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Are staff wages money well spent?


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s what my dad always says to me. And what better way to do so than to make sure a magazine is filled with stuff to make you think about and enjoy. I hope I have done just this. Being influential is a strong task at hand and can be a lot of pressure on yourself and those that are expecting from you. It makes me think of all the leaders in the world, how they possibly do this on a higher scale; carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders without crumbling. And it then made me think about relationships. Most great leaders have support networks, be it romantic, a group of friends or family. It is important to gain your merit, make a difference and work hard in your work or for your degree. Over this past month I have experienced some

Influence, Influence, Influence; tough times. But having these relationships, people who are there for you just because they love you, is a truly wonderful thing to know. Maybe we should take a step back from our busy lives, halt the decisions we have to make and just every now and then, appreciate that money may make the world go round, but you are nothing without your loved ones. So go on, let them know their appreciated.


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s new

Goodbye Semesters, Hello Terms


trial run it, but it’ll probably end up feeling a bit too much like school and you go to university to get away from the rigid structure of formal term time.” According to the university; “the new structure will not be a trial, as the revised structure has been agreed following three years of consultation with staff.”

he University of Lincoln is changing the academic year structure to provide a stronger connection between teaching and research, eradicating the more informal study structure of university and taking you back to structured years of school education. In the old structure, the academic year was divided into two semesters; A and B, with seven weeks of vacation spread over the year. However in the new structure students will now have 3 terms.

Many students are concerned that the changes to the yearly academic structure will cause disruption and far greater pressure to their studies. The university disagrees and believes the change will be good for the students in the long run once they have settled to the new yearly terms.

The terms will consist of 11 weeks of academic studying, followed by just 1 week off in the first term. Throughout the second term, students will have an 11 week study period followed by a 4 week holiday, and in the final term there will only be 8 weeks of study with a revision period before the exams begin. The University of Lincoln have decided to structure the year this way to form a balance between academic teaching and selfdirected research learning, as well as keeping in line with other university structures. The new outline will come into place from the 2011/12 academic year. Francesca Tebbut, an American Studies student at Lincoln University, commented on the structure saying: “they should

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Gemma Cobby, an International Relations and Politics student said: “it could be stressful and add more pressure to the final year, as I will have spent two years getting used to the semester structure only to have it changed.” In Gemma’s opinion it would be better if the research element of the structure could take place in the summer. The University of Lincoln continues to ensure that each student has the right amount of time to complete any assessments, so that no pressure will be added to any degree as a result of the change. Follow this story at Bullet Online.


Words by Holly Peasgood and Emma Pearson Photo by Christabel Jay

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SU explained

Should your union OFFICERS get paid?


across the university. They believed the money could be used to hire more tutors.

he Student Union’s are a body of people, consisting of both past students and regulated staff that have an interest in fighting for the rights of their student body. Campaigning, out of office meetings and an open door for any student at any time, are just a few things that the SU provide for their university community. However, this hard work is not always recognised, as they often find themselves under scrutiny for their involvement at the University of Lincoln, thus creating a stigma around their purpose for being on campus.

Not all students agreed with each other. A more positive opinion expressed that the student officers should paid for their jobs, saying: “they have chosen to run for the position in the first place and deserve to be treated like any other employee. The amount of hours they put in is more than some people work in a week and their hard work is shown through the events put on by the Students’ Union.” Chris states that officers give up a year to work on the behalf of students. As officers are not studying and are not able to work whilst taking on their roles, they are given an allowance to support them during this time.

A question that seems to be on many students mind; is not only the purpose of their jobs, but also the amount they earn for having these roles. When the question was put forward, many students showed a keen interest in giving their opinions. The first, commented on the fact that they felt it was unfair that full time officers where getting paid, yet part time officers were not. The full-time officers consist of; SU President, Chris Charnley,Vice-president for Academic Affairs, Dan Derricott,Vice-president for Welfare, Kayleigh Taylor and Vice-president for Activities, Andreas Zacharia. In response to this, Chris Charnley commented that part time officers are classed as volunteers and full time officers, who work more hours than part time officers, are given a living allowance. Chris states; “It’s not actually a wage, we are given a living allowance, this is within our contract with students and the Union, and is part of the role.”

Another opinion by a fellow student poised the remark: “because of the recent financial crises, I don’t think it’s very responsible that the university is spending money on the Students’ Union officers. I know they take a year off for the job, but I don’t think they should get paid, because it’s for students by students, and the people who actually take on the job are benefiting more from it than us students; so why should they get paid?”

The SU President is given a living allowance of £1467.17 a month. This wage coincides with similar pay packets from other occupations. For instance, a full time SU officer, receives a substantially greater amount of money for a living allowance than that of a solider on the front line in the British Forces. Their wage is a starting salary of just £780 a month. A student commented on the amount of money the officers receive. This student stated: “they receive a generous sum of money for what they actually carry out. Over the course of the year they are trying to achieve too much and basically they are getting paid too much to justify the things they are actually achieving.”

The full time officers of the Union have a contract of thirty- seven hours a week. Chris however, stresses that the officer’s job isn’t a 9-5 position; not calling it a job, but ‘a lifestyle’. “A lifestyle that requires the full time officers to spend a lot more hours a week in the office then thirty-seven,” says Chris. Events like Freshers’ Week result in officers working close to a seventy-five hour week.” Chris concludes, “the needs of students are a priority,” and “officers must be able to react to this; which is why 9-5 simply isn’t what we all signed up for.”

Defending the SU on this subject, Chris said; “we are not hiding the fact that you get paid for these positions. It is made very clear during the elections and constantly in our monthly accounts, which are given to Student Council and can be found on the Virtual Union.”

If you have any issues you would like to address with the SU, drop an email to

The question also arose as to where the money is coming from to pay for these living expenses that the full time officers receive. One student suggested the money could be spent more constructively on facilities that are needed

Words by: Rebecca Poynton-Murray and Emma Pearson. Quotes and comments: Besma Ayari and Emma Greatorex


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su by-elections Students are2010 not only encouraged to give feedback on the

Get Involved:

Students’ Union, but are also advised to submit motions on the Union’s activity for the forth coming twelve months. All motions should be with matters that affect the student body and submitted by 8th November. Any other business will be taken at the chairs discretion. We will also The All Student Meeting will be held on 18th November at find out the results for this year’s Bi-Elections. the EMMTEC Building at 4:30pm.


SU All Student Meeting

Last year saw a record-breaking number of people attending the meeting and this year, the SU want more people to come along.

President of the Students’ Union, Chris Charnley comments on the fact that it is important “for students to attend and get involved,” in the meeting, and to “approve the Union’s budgets.”


The All Student Meeting takes place to discuss necessary financial business, conducted by the Unions Trustee Board and gives the opportunity to approve the Union’s budgets for 2010/11.

The meeting is also a chance for students to give feedback on the work done by the SU in the last twelve months.

It is a great opportunity to meet the SU officers and enjoy free Domino’s pizza and soft drinks. So make sure you come along to the All Student Meeting to gain insight into the forthcoming year at the Students’ Union. Words by Emma Pearson


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es r u t fea

The Life of a Toilet Attendant It’s a muggy October night and thousands of students are filling Lincoln high street looking for cheap drinks and a good time.

that the club in question had been “good to me,” followed by a bellowing laugh.

Throughout the night thousands of drinks will be consumed and the door to the male toilet will swing open just as many times, in order for those drinks to depart from those that have drank them.

More guys of varying age began to gather around where I was stood and for a while I lost sight of the man I was talking to as he was consumed by a sea of apparently bad smelling men in need of some fragranced refreshment.

While all this goes on and the students return to the fun of their evening, one man will remain behind those doors for the entire night.

After the rush died down I returned to my informant’s side and continued. I asked him how he saw his future panning out. “Not here!” he shouted. He laughed again and his bright eyes lit up. “I don’t mind this, but you know, would you want to do this?” I wouldn’t. “I have dreams, I have ambition, but I also have a family. They come first.” As he said this a young, rather unwell looking man came stumbling in through the bathroom doors, rocked about on the spot for a moment and then threw up all over the floor.

That man will stand there patiently as urine, excrement and vomit all pass from revelers bodies. After all this has been done, he will offer to wash your hands and make you smell nice in exchange for some lose change. This man is the toilet attendant. The man in question wished to remain anonymous as well as the nightclub he works for to prevent any unnecessary disharmony between him and his employers. The toilet attendant explains that he did not want to lose his job, if he where to be named, as jobs like these are hard to come by and he wouldn’t want to say anything that might even pose the slightest threat of him being out of work.

As everyone else departed from the toilets; the toilet attendant sighed and picked up his mop. No, I really wouldn’t want to be doing this. He laughed, resigned to what he now had to do and offered me the chance to swap his mop for my note pad and pen. I politely declined. The man’s humour had been on good form all night, and I suppose you’d have to be able to laugh working in such situations.

The man I spoke to was from Nigeria originally and had moved to the country four years ago in order to seek a better life for him and his family. I pressed him further on this for a short while, but he seemed less than keen to go into details on the matter so I opted to leave it and go down a more career orientated route of questioning.“I’ve been here two years now,” he said. “Obviously it’s not what I’d dreamt of. But there was a sign in the window and they’ve been good to me.”

Now seemed like a good time to end the interview given the work he now had to do and I shook his hand and thanked him for his time. As I left and the door swung shut behind me, I heard him offer the stricken boy the chance to freshen up his now undoubtedly less than fresh fragrance for a price, of course.

His english was at times difficult to understand, with his best grasp of language saved for the lines he would shout out in order to attract potential custom. His desk (as in the sink bay) was filled with fragrances of varying expense and quality and I asked him how he came about possessing such a huge range. “I buy them myself,” he replied. “The club give me a bit for the basics but the rest comes out of my pocket.” This surprised me. His wage, which I later found out, was barely over the minimum line, would hardly cover the cost of restocking of all of these products, let alone the cost of meals for him and his family. The toilet attendant sarcastically commented on the fact

I’ll likely see that toilet attendant many times again before I leave university and my face will merge into the thousands of people’s he sees during the course of a night. He’ll still be there when I have left and found employment of my own; his dreams still just dreams and ambition still restrained in the constraints of his imagination. But I hope for the sake of him and his family that one day he gets what he wants. He’s already done that sort of job longer than myself and many others could have imagined putting up with. 9

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Words by Ash Billinghay Photo by Liam Duffy

15/10/10 14:28:12

Know Your Rights

Whether you are a newcomer to Lincoln and still trying to land on your feet, or whether you’re no longer a fresher and entering your 2nd/3rd year of drinking, deadlines and debt; a part time job will soon change from a possibility to a necessity. We are all aware of the general stereotype we students get branded with today. Broke. And don’t we know it’s true.

It is at this point you must be aware of your rights. Bullying is recognised as a major cause of stress and under law; stress must be treated in the same way as any other health and safety hazard. Employers have a duty under the Health and Safety Work Act 1974 to ensure the welfare of their employees, if they do not take it upon themselves to do so they are breaching an individual’s contract of employment.

Let us say at this point you are looking for employment, can you genuinely say you are aware, as a student at the University of Lincoln, of your rights and protection from unfair treatment in the work environment?

James*, a student at the University of Lincoln touches on his experience of bullying in the workplace, “I was so shocked at

“bullies treat people this manner to hide their own inadequacy’’

Believe it or not, harassment and bullying is rife in the workplace. However many people are not aware as to what kinds of behaviour fall under these categories, and how serious it can be taken.

the way I was treated after handing my notice in at my previous job, even so much to question my own judgement of whether I was being dramatic. However after receiving advice from Student Support, I felt safe in the knowledge that the personal remarks and unfair action taken upon me was unacceptable”

Usually if you feel yourself being singled out or receiving unfair treatment by a boss or colleague, you are more than likely being bullied. Despite there being no comprehensive list of bullying behaviours and there is no one type of person likely to be a bully, a few ideas of what constitutes workplace bullying can include; attacking a member of staff in professional or personal terms, regularly ignoring or excluding individuals from work activities, shouting at staff and being criticised either privately or in front of other employees.

After receiving advice from the university; James is still in the process of “defending his rights” as he explains, and not only for himself but to prevent the same behaviour re-occurring but with a new victim. If you’re a student and you find that you’re being bullied in the workplace, contact the student support and counselling service. They will make you aware of the support and options that are available, or alternatively, find and talk to a trusted lecturer.

Bullies treat people in this manner to hide their own inadequacy so anyone who is exhibiting bullying behaviours is admitting to being inadequate. The chances are that this individual knows nothing outside of the day to day job that he or she is required to do.

Employers who fail to tackle bullying are breaking the law and this why it is in everyone’s interest to take workplace bullying seriously.

Bullies are attracted to vulnerability and as students; we are vulnerable for a variety of reasons. Being away from home for the first time and learning to be independent, students tend to have significant debts and depend a lot on ways and means to earn money, not forgetting that a large proportion of students do not receive help with grants.

*Student wishes not to be named. Words by Megan Paley Photo by Liam Duffy


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s anyone else a little bit sick of the stigma attached to students? Yes, I know we drink and we are loud and we have sex and we sometimes get thrown out of clubs and there is AN AWFUL LOT of us. And I for one am sick of the way we are treated by the British public. We seem to be stuck between actual adults and immature teenagers. We don’t drink in the park with a bottle of Lambrini, but we aren’t quite at the stage of champagne dinners. We don’t have our parents to tell us what to do and where to go, but they are still there to pick us up when we really, really fall down. It’s hard enough for us to try and get a footing in this world, without having the rest of society look at us; with a face that suggests they are worried we will strip off and start grinding on lamp posts without warning and swigging straight vodka. We are students because we wish to work for a degree in order to get a decent job that provides well for us and for our future families; bloody sensible idea if I do say so myself. If whilst doing

“We do naughty things but we do nice things too!” this we decide to have a few drinks, do some crazy dancing and have some wild sex- then so be it! And nothing will let me believe that this sort of behaviour dies out once you turn 30! I’ve seen what happens when middle aged people drink.... But the one thing that really grates on me is the way students are treated by employers. We all know how bloody hard it is trying to find work at the moment, not just for students, but for everyone. It constantly angers me how, no matter how many places you apply to, you can walk up and down the high streets handing out CV’s and applying online, yet only 1 in 1,000,000 places ever reply to you! This is usually only to tell you they have decided not to employ you. But that isn’t the point. I feel that any place you hand in a CV should have the decency to at least send you a bog-standard ‘sorry you didn’t get the job, but good luck in future’ email. The last place I managed to get a job was back at home during the summer. Technically, I still work there... for you see they never even had the decency to properly fire me. Not the first time it has

happened to me either and I know I am not the only one, it has happened to most people I know.You sign an ‘as and when’ contract; meaning they can work you to the bone if they need you and kick you to the kerb when they don’t. And there’s nothing you can do about it. I can’t be the only person to find this disgustingly unjust! And it doesn’t exactly set us a good example now does it? It happens to everyone throughout life, but mostly to us students. We aren’t exactly living in poverty, but we aren’t swimming in money either. There should be laws against treating people of any age with such disrespect, common courtesy is a thing of the past. Another final thing I would like to add is that there is a difference between students and teenagers. Teenage we may be technically (some of us anyway) however we live on our own, we feed ourselves (if you call it ‘food’), dress ourselves (debatably) clean up (sometimes?) and look after each other (undeniably). We are adults, not as experienced perhaps but adults none the less. Alcohol and condoms does not a bad person make. I am confident that the majority of us have the brains to not do things in excess and keep control of our lives. Even if it seems like you’re a rat in a maze most of the time. Don’t forget, we are at university! You must have a few brain cells swimming about somewhere. Now how do you go about starting a union...

Words by Ellie Blackman Photo by Liam Duffy


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t the recent Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Annual Meeting this year, the Foundation Trust called upon raising the issue of mental health. With an estimated 4 out of 10 people experiencing mental health or having had experienced issues with mental health, it is fair to say this underlying problem is very much evident within society. However, not many people are aware of the statistics and the NHS are making a stand to remove the stigma so that help can be handed out to all that need it. We at Bullet want to raise awareness and more importantly show how your fellow students or friends may be suffering in silence. The Annual Public Meeting showed progress in Lincoln as the service user has been improved within our city. Lincolnshire Partnership were also happy to announce a new £15 million investment for a local rehabilitation centre.

in Britain and it is estimated that more than four hundred and fifty million people worldwide presently suffer from a mental health problem. The most common of mental health sufferers being women, with 1 in 4 women receiving treatment for depression; in comparison to just 1 in 10 males. Often, it has been found that many suffer in silence about having mental health. When speaking to Alistair Campbell, acclaimed journalist, broadcaster, political aide and author, Campbell spoke of the benefit talking to people can have if you are suffering from a disorder. He strongly believes you are not alone and stresses that support is available. Alistair explains how it is “better to be open; it’s the best way to get into getting proper services and help.” He states it is hard for sufferers to talk about their problems as there is “so much stigma and discrimination towards mental health,” however, “if people do open up, they will find there are the services there to help them.”

According to statistics, the most common forms of mental health are depression and anxiety 12

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15/10/10 14:28:18

I’m not cra z y!

“I make myself sick, hurt myself or cry until I am sick.” Take a look at our front cover. One suffers from mental health disorders and one doesn’t. Could you figure out which one? No, neither could I. Mental health disorders affect four in every ten people and carries alongside with it, one of the longest running stigmas of any illness. That you are crazy, making it up because it’s all in your head or the most hurtful, ‘get over it.’ Head tilted back; belly laughing from her new puppy intertwining itself through pub customer’s legs, one look and you wouldn’t think past the happy girl enjoying time outside with her friends. “It was my fourth birthday... I remember because I had magical Mickey” she giggles to me. Andi is twenty one years old and suffers from Bi polar, schizophrenia and stress anxiety. She was diagnosed at four years of age. At the age of six, Andi tried to commit suicide by throwing herself down the stairs. To this day, she is not sure why, with her mum simply answering that she fell down the stairs. “When I was twelve, I started asking questions about why I had to take tablets; my mum just told me it would make me a bit happier.” Pausing for a moment, Andi stares past me and asks, “You know when you feel like people are keeping secrets from you...” I wish I could have nodded in agreement, but all mine was worthy of was empathy. Nature VS Nurture. A common debate about what can trigger mental illness. Is it a chemical in balance within the brain, or is it passed on through learning from your parents? Her mum suffers from depression. Andi comments that she has a complex with herself, but judging from Andi’s own bubbly personality, the nurture side of this argument could be eradicated. Hard enough coping with one parent, her dad severely suffers from Alzheimer’s. “He think’s my name is Joyce and I can’t change my mobile number, because if I do, he wouldn’t know how to remember my new number.” She responds to this information by light-heartedly wishing she wasn’t stuck with T-mobile as a phone company forever, but you can tell it is a worthwhile compromise for Andi in order to keep her relationship with her father. “It doesn’t help my health disorder no, as worrying for him does cause me great stress,” comments Andi. Stress, for some, means a hectic work lifestyle or a personal problem that can be resolved by some

form of means. For a sufferer of anxiety however, there is no escape. “I just break down and cannot cope. I feel like things are scratching on my skin until it bleeds. I get really overwhelmed and rely on my friends 24/7.” Emotional stability is the biggest issue for Andi. Relying on past boyfriends for friendship and companionship; retaining a normal relationship has been hard for her. “I have been taken advantage of. Guys don’t want the baggage and can’t handle it.” It can be so bad, that panic runs through her body the instant she becomes aware of her flatmate leaving for university, or worse- if they don’t come home for the evening. “I make myself sick, hurt myself or cry until I am sick.” It can be quite overwhelming in itself just to listen to these stories, let alone begin to think about placing yourself in their situation. “I did want to die last night,” Andi stares past me again, nodding slowly, thinking. “You know when people say oh well, there is always someone worse off than you?” Yes I think, “Well, that person is me.” Andi tried counselling, but felt that no one knew the extent to what she goes through and felt they pigeon holed her into the textbook knowledge they had clearly retained through their education. Her medication however, is something she cannot decide upon. “I resent having to pay for medication that saves my life,” concerning her severe allergy to peanuts. Being a student and budgeting is probably the hardest issue we face in our day to day life. But adding up to ten pounds for tablets to keep you well? “Prescriptions for my crazy pills cost £7.20 a time” she exclaimed, frustrated that having a part time job is necessary for keeping up any medication she needs for anti-depressants. With an impatient puppy and a job to get to, our conversation concludes. I can’t help but wonder if Andi can think past getting up in the morning, with so much to contend with already. “I can’t think of the future, I’ll cry.” With this, she breaks a smile out the corner of her mouth but cannot manage to force it out through her eyes. You may not be able to see deression, but living inside your own mind is surely just as bad as an infection or any other disease. Depression and anxiety shuts down your mental well being-without having a way out. Imagine coping instead of living. Could you do it? Words by Rebecca Poynton-Murray and Emma Pearson Photos by Liam Duffy


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A few screws looser?

‘A lot of the triggers of mental issues stem from other aspects of people’s lives’


ental health issues can, and invariably do, affect us all. But according to a recent report by the National Institute for Mental Health in England; lesbian, gay and bisexual people are up to four times more likely to develop mental health issues because of the perceived stigma that society equates with being lesbian, gay or bisexual. The findings of the 2007 study (Mental Disorders, suicide and deliberate self-harm in lesbian, gay and bisexual people) show that “LGB people are at significantly higher risk of mental disorders, suicidal ideation, substance misuse and deliberate self-harm (DSH) than heterosexual people. There is an urgent need for mental health services to develop LGB-friendly services. ” Jade South, a Public Relations Assistant for a sexual and domestic abuse charity from Lincolnshire, has personally experienced this apparent shortfall in services. “After about a year of suffering with depression I went to my GP and they tried to put me on a waiting list of 8 months to get counselling, which I declined. The help available isn’t widespread enough, and if you want professional help it costs the earth.” The 20 year old added that the risk of developing mental health problems is entirely contextual. She emphasized that

bulletnovemberissue.indd 14

being lesbian, gay or bisexual is in no way a mental health issue in itself. Stresses in everyday life can contribute to mental health issues and she maintains, “being ‘straight’ has nothing to do with it.” “A lot of the triggers of mental issues stem from other aspects of people’s lives, and being LGBT is just another stress on top of that,” she says. “Obviously there are people that are specifically victimized for their LGBT status, but now people are becoming more accepting of us and so this is becoming increasingly rarer.” Although the report states that homosexual people can experience “discrimination and victimisation,” the trauma of which can lead to mental problems, in Jade’s experience the health services are becoming much more open to the gay community in general. This is something that your Students’ Union is keen to see develop further, to provide emotional support. Kayleigh Taylor,Vice President of Welfare and Diversity at the SU, said, “we work very closely with internal and external services to ensure that students are able to access the best professional support.”


Words by Jamie Hogue Photo by Liam Duffy

15/10/10 14:28:20 NUS Extra is the membership card for the National Union of Students and is available to all university students. The card not only confirms your student status, but also offers discounts at a large range of big name and high street stores. This year’s card should be available to buy from mid August by simply logging on to the NUS website, – REMEMBER you won’t be a student forever so make sure you get your card early! Further information about this year’s offers and discounts will be on the NUS Extra website as it becomes available so keep checking it.


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t had been a couple of weeks now and for some reason I couldn’t get her out of my head. I felt stupid after it had happened and had tried my best to forget about it, putting it down to just another tale not tell any future grandkids about. But no matter what I did; forget about it was something I just couldn’t do. I found the message she had sent me on Facebook and I checked out her profile. There were a few messages on there that I couldn’t help but look at. She hadn’t mentioned me once. I tried to kid myself into thinking I didn’t mind, but really I did. I minded a lot. What made it worse were the guys she was speaking to. They’d left kisses after their comments and while sure, it was something I did when talking to friends; these guys had left a lot of kisses. After a few days of trying to make myself see sense and leave things be... I decided sense was something I didn’t want to discover. I plucked up the courage and sent her a message. I apologised for how I had left things, making up some

sort of excuse that I’d been in a difficult position in my life at the time and that I couldn’t really remember what had happened. I must have sounded so pathetic. Had someone sent something like that to me I would have ignored them without a second thought. It was a huge shock when just a few hours later I received a reply. She told me she was sorry for what had happened too and that we should meet up to talk about where we wanted things to go from here. I was amazed. I’d expected a message telling me where to go, but I wasn’t expecting her to want to be in the same place. We set a time and date for when we should meet and I sat back feeling weirdly good about myself. In the time leading up to our reunion I set about making myself look as good as I possibly could. It was a difficult task but one I stuck to despite the constant rejections my mirror seemed to be giving me. Everything seemed to be going well. Everything, that is, until the day before we were to meet. I was on her Facebook again, admittedly checking out photos of her to remind myself why


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15/10/10 14:28:22

this was a good idea. Then something caught my eye; a comment from a guy telling her that he missed her and had really enjoyed seeing her the other night. Any rational thought that might have been hovering in my mind, quickly left me on my own and all I could think of was that she’d been messing me about. She clearly had no intention of showing up the next day. This was all a game to her; a joke that I deserved to be the butt of. I woke up the next day. I didn’t go to meet her. That night in an attempt to make myself feel better I went out for a drink. This was a bad idea. Alcohol is a depressant and I was a long way there already. I don’t remember much of what happened. I don’t remember how I ended up in the bed I woke up in. I felt like an idiot all over again. I couldn’t believe I’d let myself get into the position that had started this entire thing. I don’t even remember what this girl looked like-she was long gone before I’d woken up. I couldn’t look at myself. I couldn’t sleep. It was safe to say I was at an all time low.

After a good girlfriend session I typed up a reply. I decided to suck it up and ask him to meet up, never asked a boy to go out before. But I was even more convinced that this guy was definitely special. I got my hair done, I got my nails done, I even bought myself a new outfit. In fact three new outfits. I felt literally sick with fear but I loved it. Every minute he popped into my head, I felt my skin tingle with excitement. It was amazing. I looked hot, definitely hot.

“I felt literally sick with fear but I loved it”

I waited all night; my neck was stiff from craning round trying to search for him. No messages, no calls. Maybe he was just a bit late he would be here soon. I can’t believe I actually spent 3 hours waiting. Why do men do this!?!? He clearly found it absolutely hilarious; all his mates were in on it I bet. The stupid, ugly girl that thought you were seriously into her, what a moron, deluded bitch. I could see them all now... reading my messages and laughing their heads off, looking at my photos and making disgusting comments. I was so upset and angry I couldn’t even cry- I didn’t know what to feel. How dare he treat me like this, how dare he use me as a joke.

A week passed. I got another message. I barely dared to look for fear of her bragging at how bad I’d been feeling. I was expecting some sort of joke at my expense, a laugh at how I’d been stood up and how it was exactly what I had deserved. Instead it just read “Hey, what happened to you?” “Hey,” I replied. “I don’t know where to start...” I hate men. Why do they do this?? Do they find it fun to mess girls around? Yes, I am still talking about the guy from weeks ago. I really wasn’t over it, I know it was just a one night- but that was what hurt. I actually really liked him. And I thought he liked me. I still hadn’t deleted him from Facebook ;even though I knew as a proud, strong woman I should have....but I liked looking at him.....I was utterly PATHETIC! But still I couldn’t help but wonder if he ever looked at my facebook, I felt a secret thrill whenever my guy mates commented on my page. Maybe he’d see that he wasn’t the only guy interested in me, I didn’t need him. I know they were just mates and not actually guys interested, but still. He didn’t know that. I was itching to make him jealous for some reason. I wanted him to think about me.

The next weekend out with my girlfriends, I may have had a bit too much to drink. I was acting like someone that definitely wasn’t me; flirting with any man that talked to me, kissing random guys I didn’t know. Like I hadn’t already learnt my lesson from the last time this happened. I went outside for a cigarette and the fresh air threw my mood into serious mode- I didn’t want to do this. No man was going to have this sort of affect on me. I thought about him all the way home, even after the way he treated me, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I mean, what if something had happened to him? There could be an actual reason maybe? Admittedly I had been looking at his Facebook once or twice since last week and there had been no status updates or anything, it didn’t look like he had even been on Facebook in a while. At the back of my head I knew I was just making excuses to help make myself feel a bit better but I didn’t care. I decided to send another message, thank god for alcohol. I knew I would really be unimpressed with myself tomorrow but again I didn’t care, I had to at least try and find out what had happened...

The little red ‘1’ flicked up on my message icon. OMG. I couldn’t help my heart stop beating for a few seconds and his name flashed round my head like a strobe light in my brain. Stop! It wasn’t going to be him it would be another bloody ‘lost numbers’ message, can these people not hold on to their..... It was him.....He had apologised for leaving me, for ignoring me, for everything. I realised I was sitting at my desk looking like Barbie I was grinning so hard, I couldn’t believe he had apologised! I don’t think I had ever been this happy in my entire life ever. I 17

bulletnovemberissue.indd 17

immediately started typing out a reply at fifty words a second. Calm...Play it cool.

Words by Ellie Blackman and Ash Billinghay Photo by Liam Duffy

15/10/10 14:28:23

t i e l l bu zz

ra a p pa


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Check out Bullet Facebook for more pictures! 19

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ic s u m


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15/10/10 14:28:26



New on to the music scene Eliza Doolittle, aged twenty-two, recently played a gig at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. Described as indie- pop, Bullet Magazine caught up with her for a quick chat about life on the road and what her music truly means to her…

How did your recording career begin? “Well I started singing from a young age, school plays and things and just in the car., listening to my favourire music and stuff. but uhm, when I was about twelve I said to my Mum ‘I really want to be a singer,’ and she told me to start writing songs, that’s how you make money. I’m glad she did because I love that involvement in music and I love writing and it is good to make that bit of money. I didn’t want to be like all the other singers just singing other peoples songs. I just wanted to sing my own thoughts and things that I really felt.” How would you describe your music style? “I’ve always found it quite hard to describe myself, because I’m so close to it. My perspective is probably really blurred; but its definitely uplifting sound, people feel good when they hear it. There’s more to it than just ‘cheery cheery’ kind of vibes, there’s a more thoughtful vibe.” What do the songs mean to you? “The songs mean a lot to me and it’s like my perception of the world and my issues with the world. But there is more to it than just big smiles and naivety.”

Do you have a favourite X factor finalist? “I’ve not seen much of this one. I thought Cher’s voice is quite good. Shes the one everybody is talking about; I quite like her attitude.” What motto or advice do you live by? “Do exactly what you want and feel without hurting anybody”

Qucikfire Questions... Whats your favourite city? “London, of course!” What is your worst habit? “Biting my nails...I actually bite the skin around my nails... it’s awful.” Who or what puts a smile on your face? “Music...good music. I can be in the worst mood ever and i’ll be instanty uplifted.”

This is your first headline tour isn’t it? “Well I’ve only done two gigs but I’m loving it.”

des rbla ad e l l o nlo le R sing to dow in w e y e l u N to b ailab is av itunes now. on hops s

How are you finding it so far? “I was really nervous at first because we’ve extended the band and we’ve got a keys player in it now. Now I’m super happy we’ve kind of gelled a bit more and yeah its gone really well so far so it will for this gig as well.” What are your views on the music industry today shows like X Factor; do you watch the X Factor? “I do watch it sometimes yeah, I don’t know really. I think it’s just whatever like… have fun and give it a go, its fine. It’s just about like not going into it with false hope I suppose.You have to have more than just a voice now; sometimes people think their good at singing and that’s all they need, you have to have like a focus and you have to put in a lot of hard work to be succussful.”

Interviewed by Megan Paley Photo by Liam Duffy


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One man and a guitar: James Jezusek ‘Not everyone really has talent, and there are a lot of deluded people out there.’


coustic singer/songwriter James Jezusek succeeded once rarely get paid for playing shows, so I have got to find ways again (hopefully not for the last time) in entertaining his to make it viable to play. I’d love to play somewhere different usual crowd of visitors this month at the Stags Head gig every night of the week, but I can’t do that right now.” night in Lincoln. James claims that the music industry has changed a lot over Describing his live experience as “usually quite an intimate and the past eight years he’s been making music. He tells us that intense show,” he states that he tries to make his shows as fun “the upshot is basically everyone has the means available to and engaging as possible, or as much as “one man and a guitar” them to become a listened to artist.” Not approving of the allows. From his recent performance, he certainly excels in the term famous, Jezz says, “but not everyone really has talent, and there are a lot of deluded people out there.” entertainment sector, with a comfortable crowd at The Stags He suggests that there is no money to be made from it at all Head enjoying his unique voice and style. these days, and this is what people do not realise. Touching on his musical influences, James suggests that it is Describing himself as being “quite partial to a dance;” songs generally along the punk and rock road, but admits to loving from the likes of Reel Big Fish get him up on his feet dancing, songs from musicals and even classical too; showing that as an and it’s nice to know that even those talented artists out artist he entails a diverse range of influences. there can admit to owning the odd embarrassing record or two, Shaggy ‘It wasn’t me’ certainly brings out James’ down to He protests, “there’s so much music out there these days and sadly only a small amount of it is worth listening to,” but James earth personality. believes that if something is done with passion and integrity and doesn’t try to be something it’s not, then he is prepared to give Behind all the singing, James Jezusek is a fun, loving guy, whose it a try. music ranges from those of sentiment and meaning to the simple ways of having a good time! As with many local artists and bands, obstacles can hold you back. James shares with us that for him, time and money can be For demos and upcoming gigs you can find more at James’ Myspace page, or find him a prominent set back... on facebook. ”As with a lot of things, as I don’t do this full-time, finding time Words by Megan Paley to practise and write can sometimes become an issue. Also, I 22 Photo by Christabel Jay

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to one ! s ’ t e bull out for o lo k

Changing Horses are a change to music ‘They defy definition, an encouraging thing for an act today.’


hanging Horses are a Lincolnshire duo, originally from Lancashire, consisting of singer/songwriter Richard Birtill and multi instrumentalist Francesca Cullen. They played the first of a few shows to come in the area this month at Kind bar on 5th October and are so good that our Bullet editor put them on her iPod just hours after being captivated by them. We caught up with Richard to discuss his initial reactions and thoughts on the nu-folk explosion.

with Celtic and Irish family. We’ve both been brought up with it so it was always very natural for us to play that kind of music. We’re now being pushed into all that, which is inevitable, just “cause you’ve got a mandolin. But we’re kind of punkier and a bit heavier really. We don’t really care either way- we just make music and put it out there.” There’s certainly no conceit when it comes to writing the songs: “They’re always very personal…just what comes into my head… it’s a cliché but it’s true. I don’t know how to write any other way really. It can come from my subconscious or things from the past, all like a collage of events.” Richard added, “I just write about my feelings.”

“I get so immersed in playing that I don’t really notice the reaction” he muses, when asked about the rapturous reception on Tuesday night, “I just have to hope that it’s ok”. The couples strong musical chemistry should be no surprise; “we were best friends from when we were 16, so we’ve known each other since we were really young.” Richard added that they always use to jam together when they met up, “like you do.” Their sound is a curious mix of delicate, chiming guitars with powerhouse vocals and an innocence belying the oftenintrospective lyrics. They defy definition, which is an encouraging thing for an act today. Certainly Richard is reluctant to describe it as folk, or even (whisper it) nu-folk. “It’s a funny one, ‘cause it’s very popular now isn’t it. I don’t know if it was popular when we started doing it, I was unaware of the indie folk thing and how popular it is, ‘cause I’ve always been brought up with folk music, and Chezz (Francesca) has as well,

Changing Horses are individual yet very accessible, an impressive feat to pull off. From first impressions, hopefully they are something that shall be gracing venues in the area for a while to come. you can subscribe to the mailing list for news. Next playing at Starbucks 20th Oct and Jolly Brewer 29th. Oct Words by David Lewindon Photo by Christabel Jay


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Let Me In


inm erta


Movie Previews


ullet entertainment has been scoping out the brand spanking new movie releases that will be coming up in the next few weeks. The nice people across the pond have finally allowed us Brits to enjoy what they have seen- with side splitter ‘due date’ coming to a screen near you, starring the ever hilarious Zach Galifianakis. Harry Potter is also back to give you his epic finale and farewell, plus all your favourites that have now reached the small screen from the big screen...

Due date Definitely the film that I am most looking forward to this month. From the director of The Hangover comes a brand new comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Irritable father-tobe Peter (Downey Jr.) has to hitch a ride with wannabe actor Ethan (Galifianakis) to make the birth of his child. Packed with hilarious one-liners and slapstick comedy, it is definitely worth a watch for any student wanting a laugh.

Jackass 3-D Now we all remember the antics of the ‘delightful’ gang of misfits that are the Jackass boys; but this month we can experience all their new stunts, pranks and general stupidity in 3D. It’s questionable that this film should be branded a documentary, but let’s hope that after 4 years, the boys haven’t lost their guts, and we can be treated to some more of the far-fetched comedy they provide!

Yet another take on the vampire genre that seems to be so popular at the moment, with considerable likenesses to Twilight. Following the life of unhappy and neglected 12 year old Owen, as he makes a kinship with Abby, we see that she is not as she appears, and relies on her father bringing her blood to survive. Based on a previous film Let the Right One In, this film has been given great reviews; a must see dramatic horror for any vampire lover.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I The first half of the epic finale to the most infamous wizarding story the world has ever encountered. This film picks up after Dumbledore’s death and the search for horcruxes continues, in the battle to defeat the Dark Lord. Entering into the darker territory of the story, the characters are older and wiser, and face more death-defying challenges than could have been expected when we first met of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Engaging for Potter fans, and everyone else alike, due to the complex and interesting plot that will twist and turn until the very end.

Monsters Seems an interesting plot, in which Mexico is quarantined due to an alien life form appearing there after a probe containing matter crashes upon re-entry into the atmosphere. The main story follows a journalist escorting a shaken tourist through the ‘infected zone’ to the safety of the US border. Seems to be a Pitch Black type film, just without Vin Diesel showing the world his physique via a skin tight tank top! 24

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gain, we are to be treated this month as some great DVDs are being released. Whether you missed it at the cinema, or thought it was so good you want to get it and watch it over and over, here are a few hot picks.

Toy Story 3

Everyone has an inner child, but most students will have grown up with Woody and Buzz. This, the last in the trilogy, sees Andy off to College and leaves the future of the toys hanging in the balance. If, like me, you wanted to see what happened to your childhood film friends, then you definitely won’t be disappointed.


How to Train Your Dragon

Again, this film was aimed at children, but it is a brilliant new story that can be appreciated by anyone. Moving and funny, it’s worth a watch for the humorous Vikings or the dragons that look like a 4 year old went mental with a crayon! Definitely gets a recommendation from me!


An Old Favourite


n 1985 Back to the Future predicted we’d have flying cars by 2015. But while we’re still waiting on this sci-fi image of the future, one thing that no one predicted was the critical acclaim the film would receive. The script was written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemekis in 1980 and continuously rejected by film studios for the next four years, until finally in 1984 Stephen Spielberg backed the project which went on to earn over £250million at the box office, worldwide. Filming wasn’t short of bumps in the road either. Casting of pivotal roles was fraught with problems with the role of Marty McFly being awarded to Eric Stoltz because first choice Michael J. Fox had prior engagements. Four weeks into filming Stoltz was sacked and the producers eventually managed to lure Fox onto the film.

The A-team

The Hollywood revamp of the 80’s classic, The A-Team received mixed reviews when it first hit the big screen earlier this year. Since then however, it has been looked back on, and opinions have changed. People have realised that the movie was not going to be like the original series and have decided that it is as good as it could have been. This is an action flick worth watching, with all the cheesy one-liners of the 80’s hit.


The flick opened in America in July 1985. It was the highestgrossing movie of the year and even got a mention from the then President Ronald Reagan, “As they said in the film Back to the Future, ‘Where we’re going we don’t need roads.’” The film recently snagged a cinematic re-release and also a blu-ray box set of the trilogy was released late last month. The blu-ray is packed with never-before-seen bonus material, a retrospective documentary with interviews from the cast and crew and an alternate ending.

‘This is heavy.’ 25

bulletnovemberissue.indd 25

Words by Crystal Holmes

15/10/10 14:28:29

GAME REVIEW Halo: Reach Score: 8.9/10 Platforms: Xbox 360 Rating: 16+


his year Bungie games studios ended their illustrious partnership with Microsoft and joined forces with publishing giants Activision. However, not without leaving Xbox 360 owners with a parting gift in the form of series prequel Halo: Reach. The game puts the player into the metallic boots of Noble Six and a Spartan super soldier in the six-man squad known as Noble Team, during the interplanetary war between the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) and the alien Covenant. After playing through the campaign mode (enjoyable with up to three friends co-operatively), I am tempted to describe it without using the now far over-saturated word “epic”. My first draft was immediately discarded, as I simply failed to do the story-telling and atmosphere any justice. The campaign is filled with scenes of grandeur; from the slow, heavy and purposeful march of the heavy-set Spartan Jorge, to the air carriers of epic proportions being blown out of the sky by space cruisers from orbit. Back again are also the memorable musical scores that have aided in bringing the mood and drama of the Halo universe to life.

H a lo: Reach, A Fitting End The famous Halo multiplayer is also back, with the majority of Halo 3’s library of match types, as well as all new ones thrown into the mix. It may take gamers an hour or two of getting decimated online while one gets used to the serious tweaking the game play has undergone. Reach has purged itself of the special pickups such as powerdrains, bubble-shields and grav-lifts of the previous games in favour of new abilities, such as a Sprint (a la Call of Duty), a Jet-Pack and the awesome looking “Armour-Lock”, which sees the Spartan brace himself and become sturdy enough to shrug-off bullets, rockets and even charging vehicles. Reach also manages to give a prequel some new and exciting weapons without treading on its own toes in terms of the story and continuity. Partially forgiving the short length, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by the great campaign, which allows the Spartans to reprise their role as the heroes of the Halo universe. Combine this with Halo’s trademark multiplayer, as well as improved Firefight and Forge modes and you have a fitting end to the Halo franchise that does the series proud.

The above having been praised, Reach lets itself down slightly with the campaigns short length. Even though the story leads satisfyingly back to where the series began, the ending feels like it comes about 2 chapters too soon.

Words by Guy McLean 26

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BOOK REVIEW The Angel’s Game Rating 9/10 ‘Normal people bring children into the world; we novelists bring books. We are condemned to put our whole lives into them, even though they hardly thank us for it. We are condemned to die in their pages and sometimes even to let our books be the ones who, in the end, will take our lives.’ - Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Set in late 1920’s Barcelona, Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Angel’s Game follows the turbulent life of young author David Martin as he tries to forge a future for himself after the tragic death of his father. Living in poverty and being forced to write second-rate novels under a false name just to pay the rent, David is taken under the wing of a wealthy entrepreneur. What follows sees his life take an unexpected turn into the underbelly of a city where mystery and danger are the only true inhabitants. With an utterly enthralling plot and a host of characters as rich as the colourful backdrop of Barcelona itself- the novel is, quite simply, a mesmerising read. Whether weaving a detailed emotional tapestry of David’s life, or delivering brutally intelligent prose that causes the reader to question his own reality, The Angel’s Game is a truly beautiful piece of literature and an indispensable autumn page-turner.


s students, we all have our moments. Being stupid, being too drunk to remember or wondering why we said what we did! However, these stupid remarks were said by completely sober individuals who at the time were just having a ‘blonde moment’.

“Can you pay with cash online, or does it have to be card?” “I think I’ve gone over my unlimited texts!” “I can’t learn the words, I’m forgetting the alphabet!” A question on a television programme “how do you measure feet” Friends Response “By size” “Are chips made from potatoes?” If you want to submit your friends’ daft quips and quotes then send them to entertainment@

Words by Jamie Hogue

The Batt le of the Tablet Computers “Do you like my new tablet? I love the shiny Apple on the back!” The iPad is no longer on its own in the world of tablet computers. The most talked about gadget of the year is finally getting some competition. The Samsung rival hit the shops this month and Blackberry developer, Research In Motion is releasing its tablet early next year. But with the iPad’s style and infamy, how will they stack up? ‘The Galaxy Tab’ is in the Samsung corner boasting a 7-inch LCD screen, an Android operating system and much better connectivity than the iPad. In the RIM corner, the ‘PlayBook’ has the same 7-inch screen but beats the iPad and the Galaxy with 3MP front and 5MP rear cameras. The PlayBook also runs a never-before-seen Blackberry tablet operating system that impressed the critics. Apple is well known for beating competitor sales in spite of devices having much lower specs. Will Apple finally move over and allow Steve Jobs to be the winner in this race? The iPad is already lagging behind without the ability to multitask, whilst the PlayBook and Galaxy Tab are both without doubt impressive devices. Maybe this is one battle the “revolutionary” device has no chance of winning. Words by Suzy Aldridge 27

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Sex and Fashion: “Seducing the Reader”

Camera? Check. Model? Check. Photographer? Check.Whip, latex and nudity? What?! Erm, sorry this isn’t porn it’s the fashion industry. Please leave the premises at once.


How times have changed! The fashion industry has had to adapt itself to appeal to the broadest audience possible in recent years due to the economic crisis.

bet when Louis Vuitton founded the famous LV fashion house back in 1854, he didn’t even consider that women would be given sexual or social freedom-let alone be allowed to pose provocatively or in seductive manners. The idea of exposing any kind of flesh be it arms, legs or (gasp) a bust, would be enough to send a shiver down his spine.

Kirsten Jones, PR for, a new and rapidly developing website that sells numerous high street brands under one ‘digital roof’ has expressed her own opinion on the matter:

The fashion industry has always developed, changed and transformed what it stands for. It continues to represent itself as an influential body in society, sometimes however, without being aware of how influential it can be.

“I don’t think it’s wrong, maybe just inappropriate for critics. This sexual material is an expression of both the artist and the designer. This is the image they want to portray. Retracting the material would pose a threat to the fashion industry; the retail market is now thriving from sexual appeal.”

When the emancipation of women occurred during the early to mid twentieth century, the fashion industry jumped onto this revolutionary bandwagon and started freeing not just women, but their wardrobes as well.

The truth is in the statement. Adverts on the television have increased their use of sexual appeal to catch the audience’s attention to bring in a bigger market, and Kirsten agrees:

At first the liberation of fashion seemed like a distorted joke; sneered at as a form of taboo just like tattoos or homosexuality once was. It soon blossomed however into a powerful and influential industry that is now worth over $300 billion globally.

“Take the M&S adverts, expression will break through in whatever medium and this is necessary now more than ever due to modern demand and the economic crisis. Consumers need a good reason to loosen their purse strings. If this is the way to do it and keep the retail market above water then so be it.”

Just like sex and sexual freedom once was, fashion and art were also constrained, tightened and restricted, but thanks to the Cultural Revolution, sexual expressionism has become a common and unsurprisingly powerful factor in the global fashion industry. Take i-D magazine for instance. This magazine has come a long way since its birth in 1980 but has been a pioneer for fashion and youth culture. It has also had its fair share of nudity and explicit photo shoots, including Mariah Carey as an example. She once graced the front cover of i-D wearing nothing but a two piece and it wasn’t greeted with shock or disapproval. It was considered the norm. Even when i-D was first created in 1980, it seemed to help revolutionise and create a new norm for the fashion culture. Fast forward twenty years and you’ll find bondage, a latex fetish and the assumption of sexual pain in the pages of i-D’s 30th Birthday Issue. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are included, posing provocatively whilst wearing latex, leather and pelvis high PVC boots.

If this is definitely the path the fashion industry has taken, then it appears they believe society needs to shake off the old attitudes and embrace the way the fashion industry is moving forward. But is this healthy? Is the most influential industry aware of how it affects different aspects of our lives and the pressures it puts on us, in particular our younger audience. Sure sex sells, but maybe they need to think about whom it is their selling sex too before doing so. For more on this topic, head over to

Words by Craig Finch Photo by Liam Duffy 29

bulletnovemberissue.indd 29

15/10/10 14:28:33

Fashion Paparazzi

You’ve been spotted!

Name: Rachel Janis Age: 18 Year: 1st Degree: Business/management Outfit: Dress: New Look, Jacket: Dorothy Perkins , Boots: All Saints Price: Whole outfit ~£200 Style Editor’s opinion: This is the perfect example of how you can take a simple dress and add a few pieces to glam it up. The fashion industry calls this A/W look the ‘mellow yellow‘ season. It’s all about bringing back the beloved basics which makes life allot easier. As we slowly near the end of our beloved summer season it’s time to begin a subtle transaction of swapping our favourite summer ensemble for this A/W look. Being too early to switch to the full autumn look, Rachel shows us how to hold on to your favourite summer dress and add this season’s hottest A/W trend to create the perfect off spring look. Shoes and socks are this season’s biggest trend; finally you have a good excuse to wear socks with your favourite pair of shoes! She shows how you can successfully create this look with this season’s trendy military boots with the white socks peeping over the top, and to finish the look off she has added a knitted vest. I love that she didn’t add extra jewellery to her outfit, creating the classic ‘effortless look’.

Words by: Lenora Caton Photos by: Liam Duffy

bulletnovemberissue.indd 30

Name: Tim Laking Age: 19 Year: 2nd Degree: Media Production Outfit: ALL Topman Price: Whole outfit ~£90 Style Editor’s opinion: As we are nearing the end of 2010 and leaving summer behind us, it’s time to look forward to the coming cooler weather. Luckily this winters colour trends will keep us nice and warm. Tim’s outfit shows how to look autumn ready. His golden brown coloured skinny trousers are this season’s essential piece. I thought that checkered shirts had run its course in A/W 2008 collection, but it seems that they have made a comeback! The variety of layers works well for the day time by adding a simple t-shirt underneath, but this look can easily be dressed up for a night out by adding a chunky cardigan and slim fitted jeans. He finishes this autumn look with a perfect side bag. The man bag is a great fashion statement and creates the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. With this assemble you can’t help but look forward to what this winter will bring us.


15/10/10 14:28:39

Name: Paige Lilly Age: 17 Year: 13 Studying: A-levels Outfit: Topshop/River Island Price: Whole outfit ~£120 Style Editor’s opinion: Lilly is wearing a ‘working woman’ inspired look. This year’s spring/summer collection has been all about empowering the working woman. We have seen this look go from the runway in Paris to the catwalks of London fashion week. The mix of feminine elegance with modern chic has been the inspiration for many summer 2010 essentials. As we make the transition from summer to autumn, we embark yet again on this empowering style trend reflected in the AW 2011 collection. Paige is wearing grey masculine trousers folded up together with a loose dark blue tank top and a soft pink colour knitted jacket. Her choice of dark colours mixed with a light feminine colour works well, giving her an autumn look. Her dark brown leather bag and black masculine shoes has added to the stylish modern working girl look.

Name: Chuck Ndu Age: 20 Year: 3rd Degree: Architecture Outfit: Trousers: Topman Shoes - Asos Jacket - Vintage Jumper - H&M Price: Whole outfit ~£110 Style Editor’s opinion: Chuck is wearing a vintage faded washed denim jacket. The denim jacket has been an essential piece for the spring/summer 2010 look, hanging on the rack of numerous high street brands. The denim jacket look can be a tricky one to pull off, but mixed together with a basic dark blue jumper and slim fitted camel coloured trousers; Chuck looks street ready. To finish of the look, he has added electro blue deck shoes- another summer 2010 essential for both men and women. Chuck has combined together an urban fashion style with classic items, creating a sophisticated look.


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r spo


Shutt lecocK is a funny word 32

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huttlecock is a funny word. However the puns and innuendos about one of sport’s most amusing sounding objects were far from the forefront of my mind on wednesday night, as I stood and watched a badminton tournament showcasing some of the sports brightest and most promising stars. After battling my way through the pouring rain to get to the sports centre I arrived and used my “I’m with Bullet,” line to get me inside without having to pay the required £2. Inside were a couple of hundred athletic looking people all eagerly awaiting the arrival on court of those that they aspired to be like. As I stood and dripped all over the squeaky wooden floor, the PA system kicked into life. I would tell you what it said, but as with all PA systems, only those stood directly next to the announcer could understand what they were being told. The crowd clapped and this was my cue to get into position and watch the action unfold. Four players took to the court and began warming up. Alex Langley and Ben Stawski were on one side whilst their opposition Mark Middleton and Donna Kellogg stood across from them. Being the badminton virgin that I am, I did not know at the time quite how good these players were. Obviously I could see they had skill just by watching them, but thanks to a quick Google later on, I now know that this outstanding performance wasn’t just a one off! Donna Kellogg, for example, has represented the UK at Olympic level and was awarded an MBE for her services to the sport. Thus it seemed only appropriate that her and her partner won the match by two games to one. I couldn’t help but notice just how much better they all were then when I played (to a professional standard of course) during my school days in PE. “They keep clearing the net,” I thought to myself. Show offs. Every time they moved the squeak of their trainers reminded me of both the hour of PE I used to endure and the terrifying spectacle of indoor cricket. Badminton is fortunately played with a much softer object, as a member of the crowd found out later when it landed gently on his lap during one of the games. People clapped, gasped and laughed and on no occasion was I entirely sure why. The world of badminton was a new and mysterious one for me so I just sat back and kept quietignoring all urges to clap, gasp or laugh just in case no-one else joined in and I ended up looking a bit silly. Despite this, the experience was one I thoroughly enjoyed and it is encouraging to know that there are things like this going on all the time around the city that are cheap and easily accessible for anyone with at least a passing interest. Words by Ash Billinghay Photo by Liam Duffy

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Available on Medium & Large Pizzas only. Second pizza must be of equal or lesser value than the first. Offer expires 3rd July 2011.

Minimum delivery order value applies. See below for additional T&C’s. COLLECTION OR DELIVERY



When you spend £30 or over at regular menu price Offer expires 3rd July 2011.

Excludes drinks & Ice Cream. See below for additional T&C’s. COLLECTION OR DELIVERY

Lincoln Central High St (Gowts Bridge)

TO ORDER CALL (01522) 569988 Lincoln South Off Tritton Road

TO ORDER CALL (01522) 693366 Lincoln North Outer Circle Rd

To receive offers direct to your mobile text the word ‘PIZZA’ and your postcode to 60606 Text is charged at standard network rate.

TO ORDER CALL (01522) 519933 Opening hours: 11am - 11pm, 7 Days a Week. Coupon Conditions: *Pizza from menu or create your own up to 4 toppings. Please mention offers when ordering. Only one coupon per order. Please present coupon with payment on collection or delivery. Coupons have no cash value. Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders. All offers are valid at participating stores only and are subject to availability. Offers can be withdrawn without notice. Not valid online or via text ordering services. Minimum 34 Delivery order £6.99. Offers expire 3rd July 2011.

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Join us for o 10th Birthda y! ur bir thday celebration Star ts 6pm on Thursda onwards in y 25th Nov the Tower B champagne ember a r , free entr y a for first 25 nd free glas people. DJs come along , games and ses of and par ty t p r iz e h s e t o be won night away! Keep upto date a

t www.bulle

tonline .org


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ClubEasy welcomes all new and returning students to Lincoln University

E V I S U L C ALL IaNge Available Pack

d i gi ta l

ScreeFnlaT t V & FRE with bu

it in F

E T V LRiEEVIEW ce n ce

seriously easy student accommodation

Choose from homes for groups of 2 up to 15 plus one bedroom apartments & our very own University Approved Halls of Residences.

FREEPHONE 08081 80 80 80 7852 Lincoln Bullet Ad.indd 361 bulletnovemberissue.indd

36 Lincoln

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