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now,” she said. “Every story now has a social

about the role of social media within religion

media element, either how the story broke

and how churches are using Facebook and Twit-

on social media or how a story filters through

ter to reach their congregations.” She paused,

social media.”

and added, “You have to have social media literacy now. You just have to.” And as for Captain NatGas - it’s up, up and away as Prof. Burns’ class won second place at the Collegiate Energy Challenge in Washington, D.C. in May. The team actually finished second to Auburn University graduate students, but the jury awarded all three top teams (including the University of Texas at Arlington) first-place prize money. USF may have been underdogs at the competition this year, but with results such as this, USF public relations students are going to be on everybody’s radar - including employers'.

She continued, “I was reading the Tampa Bay Times the other day and one headline read, “Social Media and Religion”. The article was


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