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Exciting Themes For Children’s Birthday Parties! Every little one wants to have a grand celebration on their birthday! So every mother tries her best to give her child the most. Now what children prefer, seem to be rather common. Well sometimes it is hard to find a theme that is a little different from the rest. It is easy to have a simple party for a boy with the theme ‘cars’ and for a girl, a ‘princess’.

But we are going to list a few innovative ideas for your child to have a different and special birthday that he/she will remember for a long time. But you need to know that listing down your themes for your child’s birthday should also depend on their age. The ideas we present to you are as follows: 1)

Disney Party.

Now every child, may it be a boy or a girl loves Disney. Disney has various stories that are applicable to both genders. Not only animated, but Disney also offers screen shows in which children tend to idolize characters and actors. Using the star your child appreciates the most can be made a theme party, with games and décor put up according to the theme as well. 2)

Spooky Party.

It is awkward to think about a child having a party which includes something scary. But I am sure, you all have heard the story of ‘casper, the friendly ghost’ what we mean by this is, not to be violent and scare kids. It is cute to have a nice small little party with a mild spooky theme. In the sense, have a black and white dress code, with some disco lights and a tinge of Halloween.


Neon Party.

We all know that neon is now in vogue. The reason neon could be a good idea for a child’s party is due to its brightness. All children love bright colors. It makes them cheerful. Although these type of themes should be for kids who are in the age group 9-12. each kid could wear neon clothes and accessories, such as neon glow bands, earrings, shoes, etc. 4)

Pool Party.

All children love water and therefore, a pool party would be a great idea for all little water bugs. You can have the party decorations related to water life. Even beach related decorations can be put up. The cake can be blue in color, with shells or fishes, depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. Even the cutlery required can be brought according to theme. This would make it more entertaining. Another thing that would make the party exciting, would be, if there would be water games instead of a simple ‘passing the parcel’. This type of theme could be for children as well as teenagers, but of course, teenagers would have their parties a little differently. 5)

Animal Party.

A lot of children love animals. It would therefore be sensible to have a theme based on a jungle or a zoo. It would be nice to make it a costume party where each kid could come dressed up as a different animal, with games and fun, all related to animals.

Exciting Themes for Childrens Birthday Parties  
Exciting Themes for Childrens Birthday Parties  

Every little one wants to have a grand celebration on their birthday! So every mother tries her best to give her child the most. Now what ch...