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GreenPoint Rated

Corporate Partnership 2012

A better environment from the inside out.

OVER 10,000


The GreenPoint Rated label is the mark of quality for green homes. It’s a recognizable, independent seal of approval that verifies a home was built or remodeled according to proven environmental standards. GreenPoint Rated is designed to be accessible, affordable and responsive to each homeowner’s needs and priorities. As a statewide program addressing every type of home, GreenPoint Rated’s reach is all encompassing. The program is recognized at every government and industry level and is managed by Build It Green, California’s nonprofit leader in creating healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes.

The Gold Standard in Green Homes The Gold Standard in Green Homes


According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, 40 percent of children will develop a respiratory disease due to chemicals in their homes. GreenPoint Rated homes avoid products with toxins and have effective fresh air ventilation systems, so you and your family can breathe easier.


Efficient homes have lower utility bills. GreenPoint Rated homes have a lower carbon footprint and lower water and energy costs. And now with rebates from Energy Upgrade California, it’s more affordable than ever.


Homeowners in California care about the impact they have on the environment. With a GreenPoint Rated home, they know they’re doing their part to preserve natural resources for future generations.

The Green Market Homeowner Improvement Spending Should Grow Strongly Over the Next Five Years. Compound annual growth rate (Percent)

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Green homes are in more demand than




homes to thrive.


Expectation of annual homeowner spending on renovations close to $300B

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Note: Home Improvement spending levels used to calculate the compund annual growth rate in 2010 dollars.

Renovations usually paid with cash, not financing Inverse relationship of new construction & remodeling

Selling a Green Home Green certified homes sell faster and at higher price points than non-green certified homes. 9 8 7


6 5 4 3 2 1

Green Certified Homes


Non-Green Certified Homes

Time on the Market

Selling Price

Based on the 2009 study by Earth Advantage Institute, GreenWorks Realty, and Hamilton Investments, LLC

Green homes sell faster than noncertified homes. Homes that had a sustainable certification were purchased 18 days faster than noncertified homes.

Green homes sell for more than noncertified homes, by a difference ranging from 3% to 5%. The margin of price difference was found to be a 4.2%

GreenPoint Rated Marketing Online is the most comprehensive website of its kind. With feature-length articles, how-to videos, ‘ask an expert’ advice columns, and interactive user-created content we’re capturing the interest and energy of homeowners statewide.

Advertising GreenPoint Rated’s 2012 advertising plan includes print, online, and radio ad buys, public service announcements, visibility at local retail locations and brochures for homeowners.

Workshops There is no replacement for in-person workshops. GreenPoint Rated offers free, innovative workshops on topics that most interest remodeling homeowners. Partnering with local retailers, this is the ideal marriage between DIY culture and community.

Public Relations GreenPoint Rated spokespeople include building industry leaders, real estate professionals and owners of GreenPoint Rated homes. These partners spread the word by giving presentations, providing case studies to their clients and including stories in their newsletters.

Social Media GreenPoint Rated is a leader in connecting like-minded people: homeowners with builders, builders with suppliers, and suppliers with customers. Leveraging Linked-in, Twitter and Facebook, the GreenPoint Rated community supports and benefits each other.

Our members are your customers As a GreenPoint Rated partner you will reach smart, environmentally conscious, loyal consumers. You’ll have access to 300,000 California Homeowners that are ready to start their green remodel. They’re committed to greening their home They’re planning to remodel within the next three years Median income is $85,000 They’re overwhelming intersted in energy efficiency They’re more likely to shop at a business that shares their values

Comprehensive Partnership


Strategic Advertisements You will have a prominently placed ad on the GreenPoint Rated website. You’ll receive: • An ad for a full calendar year with opportunities to update the design of the ad once a quarter. • Art direction and editorial assistance for your ad to ensure it shines and seamlessly integrates with GreenPoint Rated brand. • A tip sheet on how to create a matching landing page. • An analytics report on click-throughs for your ad, provided twice a year.

Social Networking You will have the opportunity be featured as part of GreenPoint Rated social networking sites, including: • A customized campaign that uses a series of Facebook status updates & Twitter tweets to help you achieve your business goals. Campaigns can be focused on a sale, launch of a new product or service, or special services being offered. • You have the option of writing your own update & tweet. • A screenshot of the updates for your records and further future promotions.

Blog When you have an opportunity to guest blog on GreenPoint Rated site you will reach homeowners in a unique and memorable way. You’ll receive help in getting the most out of this benefit including: • A developmental edit of your blog post ensuring it fits in with the editorial style of the blog. • A personal e-mail will be sent to you to notify you of any public comments made on the blog, giving you a chance to respond. You will have the ability to delete any comments made on their blog post. • An analytics report will be provided on the number of visits made to their blog posting.

Comprehensive Partnership


Homeowner Workshops Throughout the year Build It Green hosts homeowner workshops and clinics. You will have an opportunity to be listed as the lead sponsor of the workshop. This includes: • The opportunity to choose the topic and geographic location of the workshop • Highlighted and profiled on all marketing materials • Display literature and marketing materials • Provide a raffle item • A chance to speak at the program and receive a list of all attendees.

Industry Mixers Twice a year Build It Green will host mixers for all of our industry partners. Networking with other partners in the green building industry encourages referrals, discussion on best practices, and creates community.

Industry Roundtable Build It Green’s quarterly industry roundtable is reserved for our highest level sponsors creating an exclusive and intimate inner-circle of green building. Topics will feature the latest research on green building technology, marketing, policy, and more; Sample topics include ‘Homeowner Marketing Research’, ‘Trends in Green Building’, and ‘Reaching First Time Homeowners’. All eligible partners will participate in choosing the dates for each roundtable. This benefit will begin when there are a minimum of seven eligible partners.

Benefits Outlined by Partnership Level Silver • An ad on a GreenPoint Rated sub-page • Promoted in one Know-How Feature on GreenPoint Rated website • Invitation to Industry Mixers • Focus of one Facebook and Twitter campaign • Opportunity to participate in our Homeowner Discount Club • Opportunity to host a homeowner how-to video at cost


Gold All Silver Level Benefits plus: • An ad on GreenPoint Rated subpage page • Promoted in three Know-How Features on GreenPoint Rated website • Focus of two Facebook and Twitter campaigns • Host of a Homeowner Workshop


Platinum All Gold Level Benefits plus: • An ad on GreenPoint Rated homepage • An ad on a GreenPoint Rated sub page • Guest blog opportunity once every quarter • Invitation to Industry Roundtable • Listed as a GreenPoint Rated Partner in one press release of a topic of your choice • Focus of a Facebook and a Twitter campaign once every quarter


Green All Platinum Level Benefits plus: • Your product or service highlighted in one GreenPoint Rated Case Study • An ad on GreenPoint Rated home page • Access to Build It Green’s semi-annual focus group and marketing study results


A Better California We created marketing tools and benefits that we hope will encourage you to join us and as a way to say thank you for your support. Your financial support of GreenPoint Rated is paving the way for us to ensure there are more green homes and more healthy living spaces. When you partner with GreenPoint Rated, you’re not just marketing your business – you’re creating a better California.

For inquiries or to join us as a partner, please contact Rachel Rubin at or 510.590.3360 x136

GreenPoint Rated is a program of Build It Green, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient homes in California. Learn more at

GreenPoint Rated Partnership (staff)  

GreenPoint Rated Partnership (staff)