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You DON’T want to contact Real Estate Agents representing sellers of homes, otherwise known as “Listing Agents”! • Listing Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to the sellers of homes to get them the highest price possible, not help buyers like you negotiate a good deal!

Sure, you can trust me. ?

• Listing Agents may try to talk you into working directly with them because then they won’t have to split the commission the sellers are paying them with a Real Estate Agent representing you (which is how a “Buyer’s Agent” gets paid).

• But, then Listing Agents have got to try and represent the best interests of both home buyers, and sellers. • Common sense; How well is that going to work out?

• This type of “Dual Agency” is resulting in an interesting number of lawsuits.

You want your own Real Estate Agent representing you and your best interests! • The Bailey Team will be your “Buyer’s Agent” for FREE!

When we’re your “Buyer’s Agent” you’re free to buy any home on the market regardless of which real estate company its listed with.

All available to you! etc. The Listing Agent’s contract with the sellers requires them to split the commission the sellers are paying them with the Real Estate Agent representing the buyer.


pays 6.00% to

Seller’s Agent

So, you get our sevices for free! • As long as you don’t contact the Listing Agent of a home you want to buy.

pays 2.70% to

Buyer’s Agent

Given the services The Bailey Team offers home buyers, this is not only logical, but a FRICKIN NO BRAINER!

Extraordinary home buying services The Bailey Team offers. Education and guidance. • Receive a 3-ring binder/organizer with everything you’ll need for the entire home buying process!

• While there are detailed instructions on the inside, you’ll find an easy to use flowchart outlining every step of the home buying process on the back cover!

• Easy to use checklists will ensure that you don’t forget any important steps of the home buying process!

• Attend one of our home buying seminars in a classroom-like setting.

• Watch a recorded webcast of our home buying seminars at our web-site anytime.

If you’re a fan of HGTV shows you’ll love working with us!

Award winning customer service. • Recently Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business have again awarded us with this honor. • Unlike other distinctions in real estate, this one is not based on sales volume. Instead, it celebrates a Real Estate Agent’s service to his or her clients. • Only about 5% of all licensed Real Estate Agents in the Twin Cities qualify for this honor.

Experience helping people buy traditional, foreclosure, short sale, and contract for deed homes.

Contract for Deed

Multiple offices across the greater Twin Cities metro area. Anoka Apple Valley Cambridge Eden Prairie Edina -France Ave. -Eden Ave. Eagan Ellsworth (WI) Elk River Hudson (WI) Maple Grove Minneapolis -uptown -downtown Northfield Plymouth Shoreview St. Cloud St. Paul -Crocus Hill -Highland Park Wayzata Woodbury

We’re a one stop shop for your home buying process. •

For your convenience we’ve developed partnerships with every other professional you’ll potentially need for your home buying process.

• Mortgage Loan Officer

• Home Owners Insurance

• Electrical

• Credit Repair

• Moving

• Plumbing

• Title Company

• Tax Consulting/CPA

• Landscaping

• Home Inspection

• General Contractor

• Mold Remediation

• Private Well Inspection

• Real Estate Attorney

• Odor Removal

• Private Septic Inspection

• Basements (waterproofing, windows, radon mitigation, foundation repair, etc.)

• Appraisals

We’ll fight for you! • When (not, if, but when) other parties try to take advantage of you, or conduct themselves in a manner which jeopardizes your transaction, we’ll fight for you! (FYI - we’ve got an undefeated record, with 27 knock-outs!)

No Dual Agency. • We won’t attempt to represent both you and a seller of a home at the same time. If you want to buy a home that we have listed for sale, we’ll cancel our contract with you and refer you to another Real Estate Agent so your best interests can be represented. We then can’t share our knowledge of you as a buyer with our seller client.

We’re going paperless. • The number of forms necessary to sign during the home buying process continues to grow. This environmentally friendly transition will save us time, energy, and headaches.

Help determining “how much house to buy”. • Most Mortgage Loan Officers will just tell a home buyer the maximum purchase price of a home they qualify for. While informative this is not good consultation. • The Bailey Team will help you determine “how much house to buy” based on the range of total (not just mortgage) monthly payment you’ll be comfortable managing. • We talk a lot of people into buying less-house than they can get pre-approved for. • One of the best compliments we get from home buyers is them asking us if we’re also Financial Advisors-because we keep in mind other life finances, and are advocates of not being “house rich and life poor”.

Down payment assistance. • Up to $8,500 may be available to you from State, County, or City level government to help qualified buyers purchase a home. We’ll show you all the options, and help you determine if you qualify for any of them.

Free mortgage pre-approval with our in-house Mortgage Loan Officer. • How do we get to the point where we fell like we’re getting the best deal? We shop around. • Shopping around for mortgages as a consumer is extremely time consuming (2-3 hours with every lender from whom you want a legitimate quote), and can harm your credit. • With our in-house Mortgage Loan Officer you’ll only have to go through the pre-approval process once. Through them most major Mortgage Companies will compete for your business.

And more! Get rate quotes from several major mortgage companies! Our preferred Mortgage Loan Officer’s secure on-line application.

Our in-house Mortgage Loan Officer will help you find the best mortgage for your home purchase. • Mortgage products may be commodities, but the expertise required to match up borrowers with mortgage products to ensure a successful closing is anything but a commodity! • The mortgage underwriting environment changes almost weekly. And, each lender has their own underwriting guidelines. • While you may be able to close with one lender, you may not be able to close with others. The variables are; - Your specific borrower profile. - Your purchase scenario. - The mortgage underwriting environment. • Our preferred Mortgage Loan Officer will help you find the best combination of; - Established mortgage lenders. - Lowest interest rates. - Ability to successfully close.

Other benefits of working with our in-house Mortgage Loan Officer. • Your home buying process will be much easier. • You’ll be able to beat out other buyers making offers on the same home you want to buy; - 90% of offers on homes are made on weekends.

“We’ve got offers from three buyers. The only one I could confirm is pre-approved is from ‘The Bailey Team’.”

- Home sellers won’t take an offer seriously until they’ve spoken with a local Mortgage Loan Officer, with a reputable mortgage company, to confirm that the buyer is completely pre-approved (not just pre-qualified). - Most Mortgage Loan Officers only work MondayFriday. So, weekend offers on homes won’t be taken seriously until the buyer’s Mortgage Loan Officer can be reached on Monday. - The Bailey Team’s Mortgage Loan Officers are available and work seven days a week, which frequently allows us to help our client’s offers beat out competing ones on weekends.

• Your chances of successfully closing increase dramatically;


- Up to 30% of first time home buyer purchases don’t close. This is due to Mortgage Loan Officer incompetence. - The Bailey Team Mortgage Loan Officers have a 100% close rate.

Helping you with building new construction. • We’ve got working relationships with all the established home building companies in the Twin Cities.

• Building a home can be both exciting and stressfull! • The stress comes from having to “stay on top of” the builders during construction to make sure they’re doing everything according to your plan, and not “cutting corners.” • This requires stopping by the build site two to three times per week, and frequent phone calls during regular business hours. • The Bailey Team will do this for you!

- We’ll stop by the construction site on a regular basis, shoot and send you video updates.

- We’ll have weekly phone meetings with you and the builder’s representative, to keep you updated.

Helping you search for homes on-line. • There are so many web sites to search for homes at;

• But, many times homes that look like they may be a good fit for you at these web sites turn out to; - Already have an offer accepted by the sellers, or are sold. - Be a short-sale or foreclosure (when you need a traditional seller). - Not be compatible with your purchase mortgage (FHA, for example).

It’ ll make you want to pull your hair out! • We’ll set up a custom home search for you at the Realtor’s MLS, which is the source of homes for sale for all other real estate web-sites. - We have access to information, search parameter settings, and tools that consumer web sites don’t offer. - This way you’ll ONLY see homes which are a complete match to your home buying criteria.

We’ll help you find homes that sellers haven’t put on the market yet! • Remax Results has a (unique/first in the nation) new service for people considering selling their homes. Home owners thinking of selling, can find buyers who’s home buying criteria matches what they’ve got to offer. • We’ll submit your home buying criteria (no personal info though). When a prospective home seller has a match, they’ll contact us. We’ll then contact you.

We’ll preview homes for you. • Despite High Definition images and virtual tours of homes viewable on-line, nothing compares to experiencing homes in person. • There can be hundreds of homes on the market that might be a good fit for you. • We’ll expedite your home buying process by learning exactly what you want in a home, and then go preview many of them for you. We’ll video record our walk-through of each home and post on our YouTube channel, where you can review it.

- When we recieve permission from Sellers.

• So, when we do go out to tour homes together, you’ll only be seeing homes that are most compatible with your home buying criteria.

Private home tours. • The most efficient way to go “house hunting” is our private home tours. Here’s how they works; - Working together we’ll compose a list of homes you want to see (from searching on-line and previewing). -

We’ll contact the Seller’s Agent and request private showings of the homes you want to see (so neither the seller nor the listing Agent will be at the home during our showing). Once approved we’ll have special access to those homes.


We’ll pick you up, chauffeur and guide you through the homes you want to see. Normal showing hours are between 9am and 9pm, seven days a week.



We can typically tour three to four homes per hour (and not feel rushed).


We’ll provide you with listing sheets (one per home with margins for notes) and a clip board.

We’ll have an iPad with internet connectivity for looking up information about homes, school districts, neighborhoods, etc. “on the fly”.


We’ll video record our walk-through of every home, which we’ll post on our YouTube channel for your review.

(Private home tours-continued). • It is important to be aware of the condition of a home before deciding to buy it. • As we walk around and through homes we’ll point out the age and condition of various components;

- Roofing

- Grading

- Appliances

- Siding

- Driveway


- Windows

- Landscaping

- Etc.

• Ultimately though, you’ll want to have a Professional Home Inspector evaluate a home before you buy it.

• We’ll inform you whether or not the home’s condition makes it compatible with the type of mortgage you’ve decided to purchase a home with. • For example, FHA mortgages require homes to be in pretty good shape.

This home looked great on-line to one of our FHA mortgage buyer clients. And, it was listed as compatible with FHA mortgages.

But, when we toured it we pointed out to our buyer clients that the roof would need ot be replaced in order to be compatible with FHA mortgage underwriting requirements.

When you find a home that you’re seriously interested in buying; •

Given that this phase of the home buying process is the most time sensitive, we’ll “drop everything” and rush to research the property, and help you make an offer. -

Please understand that we may have to occasionally reschedule meetings with you to provide this level of service to our other home buyer clients.

• We’ll research everything we can about the sellers, and the property, and send you a “Pre-Offer Report.” - Is the home really compatible with your type of purchase mortgage?

Pre-Offer Report

- What’s the home worth? Irrelevant: - County tax value. - Values reported on web-sites like;,,, etc. Relevant: - Appraisable value (which we’ll show you). - The value a mortgage company underwriting department will agree to (which we’ll show you). -

What is the seller’s scenario? ~ How have they responded to other offers (if they’ve had any)? ~ Are they desperate to sell? ~ When do they want to close?

- Will you have to compete against other buyers? ~ This changes our strategy for submitting an offer dramatically!

Making an offer on a home, negotiating with the sellers, and finalizing the purchase contract. • We’ll help you negotiate the “best deal!” - We help home buyers and sellers negotiate several home sales every month. This gives us experience-based expertise in current negotiating trends and tactics. - On average, we negotiate a contract sale price 12% lower than seller’s asking price.

• We’ll guard you against terms and circumstances that could result in your purchase “falling through”. - Nowadays up to 30% of all offers accepted by sellers “fall through” and don’t close. - This is typically due to; ~ A contract sale price that is not supported by an appraisal. ~ Mortgage Loan Officer/Company incompetence.

• We’ll make sure all required legal contract documents have been included and completed correctly. - Nowadays the typical Purchase Agreement (home sale contract) is about 30 pages of legal documents. - These documents change frequently. - If the wrong forms are used, or completed incorrectly, there could be serious legal challenges for you.

We’ll manage your transaction to a successful closing. • There are so many other players involved in real estate transactions today; - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sellers. Seller’s Real Estate Agent. Seller’s Real Estate Broker. Seller’s Title Company and Closer. Seller’s Mortgage Companies. Buyer’s Real Estate Agent. Buyer’s Real Estate Broker. Buyer’s Home Inspector. Buyer’s Mortgage Loan Officer/Broker. Buyer’s Home Appraiser. Buyer’s Mortgage Company. Buyer’s Title Company and Closer. (and more) • Managing all of these players is kind of like being a Quarterback in football. - We’ve got to survey the overall playing field, effectively communicate the plays to all the other players, and drive all of the players to a successful touchdown (closing). - We’ll protect you from other parties that may try to sack the sale.

• Closing. - We’ve never lost a sale once we’ve been involved in putting together a transaction. - Time to celebrate!

Extraordinary post-closing services The Bailey Team offers. We’ll be sending you valuable information on a regular basis. • Every month we’ll e-mail you a “Market Snapshot” report to help you stay on top of your home’s market value. - At a glance you’ll be able to see homes in your neighborhood currently for sale, as well as recently sold homes.

- You’ll have access to graphs that plot asking price vs. sold price, percentage of asking price, time on market, and more.

• We’ll continue to share housing market updates via social media, and our weekly e-newsletter. - Also a fun way to stay in touch on a personal basis.

We’ll host a house warming party for you.

(If you’re excited about promoting us to your sphere group.)

• We’ll take care of everything! - Once you’re settled in your new home and want to show it off to your friends. - Send us a list of people you want to attend and we’ll mail/e-mail them invitations.

- Let us know what kind of food you’d like and we’ll have it catered.

“Famous Dave’s” is a popular choice.

Buyer commitments. You hire us. • Industry standard Contract For Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer completed so; - You won’t have to pay us any retainer fees. - The sellers of the home which we help you buy will pay our commission (so you won’t have to). - We only get paid when we help you successfully close on the purchase of a home. - We’ve got up to 12 months to help you find a home to buy.

Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Contract

- You can fire, or even have legal grounds to sue us if we’re not fulfilling our contractual obligations to you.

• This provides us the security and incentive we need in order to provide our services to you. • Without this we’ve got no legal or fiduciary responsibilities to you, and no means of compensation.

Company policies. • No representation, or showing homes without a contract. • No showing homes until thoroughly pre-approved by a local, established, and credible mortgage company to our satisfaction (preferably with our in-house Mortgage Loan Officer).

We’re going to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with extraordinary customer service! In exchange, we’ll; • Ask you for referrals. • Provide you with incentives and instructions for promoting us to your peer and sphere groups via social media, and certain web sites.

“Anyone looking to buy or sell a home, or get a mortgage? You got check out The Bailey Team. THEY ROCK!”

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