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Not only has Rodriguez Gomez changed her outlook on school, but she has also changed her outlook on life. She credits her time as a USF athlete with making her care more about her future. The time between her freshman Rodriguez Gomez explains that playing volleyball is strategic and college athletics is a

and sophomore years was a time of personal growth.

business. Her experiences at USF helped her

Now Rodriguez Gomez is motivated to be suc-

realize if she doesn’t play her best, she could

cessful for herself. She has learned from her

lose her scholarship, her coach could lose her

own experiences, as well as from listening to

job, and USF volleyball could lose funding.

speakers who were once athletes but, due to

“That’s why I always try to do my best,” Rodriguez Gomez said. “That way I don’t ever feel like there’s something else I could’ve done. I try to live by this every day so I feel like there is nothing more I could have given today. If

injury, had to find new careers. That encouraged Rodriguez Gomez to focus her energy on school as a way to find new possibilities for her future, rather than solely depending on volleyball.

something does happen, I know that I gave it

“Now I focus on doing really well in my classes

my all, so I have no regrets.”

so I can do well in life,” Rodriguez Gomez said.


Bullhorn Issue 1  

University of South Florida School of Mass Communications alumni magazine

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