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MISSION AND VISION The American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) educates and trains artisans in the traditional building arts to foster exceptional craftsmanship and encourage the preservation, enrichment and understanding of the world’s architectural heritage through a liberal arts education. Established in 2004, ACBA was designed to address the need for skilled artisans trained in traditional building methods. Our students are trained in one of six craft specializations: architectural stonework, carpentry, forged architectural ironwork, preservation masonry, plaster working, and timber framing. ACBA is in the unique position of producing students fluent in the building arts who are able to communicate effectively with historians, architects, and engineers. Their skill sets will ensure the integrity of the built environment in cities across the country and around the world far into the future. The time-tested building methods taught at ACBA lead to solid structures that can better withstand natural disasters and sustained environmental pressures.

In order to fulfill its unique mission, ACBA has the following goals: To achieve national status as an institution integral to preservation and sustainable building practices. To serve, both nationally and internationally, as skilled stewards of historic buildings through well executed traditional building practices appropriate to each structure and the environment. To offer a comprehensive educational program that embodies the apprenticeship model while also providing a quality academic education. To effectively increase the quality and number of master craft specialists throughout the United States in the major building trades. To elevate the position of skilled artisans trained in the building arts in the United States, reawakening respect for work that has been greatly devalued in recent times.

2012-2013 Student Body Snapshot Total Enrollment: 47

Class of 2016: 23

20 states represented including: Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky , Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee ,Texas, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

ACBA’s curriculum, together with its mature and dedicated students, appears to be its greatest strength. Integration across courses, skill of faculty as teachers and artisans, and the intimate teaching and learning environment together provide a powerful learning experience. - National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

I cannot imagine the sense of pride and fulfillment that a craftsman has upon completion of a job and watching the client’s response to what has been made/renovated/remodeled. I yearn to have that feeling from my everyday job. - Freshman, Class of 2016 ACBA will be Charleston’s gift to America. - Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Pierre Manigault, Chair John Howard Williams, Vice Chair/Interim Secretary

Margaret Hawk O’Brien, Secretary/Chair of Finance

Kenneth Canty, Chair of Academic and Student Affairs

John LaVerne, Chair of Facilities

Mary Scott Guest

Johanna Martin-Carrington

Armstead Bert Pruitt, Jr., MD

Stephen Ziff

ADMINISTRATION LTG (R) Colby M. Broadwater III, President

Simeon Warren, Dean of the College, Professor of Architectural Stone Carving

James M. Waddell, Vice President of Operations and Finance

Kerri Forrest, Director of Institutional Advancement

Ginna Waddell, Director of Finance

Margaret Lucas Dieter Adams, Director of Recruitment

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Call: (843) 577-5245

Twitter: @ACBACharleston

Downtown Campus:

James Island Campus

21 Magazine Street

1725 Signal Point Road

Charleston, SC 29401

Charleston, SC 29412

Press Contacts: Academics, Administration or Programs Kerri Forrest, Director of Institutional Advancement (843) 266-7845

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Community Projects and Partnerships

Patrick Guglielmo, Development Officer, Special Events

Steve Hanson, Development Officer, Special Projects

(843) 266-7847

(843) 266-7843

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