Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments of future.

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About Us LET US WORRY ABOUT THE HOME INSPECTION PROCESS FOR YOU. As a company, Building Inspection Council has come a long way. We have grown, expanded over time but remain committed to providing the best building inspection service in Melbourne. We offer a variety of services such as Building Inspections, Building and Pest Inspections, and New Home inspections. We have various experts in our teams who are in charge of these various services. Our purpose, when inspecting your home is to make sure that we do our full research and know all the little details about the building you are currently on or that you are going to buy right now to make an informed decision easier for you. The key to a thorough inspection service is to have the right equipment to do the findings and a professional who can use the equipment and has a good understanding of what to do. At Building Inspection Council at Melbourne, we have a track record of providing the best home or building inspection services you can find in Melbourne. The positive feedback we have received over the years from our long line of customers keeps us motivated and determined not to falter at the quality level we have been providing over the years and to continue the good work.

Services BUILDING INSPECTION For many of us, buying a home is one of the biggest investments we will make. Protect yourself and invest in a professional home inspection by hiring Building Inspection Council. Don’t let the thousands of dollars needed repairs go unnoticed. Inspectors of Building Inspection Council can notice the little details of your housethat need proper repair. Our detailed inspection, from the top to bottom ofyour property, and a detailed report, as well as estimates for the cost ofrepairs or replacements for multiple faults. Before closing an old house orbuilding a new one, or starting an indictment somewhere, call a specialist at Building Inspection Council.

Building and pest inspection Our highly recommended home inspectors are all future trusted employees not here today gone tomorrow subcontractors.Building and pest inspection , the Inspectors are supported by a singular computer aided inspection system and therefore the latest inspection equipment like high sensitivity thermal cameras costing thousands of dollars that others don’t often have

New home inspection It shows that Foundation Inspections / Pre-Pour Inspections – Pier foundations and concrete slabs require a pre-pour inspection before the concrete is often poured, including inspection of the footings, trenches, structural rebar, water and sewer plumbing, electrical chases, etc. Inspection of the underground water service, sewer piping, and electrical service must be done before the trenches are covered.The stage is set for a strong and long-lasting home

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