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seating chart and could not believe the influ-

The average person might never guess that

ential film leaders he had been sitting with.

his short 20-minute film project for class cost

He explained he learned a valuable career lesson, for his industry and all others. “You never know who the scrub sitting next to you is, or how they can surprise you.” Andy said. Now, he wants to learn to throw himself into the mix and be the one to put out the first hand.

about $20,000 to make. Andy and other film students find ways of funding their projects, through donations and contests. Some take extreme measures, but film school is their chance to make an impression to break into the industry.

Andy’s goal is to graduate from film school

He is currently writing a feature film, “Forever

and direct feature films. “It takes so much

in Hiatus” and hopes to find funding for it in

trust for someone to hand you their script and

the near future.

money to direct a film, any film.”


Bullhorn Issue 1  

University of South Florida School of Mass Communications alumni magazine

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