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Along with practical knowledge, USF provided

strange,” Andy said. “Did they think I was a

support and vision. “USF developed me into a

robot? I didn’t understand I’d won at the time.

storyteller,” Andy said.

Then suddenly they were telling me, ‘Con-

After graduating from USF, he decided to apply to film schools in Los Angeles and New

gratulations! We’re flying you to Sundance to accept the award and show your movie!’”

York for graduate school. After much delib-

He did not know what to expect in Park

eration about several acceptance letters, he

City, Utah, home of the Sundance Film

chose Columbia University. For several years

Festival. He hoped he would be put in the

now he has been making films and furthering

corner of the room so he could watch and

his career in film production while working

not feel so out of place in the large ball-

toward his master’s.

room of dressed up professionals. Instead,

His senior thesis film project, “Boomerang,” a short film highlighting the inner struggle a man has during a breakup with his girlfriend,

he was at a table seated with his brother, a mysterious man, another mystery woman, and the host, Anthony Mackie.

is his most recent success. His goal was to

The table talked to each other and did not

satisfy academic requirements and, instead,

take notice of these younger boys sitting with

he ended up winning the Playboy Short Series

them. Finally Andy found the courage to ask,

Bombay Sapphire Imaginative Filmmakers

“Who are you?” He was surprised to find him-

Spotlight Contest, as well as $3,500.

self sitting with the CEO and COO of Playboy.

“I received an email asking about the details

He was stunned; he looked around and won-

and qualifications of my movie. Then I was

dered, “Who else am I sitting with?” All these

asked to go on Skype to further discuss the

dressed up people around him looked like

requirements of my film, which I thought was

they could be his neighbors. Later he found a


Bullhorn Issue 1  

University of South Florida School of Mass Communications alumni magazine

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