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Spoiler: Borg won.​

Wow. A movie in my watchlist​ LaBeouf is crazy...perfect to play McEnroe.​ Hawk Eye would be John's worst enemy.​ I feel like some people in the comments don't realize the title is sarcasm.​ Borg vs. Picard​

Steroids legal?​ It's nice to see a lunatic playing a lunatic​ No carricature of his outburst? No?..bec.. it was spicing up the game right..​ from the looks of it, borg is a genius in a tenis, but lacks passion doing it.. while mcenroe, lacks effort in doing it, but has a certain skills that is good in it...​

i just came to say hello!​ i think that on 0:39 he hit hayden christensen with the ball. Hayden played Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode II and III.​ Its ya boi LABEOUF!​ Was there some demand for a movie about Borg/McEnroe? My grandfather was a huge fan of McEnroe...but he's been dead for some time.​. YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!?!??!?​ no thanks​ Shia LaBeouf is an awesome actor been a fan since even Steven​ Next transformers..praying that Shia is in it.​ Just Do It!!!!!!!!!​ the rage...the fear...that turns good men...cruel​ American sniper... but more PTSD​ I'm literally hearing this song in any kind of trailer​ 1:52 WWUUAAAAAAAYYYYYYY STIFLEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!​

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Blinkbox Stream Borg Vs. McEnroe  

Blinkbox Stream Borg Vs. McEnroe