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A FULL DAY AT BTT TENNIS ACADEMY Alvaro Margets, JordiVilaró and Francis Roig, Academy Directors, are responsible for daily practice scheduling and they adapt training to the characteristics and level of each player.

At 9:00 am all players gather in the gym and they are distributed into two groups: Those who will start with fitness training and those who will start with tennis practice. Those who begin with tennis have a 15 minute’s warm up and then start a specific job with the assigned coach. A maximum of two players will be working with one coach per court. At 11:00 am groups are reversed and those that started with tennis continue with fitness until 12:45 pm. From 1:00 pm until 2:30 pm is lunch and rest time. The restaurant prepares special food for athletes. At 2:30 pm the activity starts again with tennis and physical preparation until 5:00 pm. Those players who study online in the academy attend shorter training sessions in the afternoon, 2:30 to 3:30 pm, and they are in the classroom with their teachers from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Wednesday’s and Saturday’s there are only morning sessions, and Sunday’s are rest days. There are a lot of tournaments in different categories that are held near the academy, and so the competition is an important part of the preparation of the players. Players may live in private homes (families) or in a residence for athletes (walking distance). There is a shuttle service for players covering arrivals and departures as well as daily transportation. Mental training is an important part of the preparation at the academy, both for competition improvement as for adapting to the group. Injury prevention and treatments are supervised by a team of doctors and physiotherapists. Stringing service is provided on side as well as Internet connection.

Spain Tennis is a venture of BSMPL and Barcelona Total Tennis

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