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lic relations firm: Deanne Roberts & Associ-

dations, values and core beliefs by which

ates, which later became ChappellRoberts.

Roberts lived her life, according to the firm’s

“Roberts was a very impressive person. She was a single mom and she started her own business when there was discrimination

website. It is a company that has been and will continue to offer internships as well as to be an employer for USF students.

against women within public relations, in par-

“She made it clear that they would take interns

ticular,” said Edward Friedlander, USF profes-

even if it was inconvenient at the time,” said

sor and friend of sixteen years.


ChappellRoberts was built on the strong foun-

Roberts was a chairperson of the Tampa


Bullhorn Issue 1  

University of South Florida School of Mass Communications alumni magazine

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