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As decking materials have evolved, so too have the fasteners that hold them together. Gone are the steel hand-driven nails that tended to pop up after one season, and in are the stainless steel screws that hold securely and resist rust, as well hidden fasteners that hide the screw heads and provide proper spacing for the boards. Some deck clips can even extend the life of a deck by elevating the boards off the joists to reduce structural rot and mold. Building material dealers that have these modern products available will provide their customers with more options and be able to package materials, and add accessories to maximize profits. Manufacturers have caught on to this and also made many innovations in packaging designed to better fit the retailer, including bundled rail pieces to simplify the selling process, and smaller unit sizes that better fit the average size of a deck. Some have even added additional features to their units like foam or other packing material between layers of product to extend the life of boards while they’re in the lumber yard. Innovation in the building industry has taken many forms with improve-

AS ACCESSORIES like deck lights become more popular, retailers can take advantage of the opportunity to upsell and package products to maximize profits.

ments in processes, products and systems. By incorporating these new technologies, techniques and materials, retailers and builders can gain distinct competitive advantages and enhance both their profits and reputation.

February 2016

– Brent Gwatney is senior vice president for sales & marketing for MoistureShield composite decking, and serves on the North American Deck and Railing Association board of directors. Contact him at

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BPD 2-2016  

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