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Spotlight Award for his Columbia University

they starting giving him alternative tasks be-

thesis film, “Boomerang.” This award was a

hind the scenes. He watched as the team put

golden ticket to having a film slot in the most

together the film piece by piece and realized

prestigious independent film festival in the

this was exactly what he wanted to do.

world, Sundance.

The first real chance with a camera was at his

At age 10, Andy traveled to Vietnam to ex-

aunt’s wedding in his early teenage years.

perience his family’s cultural heritage and

He commented that several family members

spend time with his filmmaking uncles, Tring

were annoyed as he made them repeat ac-

Hoan and Vinh Son. Hoan, one of the leading

tions so he could get multiple angles for his

cinematographers in Southeast Asia, shot the

“movie.” This experience helped push him to-

highly acclaimed films “Song of the South”

ward doing narrative pieces and telling stories

and “The White Silk Dress.” He started a film

through film.

studio named “HK FILM,” named after himself and his wife. Son has been a film director in Vietnam since reunification. He is one of the most respected directors in the industry and now teaches at the film school in Ho Chi Minh City.

In high school, Andy and his brother started making clay films “since no one wanted to be in our movies.” They did several small projects working with clay animation. As time progressed, Andy decided he wanted to go to film school since he did not see a career at Pixar,

Andy was immediately fascinated by their

so at age 16 he flew to Vietnam to make his

films and asked to be an extra. However, as

first real film. His uncles helped provide him

soon as they started shooting a serious scene,

equipment and produce “A Silent Night,” a

uncontrollable giggles would slip from Andy

film that aired and won an award at the Heart-

in the background. After several takes like this,

land Film Festival in Indianapolis.


Bullhorn Issue 1  

University of South Florida School of Mass Communications alumni magazine

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