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Main Feature: Enashipai Resort & Spa Profile: Architect Peter Thomas Event: AAK Awards of Excellence Opinion: Identity Crisis in Kenyan Urban Centres 1 Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Issue No. 002/2014

Buildesign Magazine

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MAIN FEATURE Enashipai Spa & Resort - Recreating nature in a place of happiness.









Ecological Solution for the Bathroom of the Future.

Profile - Peter Thomas: His return from retirement.

AAK Awards of Excellence: Celebrating 50 years of Kenyan Architecture.

Identity crisis - The case of Kenyan urban centers.









Crown Paints launch showrooms in Mombasa and Nakuru.

Use of BIM increasing in Kenya.

Promising start of CIBEX East Africa.

Care and maintenance of stainless steel.

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


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s I penned this editorial piece for

died and scores of others were injured when

activity in Kenya has been largely blamed on the

the current issue of the BUILDesign

gunmen stormed a church in Likoni opening fire

invasion of Somalia by Kenya Defense Forces.

magazine, multiple explosions had just

at the worshipers.

Other quarters have opined that our ‘open door’

occurred in food kiosks in Eastleigh killing six

A Toyota truck was also seized in Mombasa

policy to refugees especially from war torn

people and injuring dozens of others.

with six bombs. The bombs, which were safely

Somalia and poor security arrangements in the

detonated, were said to have the capability to

refugee camps that have enabled some of them

These attacks came barely a day after another

bring down a multi storey building and cause

to sneak into the country has enabled terrorists

explosion occurred in the same estate killing

massive civilian casualties.

infiltrate these camps and easily move into

one person who was suspected to be a terrorist

Kenya to set up their base.

assembling the bomb. A grenade was also found

There have been reports of other terror attack

in a church compound in Lamu on the same day.

scares after an empty ammunition box was found

Professionals in the building and construction

The above follow incidents which happened a

at the basement of the Junction shopping mall

sector should now be awake to the fact that

fortnight earlier in Mombasa where six people

along Ngong Road. The heightened terrorists’

crime, and in this case terrorism, is a critical


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

factor in the design and construction of buildings.

professionals to reduce the risk of terror attacks

comfort of your office using MPESA. Please visit

While carrying out a site analysis, the direction

in buildings that we design and build?

our website,

and movement of the sun, wind, noise, etc

This issue of BUILDesign magazine carries

for instructions on how you can subscribe.

should be considered well with a factor like

features that were exciting for us as a team

We welcome any comments, reactions and

terrorism trends and threats.

to develop and would be interesting and

opinions on what we feature and on general

Recent attacks have shown that terrorists

enlightening for you as a reader. We are glad

issues in the building and construction industry.

have moved from the traditional approach of

that you have continued to read through

Feel free to write to us on

detonating bombs in buildings or crowded

every edition that we produce. We have also

places and have now embraced shooting as a

developed an easier subscription mode where

form of meting their terror. What can we do as

you can make your subscription payment in the

LETTERS Dear Editor, The building plans approval system was not the best but had some semblance of structure before entry of governors. Then Enter Evans Kidero, William Kabogo and Hassan Joho and all of a sudden they consider the technical officers incompetent enough that after technical approvals the building plans have to be taken to the Governors for 'ratification'.

In the building code and Physical planning act

about this illegality.

there is no provision whatsoever for ratification.

Michire Mugo.

In the course of time, this could be exploited by rent seekers around the governors to perpetuate corruption. Its time these governors allowed their chief officers to do what they are paid to do or else fire them if they cannot trust them. I want to believe that Architectural Association of Kenya and Board of Registration for Architects

Dear Colleagues, Please colleagues do not append or approve with a stamp or a seal any designs or drawings or work you have not personally done. Don't agree to be used as doormats. Kathuli Patrick.

and Quantity Surveyors are doing something

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


17 Buildexpo Africa th

2th – 4th May 2014







ingredients that made them so successful

Worldwide – the organizers of over


directors from the Building & Construction




– then adding even more value to the mix

20 fairs annually in the region,


based on findings from the latest market

announced the 17th BUILDEXPO AFRICA


- Kenya 2014, scheduled to be held from

BUILDEXPO is the only show which has

2nd to 4th May 2014 at the KICC.

been catering to the demand of not only the

The event aims at providing an opportunity

Kenyan market, but the entire East African

for East African Companies to source

BUILDEXPO is East Africa’s largest and

region from the last 16 years. The show

new products, equipment & technology

leading International Trade Exhibition on

will provide exhibitors with an outstanding

from worldwide, to update their existing

Building & Construction, Mining, Water

opportunity and platform to meet existing

customers and agents, to launch new

Technology and other related products

and new customers, launch new products,

products and have special offers, to learn

that will showcase over 12,000 products,

generate sales, enhance company image

and enhance export & import trade in

Equipment & Machinery in Kenya.



order to capture available privileged and

Spread over three days, the mega event

with distributors & suppliers and gain

ready arranged markets and consolidate

“BUILDEXPO AFRICA” is the ideal forum

competitive insight of the market.

and strengthen distributorship network




for the international players in the industry


to showcase products and services to the

BUILDEXPO Africa 2014 is recognised

ripe African market. Trade visitors from all

as the brand leading, long-standing and

Kenya is under rapid development in its

over East & Central African countries are

highly successful building & construction


being invited directly and in collaboration

exhibition and is the biggest trade event of

zone, industrial parks, commercial and

with several regional trade bodies in

its kind in Africa, enjoying the endorsement,

residential buildings and tourism resorts.



support and sponsorship of the Africa

It is estimated that Kenya’s infrastructure

Somalia, Mozambique & Congo. Though

Business Development Association, Dubai

industry value and construction industry

Kenya by itself is one of the biggest markets

Exporters, Afrotrade, Construction Review

value will double from 2010-2015. The

in Africa, major emphasis is being laid

Online, BUILDesign Magazine online,

demand for building construction materials

upon attracting traders and importers from

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce

and machinery has witnessed a precipitous

neighbouring countries.

& Industry, Trade Invest Africa & Kenya

rise. So if you are in the Building &

Details portal.

Construction industry, here’s your chance






BUILDEXPO is set to deliver outstanding

to meet the best in the market at one place

managing directors, managers, design and

value and quality for all investors involved

and time! Be there!!!

production engineers, technical managers,

by taking the best of its 2013 shows – all the




Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |




Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Resort & Spa


ohenson Kenya Ltd approached Aaki Consultants to design a Spa Resort with modern facilities in Naivasha, on a

site that was previously occupied by a two star hotel. The project was to modernize, refurbish and expand the existing hotel which would later be named ‘Enashipai’, a Maasai term meaning ‘a place of happiness’. From the onset, it was apparent to Aaki consultants that the design for ‘Enashipai’ had to tag to the natural surroundings comfortably while delivering a strong sense of the local heritage.

| Consultants 1 2 3

Architect & Project Managers AAKI Consultants Main Contractor China Zhongxing Co.Ltd Civil & Structural Engineer Frame Consultants


Electrical Engineers Metroeng Consultants


Mechanical Engineers Rex Consultants


Quantity Surveyor Gaikonsult


Interior Designers Dimension Architects & Interior Designers

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Location | Naivasha is a town in Nakuru County, lying North West of Nairobi. It is located on the shores of Lake Naivasha along the NairobiNakuru highway. Other than floriculture which is the main industry for the town, Naivasha is also a popular tourist destination with exquisite spots such as Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Naivasha and Mount Longonot National Park among others.

| The Site

Located along Moi South Lake Road, off

L. Naivasha.

Mai Mahiu Highway, the site was home

Vegetation on site comprises mostly of

to Lake Naivasha Holiday Inn which

acacia trees which are a predominant tree

consisted of an old mud tavern, ten hotel

species in the area.

rooms and a makuti restaurant. The site is a narrow strip stretching from the Moi south Lake road down to the shores of

Professional timber joiners since 1960

Visit our showroom today! To see our inspiring designs that bring out the most exclusive of finishes in any home, business or project.

We are proud to be a part of making the Enashipai Resort & Spa Project a success.

09 HOMABAY ROAD, OFF ENTERPRISE ROAD, INDUSTRIAL AREA, P.O. BOX 18054, 00500 NAIROBI – KENYA; Email:; TEL: 559598 / 652224; Mobile: 0733-636-398 / 0722-664-411 / 0772-636-398


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

its own club house; A presidential cottage with its own club house, spa and servants quarters; Dining room that can host at least 300 people; Conference hall that can accommodate 300 people divisible into permutation of 200, 100, 50 and a separate 20 sitter VIP boardroom, video conferencing facilities and separate dining facilities; A spa facility consisting of 6 treatment rooms, 1 VIP treatment room, a rasual, a signature treatment room, a steam room, sauna, a hydro bath, a wellness clinic, a juice bar and relaxation rooms; Lakeside outdoor events ground catering for a minimum of 500 people; Multipurpose



Indoor children’s play facility; Indoor games facility and a gym; Ultra modern disco to host minimum 200 persons; 3 helipads; Full in-house

The Brief |

The brief was comprehensive. It entailed

support facilities e.g. laundry; Automated



irrigation systems; Parking space for 150

existing facilities and conversion of the

cars; Water treatment plant; Solar water

mud house into a Masaai museum; 120


clustered hotel rooms, each cluster with







Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


| Master Plan


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Design Concept |


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Enashipai Spa & Resort is a fusion of African

ventilation and use of high thermal mass

architecture with rustic bush architecture.

masonry are part of a combination of active

The form is an abstraction of the acacia

and passive strategies aimed at reducing

trees, a prominent tree species on site, with

heating and cooling energy requirements.

a color scheme that blends well with the

Solar power is used for water heating and

earth tone in the surrounding areas.

lighting of walkways and gardens.

Most of the construction materials were locally sourced.

This, combined with the use of energy

Taking note of the project’s location in the

saving bulbs helps in reducing power

tropics and the challenges of weather, the

consumption and hence overall running

architect employed the use of expansive

costs of the resort.

eaves to shade the large full height windows

Water conservation was also a key

from direct glare of the sun. Natural cross

concept. Water is harvested from all roofs

and surfaces and is stored in large storage tanks for use. There is an on-site water treatment and waste water recycling plant using a Biodigester system. The treated water is then used for irrigation and cleaning purposes. Installation of modern sanitation fittings in the resort is done to help conserve water in the long run. Natural trees and shrubs on site remained uncut and well maintained for natural appeal and environmental conservation.

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Phasing | The project was divided into five phases. The first two phases involved the refurbishment of existing facilities and construction of 100 executive rooms, spa, events grounds, main dining and kitchen, and other support facilities. The two phases were implemented between 2009 and 2011. Phases three and four comprised of the main conference centre, disco and dining while Phase five which is currently ongoing, comprises of 96 rooms and 32 cottages. The






approximately Kshs. 4 billion upon completion of phase 5.


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Fibre Synthesis Arts and Landscape Waterfalls, Fountains and Fibre Glass General Gardening

An establishment that is artistic in nature and our main purpose of being in the construction industry is “recreating nature beautifully�. We specialize in fiberglass works, products and fabrications. We are the leading artists of this kind of work in the region. Ours is about quality and durability not to forget beatification as the part of finishing services we offer on buildings; schools, residential homes, high profile offices, hotels, recreation amenities (for wedding gardens) etc. We are proud to be associated with AAKI Consultants and Dimensions Architects and Interior Designers. We are very much grateful and appreciate all that has been put in implementation to define Enashipai Resort and Spa. We congratulate the entire team at Enashipai for conceiving this wonderful project and the entire fraternity of China Zhongzing for leading in the delivery of the project. In Enashipai, we were privileged to showcase several of our services. We take pride in having done several interior water features, free standing waterfalls and fountains, extra ordinary cooking pots, special ceiling lamination - steam effect proof, sculpture and trees. These pictorial expressions depict some of what we have done in Enashipai Resort.

Congratulations to Enashipai Hotel & Spa. We are proud to be associated with you The Dinning Falls

The Mukutano Fountain

The VIP lounge

Reception Feature

Roundabout Water Fountain Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |





Dr. Reuben Mutiso is a renowned architect

in Berlin and Hong Kong and is currently

celebration, the Architectural Association



and urban planner with over 40 years of

a director of Paragon Architects (Pty) Ltd.






experience in public service and private

He is also director of Johannesburg based

of Excellence 2014 as part of Kenya’s

practice. He is a fellow member and past

design business Paragon Interface, Paragon

celebration of 50 years of independence.

chairman of the Architectural Association

Hub and Paragon Architects South Africa.


of Kenya.








recognizing excellence in architecture for

Mr. Evans Anfom is both a renowned

projects designed and completed in Kenya

Flora Runumi is a registered architect from

practicing professional and academic. He

over the past 50 years.

Uganda with B. Arch first class degree

has been in practice since 1982 and is

from Makerere University and an M Arch

particularly knowledgeable in the field of

Entries were accepted from all registered

degree from the University of Sheffield UK.

institutional design and housing. He has

architects and architectural firms in Kenya

She also holds an MBA (Real Estate and

worked in Ghana, Togo and Benin.

who are members of the Architectural

Construction) degree from the University of

Association of Kenya. The projects had to

Reading, UK as well as other qualifications


have been completed between 1963 and

in Project Management, Interior design and

considering design and planning innovation


Arbitration. Currently, she practices mainly

and creativity, cost effectiveness, creative





as a developer and has been in private

use of materials, promotion of African

A panel of local and international jurists

practice for the last 15 years with works in


was selected to judge the entries.

Uganda, Norway and South Sudan.

socio economic impact to the community,

The panel was chaired by Dr. Reuben



professional training and leadership, eco

Mutiso with Flora Runumi, Henning


Rasmuss and William Nii Teiko Evans –

B. Arch degree from the University of


Witwatersrand in 1994. He has worked





design and land use planning responses.

The Jury |

Flora Runumi


Henning Rasmuss

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Mr. Evans Anfom

Dr. Reuben Mutiso

Best residential building project | Finalists: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tudor Apartments, Mombasa – Urko Sanchez Residential Plot 7158 / 509, (Nairobi) : Studio Infinity Radhadesh House, Gigiri, Nairobi – Hitesh Mehta, 1998 Lakeview Birdwing Plan, Nyari Estate, Nairobi – Vetle Jorgensen, 1995

Winner: Residential Plot 7158 / 509, (Nairobi): STUDIO INFINITY 'A restrained and comforting house that delights through its welcoming scale, calm use of pleasant materials, and generous sense of easy living. Avoiding the decorative coatings or commonly applied cladding of many modern single family houses, this design is truthful in its use of

materials. It resonates with tropical house types in many African and global locations, and joins a long tradition of calm places for family life, defined by an ease with which nature and people share urban or semiurban plots of land.’

Residential Plot 7158/509

Best commercial building project Finalists: 1. Coca-Cola East & Central Africa Business Unit Head Office, Upper Hill – Triad Architects & Gapp Architects & Urban Designers - 2008 2. The Courtyard, Westlands, Nairobi - Bowman Associates Architects 3. Kpcu Clean Coffee Warehouse, Nairobi – Triad Architects, 1978

Winner: The Courtyard, Westlands, Nairobi - BOWMAN ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS ‘A compact and appropriately scaled building, with pleasing proportions and sufficient detail for everyday business life. Its heart is a serene and balanced space, extraordinary for its sense of drama.

This project shows that it is possible to create uplifting places in the sometimes nondescript new development zones along previously suburban streets in densifying cities across Kenya and the continent’.

The Courtyard, Westlands

Best hospitality industry project: Finalists: 1. 2.

Mpata Safari Club, Maasai Mara, - Triad Architects & Edward Suzuki & Associates, 1978 Red Pepper House, Lamu - Urko Sanchez Architects, 2012

Winner: Red Pepper House, Lamu - URKO SANCHEZ ARCHITECTS, 2012 ‘A truly exceptionally crafted building, nestled with extreme care and a unique sense of flair and daring into its coastal forest setting. The building footprint is almost divined out of the forces at play on the site. The assembly process is as

rigorously considered and expressed as the research that underlies the intelligent engagement with the client. The project is lovingly made, and is presented with a care and consideration that shows true passion for the art and the craft of architecture.’

Red Pepper house, Lamu

Best cultural building project Winner: Manda Airport, Lamu –Adventis Inhouse Africa ‘A finely crafted, uplifting and truly civic building that respects the soul of the stressed and hurrying traveller, and the spirit of place of the historic town near which it is set. A richly textured and poetic alternative to the prosaic, mostly unbearable and soulless places that punctuate travel in

remote locations in Kenya and across the world. ‘A true Place to be, while you are on your way to somewhere else.’

Manda Airport, Lamu Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Best educational project: Finalists: 1.

Garba Tulla School, Isiolo – Triad Architects, 1978


Oleleshwa Primary School - Geoffrey Ochieng Wasonga


Strathmore Phase Iii – Lexicon & Ion Architects

Winner: Garba Tulla School, Isiolo _ TRIAD ARCHITECTS, 1978 ‘In a desolate and harsh landscape, this

looking for our hot, flat and crowded

project is a subtle and thoughtful exemplar

planet and Kenya in the 21st century.

of the ability of geometry and proportion,

It is reassuring to see that almost two

rhythm and repetition to order the world.

generations ago, architects in Kenya were

This building is an eloquent yet clipped

practicing obviously appropriate ‘green

lecture on the beauty of tectonics, the

architecture’ through a deep understanding

delight of making, and a sparseness of

of place, opportunity, material and people’s

effort, materials and detail that is forward-

skills and needs.’

Garba Tulla School, Isiolo

Best concept / ongoing project: Finalists: 1.

Proposed Pwani University, Kilifi – Otto Mruttu & Partners, Associates


School of Business, Kenyatta University – Axis Consulting Architects

Winner: Proposed Pwani University, Kilifi – Otto Mruttu & Partners, Associates ‘An intelligent and suitably ordered project

whisper instead of shouting, and that betray

in a rambling campus landscape, this

a confidence of line and detail which

project shows that cultural references can

should result in a fine environment for

be respectfully absorbed into modern

large gatherings of people once it is built.’

Proposed Pwani University, Kilifi

buildings without resorting to cheap façade antics. This is a collection of buildings that

Best landscaping project: Winner: Aga Khan University Hospital Diagnostic Centre, Nairobi – HITESH MEHTA ‘An intensive and layered intervention

of delight, repose and the celebration

through color, texture, shadow and light.

of change. Nature is being channeled

This tough little intervention in the left-

through intelligent thought and discretion

over spaces between tough little buildings

to enhance and complete a building.’

Aga Khan University Hospital Diagnostic Centre, Nairobi

shows what can be achieved when unloved environments





Special mention: Kenyan parliament, Triad Architects: 1964 (second phase) ’A surprisingly confident and skilled use

It is important to realize that a building of

of modernist line, mannerist delight and

such elegant forceful expression and such

almost baroque drama and composition -

staying power was executed by a very

this fine civic building sets itself apart from

young architect of limited experience, but

the often literal symbolism and ponderous

evidently of natural and deep-seated skill

expressive urges of post-colonial buildings

and discretion.’

for the functioning of African governments. 20

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |






the value-added distributor of



process, which was more efficient for documentation.


engineering software in South and Greater

Project information used in traditional

Africa, has noted a significant increase

CAD software, such as two-dimensional

in the adoption of building information

(2D) and three-dimensional (3D) software

modeling (BIM) and the software that drives

like AutoCAD comprised of lines, arcs and

it in (specifically) Kenya’s architecture,

circles. However, BIM and the software that

engineering and, more recently, building

drives it extends these capabilities beyond

engineering services sectors.

3D, augmenting the three primary spatial dimensions - width, height and depth –

This has been as a result of technology

with time and cost as the fourth and fifth

advancements and changes in the mind

dimensions respectively.

sets of project teams who are realizing


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

that even the most complex concepts are

BIM technology also differs from traditional

easily achieved. Computer-aided design

CAD in the parametric nature of its design

(CAD) technology has been an important

engine. The software that drives BIM

part of the architectural industry for

empowers the designer to develop a full

decades, which initially enabled architects

project design using the actual objects, in

to take advantage of the rapidly advancing

addition to symbolic 2D lines.

PC technology to transform the process

These objects not only represent what the

of manual drafting into an electronic

specific item looks like in the real world

but also how it should behave and interact

perform more accurate quantity takeoffs

with other items. They can also contain


additional information such as material

through four dimensional simulation and

properties, manufacturer details and costs.

clash detection , and in executing onsite

Envisaging the virtual construction of a

operations more effectively, resulting

building or structure prior to its actual

in less construction waste, time saving and

construction enables architects, engineers,

thus cost reduction.




builders and owners to digitally explore

About Autodesk Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone - from design professionals, engineers and architects - to digital artists, students and hobbyists – Autodesk software helps unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

a projects key physical and functional

BIM is increasingly becoming the standard

For more information visit,

characteristics, such as cost scheduling

on projects worldwide and is being or follow @

and the environmental impact before the

driven by the increasing demands and

ADSKAfrica on twitter.

project is actually built.

complexities of modern design projects.

Autodesk is a registered trademark of

The development in mobile technology

Autodesk Inc. and /or its subsidiaries

This is undertaken to reduce uncertainty,

through smart phones and tablets has

and/or affiliates in Africa and/or other


enabled BIM data to be accessed anywhere,

countries. All other brand names, product


allowing professionals to open, edit and

understanding of the project, simulate

share drawings on site through cloud-based

names or trademarks belong to their

and analyze the building process and

computing services like Autodesk BIM 360.






performance. By


respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and service offerings, specifications and pricing at any time





construction and project managers can

without notice and it’s not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Promising start of CIBEX East Africa 2014 The first international trade fair for the Construction, Infrastructure, Building and Energy Industry in East Africa took place from 11th to 13th February 2014 at the Kenyatta International Conference Center, Nairobi, Kenya.




new business relations and to gather

Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France,



information about new products and

Germany, Kenya, Poland, Tanzania,

projects in the East African region. In total

Uganda, United Arab Emirates and Zambia

traders from 16 countries visited the fair.

participated in CIBEX East Africa 2014 and were satisfied with the professional

Alongside the exhibition, visitors had the

visitor profile and the high quality 3 days

opportunity to take part at a well attended

B2B-event. A highlight in the exhibitor

three days conference that covered subjects

list was the German participation with 15


companies on 204 square meter exhibition

projects of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda

space from one of Europe’s leading

and Zambia and projects of the Kenyan

economies. It was the first time ever that

Federation of Master Builders.




an official German pavilion was organized at a trade fair in East Africa. Patron was

One of the highlights was a presentation by

the German Ministry of Economics and

BUILDesign Magazine editor, Martin Tairo,

Energy using the support of world’s biggest

on the traffic menace in Nairobi and the

Engineering Association VDMA.

interventions that various agencies have proposed and implemented.






by the East African Community (EAC),

Besides the high potential conference

the government of Kenya, the National

program, visitors also established new

Construction Authority (NCA), the Kenya

contacts with participating companies

Federation of Master Builders (KFMB)

through a matchmaking program organized

and the German Chamber of Commerce

by Trade & Fairs East Africa and the Kenya

in Kenya. Other partners include the

Chamber of Commerce.






Contractors from Uganda, Tanzania and

After the promising start, organizers and


partners are looking forward to an ongoing growth of CIBEX EA in the next years. The

In three days, 1.235 professionals mainly

next edition will be held from 26th to 28th

from Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia,

February 2015.

South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya attended CIBEX to meet new suppliers, to establish


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

IQ Trussing Systems in Kenya and the Region “Save our environment and forest for future generations – USE IQ TRUSSING SYSTEM. Only when the last tree has died, the last river has dried and the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we cannot eat money.”


russtech Engineering Ltd is the

design software which is compatible with

cost reduction due to better handling

company that produces Light Gauge

that used by architects and structural

and erection; environmental friendly; the

Steel Truss in the brand name IQ

engineers. This software transforms the

trusses are recyclable; the materials are

TRUSSING SYSTEMS in Kenya and East

designs into systems of light gauge steel

non corrosive; no painting is required and


(LGS) trusses for different types of roofs.

it is custom designed to match any roof that

IQ Trussing System has revolutionalized the

the architect designs.

manufacture of roofing trusses in Kenya by

The software studies the loads the structure

using Aluminium Zinc coated steel which

will be exposed and the environment

IQ Trussing System are engineered to

is also known as ‘Light Gauge Steel’.

where it will be located. From the design

withstand all weather elements and can be

software, the design output is forwarded

used with any type of roof covering ranging

Trusstech Engineering Ltd has a team of

to the factory where truss sections, rafters,

from concrete tiles, clay tiles, roof steel

Engineers, Assembly Technicians,

webs, ties are produced to precision.

sheets, stone coated sheet, bituminous

erectors who are well trained to design and

From the factory the trusses are transported

shingles, etc for commercial, residential

perform any type of roof, right, accurately

to site and assembled. These can also be

and institutional buildings.

and with speed first time.

assembled at the factory.

The cost of IQ Light Gauges Steel trusses is

Truss tech Engineering Ltd imports steel

Each truss come complete with label,

comparable to conventional construction

coils (Zinc-Aluminium coated from Japan

client’s name, truss number, screw dimple

using timber trusses due to the time saving

and India). The quality of light gauge steel

included thus rapid assembly can be done

factor arising from its fabrication, assembly

used is inspected by appointed bodies to

which saves time and leads to faster roof

and erection. These systems give Architects,

verify the quality.

structure completion.

Engineers Contractors and end users true

The quality of steel used largely depends

Some of the merits of IQ Trussing System

on tensile strength, thickness and the Zinc-

include high Strength to weight ratio;

Aluminium coating.

high accuracy; fire resistance; termites,

The engineers at Trusstech use special

fungus and borer resistance; light weight;


and real roof structure support .

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |



Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |



Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

PeterDerrick Thomas


orn in 1943 in United Kingdom,

incorporated 8 new major Operating


Theatres, CSSD and TSSU, Maternity Wing


Derrick Thomas

has always been fascinated by

and Occupational Therapy Unit.

the experience of creating tangible and visible things from the abstract. It is thus

During the time, Peter assisted the Partner

his zest for actualization that led him into

in charge on the design, production

architectural pursuit.

drawings and post contract inspections of

He is a Registered Architect in Kenya

the new laundry, mortuary, central stores,

and Tanzania as well as with Architects

staff dining rooms, administration offices

Registration Board, U.K. He is also a

and medical library. The project was

member of the Royal Institute of British

completed 1973.

Architects. The 71 year old architect has


over 40 years experience in architectural

Partners until 1977. As Lead Architect, he

practice and has been involved in many

designed and carried out the post contract

hotel, lodge and commercial projects

inspections of extensions to Pumwani

within East Africa and beyond.

Maternity Hospital which was completed

Peter graduated from Birmingham School

1975. He also assisted the Partner in charge

of Architecture, Art and Design in 1968 and

with the development and planning of the

joined Stillman & Eastwick Field Architects

new 600 bed District Hospital at Pumwani

in London as an assistant architect under

for MOH. This project was shelved in 1977.

Partner in charge for the design of a new

In 1980, Peter partnered with John Cavanagh

Maternity Unit for Chase Farm Hospital

to establish Symbion International.






for the North East Metropolitan Hospital Board. He worked at Stillman for two years.

At Symbion, Peter worked on a large number of projects especially in tourism,

In 1970, he joined Watkins Grey Woodgate

medical and commercial sectors. Their

International, London and was immediately

chief client was the Aga khan Group

seconded to Nairobi to join Cobb Archer

who own the Serena group of hotels -

& Partners as part of the supervising team

commissioning them to design the Maasai

for the construction of Kenyatta National

Mara Serena lodge, Amboseli Serena,

Teaching Hospital. He worked with Partner

Nairobi Serena and Serena Beach hotel in

in charge on post contract supervision


“Form will always follow function, and thus it is important to understand the technical process of putting design elements together and space purpose in order to easily develop exterior form."

of new 1,250 bed ward block which

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |


Other hospitality projects included White

This project led to the birth of his private

Commercial projects include Fairview

sands Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Plantation

firm, Peter Thomas Associates, in March

Office Park in Nairobi, Imperial Court in

Club in Mahe, Seychelles and Lilian Towers


Westlands Nairobi, Fidelity Bank HQs in

in Nairobi.

Nairobi, a low cost housing project and Commonly referred to as PTA, the firm

an industrial warehouse in Uganda and a

Health projects included the Aga Khan

has since handled dozens of successfully

shopping mall in Kisumu.

Hospital (Nairobi and Dar es Salaam) and

completed projects and some of the

the Nairobi Hospital. Their other projects

Kenya’s finest masterpieces.

were Lilian Towers and Kenya Safari Club.





Children Hospital in Muthaiga and Aghakan In PTA, Peter has continued to be a lead


In 1998, Peter left Symbion International

consultant for major establishments such

Kenyatta National Hospital expansion and

to retire but a few months later, he was

as the Serena Group where he has worked

refurbishment, Nairobi Hospice and Hope

contacted by Serena Group CEO for urgent

on Kilaguni Serena, Elementeita Serena,

Hospital (Kampala).

refurbishment of Samburu Serena after

Nairobi Serena, Amboseli Serena and

a fire accident. He was commissioned to

Maasai Mara Serena.

come up with a quick redesign that would









Park in Ridgeways, Water Club in Nyali

get the facility back to business within the

Other hospitality projects include Karatu

Beach and the ongoing Migaa Property

shortest period possible.

Lodge Angola Conservancy, Mountain

development in Kiambu.

Village, Kirawira Tented Camp and Sobo He designed and built the tented lodge which got back into business within weeks.

Kilaguni Serena


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Lodge in Tanzania.

Peter has faced various challenges as a professional but one that he deeply feels

the need to address is architects competing

quality technicians. To young professionals,

on basis of professional fees and non-

Peter advises that it’s important to get wide

compliance to standards. Peter urges the

exposure to see more of everything in the

professional bodies in charge to act on this

different designs around the world and

issue that he terms as common challenge

their functionality in different environments

for most of the architects and ensure that

– exposure enhances creativity and hence

professional indemnity is conducted.

one is able to design innovatively such that

With considerable experience of over 40

any design could sit comfortably in any

years in architectural practice, the 71 year


old architect has words of wisdom for

He is currently the Managing Director of

academics and young professionals.

PTA working on a retirement plan where he

“Form will always follow function, and thus

will be acting as the consultant to the firm.

it is important to understand the technical process of putting design elements together

Architect Peter Thomas loves animals – he

and space purpose. It is then easy to

actually owns four dogs. He also plays

develop exterior form once the space

piano and has a great love for water sports,

function is properly addressed”, He says.

some of which he plans to explore upon


retirement – like surfing.



points should






apprenticeship in equipping students to be

Amboseli Serena

Mara Serena

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Crown Paints opens topnotch showrooms in Mombasa and Nakuru -

Helping Developers Make Smart Choices

“Cost of construction is a function of the manufacturing sector. The more we manufacture locally, the more chances of bringing down the cost of construction materials,” Gathecha.




demand. Crown paints develop strategic

multimillion modern showrooms



partnerships with local traders and we are

in Mombasa and Nakuru as it seeks

proud to partner with CK Patel in Nakuru,”

to grow sales by targeting increasingly

said Rao.

sophisticated, quality-conscious consumers in the residential and commercial property

He said Crown was exploring ways of


reducing the cost of wall, floor and kitchen finishes. “We will be reducing the cost of

During the Nakuru opening ceremony held

some of the stone and texture finishes by

on 7th March 2014, Crown Paints Kenya

up to 40% per square meter,” he said.

CEO Rakesh Rao said that the company is now working to reduce the cost of building

The Mombasa showroom was launched a

materials especially interior finishes.

week later on 14th March 2014. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rao said the multi-million

“The housing market has been changing

outlet will equip customers, developers

very fast with more people using texture

and general public with more knowledge

and stone finishes. Professionals in the

in regards to paints.

construction industry have also been


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

asking for higher quality paint and finishes

“We aim to recruit more customers and

and so it has been very difficult to meet

equip them with the knowledge on paints.

The real estate sector is enjoying a boom

The new Crown showrooms in Nakuru and

long-life of buildings. The showrooms

and consumer tastes are changing fast,

Mombasa feature the latest innovations

also showcase designer fashion finishes,

with more people using texture and stone

in paints and interior finishes and offer

textured finishes, Italian design marbles and

finishes,” Rao explained.

consumers tips on how to enhance

quartz from Kalingastone, waterproofing

building aesthetics using quality products.

and construction chemicals from Pidilite.

According to Waweru Gathecha, Chairman

It is designed as a one stop color expression

of the Architectural Association of Kenya,

Centre, complete with color visualizer to

Riding on the buoyant real estate sector

the cost of building materials in Kenya will

simulate room sets.

and devolution, Crown Paints intends to

only come down if local manufacturers

open five more showrooms within the

are given incentives to produce them. He

The color visualizer, a first in the Kenyan

country. Similar showrooms will be put up

singled out the high cost of interior finishes

market, features a large touch screen that

in Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi and two more

as a hurdle to many home builders yet an

enables customers to explore different

in Nairobi.

increasing number of Kenyans are opting to

colour schemes in varying room settings.

own their own house.

Customers can experience a virtual tour of

Crown Paints will get support from Crown

the room while ‘splashing’ different paints

Marble & Quartz Ltd. and Crown Classic

“Cost of construction is a function of

on ‘furniture’, ‘floors’ and ‘walls’ to make

Ltd to sell products by the two companies,

the manufacturing sector. The more we

an informed choice.

which are independent of Crown Paints

manufacture locally, the more chances

Kenya, in the local market.

of bringing down the cost of construction

Crown Paints has put in place several

materials,” said Gathecha.

initiatives geared to promoting use of quality products to ensure safety and

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Identity Crisis The case of Kenyan urban centers Major Kenyan urban centers trace their

create the Konza and Isiolo city from a

origins to pre-independence times. Specific

scratch and model them around a specific

factors can be attributed to development of


individual urban centers.

Should such plans be encouraged or should

Emergence of Nairobi for instance, is linked

we allow our urban areas to naturally

to the development of the Kenya-Uganda

develop and mutate to what they’ll be?

railway; first beginning as a stopover for

Sustaining urban growth and development

the rail workers and later developing as

along certain parameters and themes is an

a commercial hub and administrative

arduous task that must be supported by

headquarter for the independent Kenya.

deliberate legislation and resolve.



Kisumu city became the administrative

development and growth of urban centers




seat of the county after the 2013 General

included commerce, tourism, education

Election. The County has began with

and industry.

policy adjustments and preparation of an

However, today virtually all urban areas

Integrated plan aimed at reconstructing

have diversified away from the original

the city to maximize on its potential and

core functions. Open ended planning


frameworks (Integrated planning), diversity

Today the city hosts over 5 universities

of the urban population and just the sheer

with campuses at the city center and the

necessity of diversification must have been

peripheries bringing in a huge student

the driving force of this departure.


Could there be immense economic benefit

The city has for a long time been also

for cities or urban centers to have a core

described as “turning its back to the lake�.

theme around their development?

Is it time to reconfigure the city to face the

Well, I think so. Most


lake and reap the tourism potential and the renowned



much touted 24hr economy?

capitalized in marketing their destinations

Should it be an entertainment city given

around a particular theme, not just for

its rich music background? Should it be

marketing sake but through deliberate

an industrial town or should we just fall


back to its original function as an inland

London for example stands out well as a

rail-port city? Such is the dilemma that not

university city besides its administrative

only faces the Lakeside city but could also

function. Could this realization be the

be asked of other Kenyan Urban areas.

drive for the Kenyan government push to

By Arch Steve O Gome

A lake front view of Kisumu City


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |



Ecological Solutions for the Bathroom of the Future


hen saving


comes features,




of sanitary fittings are only

now beginning to take note of what is already available in the market. However, project developers and others involved in large scale construction ventures, in the hospitality sector in particular, have been ahead of the pack in taking efficient water use into consideration – partly because of the impact it has on running costs and utility bills. Most leading global producers of sanitary fittings – faucets, shower systems, flushing mechanisms, etc. – are offering some form of water saving capabilities, but there are few brands that have gone as far as GROHE. The company has been in the business of efficient water handling for several decades, long before environmental consciousness became fashionable. And its capabilities are backed up by over seven


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

GROHE decades of research and development.

automatically reduces water consumption

Mountain Range, which rise just south of

This has resulted in specific water saving

by up to 50% compared to standard rates

the Equator and are one of the most vital

technologies implemented across its range

every time the tap is turned on, yet still

water catchment areas on the African

of products.

ensures that same perfect flow.

continent. They feed the entire local and

Consider this: Ecological sanitary fittings

With GROHE showers, for the end-user’s

headwaters of four of Kenya’s seven major

solutions from this German company are

perfect shower experience, a built-in


tagged with the GROHE EcoJoy ™ motif.

technology effortlessly saves up to 68% of

Those with special emphasis on water

water on selected models, while delivering

Therefore, protecting the Aberdares is akin

saving are also labelled with the GROHE

all the features and performance that

to protecting the lifeblood of the country.

WaterCare logo.

discerning publics across the world have

GROHE cares for the countries where it is

come to expect from the brand.


Nairobi water supply and provide the






sophisticated designs of selected single-

In markets where it is present, GROHE

lever mixers and showers also been made

makes it a point to support water



conservation initiatives. In Kenya, for

technologies that restrict flow rates (to

instance, it is a supporter of the Rhino

as little as 5.8l/min on some models),

Charge, sponsoring one of the participating

allowing end-users to reduce water and

teams: The Fat Rhinos...



energy consumption without sacrificing on performance or design, or user experience.

The Rhino Charge would easily classify as one of the most extreme automobile rallies

Take GROHE single-lever mixers: on

in the world, if not the most. It is dedicated

selected models, integrated technology

to the conservation of the Aberdare

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Cleaning of

Stainless Steel »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

DO NOT use cleaners containing chlorides/chlorine, bromides or iodides (consult label or cleaner manufacturers). ALWAYS rinse thoroughly with FRESH WATER after EVERY cleaning operation. ALWAYS wipe dry to remove water (and possible hard water deposits) and to allow protective oxide layer to reform. DO NOT use steel wool, or other steel pads or brushes. They can leave iron metal particles and cause rust formation. ALWAYS rub in the direction of steel grain for maximum effectiveness and to avoid marring the surface. Use the mildest cleaning procedure that will do the job effectively. FREQUENT CLEANING IS RECOMMENDED.




Routine Cleaning

Use mild soap or detergent diluted with warm water. If more aggressive cleaning is needed, add a small amount of vinegar to the solution being used.

Apply with sponge or clean cloth. Rinse with clean warm cloth. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Smears and Finger Prints

Use a commercial cleaner such as a 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

Use this cleaner as instructed on the label.

Medium Dirt and Discoloration


Follow instructions on the label. Apply and rub in the direction of the steel grain. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with clean, soft cloth.

Grease and Oil

Any good commercial detergent(Consult label for presence of chlorine, bromides or iodides).

Use this cleaner as instructed on the label.

New World House, Lusaka Road |P. O. Box 49922, 00100, Nbi, Kenya | Tel: 558881/530418 Mobile: 0737912081 | E-mail: |


Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |

Buildesign Magazine | Issue 002/2014 |



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