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“Embedding technology throughout the syllabus and encouraging the use of social media creates an experience that extends outside the classroom.” -Andy Nulman What do you hope to achieve in your class “Marketing and Society” To stand out and have a group of people who can say they did something unique. As marketers, we are creating a relationship with our consumers and that’s exactly what we are doing in this class. We took the concept of relationship marketing and built upon that. We are creating an experience that someone will talk about. No one is going to pass a test and show somebody else and maybe even make some money from it. In this class, you are going to make something that you are going to share. At the micro level we are learning to use a popular social media tool. We’re learning about YouTube, the integra-

tion of YouTube as a marketing tool, and how this integration works. At the macro, we are doing something people will talk about, something they will be engaged with. The life lesson is the macro of the class: you need to do something different to stand out. How is this class revolutionary? This class is revolutionary only in terms of the context of the tools we use. These skills aren’t usually considered part of a university education but we use YouTube and Facebook all the time in our private lives. Embedding technology throughout the syllabus and encouraging the use of social media creates an experience that extends outside the classroom. For me, school was just means to an end. While taking classes I didn’t feel fully immersed in the experience. I believe you [students] need a different approach and appreciate the breadth of education we are given today. There’s more to it than always looking to leave. Now that’s revolutionary. In our interview Andy anecdotally mentioned his wife catching him communicating with us on Marketing and Society’s Facebook page during the late hours of evening. By bringing real life to the classroom and vice versa, we are trying to merge the two together and create a real relationship. Moreover, the class will continue beyond the classroom as the YouTube channels we spent the semester creating take on lives of their own after their April launch. Looking towards the future On March 28th, YouTube is expecting to hold their first educator lab to empower educators who want to integrate YouTube education into their courses. In the not-so-distant future, we might even be able to become “YouTube certified”. Why not? Technology has revolutionized education and created new needs. As a student in Andy Nulman’s class, I feel empowered to be part of something new and refreshing.

Courtesy of Daichi Ishikawa and Luis Carlos Pombo

The Bull & Bear - March 2014

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The Bull & Bear: March 2014 issue  

Features: Student politics, elections.

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