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Life is no doubt feeling very Toy Story 3 right now -your growing up and moving away, deciding what’s coming and going. But boy, is it worth it! University is an experience like none other and I hope you are all very excited (because you should be.) Here at Bullet, we also have something to be excited about, as we are now in our tenth year running. So make sure you look out for the date of our fantastic launch party in September! To help you out, we have arranged some hints and tips about your new home, whilst our fantastic fashion team have travelled backstage to Holland’s fashion week in order to bring you a sneak peak at autumn’s upcoming trends.


Don’t forget to have a look at our summer news to see what some of us have been getting up to, and local band ‘Murder Charge’ have given us an exclusive Interview to speak about their charity concert in October. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading! Oh and just in case you aren’t quite excited enough…we have attached the official line up for everything coming your way in freshers’ week… see you then! Welcome to the journey of a lifetime! Enjoy!


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Society tasters Features A-Z Guide to Lincoln Do’s and Don’ts of being a fresher

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24 Freshers’ Week Lineup 27 Murder Charge interview 29 Fashion 30 Shopping trip in Lincoln 31 2010/11 high street fashion 34 Mens wear 36 Sport 38 What’s coming up




Being a student here opens up a world of opportunities in new surroundings. Our news team is here to help keep you up to date with current affairs and stories that are worth knowing about. Upon starting at University, students can tend to start living in a bubble. A University bubble.You will live and breathe Uni. That is why we have created this particular section. Lincoln has so much to offer outside your degree walls. Here we will tell you all the latest news within the community, all the information that will be of use to you to get more involved in the community of Lincoln, a community that is definitely worth to get to know. There are a range of charities to help out in Lincoln. When joining Lincoln University, it may not be the first of things to do on your list but volunteering or donating can be rewarding in the long term, knowing you are helping others. The prominent charity brands in Lincoln are those such as Oxfam, Barnardo’s and Nomad trust charity shop. Oxfam is located on the High street. Its goal is to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. The shop offers a range of unique items such as clothes, accessories, music and books. When the public donates items to the shop it is the volunteers job to sort them out. Everyone can then purchase the items at bargain prices. When you decide to get involved there’s a long list of ways you can benefit from doing so. There is lots of experience to gain, it’s a great way to meet more people but most importantly it’s very rewarding to help the community. Barnardo’s slogan is ‘Believe in Children’ and this explains exactly what the charity is all about. The Charity believes in making children belong in their own communities and offers help to overcome any issue they face from drug misuse to poverty or homelessness. This charity allows you to gain skills working with children, working in a shop or even an office placement. The Barnardo’s shop is also 5

located on the high street making it very easy for students to find. If you haven’t got time to volunteer then feel free to donate, this could help the shop gain a lot of money and help children in need.

‘THE NOMAD TRUST IS PROVIDING MORE THAN JUST A ROOF OVER PEOPLE’S HEADS’ The main goal of the Nomad Trust is to help the homeless and those that are vulnerable. The charity wants to change the negative stigma attached to homelessness and raise awareness to the severity of this problem. They provides a homeless shelter, a charity shop and Advice or support for people in need.Volunteers help the charity with daily tasks, and it can be very rewarding to help people from all walks of life to regain their independence and self-respect. If you want to get involved then visit the website at for more information There’s also the opportunity to get involved in charity work with RAG which stands for ‘Raise and Give’. It’s a great charity fundraiser and part of the University of Lincoln Student Union. Its aim is to bring students together for a week of activities to raise money for a selected charity. If you want to get involved you can drop an email to our RAG officer Phil Krstic at Contact information: Lincoln Oxfam Shop Oxfam shop, 26/27 Sincil Street, Lincoln, LN5 7ET 01522 521 915 Barnardo’s Shop 262/263 High Street, Lincoln, LN2 1HW 01522 514 179 Nomad Trust 73 Monks Road, Lincoln, LN2 5HP 01522 883 700

By Tajah Brown NUS Extra is the membership card for the National Union of Students and is available to all university students. The card not only confirms your student status, but also offers discounts at a large range of big name and high street stores. This year’s card should be available to buy from mid August by simply logging on to the NUS website, – REMEMBER you won’t be a student forever so make sure you get your card early! Further information about this year’s offers and discounts will be on the NUS Extra website as it becomes available so keep checking it.


Shepherd Fo od Ministries: A project to empower the youths! Okay, so we know students live on tight budgets and sometimes live off of next to no decent grub - but do you know what it’s like to literally starve? Shepherd Food Ministries is a locally run charity with a mission. In brief, it’s goal is to try to stop chronic hunger in Nigeria. And best of all, with your help - it can get one step closer!

because they’re simply too poor. So every donation is of fundamental importance.

The charity was launched by Dr Ola Ogunyemi - a senior journalism lecturer - in March 2007 at Lincoln Baptist Church and was registered as a charity in the UK in September that year. SFM acquired acres of land in two sites in Sagamy and Abeokuta, Ogun State in 2009, which they couldn’t have done without the continuous support of Lincolnshire residents.


If you fancy making a difference by giving your time to the cause, you could go to your local Morrisons store and do a bag-pack with the charity members to raise much needed funds. The next bag-packing event is on Sunday 24th October.

Dr Ola believes that the younger generation should take famine more seriously: He said: “There is a lot of global food insecurity - especially in Africa.You could make a difference by adopting Shepherd Food Ministries as your charity.”

This land needs to be cleared and bull dozed to plant as many palm trees and cassava (Nigeria’s staple food) as possible. The goal is for over two thousand palm trees to be planted.Then farm machinery will be brought in to prepare the ground for planting medicinal herbs and spices to help cure people with Malaria.SFM will also train up young people to use and maintain farm equipment and to learn about handling and preservation methods...

To find out more, visit: or search for ‘Shepherd Food Ministries’ on Facebook.

Picture contest

... So how can you help?

‘40 MILLION NIGERIAN YOUTHS BETWEEN 18-30 ARE UNEMPLOYED, EVEN AFTER UNIVERSITY EDUCATION.’ You could adopt a palm tree or even feed the hungry on your birthday.You could donate farming equipment or even sponsor a solar panel.

To get your own picture in the magazine we are challenging you to get in some better pictures than our own photographers. In the upcoming year you will have the opportunity to send us your best news pictures and we will pick the best photo for every issue. The best picture will get a spot in the magazine, so start snapping those holiday news pictures!

In order to feed the hungry on your birthday, all you need to do is make a small donation that will go out of your bank account on your birthday. As you’re celebrating your birthday, many Nigerian youngsters of your own age group can’t celebrate 7

HELLO WORLD Dear Freshers, When we go to other countries we all notice different things.There’s always a story to tell of something you’ve experienced. Hello World will bring you those stories from Lincoln University students who have each visited different countries. In this issue: Holland, Scotland and Tunisia.

RIJSWIJK, HOLLAND, ORANGE FEVER! By Besma Ayari It’s everywhere, it’s bright and it’s happy, it’s vibrant and alive.You can’t ignore it.You can’t look away because it screams at you, proud and strong it screams: We support Holland, we support our boys and we hope you will win them all. It’s the colour orange and it’s everywhere. Houses are decorated with it. People are dressed in it and even our pastries have suddenly turned orange. One of the best sold supermarket items where the orange tompouce. It’s like the whole county has gone crazy. Everyone talks about the world cup, everywhere, at work, at home and even on the train. It’s on the front page of every newspaper. For weeks they kept running a special world cup edition. It’s what they talk about on TV;

it’s what they talk about on the radio and even what we talk about with our friends... Holland kept on winning and because of this, something changed over here, the whole atmosphere changed. The whole country just stood still. Holland went on lock-down, football lock-down and nothing else was more important. I can honestly say that I have never cared about football one bit in my entire life. But now I find myself talking about it all the time. To my surprise I actually know the names of all the Dutch players. I watch every match and I read every bit of news and even watch the discussions on TV. LANARK – SCOTLAND SCOTTISH AND PROUD… ENGLISH AND PROUDER? By Lisa Denholm Hello Scotland… our neighbor? Well, so I thought Beautifully sloping hills, dazzling landmarks and over-whelming patriarchy aside… In my opinion, Scotland couldn’t be any more detached from England if it grew legs and ran away! I loved my time away. I was staying in a little town called Lanark, made famous through William Wallace (made even more famous through Mel Gibson’s interpretation of him) and I particularly enjoyed delving in to this history by visiting churches and talking to the locals. However, I admit that I went to visit Scotland at the wrong 8

time; jus and kno mocked Scottish I found support asked w even tho mixed r

The one much hi apparen which c This is o I feel all suffering togethe All in al that the such as allowing back in

st after England got mortifyingly thrashed ocked out of the world cup.Yes, I got d and teased relentlessly by all manner of h people, just because I’m from England. it so hard to believe that they didn’t t England… not even a little bit. When I why people didn’t want to support England, ough they’re part of Britain, I got very responses.

e that came up most is that there is too istory between the two countries and ntly the English can be pompous about it, caused bitterness for a lot of people. only a small insight into this problem that l four corners of our British nation are g from. We just don’t seem to want to gel er and admit that we’re actually family. ll though, I loved being in Scotland. I feel e Scots keep age-old traditions alive, having parades and ‘gala days’ and even g people to take in their glass pop bottles to shops in exchange for a small amount

of money. By keeping such little traditions alive, it gives spirit and value to the country. Spirit and value I feel England lacks. When I was up in Scotland, I just felt like every single warm-hearted and jovial Scots person was a member of my family and it was something I definitely missed when I got back home. KAIROUAN – TUNISIA THE KING OF TUNISIA By Besma Ayari Salaam aleikom, I’m sitting on the roof while writing this Hello World piece. Its nighttime and the weather has finally cooled down. My aunt’s house isn’t far from the great mosque; and from here I can hear the call for prayer from all around me. It’s been a year since I’ve been here and I notice the country keeps changing. There is one thing though that hasn’t changed since I came here as a little girl... To hear more of Besma’s story go online to 9




If you love musicals or like to watch a movie once in a while this society is perfect for you. The members of the Stage and Screen society meet once a week to go to the theatre together, watch a movie or a musical. “This way you have a bunch of people to go with rather than having to go on your own, which is always depressing” says Frances Hutchinson, president and creator of the Stage and Screen Society.

Are you joining our University as a politics first year? Or maybe you’ve always held an interest in the governing of the country? Maybe you just like an intense political discussion? Then this society is perfect for you. As the name obviously states the politics society is all about politics. It encourages political activity among students; in the form of debating, taking an interest in current affairs, protesting etc. Gemma Coby, president and founder of the society, says she was surprised to see that where most universities have a politics society, Lincoln did not have one yet. As she was the student rep for International Relations and Politics last year, she noticed that students would have enjoyed a weekly meeting of debates and news, especially during the run-up to the recent elections.


The politics society isn’t just offering its members weekly meetings though, it’s also planning to arrange interesting trips.

Frances wants the society to be something that isn’t a heavy commitment because course work takes up a lot of free time. The society should be something you can relax with and share together at the same time.


Society fee: 5 pounds Open to: Everyone Society goal:Watch movie/musicals and theatre together and do other related activities President: Frances Hutchinson Contact information:

Says Gemma.

Society fee: 15 pounds Open to: Everyone, It doesn’t even matter which party you support. Society goal:To allow anyone who has interest in politics to come together to discuss issues that affect society and to encourage students outside the social sciences school to take an interest in politics. President: Gemma Cobby Contact information: universityoflincolnpoliticssociety@

For those interested in our wide range of activities to come along to the sports and societies fair, 23rd Sept, 10-4pm in the Student Centre, Engine Shed.











ENGINE SHED (of course)

Good cocktails, comfy sofas and attractive barmaids. Winner.

Music, expensive drinks and very fancy toilets.



They might look fun on a night out, but the police disagree.

Sorry, looks like you’re leaving sooner than expected...



Outside The Shed. Appreciates scampi. Less so, Lager.

Good for frisbee and general lounging around.



Home of shows, comedy and a giant metal face. 12

Be sure to take some change for the vending machine when waiting for your friend to be seen to after headbutting the ceiling (honest).



Pots and pans will do if a snowboard is out of your price range.



Set off five minutes early because it WILL stop you.



Job Shop - Looking for part time employment whilst being a student? Pop along to the SU Job Shop Today


Don’t own a kite? Use a bed sheet.


The home of your Students’ Union The place to be on campus!


Brand spanking new make over ready for September - worth a visit!


The pies at half time make up for the football.

It’s what you’re here for so ignore the previous twenty things and focus.


You’re not in the North just yet (although the accents may convince you otherwise).



Happens every year when Lincoln Vs Derby into he SU battle of sports.


Every night is a student night somewhere.

(See U).



Like film? Oh good, it’s cheap if you’ve got an NUS card.



Sorry but, they’re everywhere. Take them home with you as a gift for your parents.


The alarm you’ll wake up to if the Brayford seemed like a good bed the night before. 13

Congratulations, you are now one.


If you seen one you’ve definitely had too much!






Coming to university is an exciting time. Whether you’re exploring foreign cities or just enjoying a muchneeded free-fall from the apron strings, for many of us it’s one of the most liberating experiences of a lifetime. However, while being a Fresher may be all fun and games, even games need to have rules…




FEEL PRESSURED TO CHANGE. For some, university is about embracing freedom and new experiences; for others it can simply be a necessary continuation of their academic life.

EXPERIMENT Feel free to try new things and push boundaries. You might be surprised at how flexible you can be. TAKE TIME TO EXPLORE THE CITY Lincoln has so much to offer, both culturally and socially; you shouldn’t feel confined to simply being a ‘student’.

GO OUTSIDE THE ‘STUDENT BUBBLE’ Unless you have good knowledge of Lincoln, or friends in the local area. Feel free of course to explore. Just be cautious-: personal safety is still very important.

STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY They can still give you reassurance and support from afar.

HAVE YOU MUM ON SPEED-DIAL. Contacting home too often can generate feelings of homesickness and make you feel more isolated.

BUDGET! Setting a figure, per week, to manage your spending can ensure you have enough money to live comfortably and get all the necessary materials for your course.

SPLASH OUT THE SECOND YOU SEE A RISE IN YOUR BANK BALANCE Enjoy yourself, but remember that the money is there for a reason (i.e. to keep you alive).

MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR FLATMATES It encourages a friendly atmosphere and means that support is never far away.

BECOME INSULAR Relying solely on your flatmates for friendship can be troublesome in the long run. Get yourself out there; a wider circle of friends is so much more rewarding.

PLAN FOR ‘STUDENT’ NIGHTS OUT This way you’ll make the most of Lincoln’s nightlife and save money with exclusive drinks offers and entry deals.

STICK RIGIDLY TO A SET ROUTINE While a sense of order can be helpful, it’s not always fun. Be spontaneous! There’s something strangely satisfying about munching on a McDonald’s at 4 o’clock in the morning.





I can almost guarantee on reading the title of this feature you pictured a grey haired, wrinkly man sitting at the back of your lecture, most likely armed with a flask of tea and an enormous notepad. I’m right aren’t I? An old student or more commonly known as ‘mature’ does not denote wrinkles or a free bus pass; simply a student over the age of 21 on applying to University.

choosing the wrong course for me. Minor doubts are okay and common in the first Semester, expect them. The standard of University education is a totally different experience to that during A-Levels. However, if a wobble turns into constant doubt, frustrated tears and lack of motivation, then talk to a tutor from the course. Don’t feel you have to put up with it because at the end of the day, it is your career no one else’s.Yes your course should be challenging and at times stressful, but it should also be enjoyable, something that brings out your


Although not technically a mature student myself, I’m about to embark on my fourth and final year in Lincoln, thus I have a tonne of wise words tucked under my belt waiting to enlighten you guys. Get a pen, write this down, or store them in the section of your brain that will not be consumed by room numbers, directions around the Architecture building and cringe worthy memories from the night before.

passions and aspirations. It took me a long and miserable eight months to realise that actually I didn’t have to endure it anymore and I started a-fresh doing something that I loved. I can quite honestly say it has been my best decision to date. Changing your course is a big step to take, only consider it if the problem has become serious and affecting other aspects of your University life.

Give your emotions until around December to settle down, for friends to be truly made and to generally feel at home. I piled on the pressure and expected to be swanning around like a local within a month- not the case. So if you find yourself home sick, terrified to walk into a seminar room full of strangers and STILL getting lost at the end

You will make mistakes, at times you will struggle, but most of all you will triumph and have an incredible experience that will set you up for the rest of your life.

OLDER STUDENTS WORDS OF WISDOM If you find yourself with questions about your course or just need someone to talk too, email Dan Derricott (vp affairs officer) for information about our new ‘map’ student group for mature and post graduate students.

of the first Semester-do.not.panic. Moving away to University is one of the hardest things any person can do. However once conquered it is life changing. If you see someone sitting on their own in and between lectures, sit with them, smile and introduce yourself. It’s how I met one of my closest friends. During my first year at Lincoln, I went through the utter panic, confusion and general unhappiness of 17

RANT Some of the best advice I could give to someone approaching the wide wild world is that when it comes to money your parents really DO know it all. The best thing to do is start buttering up to them as soon as you can, the initial ‘My Baby’s Left Me’ phase will fade pretty quick and after that even your mother will clamp her hands round the family bank account and refuse to open them unless you are in DIRE emergency.

Also every time you sidle up to a cash point and pull out a ten pound note as if by magic!! It does in fact come from your BANK ACCOUNT, and all those little ten pound note withdrawals soon add up to an empty overdraft. It’s a heartbreaking moment the day the cash point screen snidely announces that the ‘free’ 1000 pound overdraft given to you so generously by your bank is gone. And you told mummy and daddy you wouldn’t touch it.......

Debit cards are evil, not the forged-from-hell, pure demonic sort of evil credit cards are made of but evil none the less. So easy it is to skip around flaunting your shiny new card at every shop you see, 70 quid on booze at Morrisons, 50 quid on that all important new outfit for fresher’s week, and then of course there’s money for going out....Friday and Saturday evenings that are typically reserved for alcohol fuelled festivities turns into an every night occurrence, one pound a drink? Yes please.

‘DEBIT CARDS ARE EVIL, NOT THE FORGED-FROMHELL, PURE DEMONIC SORT OF EVIL!’ Money will literally melt away in front of your eyes. I remember a very close ‘friend’ of mine grovelling to the bank within the first month of uni thinking someone had got hold of their bank details and had siphoned away money, only to sit through a humiliating 20 minutes while their bank manager explained that in fact their bank details were safe, but the ‘missing’ 200 pounds in their account was draped over their body in the form of Topshop and running through their veins in the form of last night’s alcohol. And of course as the year wears on and you get lazier and lazier (which you will its inevitable) taxis will start gobbling up your loose change. 18

However to those of you out there with a soft and trusting heart I cannot stress enough how wary one must be about ‘lending’ money. So many times you will find yourself dying to go out but your friend won’t have money, any kind person and indeed good friend would in this situation of course lend the pauper some money for an enjoyable evening out. But if they say they will pay you back then make sure you actually have minerals to make sure they DO. Don’t worry about what’s polite when it comes to YOUR money, don’t let people walk all over you with puppy eyes and sob stories or they will know they can take advantage. As someone who knows firsthand of such scavengers, if you don’t get that tenner back within a few weeks you will never get it back. Don’t be dense enough to keep lending that same person money because they are your friend and you feel bad for them, you are all as poor as each other and believe me the day will come when you yourself run out of pretty papers and no one will be able to help you out. In fact when it comes to making new friends in general be wary, too many people can prove themselves to be utter arsewipes by the end of the year....... By Ellie Blackman



n rtai Ente




n rtai e t n e

FILM REVIEW Inception Release Date: Out Now Rating: 9/10


Consider Christopher Nolan’s last venture into the dog eat dog world of mega budget blockbusters. 2008’s “The Dark Knight” remains one of the highest grossing films of all time and will no doubt ride on the title of “world’s best superhero film” for years to come. So when one of Hollywood’s most renowned directors comes back with a bigger than blockbuster budget, and a rekindled passion for his gritty, intelligent roots, expectations are understandably through the roof. Inception is Nolan’s latest assault on mainstream cinema, and ventures into the brave and bold territories of the human dreamscape. What starts off as an unconvincing tour of Inception’s dream invading technology, gradually sets the scene for a grand and complex siege, held in a multi tiered construct of the human mind. Nolan has obviously put a lot of thought into the common characteristics that we all experience when we dream. By integrating these experiences into the plot of Inception in genuinely interesting ways, the dream world that we are presented with becomes so much more compelling and believable. Where the film does lack, is in the core staples of a big summer blockbuster. Inception’s action sequences 20

are frequent, but mostly uninspiring. The comedy and charm often associated with the average blockbuster are practically non-existent in Inception, and when the occasional laugh does surface, it doesn’t tend to flow naturally with the films rapid pacing. But where Inception fails to tick the “blockbuster box”, it definitely makes up for where it needs to. It proudly boasts a strong cast, a gripping story, awe inspiring effects, and plot twists that are bound to keep even the most focused film lover on their toes. Christopher Nolan has taken his complex and intelligent film formula and successfully planted it at the forefront of mainstream cinema. Inception doesn’t want to satisfy the desires of the average blockbuster fan; it redefines what they want from a big budget movie, and breathes a new lease of life into a genre where ground is very rarely broken.

By Jonathon Parker

TV REVIEW Big Brother Channel: 4 Air time:Varies Day 36 and I’m watching on the edge of her seat as Josie and John James continue their will-they-won’t-they relationship. Will summer ever be the same without Big Brothers dulcet tones and stereotypical storylines? The long running reality pioneer comes to a close this year leaving Channel 4 with some 600 hours of space to fill on their summer schedule. Like many others, I have watched the series religiously for the past ten years, and have spent this year wondering what Channel 4 will pull out of the bag next year to make my summer complete now it has a Big Brother shaped hole. Now this year’s series proves why the show is a much loved classic. Channel 4 has pulled out all the stops to grab our shoulders, dust them off and scream, “Hey you! We’re sending our flagship show out in style!” It wouldn’t be surprising if they personally sent Davina out to sit and have tea with every household in Britain who believes the show has lost the zest for life it so valiantly snarled in our faces 10, 8 or even 5 years ago. Going from humble beginnings complete with vegetable garden and chickens, the show quickly became an over-

BIG BROTHER BOWS OUT! sexed snooze fest of typically flamboyant wannabes. Some might argue the show has well outlived all of its eight lives. Once known for its frequent water-cooler moments, for launching the careers of ‘celebrities’ such as Jade Goody, and imposing upon us such gems as, “I like blinking I do.”, “WHO is she?!” but perhaps most famously of all, “Where’s East Angular though? I thought that was abroad,” the programme became a shadow of what it once was. With popularity dwindling the show was given the axe last year, leaving many across the nation cheering and others sobbing at the loss of their favourite TV show (along with any hope of fame they may ever have). I, for one, am left wondering, is this truly the end, or will Big Brother live on in some way, shape or form? Here’s hoping!

By Jonathon Parker 21

game REVIEW E3 EXPO, Las Vagas Date: June 2010 Every noteworthy industry in the world has its own large-scale event that consumers and industry workers alike can look forward to. If you’re into films, you follow the Cannes Film Festival. If you’re seriously into fashion, you attend London Fashion Week. Whereas if you’re a gamer, you’ll more than likely have had your eyes on the “Electronic Entertainment Expo” (E3 for short) in June. With over 45,000 in attendance at this colossal L.A gathering, the pressure is really on the big games companies to strut their stuff; each playing host to a large stage-show for the gaming press where new consoles are unveiled, new hardware is put on display and fresh, never-before-seen titles are thrust into the media limelight.

THE FUTURE OF GAMING! Sony also brought their star games, starting off with titles such as Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, Medal of Honour and a new installment for old franchise Twisted Metal. The Playstation creators devoted the rest of their show to demonstrating their innovations in 3D gaming as well as showing off what their new motion controller, the Playstation Move can do; which by the looks of the demonstration, is everything the Wii can and more!

Microsoft kicked-off proceedings at this years show with a brief preview of Call of Duty: Black Ops. This demo took the player “deep behind enemy lines” to simulate the experience of a “Deniable Operations” soldier during the Vietnam War. They continued giving gamers tantalising previews of what they had to look forward to over the next year, including demonstrations of Konami’s Metal Gear Rising, Bungie’s Halo: Reach, Epic Games’ Gears of War 3 and Peter Molyneux’s Fable 3. All of which of which were greeted with massive cheers from the audience. For the remainder of their conference Microsoft stunned the crowd with demonstrations showing off Project Natal (re-christened “Kinect”); Microsoft’s new controller technology which saw players literally using their naked hands and voices to play games and operate the Xbox 360. They also ended the event by revealing their new sleek Xbox 360, with a built in 250 GB hard drive and wifi support.


Over at the Nintendo press conference, the creators of the Wii, were busy renovating old characters, showing footage of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Metroid: Other M. Nintendo finished with a demonstration of the new 3DS. Looking similar to its predecessor, it still boasts the famous dual screens; however the top screen is now slightly larger and has the ability to display games in full 3D without the need for special glasses! Kid Icarus, a series thought forgotten to the pages of gaming history, was dusted-off and later announced as the first title for the 3DS, to be met with a deafening cheer from the audience. With the competition hotter than ever this year and footage of the 3 stage shows freely available on the internet, it is simply a must for any game fan to get online and decide for themselves which games they’ll be waiting for. By Guy McLean

Overheard… Bullet is bringing back overheard, giving you a chance to name and shame the people who have come out with some of the stupidest remarks! If you hear something that makes you think “how on earth did that person make it to Uni” then we want to hear it! The year was coming to a close, exams were causing stress, but seriously, was there any need for these daft remarks?……… E: “HOW WAS YOUR HOLIDAY?” J: “I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH RUM AND HONEY!” E: “WHO ARE THEY SPANISH WAITERS?” “I DIDN’T THINK THAT LIGHTING THE PAPER WOULD START A FIRE!”

Book REVIEW Bree Tanner Author: Stephanie Meyer




Only weeks before the release of Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer released another edition to the Twilight Saga. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is tagged as an Eclipse novella, and links directly into the main story and is featured heavily in the film. This book is a typical Meyer story, filled with passion, romance and vampires; but is a breath of fresh air after the Twilight series. If focuses on the life of Bree Tanner and her newborn life in a hostile and violent environment. Under the command of Riley, she learns to live the hard way and for it pays heavy consequences after battle with the Cullens.

Email yo ente ur over and lo r tainmen heard co m t@ ok o ut fo bulleton ments to line.c r the o m be ing p .uk rinte d!

It is a quick and easy read and the plot is superbly intertwined with the original story. Well worth a read for any Twilight fan. By Crystal Holmes 23

exclusive FRESHERS Sunday ICEBREAKER - OH MY GAGA! 8pm. Beach Party at the newly refurbished Tower bars. Enjoy the sun on their very own man made beach with live dj’s and an indoor hot tub-even better it’s free!

Lady Gaga Tribute Act

What better way to make friends than doing your best bad romance dance! Enjoy all your favourite Gaga hits at engine shed.10pm start, tickets £6.00 in advance.




Monday welcomes you to L - Be amazing (and slightly sickened) by Britain’s got talent contender Stevie Starr (The regurgitator) Come join in the fun to see what he can swallow next! If that doesn’t get you interested, C’est la vie! B*witched’s Keavy and Edele are here to bring you their chart topping hits!

The all important Freshers Fayre! absolutley cannot be missed.Your chance to grab loads of freebies and vouchers for the year. Plus music from Reverend and the Makers Jon Mclure. (Get there early for free slices of dominoes pizza!) Held in engine shed from 10am-4pm.

Fever Pitch ! The bigges student night ALL year, every wednesday. This week- Hollyoak favourt Max and O.B will go he to head on the decks o their 4music tour. Stay t the end to vote who wa your favourite DJ! 10pm £6.00 advance

Hungry after your night out? Tower bar is serving an array of tasty food-a perfect hangover cure! serving from 12pm till late.

Lincoln ghost walk- grab all your friends and hea up steep hill for the frig of your life! £4.00, meet point on your freshers mag map.

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THURSDAY DJ HERO ZANE LOWE! Radio ones infamous talent is hitting engine shed to burst your eardrums full of tunes you wouldn’t expect! 10.30pm £8.00 advance Student rule number one- anything free, should not go a miss. Tower bar’s fresher bbq-drop in between 12 and 4 for your free beer and burger! brilliant. The ultimate student quizLike a pub, but better. Every sunday at 7.30pm, Tower bar.




Friday night fever roller disco and the silent disco!

A saturday night as it should be- Loud music and a great weekend out! engine shed’s UP night presents another fab Radio One DJ- Greg James! Watch out for the giant dancing robot! 10.30pm £6.00

Carholme Community Gala 2pm-6pm at the West Common

Two nights proven to be extremeley popular, swap your dancing shoes for roller blades and skate around to music from a live DJ! bring your own or hire on the night. 8.00pm £6.00 advance Continue your evening of fun with the legendary silent disco- just put your headphones on, choose your favourite music selection from your two live dj’s and dance away to something completley different to the people around you! 10.30pm. £6.00 advance

Pre Bar at the Tower bar from 8.00pm onwards

Bowling- if you fancy a night off, round up your flatmates and head over to Lincoln’s superbowl (directions and meeting point on fresher mag map) £5.00 for two games.

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Lincoln based dirty punk band MURDER CHARGE consisting of vocalist Bruno, bassist Sophie, guitarist Johnny and drummer Michael, talks about what it’s like to be a band in Lincoln and why you should come and see them! Breaking into the music industry is hard for anyone, never mind pushing through a rural area like Lincoln. ‘It is very hard actually. There isn’t a very strong music scene here at the moment. We do have to go further afield to places like Nottingham and Sheffield - although things are starting to look better with more regular live music nights at local clubs such as SCY. When asked about the support they get from people, Bruno wished more student’s would get involved in live music, ‘Crash Doubt Promotions put on gigs regularly at the Library Bar. People are very helpful and supportive who come along to see us, but we don’t get as much recognition and involvement from University students as we would like.’ Like all musicians, their inspiration comes from somewhere, ‘To be honest we all have a wide mish mash of influences! I am inspired by more gothic styles such as Marilyn Manson where as Sophie is more into old school punk such as The Clash and newer bands such as The Distillers. With pressure on to get recognised, Sophie worries their location will set them back, ‘Not many big bands have come out of Lincoln with the exception of ‘I was a Cub scout’, and there isn’t a lot of interest from the industry who are searching in bigger cities with stronger music scenes. Murder Charge are all about escaping genres and focusing on creating their own unique sound. ‘We have had people say all sorts, from a heavier more punk version of Placebo, to a darker version of The Damned and The Cure. To be honest I couldn’t really put us in a category, you need to listen for yourself and decide. But generally, dirty punk rock perhaps? Not being able to decide on a sound, do they have a favourite song written or sung by the band? ‘I think we all have a soft spot for our newest track that’s going to be coming out in September called ‘I can’t wait.’ It’s so much more different and mature than all the stuff we have written previously and I also think it’s a crowd pleaser.’ Murder charge are highly anticipating what looks set to be a big night for them in October. ‘Yeah we have a show booked in Boston on the 3rd September and then a


charity gig at the Library Bar in Lincoln on the 1st October, which is raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness and features all bands with some or all female members. It’s proving to look to be quite an amazing show as we will be supporting ‘Hearts Under Fire’ who are doing rather well for themselves after playing at Download and Sonnisphere festivals. If Murder charge could play their perfect gig, what would this be...? ‘I think just one where the crowd are buzzing and having an amazing time and so are we - it doesn’t have to be anything as huge as Download Festival, but you know, that would be nice too! When asked if there was anything weird they have experienced as a band, Sophie replied instantly about her band member... ‘Michael believes the weirdest was when he first met Bruno- anybody who knows him or has seen us live will understand why and the rest of us remember a photoshoot where we ended up climbing in a skip over loads and loads of wet cardboard boxes-don’t ask! Quick to finally promote their evening, Sophie shares why you guys should make an appearance...Because we don’t only offer a fun gig, but also a show. Bruno often dresses up in weird and wonderful things and carries a range of props! And because the Lincoln music scene really needs all the support it can get to make it bigger and better than ever!

See them play 1st October at the Library Bar and find out more on their myspace *Please not that this event is not provided by the Students’ Union.






SHOPPING TRIP IN LINCOLN TOWN Hello Freshers! Welcome to Lincoln University! And welcome to Cathedral city! I have good news for all you fashion lovers.You may be away from home, but you can still get your fashion fix right here in the beautiful town of Lincoln, with a high street packed with fashion goodies! Familiar big brands Top shop,Top man, River Island, House of Fraser, Primark, and New-look form the base of Lincoln’s fashion. But that is not all as I have a little surprise for all you fashion addicts! As you walk up to the beautiful hill off Lincoln’s high street, tucked away you will find more then a dozen of cute boutiques.YES I said a dozen! Lincoln town is famous for its little boutiques. Are you looking for one of a kind fashion pieces? Or are you in search for a bit of vintage, dresses? bags?, shoes? Name it and you can find it! Just walk those beautiful legs upwards. Does this sound like fashion FIX to your ears? Then you will LOVE, LOVE, did I say LOVE? Cathedral city for all it has to offer! See you on the high-street. You’re Fashion Editor Lenora G Caton x 30



TOPshop being called THE fashion destination on the British high street, Topshop brings us runway fashion for purse –friendly prices. Offering cutting edge style and a clothing range that varies from petit sizes through to tall fashion. Topshop also pride themselves on exclusive limited edition fashion lines- keep your eye out on our website where we shall be launching the news of all the new arrivals!

RUBY Red resting at the foot of Steep Hill at the top of the High Street, Ruby Red is a fairly new independent boutique with a stylish yet quaint atmosphere inside that has become a shopping craze for trendy and quirky women of all ages. Selling well known labels such as Lipsy and Jon Zak and featuring clothes in fashion magazines like Look, Ruby Red sells clothes favoured by any fashionista with prices ranging from £10-85.

TOPman for all fashion conscious males, Topman is definitely your fashion destination! Each clothing item has a unique quality when combined. With Topman you can create your own style within styles. New in store is ‘Topman ltd,’ which is a new concept from the in-house designers at Topman. The line includes sophisticated luxe collections- with an emphasis on design, detail, fabric and the finish.

Mono is located a few doors up from Ruby Red and was founded in 2003. Declared by itself to be the first boutique on the strait, Mono has become one of the founding members of the boutique craze that has hit Lincoln and followed by many fashionista’s alike. Selling unique and funky clothes such as vintage dresses and Hello Kitty accessories, prices are suitable for any student looking for a fancy frock for a night on the town!

RIVER Island for men and women. With fifty years of fashion retail experience offering fashionable, up to date and stylish wear, River Island is seen as THE best high street shop in terms of price, fashion and quality. River Island offers both products for men and woman. Popular items are their footwear, bags and their own label branded jeans. HOUSE of Fraser’s department store has one of the best known names on the high street, offering designers brands, and exclusive collections. House of Fraser offers the more luxurious items at affordable prices ranging from beauty essentials to home accessories. New-Look offering affordable, stylish fashion for both men and women, New-look has become a well established low budget brand on the UK highstreets. Because their prices are low with an additional ten percent student discount, they are the favourite of any student working with a budget! Primark ah yes Primark makes life so much easier does it not?! The lowest budget brand on the UK’s high street is the place where style and affordable prices roll into one. Primark is extremely popular amongst students, providing you with anything from your basic tops, shoes, party wear, home essentials and even cute night wear. All for a price that makes even us poor students think I’M RICH! Yes we love our Primark and simply could not do without one that’s why Lincoln offers you not one but TWO Primark stores! 31

Agatha Vogue recently placed Agatha in the top 10 boutiques in Britain, and this shop certainly deserves it! Lincoln’s largest boutique sells luxury goods from many well known brands, such as Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Emporio Armani, Nicole Farhi, Ted Baker and Ugg and is situated near the top of the High Street. With a price range slightly higher than other boutiques and shops, Agatha sells many clothes for those extra-special occasions. Go on...treat yourself!! Gere is a men’s retail unit located near the top of the High Street next to Oxfam and The Slug and Lettuce Bar and Restaurant. Gere sells clothes from many well known brands such as Henri Lloyd, Mish Mash, FCUK and Sonneti. Perfect for any occasion, whether a relaxing day or a night on the town. With a wide price range Gere accommodates for all and also has another shop just across the road selling more labels. Birdy’s Boutique is fairly new to Lincoln’s shopping scene, but it has become a must for all quirky and stylish fashionista’s alike. Located on Corporation Street (turn left at the traffic lights just past The Lamb and Flag Pub and Restaurant on the High Street) Birdy’s sells a mixture of handmade crafts such as jewellery and a beautiful range of clothes for all occasions!

WHAT TO EXPECT AUTUMN/WINTER 2010/2011 ON LINCOLN’S HIGH STREET You have seen this seasons catwalk trends, let’s take a look at how your favorite high street fashion stores have adapted this autumn/winter trends to suit you. TOPSHOP FOREST WONDERLAND We’re going to the forest as a modern day little red riding hood! This year’s autumn/winter trend is inspired by Mother Nature herself! Furry coats, hats and boots are all a winter must have! Dark brown, military green, camel brown and dark blue have formed the main colour trend for autumn/ winter 2010/2011. Topshop Unique autumn/winter 2010-2011 continues this them with Sheepskin, cape coats, boy skirts and thigh high grandma knitted socks, all part of the Topshop Unique autumn/winter collection. NEW LOOK High street fashion brand New look AW10 collection should be slowly making its way to Lincoln high street. If you want to be the first to grab a piece of the action you can catch them online Keep an eye out for their amazing faux fur coat collection. It certainly does not disappoint! And is a rival to the more expensive high street brands. RIVER ISLAND Here is a preview of their anxiously awaited Autumn/Winter collection 2010/2011. And as expected their collection does not disappoint! This season’s collection is inspired by grunge and military looks with a touch of romantic lace to soften the textures and to complete the season’s look. 32

AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEK 2011 Yes summer may be coming to an end, but don’t be sad. If one thing’s for sure, we are promised that next year spring/summer will return with some more fabulous wear. In fact as we snuggle up and prepare for our autumn/winter collection, designers are thinking two steps ahead and have already created summer 2011 trends. The 13th edition of Amsterdam International fashion week was held on 13-18th July 2010. The spring/ summer 2011 fashion week was held right in the centre of the culture park in Amsterdam. Holland, the birth place of cheese, clocks and tulips is twice a year turned into THE fashion destination where AIFW becomes the centre of Dutch fashion. Top International fashion designers travel specifically to Amsterdam for inspiration from the street wear style of trendy Amsterdamers, whilst also producing the designers themselves, such as world renound brand Victor& Rolf. Here is a preview of next years spring/ summer trend for 2011, which includes use of natural airy, silky soft feminine colors and will remind you of a lovely summer breeze mixed together with the edginess of a tropical storm.

FASHION 4 CHARITY The Red Rail ‘A COLLECTION OF CLOTHES YOU CANNOT BUY WITH YOUR MONEY BUT ONLY WITH YOUR BLOOD’ During the Amsterdam International Fashion week, unique fashion Collection ‘The Red Rail’ was previewed. This clothing line was created by eighteen Up and coming designers who are apart of ‘Young Designers United’. Each designer participated and showed one garment each. Although the Collection was made by different people, they all had the same inspiration source ‘the act of giving blood’. The collection consists of thirty five unique pieces, which you won’t be able to buy with money! Not even a million. The unique aim is to create a new generation of blood donors.Yes, that’s right. How will they achieve that? The only way you can get your hands on one of these must-have designs is to donate your blood. Who knew blood could look this good eh?! If you want to get your hands on these one of a kind pieces, you can by sending an email with your favorite piece and most important your blood donor number! For more information visit The collection will go for sale in February 2011. 33

MENS WEAR AUTUMN/WINTER 2010/2011 AUTUMN/WINTER 2010/2011 There was a lot of high ankle boots made of black leather and silver laces with lots of winter inspired prints on white trousers and dark jackets. Heavy Macs in white and navy blue were also very prominent.

Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 Christopher Shannon, James Long and Topman Design were praised for menswear, as well as the normal higher brands, like Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Calvin Klein. Topman Finally, Topman Design showcased a lot of deep, dark yet vivid colours in their chilly menswear collection for LFW. The palette centralised around dark greens, khaki, red, grey, brown, black, burgundy and beige. Topman Design implemented a lot of trench coats and Macs into their designs to give warmth over the blistering winter that Britain is infamous for. This left the main design of top and bottom free to be more minimal and have fewer layers. There were a lot of knitted cardigans with t-shirts and high top military boots. Christopher Shannon’s choice of designs uses many colours of white, navy blue, purple, grey and black--all very wintry colours...perfect to wear in the snow! 34

‘THE AMOUNT OF LAYERING WAS PHENOMENAL!’ James Long has created a very stylish set of designs for the cold months we’ll no doubt endure after our supposedly ‘Indian summer’ this year. There were a lot of heavy textures, like wools with leather and cotton, and the amount of layering was phenomenal! The colour mainly centred around the palette of black, dark grey, burgundy, navy blue and a few hints of red.

Look out for Bullet Fashion! Contributors search! are you what we are looking for? Bullet fashion is offering exciting contributors work for the real fashion lovers out there. Do you think you can bring something new to the table? Want to work with big high street brands? Bullet Fashion offers you all the perks and will work magic on your CV. Models search! Are you Lincoln’s next top model? Bullet fashion’s model casting event will be held in September, to work alongside top house brands.




The University of Lincoln boasts a range of sports societies for students to take part in. As you’d probably expect, widely known sports such as football, rugby and tennis are all on offer. However, the university offers some slightly more obscure and less conventional sports to take part in, one such sport being Ultimate.

If, when you arrive at the university in September, you are interested in knowing more about the Rowing Society then it’s really easy to get involved! All you need to do is get yourself over to the sports fair at the Engine Shed during fresher’s week and there you will find the Rowing Society, waiting with a friendly face and will be happy to give you all the information you need about rowing at the University of Lincoln and how to get involved in the sport.

Ultimate is not exactly world renowned, and it is highly likely you won’t have heard of it before now. However, it is hugely popular amongst student communities in universities worldwide. The sport was originally called Ultimate Frisbee; however the Frisbee part had to be dropped due to the fact that Frisbee is a registered trademark for the discs produced by the Wham-O toy company (another fact for you). It could have been called “Ultimate Generic-Disc shaped- Throwing-Device” however it just didn’t have quite the same ring to it! Played on a field with seven players apiece, the objective of the game is to throw the disc to members of your own team, and reach the opponent’s end zone. A player receiving the disc in the opponent’s end zone scores a point. At Lincoln, there are over 40 members of the Ultimate society, both male and female. It is a mixed club that exists to please everyone who takes an interest. The teams compete regularly at regional and national levels, in addition to a yearly competition held by the university. The Lincoln team is currently enjoying great success; winning Sports Coach of the Year at the society awards this year, as well as several of its players being involved in trials for team GB, and even a few players actually representing. The Ultimate society is a great one for students to join, for the overall experience that comes with it. It provides a great chance to get to know like minded students, who are interested in having a good time whilst enjoying competition. Regular trips around the country, as well as weekly training sessions also provide great potential to build friendships and as all round positive student experience.

‘DETERMINED, DEDICATED AND ATHLETIC INDIVIDUALS’ The society offers a great amount training and support, in return asking its members to aspire to be determined, dedicated and athletic individuals. The Captain of the society is Ryan Johnson. They use the very best equipment and are well supported as they work in partnership with the Lincoln Rowing Club- also based on the University Campus. Training takes place 4 times a week, consisting of two land sessions and two water sessions. There is also the chance to get involved in competitive rowing at Lincoln, as the society enters many competitions throughout the academic year - giving members the chance to pit themselves against other universities! The Society Presidents are Sam Greaves and Jo Rowe, they are also really good people to talk to if you manage to get to the sports fair and are interested in either knowing more about the society or just the idea of rowing as a sport in general! So, pop along to the fair and sign up, the best way to enjoy university is by getting involved and meeting new people. fact. To find out the full lowdown of all societies, keep an eye out on our website, and in the meantime feel free to send questions and comments about what you’re interested in, to Activities officer Andreas Zacharia at





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