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How to Properly Train Your pet Bull dog Training your pet bulldog is an extremely critical task in order to avoid bulldog obedience training. It is also a task that ought to start as soon as you bring your new puppy into your home. Bulldog training takes a wonderful deal of patience, perseverance or determination, and consistency, and bulldog clicker training never hurts. Always keep in mind that bulldogs, like all dogs, are pack animals, and because you are the owner, you should almost always be the leader of your 'pack'. Potty Training Potty training, also known as house breaking, must always be started immediatey. It will likely be a much less aggravating task for you to accomplish if you start early. Along with potty training, the first other command that you should teach your bulldog is no. Bulldog education should always begin when your pet dog enters your house for the first time. Lay down your rules and enforce them with zero exceptions. The later that you get started with your training, the more difficult it will end up being. Using a crate to home break or potty train your puppy is always a great idea. Your crate really should ideally be large enough for your dog to be able to move around in it. It also needs to be big enough for your puppy to sit, stand, stretch out their muscles, and have a certain area to go to the bathroom. Once you begin your bulldog training, have your puppy utilize a crate which will permit him or her to not feel completely away from the family's current location. Layer half of the crate's flooring with thick newspaper. When your puppy relieves themselves on the paper, observe the spot that was used, because it then might be possible for you to put less paper down next time. In the event that you place the newspaper just in the area that your bulldog went to the bathroom, they will most likely continue to use that spot. Continue your training along these lines. Nipping, chewing, and biting Bulldogs are extremely stubborn and determined animals, so training requires you to act just as stubborn towards them. You should never take no for an answer, and your dog should always listen to you. Whenever you catch your puppy performing an inappropriate behavior, make sure to use a loud sound with the command \"no\". Replace the item he may perhaps be chewing on with something such as a chew toy. Keep in mind that puppies teeth are very similar to those of babies. A bulldog's nipping or biting must never be tolerated in your household, or any other kinds of stop bulldog biting. This too must be met with a \"no\" command, and enforced each and every single time they do it, or attempt to. This is the precise type of method that you need to use when training your bulldog. Sit, come, remain, and down are the next few commands that you must start enforcing. Doing this will likely be more easier if you use a leash and collar on your dog. It is critical that you get your puppy used to a leash and collar as soon as you get him. Although many bulldogs do not often learn tricks or run around one's backyard often, they do have a tendency to need and also enjoy exercise, which can easily be accomplished by long, leisurely walks. Employing a collar and leash to walk him will get him more than used to the apparatus, and they can then be used to train him to sit, keep, come and down. The leash should never be any shorter than 6 feet, even for a small puppy. Retractable leashes do not work well during the periods that you are training him. This is because they do not control puppies very well.

How To Train Your Bull Dog