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must also miss an hour of practice for any

She is not ashamed to tell her story because

grade lower than a C. Rodriguez Gomez had

she feels she has grown out of that.

a D and an F, so she lost two hours of practice. Sometimes her grades were so poor, she couldn’t attend practice at all.

Today, Rodriguez Gomez completes her Google calendar and paperback agenda at the start of each semester. She fills each timeslot

But, Rodriguez Gomez was still more con-

with class lecture topics, meetings, practices,

cerned with the team than she was with

tests, homework assignments and training.


She factors in every detail.

“My coaches approached me and tried to get

Rodriguez Gomez admits she is now paranoid

through to me,” Rodriguez Gomez said. “I real-

about managing her time. Since she has both

ized that everybody on my team cared about

a digital and hard copy of her responsibilities,

all these things. I wanted to care about them,

she has no excuse to not get things done.

too. Once I started to do the right things, everybody was happy. Then, I would forget something again and my team would get fed up. So, when I started making changes, it was more for them, not for me.” Rodriguez Gomez managed to completely turn things around and brought her grades up to A’s and B’s.

Since playing volleyball at USF, Rodriguez Gomez has learned that being a student isn’t all fun and games; it is a responsibility. “I’ve learned that the school’s name, as far as volleyball goes, is in my hands because I have control of whether we are going to win or not,” Rodriguez Gomez said. “I know it’s a team sport, but I take it upon myself because I

“I was so forgetful, but that’s not how I am any-

know if I do my best we are going to do better.

more,” Rodriguez Gomez said. “That’s how I was.”

Everyone feels like that, I’m sure.”


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