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How to Keep Your Home Pest Free No one wants to live in a pest infested home because pests can do a great deal of damage to your home and your family. You should therefore observe practices that can keep your home pest free. Here are some tips on how to keep rodents and insects away from your home: Repair Leaks in Your Home Water is a magnet to insects and rodents. They need a lot of water to thrive so you should control excess moisture and fix water leaks in your home. Look for plumbing leaks and roof leaks and fix them as soon as possible. Keep Your Home Clean Keeping your home clean is an effective way to prevent pest infestation. Make sure that you observe proper garbage disposal because food scraps and litters are a food source for rodents and insects. Rates and mice, in particular are fond of nuts, almonds and peanut butter. They also eat oranges, lemons, figs and avocadoes so make sure that all fallen food debris are removed in your home and discarded properly into the trash. Seal Cracks and Holes in Your Home Cracks and holes serve as entry points of pests to your home. You should therefore inspect your home’s exterior walls and roof regularly to see if anything needs fixing. Screens are effective in keeping pests out of your home so make sure to also check the screen on your garage, the attic and subarea vents. Screens can help keep birds, rodents and small animals out of your house. Stay Clear of Plants that Attract Pests Some plants attract and make perfect home for insects and rodents so you may want to get rid of these in your home. Fig trees, laurel and bamboo, for example, harbor honey dew producing insects. Leaf piles also make perfect pest harborage so make sure to clean them up. Install Baits around Your House In case your home already harbors some pests, install baits around your house to get rid of them. Trapping is an effective method of eliminating rodents in your home. Using chemical solutions, on the other hand, can rid your home of cockroaches and small insects. If you find it difficult to manage pest infestation in your home, a better option is to contact a reputable pest control professional. Pest

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How to Keep Your Home Pest Free  
How to Keep Your Home Pest Free  

A Building and pest inspection service is helpful for both buyer and seller because it gives you an opportunity to keep your home safe. Pest...