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Build Up Program Regeneration of Public realm outside Hollywood Green in Wood Green Town Centre

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Project Lead : Stefan Krupski Project Team:


Daniela Ellis, Architectural and Urban Designer Paola Mollica, Architect


RED LINE: Hollywood Green Public realm area

Content Brief History Site analysis Stakeholders Policy and Strategy Consultations Visions Proposals Further considerations

Brief In light of funds made available by Section 106 agreement Haringey Council have a budget of 85 K to spend on Public Realm Improvements for the area outside Hollywood Green cinema. The brief of the project is: 1. 2.

To propose a spatial design for the area within such budget and To look at the site in a wider context to understand its function and its future possible development.

Our conclusions are the result of extensive site analysis, consultations, policies studies and examples of good implemented schemes.

History of Site ood Green was originally a clearing in the dense forests of oak, ash and beech that covered most of what is now North London. Spouters’ Corner: Was first used for a political meeting in 1867 by the Reform League. By the end of the nineteenth century the common land here had become a venue for stump orators and political gatherings, thereby acquiring its name. In more recent years its use has waned as political speakers have favored the forecourt of the Central Library. Historically the site opposite Spouters’s Corner was know as Jolly Butchers Hill, known for butchers family businesses in the area.

The site through the years

Map from 1864

Map from 1894-96

Map from 1914

Map from 1935

By 1800,around the junction of the High Road and Lordship Lane,were several houses,a blacksmith and two pubs,the Three Jolly Butchers and the Nag's Head. *

A after Wood Green railway station opened in 1859, the population rocketed from only 100 to nearly 10,000 in just 20 years.�Most of the grand houses and beautiful buildings had to be knocked down to make way� *

In 1883,on what used to be Ducketts Farm,the Artisans and Labourers General Dwellings Company began building Wood Green largest and most ambitious estate,Noel Park, one of the very first social housing schemes. *

By the end of the 1930s Wood Green High Street was thriving.The development of Noel Park included the Cheapside row of shops on the High Road,and the Wood Green Empire theatre.There were seven cinemas in Wood Green - the Gaumont Palace seated over 2500 people in one screen. *

* source: exposure (local youth charity) and Albert Pinching (local Historian)

Present use and improvements

Hollywood Green is located opposite Wood Green tube station, in North London. It is adjacent to the Haringey Heartlands area on the West, to the Noel Park estate and conservation area on the East and by the Shopping Mall on the South. Improvements works have already started: a new diagonal pedestrian crossing is being put in place together with new paving to the north corner of the site and a general de-cluttering of the area.

Wood Green Tube Station

Noel Park Estate

Haringey Heartlands

Shopping Mall


Site analysis


Strength (the tree)



Pedestrian movement across site


Internal consultation

• • • • •

Stefan Krupski Geoff Merry Malcolm Smith : Highways Jon Hastings : Environmental Resources Steve Lain : Street Lighting

External consultation • • • •

Local Business Residents (including Wood Green Audit by Wood Green’s Residents Association 2006) Other users of the space Police

Wood Green Area Assembly 25.11.’10

POLICE: Met on site with two officers from Noel Park Safer Neighbourhood Team (

Q: Where are crime hot spots within the site ? A: the entire Hollywood Green is a troublesome area Q: Do you think some elements of design can encourage criminal beheaviour? A: Yes, we would ideally have the seats of the bus stop facing the cinema removed. (they brought up the example of similar benches opposite Morrison that were attracting people drinking during the day, and once removed these people did not come to the location anymore) * they feel that the introduction of new seating areas would encourage people (group of antisocial behaving people) to hung around in the area, and this is precisely what the police is trying to avoid we also asked about introduction of trees, and they wouldn't know if this would encourage vandalism.

Policy and Strategy

Policy and Strategy

• • • • • •

Planning Policy Statements (PPSs: 1; 4; 13) London Plan Haringey (UDP and) LDF Wood Green Town Centre SPD Tree Strategy Local Implementation Plan

Design and Strategy : External sources

• • • • • • •

Department for Transport: Manual for streets Cabe :This way to better streets Cabe Space: Preventing anti social behaviour in public spaces. UDL Developing Open Space Strategies Workshop. attended by Daniela Ellis Mayor’s Great Spaces Workshop attended by Paola Mollica Wood Green Audit Urban initiatives

Examples of good public realm spaces vision

Examples of lighting design:

Geo sticks light at Regents Place, London

Permanent outdoor pavilion in Peace Park, Seoul, Korea

Examples of seating design:

Duke of York Square, London

Old Market Square, Nottingham

Elizabeth Banks Associates

Gustafson Porter

Playfulness : Bruno Taylor's installation of a swing in a London bus stop

Examples of trees in urban context:

Ginko trees, London

Birch Trees, London

Initial visions

Temporary activity : mobile coffee van

Temporary activities could change the way the space is used and perceived.

Occasional activity : Farmers’ market

A monthly farmers’ market could bring different people on site.

Areas of opportunity

Plotting down spatial arrangements and different proposals

Possible interventions New paving throughout the site area; New raised crossing; Reform line of kerb opposite RPH; New light on north corner of site to match existing; New tfl bus stops; New trees and New feature lighting along ‘pathway’.

Proposallayout plan Proposed

New paving throughout the site area; new raised crossing, new light on north corner of site to match existing; new tfl bus stops; new tree/bench/bin combo and new feature lighting along pathway

Existing space

Proposed layout

Further considerations:

Wood green town centre

and the High Road

Town centre borders 12 bus routes travel (in each direction) along the High Road during daytime

Turnpike Lane bus station

Wood Green centered bus map source tfl

Turnpike Lane centered bus map source tfl

Over-serviced High Road? 5 of the 12 bus routes traveling along the High Road terminate at Turnpike Lane Bus Station. Could some of these routes be made to terminate at Wood Green to avoid traffic congestion in the High Road?

Haringey Heartlands context

The future development of the Haringey Heartlands overlaps its border with the Town Centre one. The proposed pedestrian connection route east - west along the Parkland Road is starting from the space in front of the Library.

Green shaded area is part of the Haringey Heartlands development

The Library and adjacent Public Realm The space in front of the Library is now effectively used as “Spouter’s Corner”.

Would these considerations plus the fact that this space has a natural recessed formation from the High Road makes it a more naturally enclosed Public Space?

A new Town Square and a new Bus interchange. Hollywood Green could become a new transport modal interchange. The eastbound bus stop on Lordship Lane, currently opposite residential buildings, for bus routes 141 and 243 could move south of the cinema complex in Bullers Road in a style similar to the Sadler’s Wells in Islington.

The space in front of the Library could become the new Town Square.

A new Town Square

The space today

The square tomorrow

Haringey Heartlands II Wood Green  

This is the updated presentation we have submitted to Haringey Council.