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“I had a 9:30 class that day and by then one

and I asked them what they remembered

plane had already hit the towers. Kids weren’t

about that day. Each said, ‘Well, I remember

as connected as they are now so a lot of my

being in your class when the towers fell.’”

students didn’t know what was going on. I did have one student monitoring events from

Both crisis situations, 9/11 and the death of Bin

a computer and he told us when the second

Laden, stand as examples of why the social

tower fell."

media projects that Burns assigns are crucial

“During the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, I looked up some of my students I had at the time on Facebook. I found three male students


in preparing her students for the real world, professionally, socially and also politically. “There is a social media side to everything

Bullhorn Issue 1  

University of South Florida School of Mass Communications alumni magazine

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