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Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1

Principal : Mdm Ng Soh Hua Vice-Principals: Mrs Koh-Peck Seok Hoon Mr Ng Buck Chwee

End-of-Year News Message from the Editor The year 2011 ended with a flurry of events for BPPS. The Staff got together to plan, play and party.

The Staff engaged in Staff Bonding activities that brought out the tenacity and resilience of the staff.

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OCA Nominees (2011)


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The Events On School Planning day, the teachers were grouped according to the levels they would be teaching in 2012, and they discussed what the 21st Century School will be like. What are the competencies that the 21st Century learners (pupils and teachers) need to acquire?

Upcoming Events ♦ ♦

CIP (cancelled) Annual Staff Meeting


We had a game of handball when we saw the teachers unleash their strong competitiveness urge, all friendly, of course, something we rarely see on normal days.

Next, we also had a mass workout where the staff put their best feet forward and reach for the sky. Many events took place prior to the official close of the school year. On Achievers’ Day, pupils and their parents as well as their teachers celebrated their respective achievement. The message that Mdm Ng sent out that day was that no doubt academic excellence is important and to be applauded, we must not forget that Character is uppermost in our education purpose.

It was really a fantastic feeling for all!

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Year News

More pictures P6 teachers

OCA Nominees 2011 A shot of some of the nominees of the OCA Award

“Next year, I’ll play too and I’ll get the gold medal, hee hee” quipped Mdm Ng on hearing hat nobody dared snatch the ball from Mrs Koh’s hands during the Handball game.

Planning Together

School Newsletter

Partying Together The Annual Dinner was held at the Concorde Hotel on 24 November. The theme was “Cultural Nite”. Boy! It was not just cultural, it was historical too. The Roman Trojan was there, Cleopatra was there and she met up with the Pharaoh. Wherefore art thou, Antony? The Red Indians came too, and the cowboys added to the action. There were a few Nonyas and many Ranis.

The night was a huge success and it was all due to the enthusiastic and sporting spirit of the staff. It was a hilarious sight to behold when the Pharoah had to seduce the cool Cleopatra. The Trojan was out to get the Cowboy, no matter what. And to end it all the Red Indian and the Scottish Lad collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. With such excitement and enjoyment, we can only look forward eagerly to next year. Let’s work hard and play even harder in 2012!

Here are some of the exciting moments caught on camera. Enjoy!

Mdm Ng with the Pharoah, the Puteri, the Thai Princess and the Scottish lad.

Farewell and Welcome We bade farewell to Mr Daniel Ng, Ms Goh Chin Inn, Ms Wong Lai Yoke, Mr Kwan Siew Tong, Ms Srija, Ms Soo Bee Li , Mdm Suhaily and Mr Chon Yik Mau. We would like to wish them all the best in their endeavours. We also welcome Mrs Kristine Heng. Bukit Panang Primary School (estd 1932) Address 109, Cashew Road. Singapore 673676 Phone: (065) 67691912 Fax: (065) 67636763

Our School Motto ENDEAVOUR We’re on the Web!

Last but not least, we are cute or what?

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