent - know exactly what it is like when dealing with the property sector and just how desirable an area it has become. Shirley Humphrey, Sales & Marketing

Director at Harrods Estates, commented: “Over 87% of Harrods Estates clients are international and 99.9% of those want to buy or rent properties within walking distance of Harrods! There is an insatiable demand for large lateral apartments in the heart of Knightsbridge, with 24 hour hotel style concierge, security and parking. The lack of supply together with the weakened sterling will continue to fuel prices.” Derek Picot, Chairman of The Knightsbridge Business Group, could readily be described as being as forthright as anyone on just how exclusive a location Knightsbridge is. The Knightsbridge Business Group are an intimate collection of influential companies spanning such fields as luxury retail, hotels, finance and real estate, who work together to promote Knightsbridge to international and local audiences, as well as attracting new visitors to the area through individual businesses and as a group. The Knightsbridge Business Group has many objectives and values that go towards helping to make Knightsbridge a global brand. Derek Picot commented: “We continue to showcase Knightsbridge as a global brand which offers a wealth of benefits

including commercial and trading opportunities on the business side, offering first-class amenities plus an unrivalled location for the leisure visitor. Recognised as a premier international business and residential area, a Knightsbridge address is synonymous with affluence and luxury, plus the area continues to attract international and UK investors alike, cementing its reputation as one of the most international hubs in London.”

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Marketing your property internationally B Y R EGINA P OON , M ANAGING D IRECTOR , L ONDON H OME S OLUTIONS he first thing to remember when marketing a property abroad is that there are a lot of similarities between how you would market a property here and overseas, but one of the key aspects that you have to take into consideration is the difference in how the media works and how cultural differences can impact your approach. As MD of London Home Solutions, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading brand names in the property industry and having lived in Hong Kong, North America and London, I have had the chance to gain the global expertise you need when it comes to understanding international marketing. Making sure that you have the right agents name behind your brand can be a real asset, helping to raise your profile abroad. Going beyond the agents, my top five guidelines to follow for marketing your property abroad would be:


• Past case studies using local buyers are a good example of giving readers someone to align with, because it will make them think, if they can do it, then I can do it too. • Don’t assume that people understand the UK’s geography and addresses, so you need to be as descriptive as possible when talking about the area, such as how close certain places are, access to airports, schools and attractions.

• Make yourself as market friendly as possible when it comes to the lay-out of your website, making sure that it is in the right language and taking into account cultural differences: for example, some images you use may not be suitable. I know first-hand what a challenge the international property market is. It is essential that you immerse yourself in the market and make sure that you have

physical presence when it comes to meeting the right journalists and key influences. Being as market friendly as possible really will help you build your profile in the right way and allow you to get the exposure and recognition you need to market and sell your property abroad. Regina Poon is the Managing Director of London Home Solutions. Tel: +44 (0)20 7104 2388 Email:

• Find out who the most influential people are in the media and build relationships - attend meet and greets, local exhibitions, local events and ensure you’re listed for notable award entries. • Be careful with what you say and how you say it, because abroad you may be printed word for word, so you have to take that into account with the information you are giving.

The World comes to London’s doorstep All eyes are on the travel industry. Who’s launching what? Who’s flying where and, of course, who has survived what has been a testing year in the industry. B Y L ENA D AY, I NTERNATIONAL P ROPERTY R EPORTER orld Travel Market is the biggest event in the travel industry diary and represents the only destination in the world where anyone who’s anyone in travel meets, greets and signs the deal. This year tta group will be there in force, showcasing the exciting developments our international clients are unveiling and rubbing shoulders with the travel elite. From the launch of Egypt’s first cable car, to the growing structure of the Palazzo Versace Dubai and the start of construction at a new luxury district in Marrakech, exciting news is in full flow. Egypt has been a big hit this year and hot new developments have included Amer Group’s Porto World resorts and the stunning Port Ghalib Red Sea development. The Porto World resorts located on both the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea bring together a desirable blend of residential and hotel accommodation providing a new Egyptian experience for the UK marketplace. Boasting spas, diving, family friendly facilities and easily accessed from the UK and continental Europe the resorts showcase numerous unique attributes including Egypt’s first mountain


cable car system, Egypt’s first mountain beach and the world’s largest dancing fountains. Port Ghalib located on the Red Sea is another exciting project for Egypt. A luxury US$2 billion development, the resort offers five star hotel accommodation, golf, conference facilities and residences plus an International marina, Egypt’s first Six Senses spa and a shopping complex. With prices starting as low as £52,000, it’s no wonder visitors from the UK are opting to buy a slice of the Egyptian coastline. Back in North Africa, Aerium Atlas Management has begun work on what is set to be a unique development in


Marrakech. Bringing a taste of glamourous Monte Carlo, the retail majesty of Bond Street and the cosmopolitan ambience of Marrakech together, in a perfect blend of style and sophistication, Jawhar Marrakech provides world-class

accommodation with a five star hotel plus individual luxurious private residences. In addition to stunning landscaped gardens, interiors by leading designers and a magnificent ESPA spa within the resort, the surrounding Menara district will also offer unrivalled shopping and dining facilities. Investment in international property and leisure tourism during 2010 has remained relatively stable despite economic upset, with North Africa and the Middle East being recognisable hot spots.

Current trends and a positive outlook towards 2011 have industry experts predicting a similar pattern over the coming year. The question is, who will join the current ‘in crowd’ in 2011 as desirable destinations? The Caribbean is continuing to hold strong, Mexico is climbing back into favour and Europe will be doing its best to recover from hard times. The year ahead looks to be an interesting mix of returning old favourites and emerging long-haul debuts.


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Weston Homes helps Colchester United achieve new ‘Field of Dreams’ Football is constantly evolving, and clubs are always looking at how they can best use their resources to compete at the top level. Colchester United, like many other clubs, had the dream of building a modern stadium that would propel the club to even greater success. B Y D EAN S IMMONS , S PORTS R EPORTER olchester United, like many other clubs, had the dream of building a modern stadium that would propel the club to even greater success. The club fulfilled part of this dream when they completed building work on a 10,000 seat new stadium in 2008. The next challenge was to find someone with strong ties to the local community who would be interested in sponsoring the new ground. Step forward Essex-based property developer Weston Homes, who signed a £2 million 10-year deal with Colchester United, the biggest in the club’s history, to name the new ground the Weston Homes Community Stadium. Weston Homes was founded in 1987 by Chairman and Chief Executive Bob Weston (pictured above right), to provide quality new homes for sale throughout London and the South East region.


The group already has strong links with the Colchester area, acquiring their first site in Hawkins Road, in 2005, which became QV, a highly successful 158apartment development. Since then the group has launched the Colchester Business Centre, and another mixed-use development, Hawkins Wharf, comprising over 200 apartments, office and retail space, in the same location as part of the regeneration of the Hythe area.


This is Weston’s first foray into the world of football. Bob Weston commented: “Our sponsorship of Colchester United’s stadium is the beginning of many more things to come. We aim to be a big part of

the Colchester community not only through our sponsorship and support of Colchester United, but also through the social and economic initiatives we have undertaken.” On the pitch, Colchester United have made a solid start to the season in League One, as they look to better last year’s position of finishing just outside the play-offs. In fact, it was Colchester’s form at the Weston Homes Community Stadium last year that provided a platform for their top-six finish and it is hoped that good home results will be pivotal to furthering

their promotion hopes this time around. The Weston Homes Community Stadium realises a dream for Colchester United, but for Weston Homes it is part of a wider, long term investment in the community, signalling their commitment to the regeneration of the area, or, as Bob Weston puts it: “We intend to grow the strength of the community by providing high standard homes, commercial opportunities that support up and coming businesses and many more youth-oriented initiatives.”

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