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October 2008

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Governor General Visit


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In July B4C was honoured to host the Governor General His Excellency Michael Jeffrey and his wife Marlena. The visit was organised in conjunction with the International River Foundation. The Governor General and his party were given a tour of Tingalpa Wetlands with local bushcarers, bird observers and wildlife carer. They were most interested in the rehabilitation works that have occurred over the past ten years. The Governor General then visited our Sustainability Centre for afternoon tea. Speeches by His Excellency, Powerlink CEO Else Shepherd, Councillor Krista Adams and B4C President Michael Petter all praised the efforts of the many volunteers who work tirelessly to protect natural habitat in a variety of ways. Over 60 volunteers, members and supporters of B4C attended the

function. We thank Powerlink for sponsoring this event, as well as their ongoing support with the leasing of the Sustainability Centre at Carindale.

Governor General and Mrs Jeffrey were enthralled with an orphaned possum at Tingalpa Wetlands. Wildlife carer Hazel Shields explains the time and care she gives to injured and orphaned wildlife in our area.

RIVER TAPESTRIES IRF has unveiled its art project "River Tapestries" during the International Riversymposium in September. The large colourful artwork marks the 10th anniversary of the Thiess Riverprize and celebrates the river restoration journeys of each of the 18 prize winners.

We would also like to thank Judy Spence State Member for Mt Gravatt for her continued support with the printing of our newsletter

With Thanks To Our Major Sponsors:

Amandine Crambes, a French environmental engineering student who worked with B4C between May and August painted the Bulimba Creek mural, which includes photos of people and activities in our catchment. Visit for more detail.

DREAM RIVER The State Government is funding a number of community projects to celebrate 150 years of Queensland in 2009. The Q150 grant is for our "Dream River Project". This involves students from 12 primary schools in 3 diverse catchments - Southern Gulf (far North Qld), Bulimba Creek (Brisbane) and Loire River (France), producing a large canvas art work depicting their "Dream River". The canvasses will be digitalised and included in a 2009 calendar, travelling exhibition with powerpoint presentation for each area, colour brochure and exchange visits between Southern Gulf and Bulimba Creek Catchment.

RIVER JOURNEYS BOOK Rivers, large and small, and all of their tributaries, are often referred to as the circulatory system of the planet. If water is the lifeblood of the planet, then certainly its stewards constitute the immune system of its liquid pathways. 'River Journeys' features insightful and inspiring interviews with Australian and International people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: the love for their land and rivers and a dedication and determination to go the extra mile to repair the damage inflicted upon them. Be captivated by the optimism and enthusiasm that drives these 'River Heroes' who are working for the reestablishment of natural processes in our ecosystems, for the healthy habitat of wildlife, for the benefit of humankind, and ultimately, for the spirit that is within all things. The book was commissioned by the International River Foundation (IRF) to commemorate ten years of River Prizes.

Mt Isa Spinifex Junior Campus Southern Gulf Catchments Students have written a paragraph about their art and this will be included, along with photos from their particular catchment. We are very excited to have funding for this project. It is a continuation of our Twinning Project between the three catchments, taking the sharing of cultural and environmental information to a higher level. Many thanks to the committee for allowing us to pursue our dream of spreading positive environmental messages far and wide.

The book features stunning landscape photography by commissioned photographer Kerry Trapnell who is well-known for his documentary photography in northern Australia. B4C was awarded the 2005 Thiess National Riverprize in recognition of our community programs and environmental advocacy. Our story is told on pages 70-73. Books can be ordered through B4C.

Out of the river...Imagine This year's RiverFestival included an art installation titled "Out of the river...Imagine" making use of Healthy Waterways Clean Up Program litter statistics. Various creations represented the 700 plastic bottles and 350 plastic bags cleared from Brisbane River every week by the Healthy Waterways Clean Up Program.

Tingalpa State School—Bulimba Creek catchment

A wall of plastic bottles featured on the Goodwill Bridge, plastic bottle chandeliers hung in the forest at South Bank Parklands, 350 plastic bag kites made by school children flew over the River Sunday Fair and the "Ladies of the Lake" sported costumes made from river litter. Page 2

WORLD EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008 In July and August, Wayne Cameron travelled to Europe as B4C’s representative, visiting England, France and Spain. B4C had been invited to prepare a multimedia presentation for the World Expo in Zaragoza Spain. The theme in the Citizen’s Initiatives Pavilion was “Homage to the Affected of Water Policies”. Glenda Pickersgill, from the Save the Mary River Committee accompanied Wayne, presenting the case on the proposed Traveston Dam near Gympie.

MOUNTAIN BIKES AT MT GRAVATT Don’t destroy Mt Gravatt with Mountain Bikes The Mt Gravatt Reserve was saved by forward thinking residents to stop it being mined for tram ballast over 70 years ago. The reserve has conservation zoning over most of it, so it is entirely appropriate for damaging sports like mountain biking to be banned from it. It is a very small reserve with steep slopes and erodible soils. Illegal use has caused lots of damage already and further use will permanently damage the reserve. The mountain bike lobby groups would serve their cause better if they were working for dedicated regional parks outside of nature conservation areas for their sport. The greater Brisbane area only has 19% open space compared to Sydney’s 45%. The open space we do have contains the last areas of our highly threatened and unique bushlands that need to be protected forever not thrown to damaging recreational pursuits.

Wayne and Glenda outside the El Faro Pavilion at Zaragoza A multi-media presentation (video, authored story, photography, archival research materials, testimonies) of the people affected was prepared in late 2007. Our case was of social affects on people, sustainable development, climate change and environmental impacts.

The Mt Coot-tha example only shows that by allowing the use in one area it makes it impossible to keep it out of other nearby areas. Mt Gravatt is small, precious and needs to be looked after, not wrecked to satisfy people’s need for adrenalin. The B4C is a non profit organization that has 15 affiliated groups plus 70 individual members and has consistently opposed letting damaging sports into our natural areas. The BCC Biodiversity Advisory Committee with members from all major environment groups and natural area committees has consistently opposed mountain biking in natural areas. The impacts of this sport are not just erosion but also noise and disturbance to native animals and safety risks for other park users. The mountain bike lobby has spent years trying to gain access for their damaging sport in all our natural

The presentation was awarded the “Green Dragon”, one of only eight awards presented in Theatre Principal. There were over 60 participants. Wayne and Glenda worked hard on leaning and research and had rare opportunities to join with local and international community groups and individuals. We are hopeful that on-going information and awareness will come from this work and the links we have made. Over a two week period, Wayne and Glenda presented to a forum in the El Faro Pavilion, had three media conferences, took part in the Spanish NGO external forum, participated in gala presentations in Zaragosa Old City, participated in a 4000 strong solidarity march and the Big Jump celebrations, met NGOs and inspected their areas and projects in both France and Spain. Our thanks to the Ian Potter Foundation for the financial support, which was an important contribution to the case study and tour and Landcare for sponsoring the production of photos, film and testimonies for the presentation.

Damage in Mt Gravatt conservation area caused by bikes

reserves rather than towards working dedicated facilities like other sports have too.

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Whites Hill—Pine Mountain Community Group has secured funding from Federal Government Envirofund for rehabilitation of the bushland known as Oates Hill. The land (off Old Cleveland Rd, near Gallipoli Rd at Carina) is now owned by the State Government (Environmental Protection Agency) and adjoins BCC parkland at Phillips Creek, behind IGA.

In 2005 Bulimba Creek Catchment (B4C) won the Thiess National Riverprize. A Twinning Project with Southern Gulf Catchments (SGC) ensued, with the Healthy Food Gardens initiative resulting. Funding was obtained for two gardens in the Gulf (Doomadgee and Gregory) and two in Brisbane (Tingalpa and Mt Petrie). Representatives from B4C, SGC and International River Foundation (IRF) assisted with establishment of the gardens. Doomadgee the high school boys are particularly interested and have been working unasked at lunchtime. “Some pea plants have been grown from seeds and have since germinated and transplanted into the garden shells. They are growing up towards the fence and everyone is waiting to taste the first fruits of their labour. “ Jonathan—Doomadgee teacher

The State Government has also contributed to the project, through submissions to Dept of Natural Resources by State Member Chris Bombolas. In September, 25 volunteers from Deloittes spent the afternoon establishing 600 native species, spreading mulch and weeding exotic grasses. Special thanks to local residents John Burnett and Peter Ingersole for their assistance with this area over many years.


At tiny Gregory Downs School vegetable gardens and fruit trees were established in May. “Our garden is doing wonderfully! We have picked our first crop of lettuce, tomatoes, beans, mini carrots and quash. The eggplants and capsicums are nearly ready. The lemon tree has 3 lemons on it at this stage. The kids have really enjoyed doing the garden!” Meegan—Gregory Teacher

Joyce O’Sullivan Joyce O’Sullivan passed away on 15 October, aged 87. Joyce was an inaugural member of the Cannon Hill Bushcare Group which was formed in July 2004. Her daughter Teresa Radburn is the coordinator of the group. Joyce and several other “over 80s” bush-carers have spent many hours chopping lantana into tiny pieces to be used as mulch on the bushcare site.

The gardens at Tingalpa and Mt Petrie in Brisbane are also up and running, with the students keen to harvest and eat their own produce.

For the past year Joyce has had very poor health but has maintained a keen interest in the bush and has visited her favourite spot overlooking Bulimba Creek whenever possible. Plans are in progress to commemorate Joyce’s contribution to Cannon Hill Bushlands through the installation of a special seat at an area to be named “Joyce’s Outlook”. Two years ago the area was covered in lantana and now, thanks to the efforts of Joyce and other bushcarers, the creek can be observed and ducks and other wildlife appreciated. Joyce and her positive attitude to life will be sorely missed by all those who knew her..

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