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Catalog 2018 games & toys for all seasons

Hi there! Play, move, learn… Children explore the world by playing with toys and games. Toys and games help children develop emotionally and physically. Children face different situations while playing games by making mistakes, using their creativity and working together to solve a problem. The lessons and skills they gain are useful throughout the rest of their lives. They say the childhood is the golden period of life… we are thankful to be a part of this period in a childs life with our products. We motivate and encourage children to start playing, moving and learning. There is no age limit for playing (psst…we still love to play with toys and games as well!) and our products are therefore meant for young and old, tall and short and for outdoor and indoor playing fun. We from BS Toys hope you will take a careful look at our catalog as carefully as we have developed, selected and produced our toys and games for the year 2018!






This is BS Toys! We are...

We are...

We are...

We offer… In- and outdoor toys and games for all seasons and ages. Our toys and games are characterized by different elements ranging from educational, active, creative and original elements. We design our toys carefully and make sure that they are all visually attractive. Hold on, wait a moment…we offer more than just that! We are a young and energetic company that understands the importance of offering our partners and clients the service and information they need. We are thinkers and get things done!

a small and ambitious team trying to entertain children and their families by developing original, active and high-quality toys and games since 2006.

in our office, located in the heart of Haarlem, designing, developing and testing our products. We follow trends so we can surprise you again with new and innovative toys and games.

Contact us! BS® team in the Netherlands Nieuwe Gracht 45-47

BS® team in France 2 Avenue Moderne

2011 ND Haarlem T. +31 (0) 23 536 30 32

7509 Paris Tél 01 48 78 47 07


striving to become the recognized brand of highquality, educational and active toys and games worldwide. Moreover, we try to stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination with toys instead of smartphones and tablets, do you support us?

Our product packaging

We like long-lasting products which can be played with for more than just one season. Long-lasting products need a strong and solid packaging! Our packaging is made of corrugated cardboard that can take a hit. But hey, let’s be honest…appearance does matter! Therefore, we pay attention to our visual identity as well. Each age category is marked with a different color. Most packages are provided with a handle, a window that shows a sneak preview of the product and clear photography. Not wanting to keep the product in its original packaging? Cotton bags are mostly included to easily store your toy!


We are taking care‌ not only for our own children, but also for those of others! That’s why we started supporting the Johan Cruyff Foundation in the beginning of 2017. The Johan Cruyff Foundation makes sure that children are getting more active from all over the world by moving and playing sports. The foundation offers every (disabled) child an opportunity to participate in sports. Team BS Toys is very proud of the famous Dutch football player Johan Cruijff, who past away in 2016, and his initiative for this foundation that has grown into an organization. Our mission matches the objectives of this non-profit organization and we are very proud to be a part of making sports and play available for every child worldwide.

because active children move up



Children from the age of 3 have a rich imagination and start exploring the world by asking many questions and by expressing themselves creatively. At this age, children develop socially and physically by jumping around instead of walking and by making new friends. They are getting more independent and are able to close doors, dress themselves and/or wash their own hands! In this time of their lives, children play the most. Our 3+ toys and games will help them explore the world by using their creativity and teach them how to play together with other children.



Catching Tails

Active game where children have to try to pull off each others tail!

avorite! Sf



i 6 clip-on tails | felt | size 30 x 2.5 cm


GA312 | GA313 Race Planes


VED Lovely wooden plane. Pull back the plane for a smooth ride on the runway. i available in red or blue | wood | size 4,5 x 12 x 15






GA205 Animal Bottoms

This is a game for naughty kids, because you have to hit the animals bottom with the bean bags! i incl. 3 sandbags |height 18 cm | rope length 4 m | thickness 1.2 cm






GA028 Jumping bags

Hop hop, to the other side! Including start and finish line. i four bags | polyester | size 50 x 70 cm

NEW GA325 Ring Toss

Use your coordination and try to toss the ring around one of the colorful wooden pegs.



i 3 wooden pegs in 3 different colors | 5 rings | height 21 LORS cm | diameter 18 cm W CO




GA322 Jumping bags

Jump around with these jumping bags in fresh and happy colors. i four bags | polyester | size 50 x 70 cm







Road ‘n Cars

A great wooden puzzle road including two robust cars. Puzzle your favorite road and let’s drive! i 24 wooden road pieces of 15 x 15 cm | 2 cars of metal and wood | 8 traffic signs | height traffic sign 8 cm | car size 14 x 6 x 6










GA323 Crocket Big 5

IMPlike the Don’t be scared... these animals are not dangerous R V real Big Five! Who can hit the ball with a mallet throughOall ED the hoops of these animals. i 5 dogs | 2 balls | 2 mallets | wood | length of the mallet 42 cm | height of the dogs approx 21 cm




GA022 Octopus Waterparty

Easy to connect to a garden hose. The tentacles will move around and spray water everywhere due to the water pressure. i height approx 16 cm


Water Flower

Connect this water flower easily to a garden hose. The blades spraying water in all directions. That’s certainly fun for 10! i height 38 cm

GA015 Waterball

Inflatable ball that sprays water from different sprinklers. Easy to connect to a garden hose. i Diameter 38 cm




World Game

Educational game that will teach you a lot about countries all over the world. Find two similar cards and train your memory! Cotton bag included. i 15 pairs | MDF | size 20 x 20 x 0,3


Fish Paddle

Happy fish net, made of soft neoprene. i 22 x 39 cm


XXXXL Bubbles

THAT’s what we call HUGE bubbles! i cotton rope | poles 45 cm


Jumping Bags

Big bags made of strong material. The handles make it easy to hold the bags. i 4 pieces/set | cotton | 65 x 37 cm





Everyone wants these fun and tropical fish in their own fish tank. Who can catch the most fish and/or score the most points? GA126

i incl cotton bag | plywood | 15-25 cm length | thickness 0,3 cm




Paint this birdhouse in happy colors. i including brush and 4 colors paint | size 9 x 9 x 13 cm




Animal Disc

This is the only time you are allowed to throw with animals. i 10 pces per display (2pcs of each) | diameter 21 cm


Jumping Animals Inflate and ride these lovely animals! i 50 kg max | sitting height 27 cm | length 50 cm


pump included


GA134 Giant Ball

Hours of active fun with this inflatable ball. GA149 Skittles Jr.

i inflatable core | fabric cover | diameter 50 cm

Cheerfull wooden bowling game for the little bowlers.

can be inflated with a needle pump (not included)

i six skittles | 1 wooden ball | birch | height 18 cm

GA122 Crocket Jr.

Players must hit the wooden ball with a mallet through all the hoops of the dogs. The player who gets his/her own ball through all the hoops with the lowest number of strokes as possible, wins the game.




i 6 dogs | 2 balls | 2 mallets | wood | length of the mallet 42 cm | height

of the dogs approx 18 cm









GA249 Teepee (Blue)

GA326 Teepee (Stripes & Dots)

This teepee is made of strong cotton and can be build up very easily. Play with it or use it as a storage space.

This fancy teepee is made of solid wooden poles and cotton with happy dots! It is also a nice decorative piece in a child’s bedroom.

i wooden foldable poles | tent of strong

cotton | including floor mat | size 110 x 110 x 162




i wooden foldable poles | tent of strong cotton | size 110 x 110 x 162



GA093 | GA131 | GA260 Tin Throwing

Tin throwing continues to be great. With three editions to choose from, it’s even more fun!


i incl 3 throwing bags | three different designs | metal tins | diameter 6 cm| height 10 cm


GA095 Princess’ tent

GA096 Pirate’s tent

These beautiful tents are very easy to build up. In these tents, you will imagine yourself being a real princess or pirate... i polyester | diameter 105 cm | height 135 cm



GA314 | GA315 | GA316


Construction cars

Solid wooden cars. Three different vehicles available. Mix the parts for a lovely vehicle or hook them up as a trailer. Suitable for both playing indoors and outdoors. i plastic chassis | wooden parts | size approx 10 x 9 x 15 cm


GA227 Party Set

GA237 Sword

Sack racing! This set is ideal for a (birthday) party and will provide a day with loads of fun.

GA239 Shield

i 4 jumping bags, 4 spoons, 4 eggs, 4 throwing bags, start/finish line, 4 pegs, red flag and two ankle straps | jumping bags: 70 x 50 cm


GA238 Dagger

GA315 Asphalt Roller GA316 Tipper

GA314 Bulldozer


GA253 Sword + Shield

Feel like a real knight with this wooden sword, dagger and/or shield. i pine | sword 50 x 13 x 2 | dagger 30 x 13 x 2 | shield 34 x 27 x 0,5


Children from the age of 4 start to understand the structure of daily life and learn about time and regularity. It comforts them with a safe feeling and gives them rest. Children from the age of 4 are already a lot more independent and are able to concentrate better. Their fine motor skills are improving and therefore it is time to let them play with toys that stimulate the development of their motor skills! Our 4+ toys and games stimulate a child’s fine motor skills and concentration while playing.



GA311 Bird Race

Train your coordination by balancing the birds on your head and bring them safely to their nest. Cotton bag included. i incl 15 birds, 2 nests, 2 head plates and a home plate | wood | height bird 4 cm | diameter head plate 12 cm | diameter nest 15 cm

GA320 Find the fish

GA317 XXXL Coloring

Throw the dice and try to be the first to find the matching fish.

Cotton coloring page with educational twist, wash it at 40 degrees in the washing machine and start over again. This product has a plastic protection layer on the back so it won’t make stains on the table or floor underneath.

i wood | 56 fishes 6 x 4 x 2,6 cm | 56 cards: 7,5 x 5,5 x 0,3 | 3 dice 5 x 5 x 5 cm


i incl 12 washable markers | cotton front, plastic back | size 100 x 60 cm



IMP GA318 Fat Animal Domino

Classic game with happy and a little chubby animals.

GA195 Goose

i 28 pieces | plywood | size 13 x 6,5 x 1 cm

A gorgeous, wooden, extra large version family game for 2 - 6 geese. Including cotton bag.


i including 6 chips and a dice | wood | size 50 x 50 x 2 cm




GA166 Giant Running Home

Board games are no longer just for those dreary autumn days. This game is lovely and big, making it perfectly suitable for playing both indoors and outdoors. Cotton bag for the pawns included. i 4 x 4 pawns, 6 cm | 2 dice | wood | size 50 x 50 x 2.8 cm

GA278 Domino

The well-known family game but now in an extra large size and bright colors. Made of fine quality wood. Cotton bag included. i 28 pieces | plywood | 18 x 7,5 x 1,5 cm



GA235 | GA236 Animal Puzzles

Big wooden puzzles. Wooden pieces include the alphabet on one side and numbers on the other side. Teaches children the alphabet and counting numbers! i 26 pieces | wood | size 60 x 40 x 1,5 cm

GA292 Pixel Art

This pixel art game includes 20 cards with examples of images that you can try to rebuild with the 150 wooden pixels. Colourful and educational game!



i 150 wooden pixels | printed on both sides | 20 examples to build | size of a pixel 4 x 4 x 0,4 cm GA255 Circle Set

Brightly colored wooden blocks to make the nicest figures. The 48 sample cards with different characters provide inspiration for hours of puzzle fun. Choose the easier variant with colored patterns or accept the challenge by using the grey image. Handy cotton bag included. i incl 22 solid wooden blocks in various circular shapes | 48 pattern cards in 6 languages | rabbit size 36 cm.



GA263 Noughts & Crosses

GA304 Belly catch

An active version of noughts and crosses! Put the rope ‘board’ on the ground and try to put three of the same playing bags in a row. Make it more difficult by throwing the sand bags in the desired box.

Play belly catch with a friend and catch the velcro balls on your colorful velcro vest!

i 10 sand filled throwing bags | 4 wooden ground stakes | bags made of polyester | field size 70 x 70 cm

i 2 vests | velcro on front and back | includes 3 soft balls



NEW GA133 Parachute

GA321 Belly catch Set

In this game it is important that you work well together with your friends! Release the bouncing balls into the parachute, but make sure that they do not fall out. A cheerful and educational game that provides a lot of fun!

Always wanted to play Belly Catch with more than just the two of you? Here it is! With these four Velcro vests you can invite more friends to come over and play together.

i diameter 3 m | 12 handles | Includes 24 plastic balls

EW and COLback i 4 vests | velcro on front ORS| includes 3 soft balls




GA269 Mini Golf

Build all 18 holes with these wooden parts. Including 18 example cards and a cotton storage bag.


GA129 Ball Throwing


Be the first to knock over all the boards in the fewest throws or reach the agreed point limit. Cotton bag included.

i 10 parts | 2 balls | 1 hole | 2 clubs | wood | size stick: 62 cm

i 7 wooden targets | 2 balls | height 16 cm



favorit BS




GA194 Balance Buddies

A fun way to learn about balance and gravity. Roll the dice to see which color Buddy you have to add on the seesaw. Don’t let them slip off! i 20 buddies in 3 sizes and 1 dice | wood | balance size 10 x 50 cm



GA233 Marbles

Classic wooden marble game board. Cotton bag included. i 12 marbles | inner score can be taken out | diameter 19 cm

GA277 Large Tower

Build a high tower and remove blocks without knocking the tower down or use them as construction blocks. Includes a dice to decide which color of the block you have to remove from the tower. Includes a cotton bag. i incl 60 blocks and dice | wood | block size 20 x 4,5 x 2,5

cm | max height tower 1 m

GA125 DIY Walking Bobbins

Happy walking bobbins! You can easily decorate these walking bobbins, using stickers to turn them into a robot, flower garden or a funny face. i incl 3 sets of stickers | 50 kg max | size 10 x 12 cm



GA295 | GA296 | GA297 Magnet Blocks

These magnetic wooden blocks attach easily to each other because of the magnets inside. Build the examples or use your own creativity. Combine with the other magnet sets to increase the joy of building and creativity.

GA256 Animal Blocks

ine comb ! s all set

With these cheerful printed blocks you build your own zoo. Agility and precision is needed because the blocks must be stacked in perfect balance. Use your imagination to create the cutest animals or use the manual as inspiration for building your own zoo. Cotton bag included.

i GA295 - 18 pieces | GA296 - 19 pieces |

GA297 - 31 pieces

i 55 large pieces size 10 x 2,5 x 0,8 cm | 39 small pieces size 5 x 2,5 x 8 cm

GA295 - Farm

GA148 Red & White Bowling

Nice wooden bowling game. Can you bowl a strike? Cotton bag included. i 10 pins | 2 balls | birch wood | height 18 cm

GA296 - UFO

GA297 - Summer House



Children from the age of 6 have improved their cognitive skills significantly. Their motoric skills are not developed completely yet, but they love to run, climb, romp, throw and catch balls. They start to learn how to read and write and can sometimes be very impatient. While playing, they explore their own boundaries and are curious about everything around them. Our 6+ toys and games help children practice their skills and teach them on how to work together.



GA130 Wooden Walking Ski’s

Fun way to practice coordination and balance.


GA319Triangle Domino



Try to match the triangles’ sides with matching colors.

i for 2 persons | wood | size 90 x 8,5 x 2 cm

i 35 triangles | plywood | size 10 x 10 x 10 cm







GA261 Hopscotch

Place the rings just close together or far apart to make it easier or more difficult. You can play this game on your own, but play it with more children together for more fun!




avorite! Sf


i 10 rings | 3 throwing chips | diameter 30 cm









GA291 Stackman

These strong armed stackable men use all of their muscles. Find all the different ways to stack all men and build a tower as high as possible. i 10 stackable men | plywood | size 12,5 x 10 x 10 cm per man


GA302 Diving Memo GA172 Rugby Ball

GA174 Gloves

Inflatable! For cool beach days!

This is a fun catch and throwing game! The inner side of the gloves are made of velcro.

i neoprene | diameter 18 cm | length 29 cm

Who can hold his breath the longest? This marine animals-memo game is specially for in the water! This makes the game a challenging experience, ideal for your holidays! i neoprene | sand filling | diameter 10 cm | 12 pcs (6 sets)

i neoprene | velcro catch pad | 18 x 23 cm

GA173 Diving Animals Practice your underwater skills with these fun diving animals. i neoprene | sand filling | diameter ca. 14 cm | packed per 3 GA171 Football

Have fun with this inflatable, neoprene football! i neoprene | diameter 22 cm

GA169 Beach Ball

Have fun with this beach ball! i neoprene | 39 x 18 cm



GA299 Kendama

Practice cool tricks by catching and throwing the ball in different ways. i wood with rubber coating

GA305 Diabolo

The diabolo has made its comeback. Practice cool tricks at the schoolyard and show your friends your best tricks. With this cool diabolo you can do endless tricks. i material of the diabolo: rubber, sticks: wood | diameter diabolo 10 cm | sticks 38 cm length GA264 Moves!

Train your brain by remembering (and doing!) all the moves as shown on the chips. Cotton bag included. i 18 chips | diameter 8 cm



GA279 Four in a Row

Extra big size! Put a token in the frame and make sure that four of the same color are aligned. This can be either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Cotton bag included. GA204 Crazy Coordination Game

i 42 chips | plywood | size 57 x 39 cm

You must work together as a team to roll the balls through the labyrinth. How quick can you get them into the right place? i incl 3 challenges | 2-8 players | 3 balls | 35 x 35 x 4 cm




NEW GA231 Tug of War

A tug of war game for cool kids! The rope is made of hemp and is 10 meters long, so you can invite all your friends for a tournament! i incl centerline and pegs | 10 meter length | diameter 2 cm GA307 Bean Bag Toss




How is your eye-hand coordination? Try it with your friends! Throw the sand bags through the holes in the wooden board and collect as many points as possible. i 6 sandbags | 3 wooden boards diameter: 20, 27 and 40 cm



24 cm

GA254 Sport Blocks

Create the sport figures as shown on the cards. i 71 wooden blocks | 48 sport figure cards in 6 languages

GA293 Mirror Game

First build the example of one of the 25 existing cards with wooden components. Then, try to build the exact reflection of the example on the other side of the blue river. This game improves the spatial awareness of children! i 24 pieces | wood

GA310 Lotto

Play the game and make sure you cover all your own numbers first! Learn numbers in a fun way together with your friends! Cotton bag included.


i 150 wooden chips to cover the numbers on the board | 10 boards size 25 x 10 cm | 90 wooden numbers


GA308 Race Set GA242 Draughts Deluxe

Build a course and join the race on your bike, kart or roller skates!

This extra large draughts game includes a board and wooden fiches. Winning this game makes the vicitory even greater! Includes cotton bag.

i 6 wooden pawns length 15 cm | 1 chalk piece 10,5 cm | 1 finish flag | 1 medal for the winner | 2 numbers for on your vehicle

i non woven field, size 85 x 85 cm | 40 wooden chips, 7 x 7 x 0,8 cm

GA241 Wooden Jeu de Boules

This happy set is made of an excellent quality of wood. Who can throw his ball the nearest to the small ball? i incl 3 sets of balls (6 in total) and a small target ball | diameter 6,5 cm

GA270 Scoreboard

With this handy scoreboard it is easy to keep track of the score. You can use it with any kind of game or sport you want. Made of wood and handy foldable. i wooden base and plastic numbers | size 30 x 16 cm



GA127 | GA228 Jumping Rope

GA230 Jumping Rope Large

With this jumping rope it will be very nice to work out! i wooden handles | cotton rope | length 1,6 m (jumping rope) | length 5 m (jumping rope large)




GA303 Bounce Tennis

These two elastic rackets and fluffy ball provide even more fun at the beach or in the park. Play with your friends and see how long you can keep it from touching the ground. i 2 rackets | 1 ball | size 57 x 32 cm

GA162 Throwing Game

If you manage to throw the balls around the frame, you will score the number of points mentioned on the side.



i incl 6 balls | 75 x 55 cm



GA050 Disc Deluxe

Darts, but with a twist. Try to get the most points throwing the three disks at the playing field from a distance. i incl 3 discs and 4 pegs | diameter field 2 m

GA190 Velcro Darts

Big dart board. Hang it on the wall with the attached band. i incl 3 darts | inflatable core | diameter 50 cm

GA145 Ring Toss

Throw the rings around the wooden posts. A challenging game for young and old. i incl 5 rings | 1 doubler | pine | size 50 x 50 x 10 cm

GA259 Magnetic Darts

With this magnetic darts board you have double fun! On one side, score as many points on the bear or throw on your favorite country on the European map on the other side.


i flexible board | easy to roll and store | 3 arrows | print on both sides | 48 x 42 cm


GA202 Shooting Game

GA088 Darts

Shooting rubber bands has never been as fun as it is with this wooden rubber band gun.

The days of complaining about the size of the dartboard are over!

i incl 12 rubber bands and score board | birch

i incl 4 ground stakes and 3 inflatables darts

filled with sand | 120 x 120 cm

GA223 Bullet Ball

Keep on moving the ball as fast as a bullet! i rope 240 cm | diameter 13 cm GA192 Horse Shoe Toss

Yiiiieeeehaaa! Toss the horse shoes. Which cowboy can score the most points? i incl cotton bag | 3 pins with numbers on top | pin 22 cm | 6 horse shoes 14 x 14 cm



Children from an age of 8 can already throw, catch and balance easily. However, their motor skills still need to be practiced. Their physical development becomes more stable and precise and they get more conscious about their own body. Their communication improves and they constantly want to show their skills to everyone. Our 8+ toys and games will challenge every child in a different way and stimulate them to participate in as many activities as possible while playing together.






GA117 Batting

Try to hit the ball right and who knows you might even hit a home run! Four wooden bases and cotton bag included.

GA232 Tower of Balance


i 2 different bats | 1 ball | 1 home plate, 3 bases |

wood | bat size 6,5 x 50 cm

Try to knock over the top block of the tower and you may keep this block. The player with most blocks wins. Cotton bag included. i incl a rope to mark the field | pine | 9 blocks | 4 sets of 3 fiches | total height 65 cm





orite! fav

GA266 Quick

Throw the ball into the air and collect as many points as possible before catching the ball again. Cotton bag included. i incl 12 blocks, neoprene ball with sand filling blocks 4 x 4 x 4 cm | diameter ball 8 cm









GA324 Chess

This is a strategic game! Use your entire brain to put your opponent in checkmate within just Sa few moves! Can you OR capture the king? OL

C EW N i non woven field, size 90 x 90 cm | 32 wooden chess pieces



GA309 Running Quiz


Answer multiple choice questions by running to the right field that matches the correct answer. Stay in the game by answering the most questions correctly.

Yard Dice

With this funny garden game you roll the five dice and score points by making combinations with the numbers. i incl 2 markers and an erasable score form | neoprene

i incl 3 wooden letters, 3 ropes to mark the field of answer options, 1 buzzer, 1 score board with marker and quizcards in 6 languages

dice | size dice 8 x 8 x 8 cm | score form size 29,5 x 21 x 0,3 cm


Match Puzzle

30 cards with challenging puzzles in different levels. The solution of the puzzle is on the back of the cards. Cotton bag included. i 24 wooden matches | 30 cards with examples | wooden parts | size 21 x 0,9 cm



GA123 Kubb


Populair Swedish outdoor game for the whole family or a group of friends. Cotton bag included.

Team up and use the ribbons to make your own playing field with a centerline and two goalposts. By throwing the disc to each other, each team tries to bring the disc to the other side of the field without running!

i 8 x kubbs 7 x 7 x 15 cm | 1x king 7 x 7 x 30 cm | 6 x throwing stick 30 cm | pine

Ultimate Disc Set

i incl 5 lines (length 5 m) to mark the goals and center line and 10 pegs | disc weight 175 gr. | diameter disc 27,5 cm

GA054 Giant Card Game

It is not possible to play an inconspicuous card game with these large cards! i 54 cards | laminated paper



GA014 Big Poles

GA161 Boomerang

Can you pick up the most poles, without moving the other ones?

Did you know boomerangs were used by the aboriginals? This lightweight boomerang is made of wood. Makes throwing and catching easy!

i 31 poles | bamboo | length 90 cm | diameter 0,7 cm

i size 39 x 16 cm | thickness 0,8 cm | plywood

GA128 Finnish Throwing Game

Score exactly 50 points by throwing the stick and knocking over the pins. Cotton bag included. i 12 pins | pine | height 15 cm | diameter 5,5 cm




Article Number

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Big Poles Waterball Octopus Waterparty Jumping Bags Birdhouse Disc Deluxe Giant Card Game Darts Tin Throwing Red Princess’ tent Pirate’s tent Batting Crocket Jr. Kubb DIY Walking Bobbins Jumping Cow (White) Jumping Rope (Blue) Finnish Throwing Game Ball Throwing Wooden Walking Ski’s Tin Throwing Blue Parachute Giant Ball Ring Toss Red & White Bowling Skittles Jr. World Game Fishing Boomerang Throwing Game Giant Running Home Beach Ball Football Rugby Ball Diving Animals Gloves

76 17 17 13 20 62 75 64 24 26 26 68 23 74 42 21 60 77 40 48 24 38 23 63 45 22 19 20 77 61 34 50 50 50 51 50


Animal Disc


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Velcro Darts Horse Shoe Toss Balance Buddies Goose XXXXL Bubbles Shooting Game Crazy Coordination Game Animal Bottoms Yard Dice Jumping Cow (Pink) Bullet Ball Party Set Jumping Rope (Pink) Large Jumping Rope Tug of War Tower of Balance Marbles Puzzle Giraffe Puzzle Elephant Sword Dagger Shield Wooden Jeu de Boules Draughts Deluxe Fish Paddle Teepee (Blue) Jumping Bags (Cotton) Sword + Shield Sport Blocks Circle Set Animal Blocks Magnetic Darts Tin Throwing Food Theme Hopscotch Nought & Crosses Moves! Quick Ultimate Disc Set Mini Golf Scoreboard

62 65 41 35 18 65 54 10 73 21 64 28 60 60 55 69 42 37 37 28 28 28 58 58 18 25 19 28 57 36 45 63 24 48 38 52 68 75 41 59

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Water Flower Jumping Deer Jumping Dog Large Tower incl. dice Domino Four in a Row Stackman Pixel Art Mirror Game Match Puzzle Magnet Blocks - Farm Magnet Blocks - UFO Magnet Blocks - Summer House Road ‘n Cars Kendama Catching Tails Diving Memo Bounce Tennis Belly Catch Diabolo Bean Bag Toss Race Set Running Quiz Lotto Bird Race Race Plane (Blue) Race Plane (Red) Construction Car - Bulldozer Construction Car - Asphalt Roller Construction Car - Tipper XXXL Coloring Fat Animal Domino Triangle Domino Find the Fish Belly Catch Set Jumping Bags Crocket Big 5 Chess Ring Toss Teepee (Stripes & Dots)

17 21 21 43 35 55 49 36 56 73 44 44 44 15 53 10 51 60 39 53 54 59 72 57 32 11 11 29 29 29 33 34 49 32 39 13 14 70 12 25

BuitenSpeel B.V Nieuwe Gracht 45 -47 2011 ND Haarlem The Netherlands

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BS Toys catalog 2018  

Take a look at our range of educational, original and fun toys for the year 2018!

BS Toys catalog 2018  

Take a look at our range of educational, original and fun toys for the year 2018!