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“USF developed me into a storyteller.”

Photo by Dan Phuong Nguyen

“They (Heartland Film Festival coordinators)

ing at them. So, I asked to take my picture

required me to be there, so they flew me out

with her just to prove my ridiculous story with

and picked me up in a limo. I went everywhere Dakota Fanning.” in a limo. Dakota Fanning had the whole floor above me. They had a tuxedo with my exact measurements on my door waiting for me to wear it. I didn’t even know these things were

Although he did very well with his film, he did not initially make it into film school. So, he transferred to USF to study telecommunications.

possible,” Andy said. “The night I arrived, I

“As a filmmaker, it strengthens you to know

was sitting outside of a theater and saw Dako-

the different aspects of filming,” Andy said.

ta Fanning. So I called her over and was going

He explained how Kristin Arnold, a telecom-

to give her these comp tickets to come see my

munications professor, taught him how to

movie. She took the tickets and autographed

craft the technical structure of the media he

them and gave them back to me without look-

makes, along with giving him experience


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Bullhorn Issue 1  

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