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Locals Only January / Febuary 2010 Issue #3



61 Impala

Event Coverage Ron ford’s hotrod show and fundraiser

Gene Winfield Workshop


-Project Vehicles


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Contents Features

15 Frisco Choppers 23 61 Impala

Events 05 Gene Winfield Workshop 09 Ron Ford’s Hotrod Show

Special 13 The Gearheads Wife 14 Cartoon 20 Mail Bag 22 Shop Spotlight 27 Reader Rides 28 Tech 30 Artist Profile

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Build, What the F#!K is Build? Build is a FREE, localy owned and run magazine made for all automotive enthusiasts who enjoy everything there is about cars, trucks and bikes. This mag WILL NOT be full of editorial B.S. telling you whats cool, whats not, what to buy or what not to. Sure we all have our favorites, but this magazine is for the gearhead who can relate and appreciate the craftsmanship, time and energy it takes, no matter what scene he or she is into. Instead we will bring you local show coverage, shop tours, artist profiles, reader rides, how to’s, mailbag, projects, and multipule ride spotlights on a lifestyle each of us have running through our blood. Our editorial will be kept to a minimum and pictures will be plenty. Being a NON-BIASED magazine, if you don’t see what your into, send us a e-mail and we’ll cover it. From all of us at Build, thanks and keep the shiny side up and the rubber out of the rubarb.

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Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010

Gene Winfield Workshop Hosted by Top Ten Hotrods and Customs Recently Build magazine had the opportunity to sit in and observe 60 plus years of talent from one of the best custom car builders of all time, Gene Winfield. This self taught customizer begun building hot rods and customs in 1944 after his tour of duty in the Navy during World War two and opened his first shop in 1947 called Windy's custom shop. Since then Gene has been inducted into 7 different automotive hall of fames and in 2008 was named builder of the year at the Detroit autorama. September 9, 2009 the beginning of the two day workshop, a class of about 20 guys eagerly wait to see what this master customizer has in-store for them. Within no time at all Gene attacked the unsuspecting 1951 ford shoebox with the odd pause to explain exactly what was going on. Throughout the two day workshop, Gene explained how to chop a 51 ford shoebox, lead filling, a variety of metal shaping techniques, gas welding, and shared several tips he has acquired over many years of customizing cars. If you ever get the chance to attend one of these workshops or even shoot the shit with the guy, do it, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Gene, come back soon......

Plan of attack is explained

And then drawn out



Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010



With the roof off you can see how the ford was braced for the chop

Spreading the upper A piller to match up with the lower that has been brought inward

Measure twice cut once

Sneak peak.... 6

Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010

Metal shaping 101

Gas welding tips

Tinning metal

Cusom trim fab

Lead Filling

Winfield Rod and Customs 8201 Sierra Hwy Mojave C.A. 93501 (661)824-4728 More lead filling


Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Squat & Gobble Cafe 5680 198th St, Langley

7am - 3pm Monday - Friday 8am - 2pm Saturday


Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Ron ford’s hotrod show and fundraiser The 23rd annual hot rod show at Ocean Park Ford was one not to miss with over 200 cars and trucks for the viewing. Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health were able to raise $4091 for the Cardiac program thanks to all the high rollers with big appetites. Be sure to check out 2010's show, hungry and with your pockets full of cash. Show date can be found at


Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


1-800-567-8979 BC’s Best Selection of pre ’72 Chevy/GMC car and light truck parts (New, NOS & Used) We’re your one stop supplier for all your Hot Rod and Restoration Needs • Air suspension experts • Project cars always in stock • New & used engines

If we don’t have it in stock, we can probably get it

Coquitlam • Abbotsford • Campbell River Kamloops • Kelowna • Langley Red Deer • Victoria

I d c ( a A a h u in m in d t w o t a h t t f g o a m “ t c I I s r T s h h s w o h “ a a h p a e s g ic in lo

The Gearheads Wife I see some Kleenex has broken up and stuck to all of the dark laundry. Oh ya, flu season again, must remember to check pockets. As I bring the basket of clothes up the stairs (hoping that I can just shake off all the little white pieces), a freezing cold hand slips up the back of my shirt. Ahhh... And down falls the laundry. Urgh! “It’s not funny! The stairs are dirty and my clothes were clean!” What’s he doing in the house anyway. It’s not lunchtime yet. Sigh... If there was a urinal in the shop, it would eliminate half of the dirt tracked into the house. Speaking of dirt, where’s my little trouble maker? It’s suspiciously quiet in here. How unusual, I find her in my bed sleeping?! I tip toe to the washroom and tap on the door, “Hey, come look at Bella.” So we stand there admiring the peaceful quiet of our little one – then look at each other wondering what’s wrong. He leans over and puts his cheek on her forehead. “I think she’s overheating, get the temperature gauge.” Says my gear-head. Her sleepy eyes open and a tiny voice says, “Daddy, I’m tired.” He kisses her and tells her that she feels a bit hot so we’re just going to check her temperature.“You have a mild fever sweetie, get some rest.” I tell her. She talks me into snuggling her for awhile. Once she falls asleep, I manage to pry myself out of her death grip and get back to cleaning the house. Just as I’m about to check on my baby, I feel a chilling draft and catch a whiff of that awful metal grinding smell. The loud foot steps coming up my recently cleaned stairs let me know my husband is near. “Take your shoes off!” I yell in my whisper voice. He makes the same guilty face as the dog when we catch her eating cat poo out of the litter box. “Mommy, I’m thirsty.” I hear as I peek into the room. Dad checks her temperature again as I pour some Cool Blue Gatorade into a sippy cup. “Here’s some coolant.” I say, thinking I’m so funny. She looks at me really strange. “It’s just Gatorade sweetie, the blue kind.” Then she takes it. “She’s running a little on the hot side.” He says, ringing out a cold face cloth. “We’ll just keep an eye on her for now.” He places the face cloth on her forehead, gives her a kiss and tells her he’ll be back, just have to clean up the shop. Again, I get sucked into snuggling with her, but this time we both fall asleep. We both wake up 20 minutes later to my oldest daughter (who must have come home from her friends house while I was passed out) fumbling with the DVD player. “Dad rented this movie and he says we can all watch it in here.” “Do we get popcorn?” asks my Bella. “Better than popcorn, I have fruit!” says Dad carrying a huge patter of red seedless grapes, oranges, and cherries. All three of us look at each other in shock, this can’t be the same man who thinks the Four food groups consist of chips, sushi, tacos and ice cream. We all get comfy and settle in to our G rated movie, you gotta love flu season..




B.C. Style

Owner Chris Depner Shop No 9 cycles, Type 82 shovel Head Frame Santee Rigid Mods Frisco tank, hand made fender model A tail light Paint Candy gold, gold flake,black lace, scales and fades, paint by Sinister Finishes Seat Comfy Engine 82 shovel bored out to 88 cubic inches Trans Baker 5 speed, hydro clutch, 3'' open belt BDL Air cleaner Knockoff Goodson Suspension (F) 03 deuce (R) none Brakes Performance Machine everything foot and hand controls Tires (F) 21/90/90 Metzeler (R) 150/70/18 Metzeler Wheels (F) 21'' DNA 60 spoke (R) 18'' DNA 60 spoke Build time 10 months


Owner Corey Lawson Shop Sinister Finishes 604-308-8351 Type 99 sporty Frame Flyrite, smoking gun monified Mods Everything custom, 1940 headlamp hand made rear fender/strut/ seat/battery box/pipes, Indian Larry gas tank, Butchered DNA oil tank Paint Candy apple red with red flake, 2 tone black lace panel job with fades, red and black pinstripe Seat Custom made, Mexican blanket, Chevy valve springs Engine Stock HD Trans Stock HD Suspension Rigid mount, DNA 4 under springer Brakes Stock HD modified Tire (F) 21 inch Avon venom (R) 16 inch Avon venom wide white Wheels (F) 40 spoke wire (R) solid Build time 4 months Club Rebel Riders

Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Mail Bag

Although this ground has been travelled before you have stepped off the trail to get a better concept of what an auto mag should be. Good on you for bringing us a mag that is not full of "junk mail" and filler. I like the local thing and would like to see a little more on the interviewing of the local enthusiast with their creations. Mag 1, Front cover (Little Boy), right out of Mad Max, love it! Mag 2, article "Gearheads Wife" how true as you know we all have a carb on the kitchen counter or a new tire and rim sitting by our fireplace, I say thank you to all the Gearheads better halves for putting up with us. One last thing, your mag is done in good taste and as you know we all use the "fn" language in the shop but to see it in a local free mag (pg 23) that all generations will peruse through, causes me to feel you are lowering your standards. Keep ‘em comin’ boyz. Backass Willy's Well, thanks for the feed back, I would like to comment as well on the ad on pg 23 of the last issue. We have had a lot of comments regarding that ad. To our surprise a majority of our readers found it rather amusing, not to say that its appropriate for a free mag tho. We have since spoken to the designer of this particular ad and they have agreed to tone it down. Build Hey, Great mag, not sure what mike was talking about in last months mailbag about no chicks, the cover of the nov/ dec issue had one of the hottest chicks I've seen in a long time! Any chance we see some kind of show schedule posted?? Be great to post up in the shop! Thanx RF (from prison) Mr. RF we agree with you about our Nov/Dec cover. DAMN! (sorry Frank) As for a show schedule, were working on one for 2010. Question RF, what prison? We would like to make them a distributer. Build

...Wants to remind you that we are looking for readers rides, advertisers, distributors, hate mail and any other requests or comments you may have to: Check out Build Magazine Online

Send To: 20

Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Shop Spotlight

20677 Langley Bypass 604-530-0866

Build Magazine Visits, Langley U-Blast When you come in to Langley U-Blast you will immediately notice that this is not your average messy sand blast shop. The shop is neat, bright and organized. The owners George Bird and Jon Fox have service as their #1 priority. They want this to be quick, easy and a great value, but above all a lot of fun, because that is what restoration projects are all about. The U-Blast concept is very simple: they have 5 large sand blast cabinets with a wide range of blast media. Staff are on hand for all types of advice on medias, pressure, etc. The newest 8’ long cabinet will easily accommodate diff housings, hard tail motorcycle frames etc. The best part is there’s no need to make an appointment. Just go on in with your treasures, you get a quick lesson on sand blasting 101 and off you go. (Langley U-Blast is not responsible for any sand blasting addictions you may develop). After a 15 minute minimum, you only pay for the time you use, and all materials are included. The list of possible items you can blast seems to be endless and only left to your imagination. From your typical motorcycle and auto parts to glass and marble etching, to wood restoration and carving, they have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to help you.

61 Impala Owner Kevin Freund Type 1961 Impala Frame Stock Body mods None Paint Sterling silver PPG Upholstery Redone to stock Engine 383 stroker small block Induction 750 cfm speed demon HP 442 at 5900 rpm


Trans 700 r4 with 3200 stall converter Rear end Ford 9'' 3.89's posi Brakes Disc all around Suspension Full air ride Steering Stock Tires Kumo Front 225/40/18 Rear 255/35/20 Rims Intro Twisted Vista Front 18'' Rear 20''

Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Reader Ride

Steve Forman, Langley B.C. This is my 82 Nissan Datsun. 2.5 motor swap with dual carbs. 85 Nissan front clip and rear. 2 10inch kicker subs, MTX amp. Running 17inch escalade rims. Static dropped. Iceberg silver paint. Roll pan. Future plans, BAGS....

Reader Ride

86 2dr caprice Tom mitchell ,from surrey ,Mods-2pumps setup (chrome)(show time) wammy tank ,10s out back 8s up front, candy tangerine with white ice pearl ,color mached 14" wires from homeboys with dimond cut spokes, as for whats coming for the future you will need to wait till summer to see


Replacement panel on my 22 Dodge MODIFIED

1. Two Sections of rust to be patched, I’ve desided to replace the entire lower section of the cab with one patch panel instead of two seperate ones.

2. Template was made. I used 1/16th plastic sheet but cardboard or bristolboard can be used to.

3. Line the template up on the area to be removed and trace it out onto the cab.

4. Lucky for me the place I get my metal from also has a metal brake so I can have them make the lip on the lower section of the panel.

5. Before I left home I mad a quick template to gadge the angle of the brake I need. (the shop will appreciate this, saves time and guess work)

6. My cab was light enough that I could flip it upside down for better access to the rusted out area.

1 l l t

7. Outter skin removed. I’ll clean the rusted area up before the new panel is welded in.

8. Place the same template on the new panel and trace it out.

9. What it looks like after it has been cut out.

10. Always double check fit along the way to make sure your on the right track. So far so good.

11. Make some marks where you want to start your curve. I am assuming that you have a shrinker/ stretcher available for your use if not buy one. Well worth the money.

12. Take your time. Don’t worry if you over shrink it, you can always stretch it back.

13. A quick view of the finished curve.

14. Check fit again, make sure your happy with the fit before you start welding it in.

15. Start off with a few tacks spread out along where both panels meet and check to make sure everything is still where it should be. I threw the door on to make sure the fit was rite.


16. Keep moving around with your tacks. This will limit the warping of the metal. Make sure you dont leave any pin holes, this will just give a place for rust to start.

17. When everything has been welded up fully, clean up the welds and double check to see if anything was missed.

To all the haters out there, remember this tech was done in a two car garage in the middle of suburbia with limited tools available WARNING: Build is not responsible for persons or property damaged during your attempt.

Artist Profile

Corey, Sinister Finishes Build How long have you been pin-striping? Corey I think around 4 years Build What was the attraction? Corey Sex, drugs, rock n roll Build Favourite brush? Corey Triple zero mac blue ferrule custom cut Build Words that came to mind after you pulled your first line? Corey That's some good shit Build Blondes or brunettes? Corey Black Build Music? Corey Rockabilly, punk, the good stuff Build Ride? Corey Rigid sporty, Bellflower styled 67 camino Build How many speeding tickets? Corey They can't catch me Build Favourite drink? Corey Double vodka 7 Build What would be on your tombstone? Corey WHOOPS !! 30

Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2010


Build Magazine

Jan/Feb 2009


Build Magazine Jan Issue  

Build Magazine Jan Issue

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