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Melody having her long blonde hair cut to raise money for Marcus MY DAUGHTER Melody has always wanted to cut her long golden hair and donate it to The Little Princess Trust, before leaving Elizabeth Woodville Primary School to move up to Brookvale.

What is a Parish Poll?

Although little known, a Parish Poll is an opportunity provided by the Local Government Act 1972 for electors of a parish to make their voices heard loud and clear on a particular matter in their parish that may be of concern to them but is being neglected or not being dealt with as it should be. The Poll is similar to a referendum and registered electors are issued with polling cards as with local elections but the main difference is that voting must be in person at the local polling station, i.e. NO POSTAL VOTES and voting will only be 4pm – 9pm. There will be no candidates just a set of 4 questions with a simple YES or No option. At the close of the Poll, the votes will be verified and counted at the polling station and the borough council appointed Returning Officer will publicly declare the result.

When we heard that her little pal from Mes Enfants Nursery - Marcus Richmond - now age 11, was suffering from a rare type of bone cancer (osteosarcoma), Melody was even more determined to have her hair cut to raise as much money as she could for Marcus. I approached Marcus’s mum Johanna Partridge (chiropodist) with Melodys idea to help Marcus and she thought it was a lovely idea . So this month Melody will be having 13 inches cut off of her long golden locks at The Hair Club in Kirby Muxloe. Once her hair is cut she then intends to send it to The Little Princess Trust so that it can be used to form part of a wig for a child who has lost their hair due to cancer. We have set up a just giving page in my name Vanessa Robson crowdfundingvanessa-robson. I am so proud of what Melody aims to do to help her friend and also other children suffering from cancer.

Vanessa Robson (Melody’s mum)

Parish Poll to take place on the future of The Klondyke

Why Do We Need A Groby Parish Poll? Simply because for more than twelve years the voices of Groby residents, councillors and the parish council have been ignored by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, resulting in tens of thousands of pounds in avoidable costs being incurred by council tax payers (HBBC are reluctant to provide accurate answers to Freedom of Information Requests on these costs). CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ...>

Groby Christian Aid collection 2017 THANK YOU to the many people in Groby who contributed to this annual collection.

Melody is donating her long hair to the Little Princess Trust

No Spotlight next month

THERE WILL be no Spotlight in July due to holidays. See you again in August!

A total of just over £2900.00 was donated. We’d also like to thank the Laundon Way Coop and Chaplin’s Butchers for being our collection points this year. Christian Aid Week was set up 60 years ago to support those left with nothing following the Second World War. Today the charity is needed more than ever to help relieve the suffering of refugees and build a world where everyone has a safe place to call home. Compassion has no borders. If you missed this opportunity and would like to support Christian Aid, there are many ideas of how to help and ways to support them on their website

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MESSAGE FROM GROBY PARISH COUNCIL CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Klondyke Allotment Gardens This site situated off Newtown Linford Lane, close to Groby Pool and open countryside surrounding Groby only has a legal planning use as allotments but as a consequence of the disappointing performance of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council has been allowed to become established as an unauthorised and completely unregulated settlement and an unacceptable blot on the local landscape. Many Groby residents will remember that over the 2004/5 Christmas/New Year holiday period, travellers who had purchased a small strip of land, unlawfully invaded and enclosed a fairly large part of the site and set up a substantial caravan site without planning permission. This caused outrage in Groby with more than 2.000 people, unhappy with HBBC’s response, signing a petition calling for the borough council to take firm action. Eventually, after a retrospective planning application was refused, as was the subsequent Appeal local councillors had to force the borough council to take Court action in 2007 to enforce the Planning Inspector’s ruling. A District Judge issued a Court Order requiring the caravans to be removed, all the hard standing to be removed and the site to be fully re-instated within 28 days or face arrest for contempt of Court and it was left open by the Judge, for the council to submit a claim for costs. Ten years later, absolutely nothing has been done to enforce this very clear court order, despite regular demands from residents, councillors and Groby Parish Council! This is only a part of the story that has developed from the borough’s failure to take proper action and numerous broken promises (some evidence can be accessed on the Parish Poll website). The consequence for Groby is far more than is visible from Newtown Linford Lane (please see the aerial photos on the website) bearing in mind the only legal planning use of the land is allotments. Travellers named in the

outstanding and unenforced Court Order are still actively engaged and determined to secure residential planning consent on the land which they have been allowed to enclose for twelve years now (even though they only own part of it). At a recent Court appearance in Leicester on a related matter, a case which the travellers won (costing council tax payers in the region of £20,000) their continued and determined ambition to establish a caravan site on the Klondyke was clearly stated. The choice for Groby is clear! Electors of the parish of Groby have a rare opportunity to make their voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR by voting YES to demand that Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council takes long overdue firm and decisive action as set out in the Parish Poll questions (details on the website grobyklondyke.webs. com ) to remove this unauthorised , completely unregulated “settlement” and blot on the local landscape by implementing the Klondyke Allotments, Groby 2013 Compulsory Purchase Order which was approved unanimously by ALL borough councillors and to clear the land allowing it to be redeveloped as a much needed sports and community facility for local children (e.g. a base for Groby Juniors Football Club). Sport and recreation is an acceptable planning use for this area of Green Wedge land. The alternative is equally clear! Choose not to take part in the Parish Poll or choose to vote NO would almost certainly allow this blot on Groby’s landscape to remain and further encourage the ambitions of the travelling community to establish a permanent caravan site and all it entails in Groby. PLEASE REMEMBER! YOU HAVE TO VOTE – 9pm IN PERSON AT GROBY VILLAGE HALL POLLING STATION THERE WILL BE NO POSTAL VOTES.

Groby Parish Council

Ciaran Has A Groby Kind Of Love… For The Foxes

YOUNG CIARAN DORN ‘got shirty’ demonstrating his passion for Leicester City FC - and landed a prized top signed by his Premier League idols. Ciaran, from Groby, entered a Harrison Murray Estate Agency (part of The Nottingham) competition where the company’s offices across Leicestershire asked people to design a Foxes shirt. A Harrison Murray panel deemed that nine-year-old Ciaran’s entry was the most imaginative and colourful of the many received and he was invited to the Groby branch this week to receive a much sought after autographed shirt. Ciaran, whose favourite player is Jamie Vardy, said: “I really enjoyed coming up with the design and entering the competition, however I had no idea I would win so when my mum told me I was over-themoon. “I’m very proud to have won a signed Leicester City shirt, which

Harrison Murray trainee negotiator Sam Deacon presents Ciaran with his signed shirt will take pride of place in my bedroom.” Mum Kirstie added: “Ciaran finds drawing and colouring an excellent way of expressing himself and is really creative. We are so pleased for him that he has won this competition as it will do his confidence no end of good. “Thank you so much to everyone at Harrison Murray.” Meanwhile, colleagues from Harrison Murray and The Nottingham will be at Groby Community College on Sunday (4 June) to meet players from across Leicestershire who are taking part in the Groby Juniors’ summer football tournament, and their families. It is all part of the Groby branch’s ongoing support for the Groby Juniors Under-8s set-up – both the estate agency and building society each sponsor a team at that age group, to the total tune of £500.

Julie’s Pet Care SERVICES

Pet Minding

Tel: 07934 686692 Email:

Dog Walking CRB Checked I’m in a long distance relationship. My girlfriend’s in the future.

From £5










KEITH SMITH (ANSTEY) LTD 4/6/8 STADON ROAD,ANSTEY,LEICESTER LE7 7AY Tel:0116 236 2395 Email: Website: *T&C’s apply. Sold as an agent for Euronics Limited. All rights reserved. All offers are subject to availability while stocks last. Delivery & Installation charges may apply. Exclusions and Radius Apply. Prices correct at time of print but can be subject to change. See in store for full details. Images for illustration purposes only. Copyright Euronics 2017. E&OE April 2017. Saving compared to a higher price charged for 28 days in the last six months unless otherwise stated. 2016- LP FREE INSTALLATION P A4 (GENERIC).indd 1

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Is it time to think about Speedwatch again?

John Fryer goes full-time!

RESIDENTS will no doubt be concerned about the two recent accidents on Sacheverell Way, one of which is the subject of a letter from a reader. It will no doubt emerge in due course whether excessive speed was a contributory factor. In 2015 exceeding the speed limit was reported in 5 per cent of all accidents, but these involved 15 per cent of fatalities. So what will be done to prevent a recurrence? Given the current state of finances the answer is probably nothing, though the mobile speeding camera team were on this stretch of road twice recently. It’s now nine years since the failed attempt to set up a Speedwatch scheme locally and perhaps residents may feel it is time to give it a second look. Volunteers are trained in the use of speed monitoring devices. Vehicles aren’t stopped but the registration numbers and observed speeds are passed to the police. No speeding tickets are issued but they will consider sending a letter that explains what has happened and the potential consequences of the driver’s actions. If the offender has already been contacted, a second letter can also be sent. Consideration may also be given to Police or Road Safety Unit enforcement visits. At least six volunteers receive free training and the use of all the equipment needed for a two week session. Groby Parish Council hasn’t yet had the opportunity to discuss the possibility of reconsidering participation in the Speedwatch scheme following the recent accidents. Speedwatch raises awareness, and gives the community a chance to send a message to those who don’t appreciate the dangers of speeding. If there is no money for anything else is this worth a try? Share your thoughts with other readers. You can read more about Speedwatch at

THE EXTEND Governing Group are pleased to announce on behalf of both Groby Churches that our Children and Families Worker, John Fryer, will become full time from 1st August! This will mean more time to be in Groby in the primary schools doing assemblies and clubs amongst other things! Chattabox Mondays continues to grow in numbers and runs at the URC from 6pm. All children aged 6-11 welcome! John will also be starting new families initiatives in the village so keep an eye out for more details after the summer!

Norman Griffiths





s Boil er s

£1,350* Fitted * Plus V.A.T. Terms & cond


itions apply.


WEEK Installer

GREAT VALUE & NO SURPRISES from your local heating company since 1994 Drop in to see us: 13 Leicester Road, Groby, LE6 0DQ

0116 287 8000 Learn from your mistakes. Make better and better mistakes until you’re making the best mistakes possible.

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An evening of music with the

Hesperides Quartet

Health & Safety

Friday 30th June Markfield Methodist Church

I READ with interest the front-page article in the MidMay edition of Groby & Field Head Spotlight marked “Polite notice to Dog Walkers.” As a dog owner myself and one that carries bags each and every time we all leave the house, I am appalled at the level of dog fouling within the streets around our lovely village of Groby. It isn’t difficult to use a bag when necessary and it saves the problem of people walking in it wherever it occurs, which is unpleasant and totally unnecessary. I would, however, like to remind the school campus of the numerous problems incurred by residents when their pupils are entering/leaving the campus grounds and the Health & Safety aspect to residents of their ongoing actions: • Groups of noisy individuals • Littering the street with food, packaging, drinking cans/cups, cigarette ends and anything else they no longer want. • The campus grounds are also littered with unwanted food and packaging. • Throwing stones and pebbles from gardens • Pushing each other in the hedge • Car owners dropping off/collecting pupils on a daily basis; tearing up the grass verges outside the campus, which looks awful and will never recover; what happened to keeping fit and walking to school as I believe the majority live locally? It’s just a matter of everyone working together and showing common courtesy, good manners and respect for each other in our everyday lives... in order to encourage a healthy, safe and harmonious neighbourhood.

A Groby Resident

Coalville Furniture Superstore



Main Street, Markfield

7.30pm Schubert's String Quartet in Eb Dvorak's String Quartet in G featuring local violinist and music teacher, Karen Silverwood Tickets £8.00 including refreshments available in advance from Karen 07739 555015 or in person from Margaret Silverwood

Formed in 2016 the Hesperides Quartet is a group of musicians exploring repertoire for string quartet from the Romantic period to the present day. Rooted in their years of experience as professional instrumentalists, their approach combines close attention to the composer’s wishes with musical creativity. As well as their lives as players, the members of the quartet are all committed teachers with a belief in holistic music education. Friendship and humour are at the heart of their music making.



Come and see our exciting new displays of beds and bedroom furniture

Coalville Furniture Superstore, 79 - 81 Belvoir Road, Coalville LE67 3PH (former Co-op department store) Tel: 01530 833311 Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5pm, Sunday closed. Car park at rear.

The Miss Universe competition is fixed. All the winners are from Earth.



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Last chance to get your Groby Sings tickets!

WHEN? Saturday 1st July 7.30pm and Sunday 2nd July 3.00pm WHERE? Groby Community College (All enquiries to our website www. not the College, please.) TICKETS? Only £5, on sale from Chaplin’s Butchers, Groby during current opening hours Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday 9.00am1.00pm and Friday/ Saturday 9.00am4.00pm, or from any choir member. Please check our website for a possible alternative outlet when Chaplin’s is closed. Selling fast, don’t miss out!

Newbold Verdon Jazz Club NEWS FRIDAY 2ND JUNE saw a band from Belgium, New Orleans Z’Hulus, beginning their tour of the U.K. The band put together by Brian Turnock on bass, consisted of Philippe de Smet on trombone, Michel ‘Boss’ Queroud on trumpet and clarinet and Frank Brooker on clarinet and Saxophone backed up by drummer Emile Martyn and banjoist Paul Sealey. Next month on Friday 7th July we have Roger Mark’s Cornish Armada who I am sure will give us a good night’s entertainment. Do come along to Newbold Verdon Social Club and join us. Doors open at 7.00pm and jazz is from 8.00 – 10.30pm Admission £9.00 with drinks and rolls at club prices.

LITTERATI - is it the solution to the litter problem? JEFF KIRSCHNER created a global community that’s eradicating litter one piece at a time. When his 4-year old daughter saw a plastic tub of cat litter in the woods, little did Jeff Kirschner realize that it would be the spark for creating Litterati -- a global movement that’s “crowdsource-cleaning” the planet one piece of litter at a time. Featured in National Geographic, Time Magazine, Fast Company and USA Today, Litterati has become a shining example of how communities are using technology and data to solve our world’s most complex problems. Kirschner has shared the Litterati story at Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook and Uber, keynoted environmental summits at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Keep America Beautiful, as well as leading schools including Stanford, MIT and the University of Michigan. He was recently a TED Resident, where he developed Litterati into an idea worth spreading. Litter is everywhere. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts litter the environment, choke wildlife, and threaten our planet. Litterati is tackling this problem one piece of litter at a time. Geotags provide insight into problem areas, while keywords identify the most commonly found brands and products. This data will be used to work with companies and organizations to find more sustainable solutions. Watch Jeff ’s Ted Talk at or visit the Litterati website at

Sometimes I buy enormous pants and take a picture of myself holding them up just to feel like I lost a load of weight.

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Co Op Fund supports local Scouts and Groby Library OUR Co Op Group launch a new and exciting membership scheme back in October 2016. The membership scheme is partly aimed at giving back to our local communities, supporting charities with funding for projects, new equipment, or general running of facilities. We closed our Wave 1 nominated charities on 8th April and through our members we gave £9 million to local causes at the end of April. Truly amazing. (£9m raised in 6 months!) The scheme is really simple, when a customer becomes a Co Op member, and shops with us, every own brand product they buy, 1% of their spend when swiping their card goes to supporting local charities. It’s simply amazing! We had the pleasure of supporting the Groby Community Library and the Groby Scouts in Wave 1. Through our customers joining our membership scheme, they raised a massive £3,273 for the scouts who plan on spending this money on much needed new equipment such as Tents, camping equipment, etc. A particularly big thankyou to Peter Dodge from the scouts who has helped support us with raising the profile of our new membership scheme and increase membership numbers to support this project. Groby library were donated £3,368 by our members. This will help support the library to add exciting new facilities and purchase new equipment. A big thank you to Christine and Janet who have really helped raise the profile of the membership scheme at the library and at our store. Wave 1 has been a real success, and we at the coop on Laundon Way would just like to say a really big thank you to everyone one of our customers who have become Co Op members, and by swiping their cards when shopping have helped give two of our really important community groups some additional funding. For more information, visit

Kenny Hardy

Groby Co Op Laundon Way

Meet Dale Knight

Dale Knight has 24 years’ experience working as a mortgage and protection adviser, covering Groby and surrounding areas. He will be able to discuss and advise your mortgage and protection options in a personal and professional manner to ensure your experience is easy and hassle free. As a mortgage and protection adviser, Dale will be able to provide tailored advice to support you on your property journey, whether you are a first-time buyer, home mover or simply looking to review your current mortgage options. Dale has lived his entire life in Groby and over the years, has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their property dreams. With access to more than 11,000 products from over 90 lenders, he will be able to offer the right package to suit you and your individual circumstances.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for mortgage advice. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your circumstances. The fee is up to 1% but a typical fee is 0.3% of the amount borrowed.

Behind every woman is a man looking at other ones.

MAB 8240

Contact Dale on: 07508 619279


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~ News from Martinshaw Primary School ~ Mums Get Muddy A FEW WEEKS ago four intrepid mums, Laura Harmer, Tracy Shearer, Marie Kirby and Shelley Smith, decided that they would undergo a rigorous training regime of jogging, weight training and healthy low fat high carb eating (well that was the plan anyway) in order to enter and complete the ‘Pretty Muddy Race for Life’ 5 kilometre mud run at Prestwold Hall in aid of Cancer Research UK. Unfortunately Shelley was injured prior to the race and was unable to take part but still turned up to cheer on her budding commando friends. Five kilometres of various obstacles, such as mud slides, scramble nets, water features and a mud pit were negotiated. I am reliably informed that our ladies ran most of the way and arrived at the finish line euphoric but, shall we say, a little bit mucky, to say the least, along with dozens of other pink wearing ladies equally mud splattered. Together all four Mums raised over £1,000 and still counting. Now to get ready for Martinshaws Summer Fayre; As the old saying goes,’If you want things doing, ask a busy person’. When do you start training for the 10K, next year?

Into Space with Early Years and Year 1 ONE OF THE learning objectives over the last few weeks in Foundation stage has been the study of our own galaxy and planets. Therefore, what better way to top it all off, along with school mates from year 1, than to visit Leicester’s very own National Space Centre. The children first of all sat through a film in the Planetarium about life as an astronaut, experiencing a rocket launch and seeing the stresses and strains that need to be endured on a trip to distant planets. Then, free to roam. Examining a space toilet was very popular, perhaps a trip in a space capsule or a lift up to the top floor to examine the size and height of the mighty Thor rocket. Then, back to school to write about a really wonderful, exciting day.

Owen Lawrence

My wife and I have been keeping an eye on our spending. From what we can see, we’re very, very good at it.

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Klondyke Planning Appeal: Statement from Local Councillors

THE FOLLOWING is a joint statement by Cllr Martin Cartwright, Cllr Ted Hollick (Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council) and Cllr Ozzy O’Shea (Leicestershire County Council):

Klondyke Planning Appeal The Klondyke appeal decision was published on 5th June 2017. This has given us very little time to respond in the joint statement below. There being no Spotlight in July. Whilst referred to as the Klondyke appeal it was in fact two appeals due to be heard on the same day. The first appeal was against a planning enforcement order issued by the Borough Council in respect of deliberate concealment, the second appeal was against the refusal of an application for a Certificate of Lawful Use (or so we were led to believe). Only a few days prior to the appeal being heard the Borough Council chose to concede the deliberate concealment argument, having already lost a Court Case on the same grounds in October 2016 at Leicester Magistrates Court with a full award of costs against the Borough Council and withdraw from this part of the appeal.

Appeal Part 1 The result of this was that the enforcement notice regarding concealment was formally withdrawn with significant costs being awarded against the Borough Council.

Appeal Part 2 The second part of the appeal was (we were led to believe) for a Certificate of Lawful Use of a structure on the site where it was claimed the applicant or

his predecessor in title had been resident since 1985. We were all wrong footed when at the opening of the Appeal the appellants barrister argued that they were not seeking to pursue the use claims but instead a Certificate of Lawful Development claiming that an essentially completed “dwelling house” had been on the site without challenge for a considerable number of years. It is impossible to go into full details in this column with regards the complete issue except to say that the Borough Council also conceded this argument and the Appeal Inspector has subsequently issued a Certificate of Lawful Development to the appellant, again with a partial award of costs against the Borough Council for unreasonable behaviour. Effectively, this was a resounding success for the Appellant and the penultimate step to achieving what has been his determined ambition to secure a residential planning consent on the site ever since he unlawfully moved traveller’s caravans on to the Klondyke in 2005. Which potentially raises a possible huge financial implication in itself for council tax payers, as it was established at the 2006 Klondyke Appeal (details on the website) that any residential occupation on the site within 200 metres of the adjacent quarry boundary (virtually all of the site is) would sterilise the valuable mineral reserves in the quarry. A full copy with all the details of the Appeal Decision can be found on the Parish Poll website: www. (just type the name into your browser address bar as not all search engines produce the correct web site).

So What Now? For more than TWELVE YEARS now the Klondyke has been allowed to become an unauthorised and completely unregulated settlement, a complete eyesore with outstanding Court Orders awarded TEN YEARS AGO still waiting to be enforced. This in open countryside adjacent to Groby Pool a local beauty spot is a picture that everyone would agree is an absolute disgrace. The only way to resolve this unacceptable situation once and for all is for Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council to implement the Klondyke Compulsory Purchase Order for the whole site that was unanimously passed by ALL Borough Councillor’s back in December 2013 and for the whole site to be cleared and turned to a use that will benefit of Groby residents both now and in the future. One such use being promoted by your local Councillor’s and Groby Parish Council is a permanent home ground and community facility for Groby Juniors football club. Taking part in the Parish Poll being held on Thursday 22nd June becomes even more important, whereby you can and should make your voice heard on what you now expect from the Borough Council as an outcome to the Klondyke

debacle. A Parish Poll is different to Borough and County Council elections, the first thing you will see is all your Councillors no matter what political party stood together in support of it, no councillor will be deselected or promoted as a result of it, the other difference is how and at what times you can place your vote... Please read on for this vital information. It is important to note that the Parish Poll will be held at Groby Village Hall with voting only taking place between 4pm and 9pm, there will be no postal votes so those Groby residents that usually vote by post will have to vote in person at Groby Village Hall. We hope you can support the Klondyke Parish Poll with as large as possible a turnout to send a clear signal to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council that enough is enough with the issues on the Klondike. Further information on the Klondyke situation and the Klondyke Parish Poll is available by visiting www.grobyklondyke. Should you require any further information all our contact details are available in the Borough Council and County Council reports section in the Spotlight. We all thank the Spotlight for giving us the opportunity to make you aware of this. Kind regards

Martin, Ted and Ozzy

I’m not a doctor but I know adding cheese to anything makes it an anti-depressant.


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County Councillor’s Report ... from Ozzy O’shea Rookery Lane Groby I WOULD urge drivers to drive sensibly when driving along Rockery Lane and to please watch their speed. There is a blind spot at the top of the hill and there have seen several incidents recently as motorists come up to the blind spot. Remember there is a Doctors surgery at this location and both young and elderly pedestrians are crossing the road at this point. The other week a cat was knocked over and killed on the brow of the hill, the driver did not have the simple decency to stop, I have asked the police to carry out speed checks this is a narrow road please take care.

Klondyke Parish Poll I HAVE been contacted by numerous residents regarding the forthcoming Parish Poll concerning the Klondyke, which will be held on the 22nd June 2017 between 4pm and 9pm. Postal votes are not allowed. I have always supported calls for action to be taken by the Borough Council to clear this site, as your County Councillor. Residents will always have my full support.

Road Traffic Incident Sacheverell Way, Groby AT AROUND 9pm on 11th May 2017, a car left the road on Sacheverell Way and travelled up the grass embankment, crashing through a back garden fence, flattening a shed and part of a summer house along the way, it then crashed through another garden fence and ended up in a second garden about

three feet away from a conservatory. The accident resulted in a huge amount of damage to a shed and summer house. Residents are clearly concerned that had the occupants or their children been playing in the garden, shed or summer house at that time, it would have undoubtedly resulted in serious injuries and possibly fatalities. I am waiting for an update on the possible cause from the police. There have been accidents along this stretch of road in the past including a fatality. I am concerned about the speed of traffic along this road and have in the past instigated the camera safety team to monitor Sacheverell with their mobile speed safety camera vans. They continue to monitor this road. I have asked the Director and Executive member for Highways to look into any safety measures that could be put in place.

‘PayPal’ Scam PLEASE BE aware users of Paypal there are various scams circulating asking you to click on their support logo. Please do not click as all they are trying to do is obtain your personal details. Any genuine email from paypal will always start with your name.

‘Apple’ Scam I HAVE been contacted by residents who have received similar emails from Apple purporting to be sending a receipt for goods purchased. Again I would ask residents not to click any links I would advise you immediately delete.

‘NatWest’ Text Scam NATWEST CUSTOMERS should beware a scam text

message doing the rounds, which asks users to verify their account. I have been made aware of the below text message, which states: “We detected unusual attempts on your account. Please verify account to avoid suspension, visit the secure link.” A link, which seems to suggest it goes to ‘’, was then listed. NatWest has confirmed that this is a scam. What made the message seem legitimate to one local resident, is that it was in the same text message chain as legitimate texts from NatWest. I am informed if you click on the link, it will take you to what looks to be the NatWest website - which is fake - where you will asked to input your account login details. He immediately felt something wasn’t right and closed the website before entering his details. The message doesn’t appear to have targeted customers of NatWest’s sister bank, RBS, but it’s always wise to be alert to so-called phishing scams. Both NatWest and RBS say they will never ask you for your full PIN and full password by text or email. NatWest adds that you should forward any suspicious texts referring to NatWest to the number 88355 (standard network rates apply).

Finally AT THE Full County Council meeting held on the 17th May I was honoured to be elected the Vice Chairman of the County Council for the forthcoming year. I would like to thank residents and councillors for your continued support Should you need my help or advice on any matter or issue, I pride myself on always making myself available to residents and councillors and getting straight back to you. Remember I am only a phone call or email away. Kind Regards

Ozzy O’shea Working for you Cllr Ozzy O’shea Tel 0116 2394336 or 07808585825 Email:

Are we there yet?

Are you off on holiday by car soon? Then beware: car journeys become too long for hot, bothered children after precisely two hours and 37 minutes. That is when you are likely to hear ‘Are we there yet?’ 14 minutes later, arguments break out in the back seat. This is the finding of recent research by the Highways Agency, who feels sorry for parents preparing for the long summer getaway by car. It suggests that parents travelling with children might wish to consider planning to stop for a break about two hours into the trip, to help young passengers cope with the boredom, and to keep family peace alive.

I’ve found that the key to avoiding a mid-life crisis is to spend your entire life in crisis.

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National Trust Leicester Association News

Mr Straw’s House - like entering a time warp MR STRAW’S HOUSE is a large Edwardian semi-detached house in a suburban street in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. The house is a bay-fronted, three storey villa like thousands of other suburban semis built for the well-to-do tradesman and professionals in the early twentieth century. It was acquired by the National Trust in 1990. Mr William Straw was a well off grocer and seed merchant with a large shop in Worksop Market Place. He counted nearly all of the ducal estates in the area as his clients. He purchased the house in 1923 and moved in with his wife and two sons after living over the shop for almost 20 years. William Straw died in 1932 and his younger son, Walter, continued to run the family business. His elder son, another William, gave up a teaching post at the City of London College and returned to the family home to look after the house. Neither of the brothers ever married. The two brothers closed up most of the house and only used a couple of rooms. They never cleared the house or threw anything away and had no telephone, radio, television or central heating. When the Trust took over the house it was as if entering a time warp. There was a 1932 calendar on the wall and nothing had changed for 60 years. There was also never any DIY or improvements at the house and all the original doors, fireplaces and fixtures and fittings were still in place. The Trust has made every effort to preserve the house exactly as it was found. Fortunately they were also able to buy the freehold of the other half of the semi and the rooms in that house are used as the visitor reception, offices, work rooms and for storage. The collection of everyday objects and household items, amassed over the years by this “ordinary” family, amounts to just over 30,000 items. Not all of the objects are on display at any one time and at present there is an exhibition about the Straw family grocery shop. Also this year a new conservation studio has been opened and the house team are able to explain how they protect and preserve the collection for future generations. Ten rooms and the garden are open to the public, every Tuesday to Saturday, 11.00 to 5.00, until 4th November. Entry is by timed tour only and it is best to book in advance by telephone on 01909 482380. For details of the Leicester Association and its Talks Service for other organisations please call 0116 2229133.

Alan Tyler, Publicity Officer

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Charity Skydive raises over £3,700

Freemasonry meeting report

Lodge Illuminatus has just held its most recent Ceremony in South Leicester and scored something unique. The Worshipful Master was able to Initiate his son into the Mysteries and Privileges of Freemasonry, which is not unusual, but, as we are a mixed Masonic Order, the Toast to the Initiate was given by his mother, something I don’t think could happen anywhere else! We were also fortunate to have the Grand Master with us again from Manchester and he has now become a member of the Lodge, a very high honour for us. The Ceremony went very smoothly with the Initiate taking his Great and Solemn Obligation and, if you have watched the TV programmes on Freemasons, you may recall that a call would be made on his Charity. He was also instructed in the practices of Piety and Virtue, of Temperance and Prudence, and in all circumstances to be an upright citizen. The Festive Board was well attended and an excellent three course meal was served, after which everyone stood for the Loyal Toast. There was a rousing chorus of the National Anthem followed by more Toasts and more singing. As we are a young Lodge we are keen to attract more members (male and female) so if you are a lapsed Mason, or not happy where you are, or interested in exploring the concept of Freemasonry, then please contact the Secretary of Lodge Illuminatus at illuminatus10@ Our fees are only £30 a year and, as the GLMMM is a new Order, promotion can be a faster although it is always based on ability, experience and commitment. We are also able to establish many of the Side Degrees right up to the top so if you want to progress but feel you are held back then please contact us.

FOUR local ladies took part in a charity skydive on 21st May in support of a friend who is suffering from pancreatic cancer. When we first heard of the awful news of our friend being diagnosed I planned to raise money as soon as possible. I’ve always wanted to do a parachute jump so this was a great way to raise funds and awareness at the same time. So I convinced the girls to jump with me so that we could raise more pennies. As I am the Steward of The Groby Ex-Servicemens Cluib we have had a bucket on the SKYDIVERS: Amanda Carvin, Wendie Davies, Karen Riley bar for a fair few weeks and I cant believe the generosity and Deena Goodwin of people. We got in touch with Pancreatic Cancer UK and they have been fantastic with us and very helpful. Together we have managed to raise at least £3,700.00 with more coming in. We are very pleased with the very kind donations from the lovely people of Groby. They’re all amazing. As well as raising funds, we would also like to raise awareness of the symptoms of this awful disease. Common symptoms of pancreatic cancer include abdominal (tummy) and back pain, unexplained weight loss, and indigestion. Other symptoms include: loss of appetite, changes to bowel habits, jaundice (yellow skin and eyes, and itching), nausea and vomiting (feeling and being sick), difficulty swallowing & recently diagnosed diabetes. For more information please visit

The less you move, the more you age

OLDER PEOPLE who spend most of their time sitting down age significantly quicker than those who are more active. To add some detail to that: if you sit for 10 hours or more a day, and do less that 40 minutes of moderate physical activity, then you will end up with a body of a person eight years older than your real age. You may have shortened telomeres, the tiny caps found on the ends of strands of DNA which protect chromosomes and which are associated with faster ageing. Experts from AgeUK are therefore urging older people to make sure that they stand up and walk around every 20 minutes, if at all possible. Government advice recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week for older people.

Peter Knill Secretary Tel: 0116 291 9464

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New Applicants Can Now Borrow More The Charity is pleased to announce that new applicants for both business and education loans can now borrow more, with the maximum figure that can be applied for increased. Business borrowers may now borrow up to £20,000 to aid start-up or develop a new business, whilst education loans are available up to £10,000, to be used towards any element of studying for post-graduate qualifications. As always, the loans remain interest-free for a nine-year period, whilst the age range for borrowers remains over 18 and under 35. In addition, the Charity has also altered criteria regarding guarantors, potentially making it easier to find individuals to support applications.

New Promotional Video Launched A brand-new promotional video, highlighting the support available to aspiring business owners in Leicestershire and Rutland, has been launched by STWLC. Featuring testimony from a selection of past borrowers of the Charity, the video delivers first-hand accounts of how each borrower started their business, and the impact that STWLC had in getting things off the ground. Please visit to find out more and/or register for an application pack.

Dates Set for Next Round of Interviews The next round of interviews with prospective business and education loan borrowers will take place at Friars Mill at the beginning of August – with applicants having until mid-July to submit their forms and, if necessary, business plans. Interviews will be held on 1, 2, 3 and 8 August 2017. Applicants that have already submitted their forms will be contacted in due course with regards to a date for an interview. Alternatively, if you’ve yet to submit a form, applications will be welcome until Friday 14 July (although forms submitted after this date may still be considered for August’s interviews).


Success Story – Jen Pyrah A key attraction to starting a business is the opportunity to utilise a talent or passion on a day-to-day basis, creating a career out of something that provides enjoyment and satisfaction. It is something that fuelled 28-year-old Jen Pyrah, whose gift for fine art has since been transferred to her business Wren & Wilson, which was set up after Jen successfully applied for a business loan from The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity.

STWLC Partners to Provide Additional Business Support Prospective business loan borrowers can now access additional support to develop a business plan, thanks to a series of partnerships established between The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity and accountancy firms across Leicester. Anybody that has registered for an application pack from STWLC can now contact one of four organisations, which will provide a FREE, no obligation appointment for you to talk through your business idea and gain assistance putting together a business plan, which MUST be submitted with all business loan applications. For more information, visit

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News from Elizabeth Woodville Primary School Elizabeth Woodville Primary - FA Rice Bowl Cup Champions 2017 ELIZABETH WOODVILLE cemented their place in schools’ footballing history by winning the Leicester City and County Rice Bowl Cup for the first time. The victory came in a thrilling game against a fantastic Sketchley Hill side at Holmes Park Stadium. Elizabeth Woodville had to overcome a 2-1 deficit to win 3-2 in dramatic fashion! The match started well for Woodville with Theo Coats converting a penalty, after Joseph Hughes was up-ended when through on goal. Then came the Sketchley reply, with 2 goals in quick succession meaning that Woodville were trailing 1-2 going into the half-time break. This year we have been so proud of the teamwork and attitude shown by the entire squad and this was typified by another characteristic comeback. First, a spectacular Theo Coats free-kick flew into the bottom corner and then a superb strike by Reuben Uppal completed our team’s reply. The sound of the final whistle, delighted the watching crowd of parents, family members and staff who have supported the team so brilliantly throughout this truly memorable season. The Rice Bowl trophy was presented to the team by Janice Richards, 2017-18 Chairman of the County Council. Every member of the team played incredibly, with man of the match performances all-round. This included highly impressive goalkeeping by Max Johnson, a robust and assured defence of Joseph Smith, Ben Window, Finlay Stafford and George Driver. The tackling tour-deforce of our dynamic midfield, Theo Coats, Shyam Ghaghda, Philip Chick, and Taylor Hayes. As well as attacking pace and flair from Reuben Uppal, Arthur Wrightam, Joseph Hughes and Joseph Matthews. This achievement is even more special, when you consider that in the competition’s 83-year history, only rarely has a school of only 219 pupils won the biggest prize in Leicestershire Schools’ Football. Bringing the trophy home to Groby for the first time ever, and going one better than in 2016, when the school was narrowly beaten in the final. ‘The Montague John Rice Trophy,’ most often referred to as The Rice Bowl is itself steeped in history. It was donated to Leicestershire Schools F.A. in March 1934, by Mr J. M. Rice who was a director of Leicester Fosse and Leicester City FC at the time. It has been awarded ever since as the ultimate prize in the most prestigious Leicestershire schools football competition, now known as the Rice Bowl. This was an unforgettable experience and an amazing achievement that I know all involved, both playing on the pitch and watching from the stands will always remember.

Radio Leicester live from Elizabeth Woodville… It was a month of unprecedented success at Elizabeth Woodville, with the Rice Bowl Cup triumph and our celebration of Outdoor Classroom Day, which even resulted in the Radio Leicester Morning Show broadcasting live from school on Thursday 18th May.

Outdoor Classroom Day At Elizabeth Woodville, we highly value outdoor learning as a way of delivering a curriculum which promotes an active healthy lifestyle, full of engaging real-life experiences and a love of the natural environment all around us. That’s why we participated in national ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ on Thursday 18 th May. Over the course of the day, classes throughout the school took the classroom environment outdoors to extend learning opportunities and inspire pupils. Our involvement in this project was recognised by Radio Leicester, with roving reporter Helen McCarthy joining

us in the morning to find out more. A wide variety of outdoor lessons were held in the school grounds. In the morning, pupils were inspired by patterns in nature, to identify and create their own rotational and reflective symmetry artwork. This approach enriched vocabulary and provided a stimulus for nature poetry, where the children described their dream environments.   One of the highlights of the day, demonstrated how technology has a place in outdoor learning and healthy living, when it’s combined with physical activity. All classes participated in our own Elizabeth Woodville QR (think bar-code) treasure hunt, inspired by Radio Leicester’s own Sunday morning ‘Clueless’ programme! Our Digital Leaders supported pupils in developing their teamwork and problem solving skills to answer questions promoting health, wellbeing and friendship. Phoebe (Year 5), was a radio star, explaining and demonstrating the QR code activity to all listeners live on Radio Leicester’s Morning Show. “This is a QR code, you put the iPad on and find the QR code and it comes up with a question or a task. This one says, ‘close your eyes and think of a time when you have been really happy in your life, holidays, birthdays, family time or at school.’ Phoebe gave a fantastic example, “When I went on holiday to Devon and I had a surfing lesson and I stood up for the first time!” Mr Pridmore (Headteacher) was asked by Mrs McCarthy about the benefits of the school’s approach to outdoor learning. “There is so much you can learn and do, building teamwork, resilience, things that you simply can’t do outdoors, we try and enrich those experiences and bring them back into the classroom and in their (our pupils’) learning.”

Exploring the outdoors – whatever the weather! Our outdoor learning theme continued throughout the month… Rainbow Printing: Foundation children have been working together to mix colours and mark-make to produce giant outdoor rainbow posters. They enjoyed mixing together primary colours and exploring printing to create different shades and patterns. Dream Catchers: Class 3 were inspired by the Iroquois tribes to produce their own dream catchers. They enjoyed learning about weaving and creating their own patterns to decorate the inside of their dream catchers. Look at these beautiful creations!

Sports News Marconi Cup: Congratulations to all our Marconi Cup footballers, all teams played superbly and had an amazing time enjoying their football in the sunshine. Our thanks to Mr Elson and Martinshaw Primary for organising and hosting the event. Our B-Team also brought home another trophy, much to the delight of Mr Buckley, who was coaching in his first ever tournament, congratulations everyone! Bosworth Kwik Cricket Tournament: Year 5 and 6 have also been enjoying Kwik Cricket this term, they achieved second-place in the Bosworth Area competition. Well done and thank you to Miss Smith for her cricketing expertise and for organising the event for local schools.

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‘Huge cause for concern’ as survey reveals Brits failing to meet the recommended daily allowance of fruit and veg A NEW survey commissioned by Diabetes UK to promote its ‘Food you love’ healthy eating campaign in Diabetes Week, has found that 66 per cent of adults eat three or fewer portions of fruit and/or vegetables a day – well below the recommended five portions - and 46 per cent won’t eat any fruit at least three days a week. The survey also found that three quarters of us don’t know what constitutes a recommended portion of vegetables, and two thirds of people weren’t able to identify a portion of fruit (both of which are 80g, that’s equivalent to three heaped tbsps of vegetables or a handful of fruit like an apple or pear). Diabetes UK has described the results of the survey as ‘a huge cause for concern’, as a healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone, including people living with diabetes. Diabetes can affect anyone - the survey highlighted that most of us (59 per cent) now know someone with the condition. Yet most people would ignore four out of six symptoms of diabetes (thrush, fatigue, increased urination and extreme thirst). Emma Elvin, Clinical Advisor for Diabetes UK, said, “These survey results are a huge cause for concern when you recognise the fact that in the UK, 3.6 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and 11.9 million people are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. “Simple lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, eating more fruit and vegetables and getting more exercise are an important part of managing all types of diabetes and can reduce the risk of serious of long term complications such as blindness, amputations and even early death.” “A healthy lifestyle can also massively reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. We know that obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, with two in three people in the UK being overweight or obese, but three in five cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by maintaining a healthy weight, eating well and being active.” The research also revealed: • Two thirds of people don’t know that baked beans could contain up to 5 tsps of sugar • Two thirds of people (66 per cent salad cream, 65 per cent ketchup) have no idea how much sugar is in ketchup or salad cream • 28 per cent of people add salt to food before even tasting it, eating too much salt is linked to high blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease • Nearly six in ten people (58 per cent) wanted to eat more vegetables but 23 per cent thought they were too expensive, 16 per cent said they tend to go off, nine per cent said they took too long to prepare and five per cent said they were too messy to eat. In order to get people eating more healthily, Diabetes UK has embarked on a new ‘Food you love’ advertising campaign all about healthy eating to inspire everyone with recipes featuring the food they love, only healthier. The charity hopes the easy recipes and tips will inspire more people to make small changes that can make a big difference to how they manage their diabetes. The ‘Food you love’ campaign is being fronted by five ‘everyday’ people cooking the recipes they love and has received celebrity support from chefs including: Jamie Oliver, Prue Leith, ‘Deliciously’ Ella and Angela Hartnett. Sign up to receive free recipe videos and more at feelgood-food before 30 July 2017. During Diabetes Week, the charity highlighted the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle in managing diabetes and preventing Type 2, through eating well, getting active and maintaining a healthy weight.

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Groby Gardening Society News Large turnout for May meeting A FULL HOUSE of members greeted our own panel for the meeting held on the 11th May. Graham, Jane and Janet had bravely volunteered to pass on their tips for winning at the forthcoming annual Village Show. Graham, who has been a qualified judge for 25 years, said that, after having judged all over Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire, he was sure that our Groby village show remains one of the best. He then offered four rules as guide to show success. Rule 1 - was simply to enter. Many visitors in the afternoon of the show see that they could have easily entered into the spirit of the event without fear of embarrassment or ridicule. Rule 2 - Grow the best cultivars (varieties) of flowers, fruit and vegetables that you can. If you are perusing seed catalogues during the long winter months, notes about the best to grow “for the show bench” are often suggested. Naturally, most people have gardens full of plants they have grown for years and there is nothing wrong in using these. It is worth noting that in some cases an element of timing comes in as it is most desirable that produce peaks at the time of the show! Rule 3 - is to stage well. This may mean trying to catch the judge’s eye. Dirty containers, lots of soil around vegetables and greenfly on flower exhibits do not meet this criterion. Much in this rule can be attained by reading and following the instructions in the schedule. If a class asks for 12 tomatoes, 11 or 13 will not do. If the schedule suggests “as grown”, this does not mean exhibiting with a clod of soil attached. Vegetables should be washed, but not scrubbed. Onions should not be over stripped in an attempt to present perfection! Artificial aids must be avoided: Baby oil to make exhibits such as apples shine is bad form, as is polishing potatoes etc. Rule 4 - Simply enjoy yourself. Don’t take the event so seriously that all pleasure is lost. Janet gave clues about the art of presenting the flower arrangements and this also involved doing what the schedule suggests. Following the size criteria for these arrangements is vital and the containers which can be used are legion. Egg cups or ornaments are fine and, perhaps worth noting, is the acceptance of buying flowers to use. Usually, the arrangements are made at home and brought

to the show in the morning. A good tip was to bring spare leaves and flowers in case a small running repair is needed after transportation. Flowers and foliage need a good drink of water before use and a spray can be used to keep them in good condition. Janet showed a collection of the materials that may be useful in preparing the arrangements. These included oases, tape and cocktail sticks. All such aids need to be well camouflaged before judging!

Jane told us that classes to be available in the cookery and handicraft sections are made after discussions with the society and our partners, the Groby Women’s institute. By way of an illustration Jane had prepared a Victoria sandwich which highlighted the need to again follow the schedule’s instructions, but also to carefully weigh all ingredients. A discussion followed about the 3 standard eggs needed for this cake. Apparently, the 3 eggs determines the quantities of the other ingredients. Jane has found that since egg sizes differ, she uses 6 ounces of eggs and this usually equates to 3 standard eggs. Jane emphasized that the cake should have two equal sized halves and only raspberry jam will do as the filling. Judges also do not want to see cooling rack “tramlines” on the bottom of the cake. Some tips about the presentation of jams, marmalades and lemon curds were presented. 1. Fill to within 1/8th inch from the top 2. No finger or other marks on the jars 3. If a metal cap used, then no wax cover is to be used 4. A wax cover is fine if there is a cellophane top 5. For lemon curds only cellophane tops with wax covers are allowed. 6. Any labels should be equidistant from the jar’s top and bottom and between its two side seams. At this stage, all agreed that presentation, whilst important, yield only 2 out of 20 possible marks. The other 18 are for the quality of the jam, marmalade or curd.

Looking ahead MEMBERS who were present at the March meeting collected 5 calendula seeds and some instructions to enable them to enter the “calendula challenge” at the July meeting. The best seedling or young plant will be adjudged the winner. Any pot and any compost is allowed and the more who enter, the better.

The Village Show: August 19th @ The Village Hall ENTRY of exhibits Friday 18th August - 7 pm-9 pm and Saturday 19th August 8.15 am – 10.20 am. Show opens to public at 2.30 pm on Saturday 19th. In addition to the usual cups and plates, there is a special prize this year to commemorate the Diamond Anniversary of the Leicester and Leicestershire Judges’ Guild. This takes the form of a class comprising of a specimen pot plant, a specimen flower and a specimen vegetable. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will have accompanying certificates. Once again, for the continuation of this community event, we rely upon lots of people willing to take the trouble to put entries into the show. If in doubt, get a schedule from the Spotlight website, the village library or a committee member.

Trips during 2017 OUR 3 DAY trip is proving very popular and we are already working on a “reserve” list for hopeful inclusions. We will do our best to see that all who wish to come will be able to join the party. The signing board for the other trip Cotswold Nursery & Pershore will be available at meetings.

Future Meetings • July 13th A “Posy” evening • August 10th “Bats” • August 19th The Village Show at the Village Hall If you like the sound of what we get up to, why not come along to a meeting and try us out. You will be most welcome. Our monthly meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of the month in the United Reformed Church rooms on Chapel Hill. Details about membership and the events programme can be obtained from Eric Atherton. (Tel. No. 01162876637) or E mail

Alvar Johnson

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When Lennon met McCartney


Dementia Friends at Groby Community Library

DURING a Europe-wide heat-wave 60 years ago, on 6th July 1957, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time – at what must be one of the best documented church fetes in history. This was the annual Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete in Liverpool – a parade and outdoor fair at which 16-year-old John and his Quarry Men skiffle group had been invited to play. The main attractions were a dog show and a brass band. It was far from inevitable that they would meet. The two boys lived in different neighbourhoods, went to different schools and were nearly two years apart in age. But the younger Paul, who was entranced by John’s performance as a lead singer, was introduced to him by a friend in the church hall. Despite himself, John was impressed when Paul played a couple of songs and showed him how to tune his guitar properly. Later, he invited him to join the band. The pair went on to form the Beatles. A recording of the Quarry Men’s performance at the fete sold at auction in 1994 for £78,500. The Beatles Bible website has the tagline “Not Quite as Popular as Jesus”.

GROBY LIBRARY held its first Dementia Friends session during Mental Health Awareness Week. Thirteen people attended the first Dementia Friends session held in Groby Community Library. Many thanks to the volunteer librarians for facilitating this event. If you belong to a club, social group or workplace that you think would like to host a free one hour Dementia Friends session to learn a little about dementia, how it affects the people living with it, please contact Kathy on All you need is a room and an interested audience. If you do not have a room our wonderful library may be able to help.

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More cat news ... and a visit from Dad MOST PEOPLE when asked how they would like to be reincarnated would choose to be a domestic cat.

Observing our kitten Peter one can see why. He is fed on demand and has quickly learned that the sound of cutlery being placed on the dining table is his cue to join us so that David can feed him his specially cooked chicken. Olaf too has his own chair. Both Peter and Olaf stay on the bed in the morning waiting for breakfast to be brought up. The only thing stopping them helping us with the Guardian crossword is the lack of opposable thumbs. Peter had the best single day of his short life recently when a cardboard box about the size of a labrador’s coffin arrived for David. It contained miscellaneous bit of vintage motorbikes wrapped in about three months’ worth of crumpled Times newspapers. Peter spent several hours emptying the box and distributing the paper all over the sitting room, fighting every page and occasionally leaping into the box when he feared retaliation, finally falling asleep in the middle of the chaos he had created . We have never had a ginger and white cat before. They show the dirt. When Peter has been playing in the garden or helping David fettle his vintage motorbikes he comes in with muddy paws and streaked with oil. My clothes must have been covered in cat hair for years but Peter’s shed hair shows up on my favourite black cardigan in a way that Olaf ’s never did. My ninety-one year old dad came to stay at the end of May and was very taken by little Peter. The lovely spring weather came as a delightful surprise to him. Flying insects fascinate him and we have to be on constant alert to make sure he doesn’t eat a wasp (Peter, I mean, not my Dad). We are a little concerned about a pair of robins who are nesting in the lilac. In don’t think the nest is accessible through the thick tangle of branches interwoven with ivy but only time will tell. Dad was also very taken by the Spotlight. I gave him several months’ worth of back copies and he read them cover to cover. He was most impressed by the wide range of clubs, societies and activities available in the village and as a retired librarian he was particularly pleased to read about our wonderful community library. He was delighted by the meadow path across to Groby Pool. His visit really made me realise how lucky I am to live here. So is Peter.

Lindy Hardcastle


Misinformation propaganda I AGREE with Nathan Dickinson about misinformation used to influence people (Spotlight letter May 2017). He took as his example the number of words in the EU Cabbage Regulation. During a visit by Nick Clegg MEP to a public meeting in Leicester around eighteen years ago, Clegg flatly denied that there was a Banana Regulation claiming it to be a Eurosceptic myth. That is until we held aloft a copy of Banana Regulation 2257/94 dated 16th September 1994 for everyone to see. Ever since I sat in the Commons in 1972 listening to leading Labour MPs and some Conservatives opposing entry to the Common Market, I have had my fill of EU misinformation propaganda Amongst the worst has been the propaganda fed to our schoolchildren over the years, these children growing up to go to university spoon fed with the idea that membership of the EU is “a good thing”. Do you remember the comics made available to children by the EU? ‘The Raspberry Ice Cream War’ about youngsters travelling back in time to a barbarous age when there were still sovereign states? Or cartoon strip ‘Troubled Waters’ where the heroine was a feisty, unspecific EU Parliament member Irina Vega? Children were also taught about ‘Captain Euro’ and the wicked Dr. D. Vider. We also had ‘Julia and Steven’s Adventures’ about how successful the Common Agricultural Policy is. The budget to be tapped for EU propaganda in 2002 was a huge 105,205,600 Euros The EU’s de Clercq Report 1993 devised initiatives to ensure that European identity must be “ingrained in people’s minds” as a good product using marketing techniques with women and youth as priority target groups. The EU has long used education and academia as a battle ground to sell itself. European Movement members have given talks in schools about how the EU is one big family and the children would know how unhappy they would feel if their parents split up and divorced, likening it to the UK leaving the EU. Another deception is the claim that the EU has kept the peace in Europe for more than 40 years. Told that misinformation over and over again , people began to mistakenly believe it. Many Spotlight readers will remember the marketing packs including DVDs freely issued by the East Midlands Regional Assembly to try and get us to change our sense of identity. I am pleased no more to hear EU supporters trying to convince us that we are European first, British second and English.........not at all. As Clegg correctly pointed out England is not a legal entity within the EU. Thank goodness the majority of British people have voted to leave an organisation we were lured into by a tiny Commons majority without the British people being asked for their consent and without MPs being informed of the terms of entry.

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Car leaves road and crashes into rear garden AT AROUND 9pm on 11th May 2017, a car left the road on Sacheverell Way and travelled up the embankment, crashed through a back garden fence, flattening a shed and part of a summer house along the way, crashed through another garden fence and ended up in a second garden about three feet away from a conservatory. I understand that the driver is being taken to court for reckless driving. It has caused a huge amount of damage and disruption to a shed and summer house and had the residents or children had been playing in the garden, shed or summer house at the time, it would undoubtedly have caused massive injury and quite possibly fatalities. It would appear that the car was probably speeding for it to go through two fences and over a garden shed and part of a summer house. The reason I wanted to let you know is that a) it may be of interest to the residents of Groby that if anything like this should happen again, all the gardens which back onto Sacheverell Way are in danger of their gardens or properties being damaged by speeding cars b) I have put in a complaint to the council that although it is a 40mph speed limit, cars do speed along the road and what are they planning on doing to prevent something like this happening again.

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What next for the Klondyke? WHAT AN area of contrast the land north of the A50 has become over the years.

There’s the Meadow, a rifle club and the Old Hall Farm Fishery, a recreational facility for anglers. Groby Pool is a popular destination not just for families but also ornithologists and is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). There’s Sheet Hedges Wood, first recorded in the Domesday Book. The area has also been home to the Ahimsa farm which produces slaughter free milk and other dairy products. That’s the upside. The downside is the anti-social activities of some visitors to the Pool car park and the knowledge that eventually quarrying will re-commence as other reserves are used up, bringing increased traffic. And then there is the site that has been the most contentious over the years, the Klondyke. Quarrying might be considered part of Groby’s DNA, dating back to Roman Times on Bradgate Hill, and the post war planning consents mean that nothing can be done to change the inevitability of the re-commencement of extraction. As yet no-one has come up with a cost effective resolution to the activities in the Pool car park. As for the Klondike the passage of time has seen it change from a plot of land on which quarry workers grew fruit and vegetables for their families to something quite different, something which has featured prominently in the information produced in the run up to the Parish Poll. The one thing which is clear is that the current use does not sit comfortably in the area which, quarrying apart, is predominantly recreational. It is a piece in the jigsaw that doesn’t quite fit. The argument over the years has been focussed on the site. Some residents might wonder why neither the County Council nor the Borough Council have zoomed out and looked at the bigger picture. The Klondyke is incongruous in a recreational area that with some thought and investment could be more like a country park, perhaps taking some pressure off nearby Bradgate. Next to the much valued SSSI it is an area that has suffered ecological and environmental damage. The proposal that with a Compulsory Purchase Order it might provide a much needed site for young footballers is supported by the the Groby Juniors Club who would be prepared to seek funding if they were satisfied that it is viable. It might not be, but that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be more woodland, a community orchard or alternative outdoor recreational facilities, perhaps provided by a commercial organisation. A compulsory purchase order (CPO) is a legal function that allows certain bodies which need to obtain land or property to do so without the consent of the owner, presumably in the best interests of the community as a whole. If the long awaited Klondyke CPO is eventually implemented those who can demonstrate legitimate ownership of any part of the site should be properly compensated, though if it happens there will no doubt be a debate about clean up costs. A Parish Poll does not deliver a CPO but it is part of the journey. In this case it is probably the last stop before the end of the line. When residents consider the questions on the ballot paper they may like or dislike the questions. They can vote yes or they can vote no. They can reflect on the rights of the individual and the rights of the community. They may wonder about the motivation of the quarry owners in providing land for workers to supplement their wages, but they can be sure that the owners never thought that years later it would be the subject of such debate. So when that vote is cast it may be looking beyond the current controversy. It may be a vote for the rights of the individual and the continuation of the present situation. Or it may be a vote for the hope that someone will see the bigger picture and enable the acquisition of the land so that the owners can be compensated and the facilities for the community enhanced in this already diverse recreational area north of the A50.

Norman Griffiths

Children need a summer break from stress

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MAYBE your children need a summer holiday even more than you do this year, as they struggle with exams and ever present pressures from social media. According to recent official figures, the number of children and young people who are self-harming has risen dramatically in the last decade, especially among girls. Experts call the rise ‘shocking’, and say it reflects the levels of serious psychological distress that children suffer.

NEXT ISSUE OUT ON: 12th August 2017 DEADLINE: 29th July

A healthy sleep not only makes your life longer, but also shortens the workday.

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Hinckley College students display their work

Gnome sweet gnome AS YOU GET out and about this summer, you may notice something new in people’s gardens: the gnomes are back.

STUDENTS at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College return to the Atkins Gallery this month with their Graduate and Portfolio Show.

This Spring alone, there was an astonishing 42 per cent increase in their sales. eBay has reported selling 20 gnomes a day. But that is nothing; Asda has sold more than 93,000 gnomes so far this year. The gnomes are no longer just rose-cheeked little men. Nowadays appear in all forms, from girls taking a selfie, or dressed up as a ninja, or even as a zombie. No one knows why the gnomes have returned. Is it part of the same 70s nostalgia for ruched and fringed lampshades, tracksuits, soft plastic ketchup tomatoes, and crocheted blankets?

Prayer of a hardpressed woman Dear Lord, I pray for Wisdom to understand my man; Love to forgive him; And Patience to cope with his moods. Because Lord, if I pray for Strength, I’ll beat him to death. Amen

Under the title F5, 11 students who are completing their BA Honours Degrees in Visual Media will present a diverse collection of their work. The exhibition, which runs from 12 to 27 June, will focus on the three disciplines of graphic design, interactive media and photography. The graphic design element will feature lino prints, illustrations and typography to communicate messages and ideas through traditional print media like book covers and other marketing literature through to more modern methods like web design and scanography. The interactive media portion will be looking at computer game design and programming with a focus on breaking the typically male-dominated interactive online gaming culture by introducing a female lead. Finally, the photography section will be showcasing the individual styles and visions with the common theme of beyond what the eye can see. In preparation for their exhibition, the students met up with local artist Neil Prior during his recent “In Oils” show at the Atkins Gallery to gain insight from a practising artist. The students and Neil discussed how to stage an exhibition, covering topics such as ways to present and secure their work, good labelling and explaining their influences and processes. They also talked about ways to continue making art and being creative once outside the academic environment and establishing good contacts and skills, which the students can use post graduation. The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday (8.30am to 2pm) and on Saturday (10.30am to 2.30pm) while an evening view to accompany the exhibition will be held on Wednesday 14 June. More information about the exhibition is available on social media at: and For more information about Creative Arts courses at the college visit:

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eBay is so useless. I tried to look up lighters and all they had was 13,429 matches.



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Happy First Birthday Groby Community Library! On the afternoon of Saturday 6th May, the volunteers and customers celebrated a successful first year as a Community Managed Library. As with all birthdays, we celebrated with cake! Lisa Clarke from The Beaten Egg made the most delicious and amazing cake in the form of our logo. We even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and the sparkler lasted just to the end of the last note. The cake was then cut and shared out to everyone who came to celebrate or help out. Leading the birthday celebrations we had the fabulous Jazzufflers, part of the band The Zufflers who played at Glastonbudget and once again at Hathern Festival later in the summer. Dan and Dave gave us an entertaining afternoon while the children were occupied at our crafts and colouring tent and hook a duck. Once again Shelley from Sherbet Face Painting was on hand with her colourful box of face paints. Second hand books and dvds were also on sale. Refreshments, hotdogs, cakes and biscuits were on sale inside the library and a new display showing our final plan of the coffee shop, which once we have all the licences and permissions in place, should take place over the summer. With thanks to the support of local Groby businesses we were once again able to have a fantastic array of prizes for our raffle. Natural Elements donated a free massage session and a voucher for a free facial. ( We had some very excited Mum’s who went away with those), a hair product hamper donated by Studio J, a Sunday lunch for two voucher donated by Ben’s Kitchen and six bottles of wine donated by The Stamford Arms. We also had a bottle of brandy and boxes of chocolates. We raised around £240 which will go towards our future plans, so a huge thank you to all involved.

Mental Health Awareness Week at the Library

simpler things such as getting enough sleep, eating healthily, going for a walk in the fresh air to relaxing and taking some much needed time out from everyday issues. Reading is good for that. Throughout the week we were very lucky to have the support of local specialists. Annie Rea, owner and physiotherapist of Natural Elements was on hand with her reflexologist Amanda. Natural Elements is located on Ratby Road in the old Barclays Bank and have a wide selection of therapies which can help you. They also plan to hold classes in the on site studio, such as pilates. Marina Broadley is a counsellor, also based at Natural Elements, who runs fortnightly Mindfulness sessions at the Village Hall. Mindfulness is about finding ways to relax and how to improve or keep your mental health healthy. We were extremely lucky to be supported throughout the week by a remarkable local women who has experienced mental health issues through her childhood and into adulthood,t over a twenty year period. Samantha Houghton has written her story and is the author of The Invisible Girl, a copy of which she has signed and donated to our library book stock. Essential Oils and Aloe Vera products can also help with health and wellbeing. We had a lovely table display up all week and a diffuser wafting out lovely essences of lavender, lemon, wild orange and peppermint. To help with the relaxing atmosphere we were also serving complimentary cups of tea, coffee and of course cake! We tried to encourage customers to stop and relax for a while, maybe have a chat or even sit and do part of our weekly jigsaw. The mental health display will remain in the library for a while. Included within the displays are information on local groups and activities which can be of benefit. We have also been posting groups and activities which may be of help on our Facebook page. We really enjoyed the week, meeting new people, talking about our experiences and hopefully we have helped someone. Even if it is just one person, it was so worthwhile. We are hoping to hold similar awareness days or events at the library, so please contact us if you have an idea or would like to help.

Why not join our events team? We have a team of volunteers who deal brilliantly with the everyday running of the library and our team of trustees, but what we need is a good team of people who can help out at our occasional events. It is great for anyone who cannot commit to regular volunteer work, but would love to be involved at the library occasionally. Whether it is to run a stall, help out at our awareness or children’s activity days, make tea or bake cakes. Or if you have any fundraising ideas that we could put into action we would love to hear from you. Either email or pop your details down at the library.

Summer Children’s Activities

Illustrations ©Tony Ross for t he Reading Agency

Read the books, catch the crook! • •

The week of the 8th - 14th May Marina Broadley, Janet Harrison was Mental Health awareness week and Samantha Houghton across the UK. With mental health taking part in our Mental Health issues affecting one in four of us Awareness Week at Groby at some point in our life and one Community Library. in ten under 14 year olds already affected, we really wanted to help raise awareness and get people talking. We all have mental health. For some it is very healthy while for others a struggle, whether from depression, anxiety, stress, self harm or eating disorders, to name but a few. The affect on the individual and their family and friends can be far reaching, which is why it is so important that we understand it and even more importantly, are able to talk about it. The more we know, the more we can help and support those who in need. There are things which can be done to help improve our mental health, from talking to a counsellor, mindfulness training and medication to much

Come and join the Animal Agents at Groby Library this summer. The Summer Reading Challenge starts on 8th July and finishes on 2nd September • For all children ages 3-12 years • Visit the library 3 times • Read 6 books, e-books or listen to e-audio books of your choice • Collect stickers (some smelly ones!) in your agent’s folder to identify the crook • Receive rewards along the way • Complete the Challenge and you receive a certificate and a medal • It’s all FREE • Lots more fun at All children taking part are entitled to free admission to Bosworth Battlefield and Donington-le-Heath 1620s Manor House by showing their Animal Agents folder at reception (one child per full–paying adult). The Spotlight takes a holiday in July, so please keep a look out for posters and also on social media for up and coming summer events. There is also a possibility that the library may close at some stage in August as we start our alterations. Have a good summer!

‘I want to swim with an overweight, rich white guy before I die’ - Dolphin bucket list.

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Word Search Puzzle PRIME MINISTERS Wordsearch

Forgot username or password?  Passcode/Create New U

IF YOU can find the last 12 UK Prime Ministers in this issue’s Wordsearch puzzle, you could win yourself a meal and a drink. This month we are offering a tasty prize of: A Main Course for Two, plusSolutions for A Bottle of House Wine at The FieldHead Hotel. Free

To go into the draw, allDistricts you have to do is find - and mark a line through - the last 12 UK Prime Ministers. Resources Teachers Parents Stud What We Offer Who We Are These can run vertically, horizontally or diagonally (and backwards!). Send your entry to: I’M IN CHARGE, Groby & Field Head Spotlight, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT to arrive by Saturday 29th July 2017. Remember to include your name and address. The first all-correct entry drawn out of the hat will win the prize. Good luck!

N M G T A X L W D L P N N A N M E   G A J O E T P K D S O J N E A W D   R A L J R P H N P R D T K R H J W   D I S L M D F N E A H G G O G U A   C L A V I T O M R O T A Y J A K R   Q G U L J M A N N Y R M R A L T D   N N Y B B C C Y B E O W B M L Q H   G O Q G D Y E A T R S P L N A C E   P B G I O D N T M B O H R H C B A   D O V T E K H O T D Y W C O S D T   R A I N X A E F T S L X N J E Z H   D N W Q T P U C W B B O L N M G B   V P V C I R L F N X H K R I A V Y   J Z H Y A M A S E R E H T A J O X   D E H A R O L D W I L S O N H S O   R R Z Z L B X F D E G N E F U C G   E M O H S A L G U O D C E L A Z U  

Beat back seat boredom ALECDOUGLASHOME

DOANTHONYEDEN YOU have a long holiday drive with the family ahead DAVIDCAMERON  of you? Here are two games to play to keep the tedium at EDWARDHEATH  bay…. GORDONBROWN 

Just You - You play a favourite song from a CD, and someone sings along HAROLDMACMILLAN

for a few minutes. Then someone else turns down the volume, and the singer HAROLDWILSON has to keep on going for 10 to 20 seconds. Then the volume is turned back up, JAMESCALLAGHAN  and the person is awarded marks out of ten for how accurately the singer has JOHNMAJOR  kept to the time and tune. Of course, if your children can’t sing, this may only addMARGARETTHATCHER  to the stress of the trip….


Yellow Mini - The basic version of this game simply requires players TONYBLAIR

Here are the 12 UK Prime Ministers you have to find:

THERESA MAY • DAVID CAMERON • GORDON BROWN TONY BLAIR • JOHN MAJOR • MARGARET THATCHER JAMES CALLAGHAN • HAROLD WILSON • EDWARD HEATH ALEC DOUGLAS HOME • HAROLD MACMILLAN • ANTHONY EDEN Name: ................................................................................................. Address: ................................................................................................ .................................................................Postcode: .............................

Last Month’s Wordsearch Winner The first correct entry drawn out was from: JANET JORDAN of Hilary Crescent, Groby. Congratulations! Enjoy your meal!

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to spot yellow minis (or else a car of any make and colouring that you choose Control Electrics (Leics.) Ltd instead). The one who spots the most, wins. Only one player in the car can claim to have spotted an individual car, and does this by calling out ‘yellow Call: 0116 268 2910 mini’. Or – you can play the version where any yellow car counts for one point, Cropston Road, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7BR Created by Puzzlemaker at and any mini counts for one point, and a yellow mini counts for two points….

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Comissions designed & handmade

Tel - 0116 236 2510 8 Bradgate Road, Anstey, LE7 7AA A mate of mine recently admitted to being addicted to brake fluid. He reckons he could stop any time....


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JUNE HAS been a surprisingly quiet month. That said, the Committee have been busy arranging outings and trips which are quite numerous in the forthcoming months, so we have quite a lot to look forward to. We did however, along with the Garden Society, have the Village Plant Sale. This annual event is to raise money towards the Annual Village Flower Show which is in a month or so time. The Garden Society and WI join forces for this and in the past it has proved to be a very successful partnership. Of course the WI at the Plant Sale and at the Flower Show run the café and we shall be busy making the cakes and scones. Quite a few members, including yours truly, went to see “Red Shoes”, Matthew Bourne’s ballet. As usual it was excellent. I knew the story from years ago and wondered how the heroine was going to get herself killed by a train. Well she did, onto the stage came the front of the engine and under it went our ballerina, she has reinvented herself! There was also a visit to see ‘Queen’ the tribute band. I didn’t go but speaking to some who did, it had very mixed reviews, especially as to the sound as most said they were unable to actually hear the words etc. I am sure,

Groby WI NEWS however, that they still had a good night out, a get together is always enjoyable. This month’s meeting was our annual Resolutions Meeting. We try to make this as brief as we can but informative. There were two this year both of which were quite difficult to discuss (although you may think differently). The first one was “Alleviating Loneliness.” It called for every Institute to work alongside health and social care providers and their local community to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate assistance and support. You may think that everyone would think it a brilliant idea. In principle it is but quite a few raised various doubts, such as not everyone

wanting outside help or do not wish their private life to be invaded, this is where data protection would come in. At the end it was agreed that in principle it would be a good thing but that the wording would have to be redone and if it were to go forward our representative would be given discretion to decide on the matter. The other one was “Plastic Soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our oceans.” I had no idea what this was all about, I was about to learn. Microfibres found in our oceans can originate from a wide variety of textiles (such as nylon, polyester, rayon, acrylic or spandex)—everything from running shorts to yoga pants to fleece jackets and more. All microfibres are invisible to the naked eye. Other industries are also contributing to this problem, as are


There are spaces on our trip to Rutland on the Thursday 22nd June. The coach leaves the Village Hall at 9 a.m. a.m. Oakham - onto Wing WI for lunch and then afternoon boat trip around Rutland Water. Cost £30 inclusive. Please ring me (Margaret) on 0116 2878 323 if interested, you would be very welcome.

things like fishing nets, bottle caps, packaging and plastics bags that break down in the ocean. Other industries are also contributing to this problem, as are things such as fishing nets, bottle caps, packaging and plastics bags that break down in the ocean. All ocean organisms, including fish suffer including ourselves. When these plastic particles transfer to humans, these can cause inflammation and fibrosis. Again we thought it badly worded but agreed in principle to the Federation lobbying it but again with our representative’s discretion. After that we had our social time, a rowdy one at that. So we went from the serious stuff to playtime, which as usual, was rather noisy but very enjoyable. We had a couple of quizzes, of course, there is always a table where the brains all sit together. My friends and I didn’t do too badly about half way down the scoring, well you can’t have brains and beauty! Next month’s meeting is “Love Food Hate Waste”, a talk given by Matthew Copley. This will be at the Village Hall as usual on Thursday 15th June at 7.30.p.m. Do come along I am sure we will all learn something, personally I need all the help I can get.


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Who does your child most believe? The teacher – or Facebook? IT SEEMS that fake news has been appearing more and more often in school homework, as children struggle to distinguish between what is true and what is fake news. In fact, in a recent poll conducted by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, more than a third of the teachers said that students have cited false information that they had found online. One teacher said: ‘Students often do not believe you when you tell them what they have seen or heard on Facebook is not true.’ Meanwhile, it seems that children as young as four are having panic attacks, and three quarters of teachers are blaming social media as the cause for such anxiety.

School play A LITTLE boy was given a part in the school play and went home to tell his father. His father was really proud of him, and asked what the part was. The boy replied: “I got the part of a man who has been married for 25 years.” His father congratulated him. “That’s good son, and maybe next time round, you’ll get a talking role!”

Letter from Uncle Eustace

On the hazards of the annual choir outing The Rectory


Groby Village Society Forthcoming Events Thursday June 22 Life in Maasai Villages Wendy Martin

St. James the Least My dear Nephew Darren A LOCAL phenomenon invariably occurs at St. James the Least of All each June: large numbers of boys discover a vocation to join the church choir. The fact that their annual outing happens in July is, I am sure, entirely coincidental. This year, I suggested a cultural tour of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. Unaccountably, they wanted a visit to the local Amusement Park. Life is nowadays so degenerate that democracy even exists within the Church, and I was outvoted: 28 to 1. Time was when you could drop them all off in the car park, give them half a crown each and tell them to be back by 6pm, while I could enjoy a leisurely lunch, a light doze on a deckchair in the park and cup of tea before returning to the coach. Today, each boy has to be accompanied by an armed guard, travelling a pre-planned route and reporting back to central control by mobile phone at half-hour intervals. You are even expected to bring back the same number you took out. The year when we returned home to find that we had unaccountably lost five of them, would no longer be considered acceptable. Our choirboys’ ability to consume candyfloss, toffee apples, ice-cream and pop, generally doing so simultaneously, is awesome. Were it to become an Olympic event, St. James’ would be guaranteed gold. But, the consequences are unvaryingly predictable. The sight of Hutton minor projectile vomiting while travelling at 50 mph 30 feet above the ground on the Big Dipper is an image that, sadly, will never fade. It did, however, hugely increase his standing within the choir. That one disaster may well ensure his election to Head Chorister in future years. Since we now hold separate events for boys and men, the juniors are at least spared the unedifying spectacle of seeing their Rector unsuccessfully attempting to keep the gentlemen out of the first public house they come to – and then prising them back out when it is going-home time. It also means that the sing-song on the coach on the return journey delays the juniors learning some unsavoury songs for a little longer – until they are elevated to the men’s choir stalls and realise what they’ve been missing on choir outings for all those years. And so once again, we return home, happy and tired, the boys longing for yet more food and their Rector for a large gin. Your loving uncle,


Thursday July 27 The Country Railway Stations Brian Johnson Meetings are held at Groby Village Hall Starting at 7.30pm. Except for October which will be at Groby Library Starting at 7.30pm. For Further Details Contact Hon. Secretary Mr. P. Castell Tel. 0116 287 9842 email: groby.villagesociety@ Non Members are Welcome

Flight path WINDSOR CASTLE, outside of London, is directly in the flight path of Heathrow International Airport. While a group of tourists was standing outside the castle admiring the elegant structure, a plane flew overhead at a relatively low altitude, making a tremendous noise. One irritated tourist demanded: “Why did they build the castle so close to the airport?”


Accountants & Tax Consultants 26 Fosse Road Central, Leicester LE3 5PR


Tel: 0116 262 3202 Fax: 0116 261 9186

Lets all take a moment and be thankful that spiders can’t fly.


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Borough Councillors’ Monthly Report Groby Parish Council AGM On Monday 15 May at the Groby Parish Council Annual General meeting the Parish Council re-elected Cllr. Brian Rigby as chairman for the forthcoming municipal year and Cllr. Rick Gunn as vice chairman. We congratulate both Brian and Rick.

Bosworth Borough Council AGM On Tuesday 16 May the Annual General Meeting of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council took place. Martin and Ted’s Committee Positions are as Follows: • Planning Committee: Cllr Ted Hollick – Cllr Martin Cartwright Substitute; • Licensing Committee: Cllr Martin Cartwright – Cllr Ted Hollick Substitute • Licensing Regulatory Committee: Cllr Martin Cartwright – Cllr Ted Hollick Substitute • Ethical Governance & Personnel Committee: Cllr Martin Cartwright – Cllr Ted Hollick Substitute • Appeals Panel: Cllr Martin Cartwright & Cllr Ted Hollick • Highways Forum: Cllr Martin Cartwright – Cllr Ted Hollick Substitute • Member Development Group: Cllr Ted Hollick – Cllr Martin Cartwright Substitute One or both of us will be at each of these meetings to ensure Groby’s full representation is made.

Question: How Good Is Your Driving? It seems to be assumed by many motorists when wishing to turn right at the Ratby Road, Leicester Road Junction by the Stamford Arms (pictured above) that all traffic coming along Leicester Road towards the junction is going to turn left from Leicester Road into Ratby Road. Reality is that a lot of vehicles continue up Leicester Road past the church and out onto the bypass having to face cars pulling out on them from the Ratby Road junction, despite the clear stop line and hazard markings assuming dangerously) that motorists will not be going straight on. In a similar road safety issue all of the residents on the David Wilson estate are residents of Groby and may wish to use the shops or businesses in the village or simply visit friends. However to do this they have to turn right out of their estate at the mini roundabout on Leicester Road and again face motorists travelling towards

Martin Cartwright Call: 0116 287 4500 Mobile: 078 50 70 70 50 E-mail: Write: Maverick House, 10 Pine Tree Avenue Groby, LE6 0EQ

Ted Hollick Call: 0116 287 5955 Mobile: 07962 373983 E-mail: Write: 7 Shaw Wood Close, Groby, LE6 0FY

the centre of Groby on Leicester Road that seem to feel the roundabout simply does not exist (failure to give way) or that the residents have no right to use the roundabout for this purpose!! Personally I have encountered both these issues on many occasions but residents have also been in touch with me to highlight the many times near misses have taken place at both these junctions and that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt. Please consider these issues at the sites above to keep everyone not least yourself safe, Thank you.

Children & Young People Exams Many children and young people will have just completed their exams. Thousands of hours of studying go into those exams and now the anxious wait for the results. Parents, grandparents, relatives and loved ones are very proud of their efforts. We wish everyone involved in exams recently the results they hoped for and the ability to choose their preferred career choices.

Residents urged to help in the fight against fly-tipping Residents in Hinckley and Bosworth have been urged to help in the fight against fly-tipping after the number of incidents rose by 46 per cent in the Borough last year. Along with the increase in the number of incidents, the cost of removing fly-tips increased by £12,000 to £34,000 in 2016/17, compared to 2015/16. Most of the fly-tips consist of mixed household waste, which includes black bags, white goods, green waste and construction materials. The increase, which follows a national trend, has persuaded the Borough Council to launch a new campaign to crack down on bogus waste collectors who offer to remove waste for free, or for a low price, and then fly-tip it. By law, everyone has a duty of care to take reasonable measures to ensure that waste produced on their property is passed on to an authorised person who will dispose of the waste responsibly. According to the duty of care, if the waste can be traced back to its source and the individual hasn’t taken reasonable measures then they may be liable for a fine of up to £5,000. Businesses that carry waste should be registered with the Environment Agency as licensed waste carriers and they have to pay to dispose of waste, so householders are urged to always beware of being offered unusually low prices for this service and to check on the contractors they use to remove waste and carry out work at their properties. Contractors should be questioned about how they plan to dispose of

I could do great things if I weren’t so busy doing little things.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • MID-JUNE 2017 • Tel: 01530 244069 • Email:

from Martin & Ted the waste and checks made to ensure they are registered waste carriers. This can be done by visiting the Environment Agency’s website: https:// Contractors should also be asked to provide a waste transfer note, which is a receipt showing where the waste is from and where they will be taking it to. Checks will also be made by the council’s Clean Neighbourhoods team with local trades companies to ensure that they are complying with their duty of care, meaning they have licences in place to dispose of waste produced through the work they complete. Fly-tipping carries a Fixed Penalty Notice of £400 and an unlimited fine if prosecuted. In some case it can even carry a prison sentence.

Come and Sing

Songs of the Spirit

We Are Here To Help You Should you have any comments or problems you would like us to mention in our articles please get in touch. Please remember if we can ever be of service to you or your family please do not hesitate to contact us, our details are listed above.

Martin Cartwright & Ted Hollick

Medical knowledge? If you have never worried about the NHS before, perhaps it is time to begin now… here are ten actual sentences written in patient’s notes - Patient’s medical history has been remarkably insignificant with only a 40-pound weight gain in the past three days. - Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities - On the second day the knee was better, and on the third day it disappeared. - I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy. - The patient was to have a bowel resection. However, he took a job as a stockbroker instead.

Every Saturday morning 10.00am—12.30pm

Catch meets for play, craft, story & chat for pre-school children with a parent or carer 9.30-11.30am every Friday at Groby URC Chapel Hill Fair Cuppa for FairTrade refreshments in fairly traded mugs. Every Thursday 10.3012am at the Village Hall

Sunday 2nd July 3.30-5.15pm Groby Village Hall

Songs from around the world that make your heart 'sing' Songs of joy, liberation and peace with Christian roots Come and add your voice to the harmonies, no singing experience necessary All ages are welcome although we ask that parents help us maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Led by local professional musician No booking required. £2.00 donation at the door. Tea and cake included. for more information contact Karen 07739 555015

Weekly events for children and young people

for 6’s to 14’s on Mon evenings, at 6.00pm or 7.45pm; for 15-18’s on Wed evenings at 7.30pm; for 15-18’s on Fri at 7.30pm. We meet at the United Reformed Church All of these activities, along with our work in schools, are provided by the two churches in Groby under the group name EXTEND.

For further information please see websites and church magazines St. Philip and St. James Revd. Louise Corke 231 3090 United Reformed Church Phil Holmes (Church Secretary) 225 3335 1733 Children and Families Worker John Fryer 07540 957926

My wife caught me cross-dressing ... so I packed her things and left.



Groby & Field Head Spotlight • MID-JUNE 2017 • Tel: 01530 244069 • Email:

Live & Local

What’s On at Local Pubs & Clubs Groby Ex-Servicemen’s Club Leicester Road, Groby Tel: 0116 287 1809 Saturday 17th June: - Kelly Brazil - Stunning Female Vocalist And Also Performs A Katy Perry Tribute Show. Friday 23rd June: - Steve Black - Male Vocalist Saturday 24th June: - Keith Dee Fantastic Male Vocalist Also Covers Songs From Phil Collins Friday 30th June: - Ali - Very Good Female Vocalist Saturday 1st July: - Randell - Excellent Guitar Vocalist With Lots Of Energy Friday 7th July: - Lee Lard - Peter Kay Tribute With Lindsay Dracass (Eurovision Contestant) - See Bar Staff For Tickets - Non Members Welcome. Tickets are priced at £3.00 Members and £5.00 Non-Members. Saturday 8th July: - Dave Royal Excellent Solo Singer Friday 14th June: - Dan Patchett Very Good Male Vocalist Saturday 15th July: - Shaun E.B. - The Reggae Man Is Back! Friday 28th July: - Tom Nicolson Excellent Entertainer

The Club Bagworth, Station Road, Bagworth LE67 1BZ 01530 230205. Every Monday From 8 pm, Dominoes With Supper £1 -50. Every Tuesday From 8 pm Target Shooting With Rifle And Pellets Plus Tuition If Required£2-00.

Wednesday Afternoon From 2-4 pm Tea Dance £1-00 With Tea/Biscuits. Wednesday Evenings: Bingo From 8 pm. With Members Jackpot Also Raffle. Thursdays Line Dancing With Jeff From 8 pm Last Friday Of Each Month - Andy’s Quiz Night. Every Saturday Bingo In Lounge With Free Supper For All Players From 8 pm. Every Sunday Dancing To Organist From 8 pm. £2-00 Entry On Door With Raffle/Eight Houses Bingo(Optional) Charity dance in support of Wishes4Kids on Friday 21st July at 8 pm. Admittance is £2.50 and music will be provided by Ken’s cds. As usual there will be a raffle with lots of prizes (all of which are donated). Dances will also be held on Saturdays: June 17th, July 15th and August 19th at 8 pm. Admission will be £2. As with the charity dance, there will also be a raffle and a short bingo session. All Enquiries To 01530 230205. Also Room Hire Available For Any Occasion.

The Club Thornton, Main Street, Thornton LE67 1AH 01530 230251 Sky & BT Sports. Free concert room hire. New Garden. Bingo on Tuesdays Sat 10th June - Boneyard Blues Band Sat 17th June - Farrell “Faz” Crowson Sat 24th June - The Dirty Water Band’s 10th Anniversary of Playing at The Thornton Sat 1st July - The Boodons Sat 15th July - Beat 45 Sat 3rd August - Eddy Hall


The Invisible Bin Sticker I APPLIED for my brown bin 2017 sticker on Tuesday 11 April, which would have arrived at HBBC on 12 April. My bank statement showed the cheque was cashed by 21 April. Since then I have waited and waited for a sticker. I have written to HBBC asking for the sticker to no avail. The Bin men came for a second time - on Friday 5 May. I begged them to empty my overflowing bin. They did it reluctantly. They pointed out that some residents lie and say that they have paid and they haven’t. But what about HBBC taking a resident’s fee - which is a contract to pick up the compost fortnightly, and not sending the sticker which is the means of getting this done. Is that honest? Guess when it came? It hasn’t - as of Saturday 6 May I still haven’t received the sticker.

Name & Address Supplied

Why it is good to talk to yourself WHEN WE see people talking out loud to themselves, we can tend to avoid them as slightly odd. But, in reality, they may be very smart indeed. According to a recent study at Bangor University, those of us who speak to ourselves while focusing on a task do better than those of us who stay silent. It seems that when we read instructions out loud, our brains absorb information more quickly. As one psychologist at Bangor explained: ‘Our ability to generate explicit self-instructions is actually one of the best tools we have for cognitive control.’ Things simply work better when said aloud. Talking to ourselves helps us to better organise our thoughts, plan our actions, consolidate our memories, and control our emotions. When we see people talking out loud to themselves, we can tend to avoid them as slightly odd. But, in reality, they may be very smart indeed. According to a recent study at Bangor University, those of us who speak to ourselves while focusing on a task do better than those of us who stay silent. It seems that when we read instructions out loud, our brains absorb information more quickly. As one psychologist at Bangor explained: ‘Our ability to generate explicit self-instructions is actually one of the best tools we have for cognitive control.’ Things simply work better when said aloud. Talking to ourselves helps us to better organise our thoughts, plan our actions, consolidate our memories, and control our emotions.

If I ever go missing, before calling the police please check between my bed and the wall.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • MID-JUNE 2017 • Tel: 01530 244069 • Email:


Telegraph Garden Expert Local man brings National Brand to Groby comes to Newtown Linford NEWTOWN LINFORD Gardening Club continues its series of celebrity visitors by inviting a renowned gardening journalist to speak. These events have proved very popular when experts with national reputations come to our village.

DALE KNIGHT has lived all of his life in Groby. Over those 43 years he has almost certainly delivered papers to your house, served you early morning from Wilson & Sons Newsagents (as was) and has attended Schools in the village and so have his children. He is well known with the locals and has always been involved in the local community including coaching the Elizabeth Woodville football team for 8 years and winning the Marconi Cup! After having spent the last 24 years working with the financial services sector he has now launched a Franchise of the Multi-Award-Winning Mortgage Advice Bureau right here in Groby. Specialising in Mortgage and Protection advice Dale is already well known with many people in the village and is pleased to offer his professional services to local people from the comfort of their own home. Dale says “MAB are a fantastic firm to represent and have themselves won over 70 industry awards in the last five years. Having their backing has been brilliant as they offer all the benefits of a National Brand but being delivered by a local person with local knowledge.”

On October 24th we welcome Helen Yemm who brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the platform. Daily Telegraph readers will readily identify with their regular gardening columnist; a post she has held for many years. Her expertise runs much further however. She lectured at the Coton Manor Gardening School for many years and was a presenter on the BBC2 programme ‘Gardening from Scratch.’ She has written several books on the subject of horticulture. These include ‘Grow Your Own Flowers’, ‘Thorny Problems’ a digest of the many letters to the Daily Telegraph asking for advice, and the interestingly titled work ‘Gardening in Your Nightie’. She is well-known as an interesting public speaker and we look forward to hearing a fascinating and varied talk. We are pleased to welcome visitors to this event and will also invite other local gardening clubs to join us. The event will be held in Newtown Linford Village Hall and begin at 7.30pm. Tickets, which will cost £10, can be obtained from the secretary by sending to 32 Groby Lane, Newtown Linford, Leicester, LE6 0HH or by ringing 01530 242452. Alternatively you can send an email to 32couling@ to secure your ticket or acquire additional information. We are looking forward to another highly successful evening following on from the other well-known gardening experts who have visited us before.

Anne and David Couling



Washing Machine 1400rpm Spin Speed 10kg Load Capacity A+++ Rated 30 Min Wash

8 Programmes



Washing Machine 1400rpm Spin Speed 6kg Load Capacity A+++AB Rated Express Wash

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Washing Machine 1400rpm Spin Speed 7Kg Load Capacity 28 Min Fast Full Load 16 Programmes A+++AB Rated

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SMS50T02GB Dishwasher 12 Place Settings 5 Programmes Half Load Noise Level 50db A+AA Rated

Fitted Kitchens We are pleased to announce that we are now agents for A.W.E Kitchens and Bedrooms Who specialise in Bespoke made to measure kitchen & bedroom furniture Please call in for further details

Internet Pricing with Personal Service

“Ask About our Same Day/Next Day Installation and Removal Service”

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Single Electric Oven Multifunction Cooking A-20% Rated 67 litre Main Oven CircoTherm Fan H59.5 x W59.5 x D55



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Looking back and moving on

Birthday Branch Cheques In At Tournament

June is a time for looking back over our Rotary Year and thinking about what comes next. WE HAVE been able to hand over cheques of £1000 this month to each of 3 local charities we have supported over the last year – all doing great local work. ( Softouch, Sidekick Dance and The Baldwin Boat Trust.) We have also set up plans to support 2 new local charities over the coming year:The Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation – offering comfort and support to the elderly and adults with disabilities. They are based at Ulverscroftwhere you can visit their café and wander around their beautiful garden area. Come along and join us at their Summer Fair on July 9th 10.00am to 4.00pm where there will be craft and food stalls, games and fun and a car show. Joe Humphries Memorial Trust - A charity set up to provide education and support about SADS (Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome) in memory of 14 year old Joe from Rothley. It is a story that touches all hearts We really hope that when we start our next round of fundraising activities you will be happy to join us and support us in raising funds for these worthwhile local causes. We are always looking for new members to help us with our charity work and to join in on our social events.

New members meetings in July

Please come and see us at our special “new members” meeting on the 5th and 19th July at 7.30 – 8.30 am at The Stamford Arms, Groby – Free breakfast included! Or come along to any of our breakfast meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month to find out more about who we are and what we do. If you want to know some more before you do please contact or ring 07876 561954. We would love to meet you.

How far do you live from where you were born? Where were you born, and how far away is it from where you now live? The average distance seems to be up to about 100 miles. If that does not seem far, consider this: only 25 years ago most British people tended to live within five miles from where they had been born. Recent research by the genealogical website Ancestry has found that exactly half of us still live in the place where we were born, and half of us move on. 70 per cent of people who move away from their birthplace are sure that they will not return, and just 14 per cent ever plan to go back.

THE NOTTINGHAM in Groby showed giving is much better than receiving in presenting a £500 cheque to a local junior football team. A week before it celebrates the third birthday of its arrival in the Leicestershire village the branch showed its continued support for Groby Juniors Under-8s by handing over the sponsorship money. Last weekend building society staff and colleagues from Harrison Murray Estate Agency (part of The Nottingham) visited the Groby Festival of Football at the local community college to make the presentation and cheer the players on during the tournament. The cash helps two Groby Juniors teams be fully kitted out in match day strip and also with training gear. One side plays in tops featuring The Nottingham’s distinctive brand and the other with the Harrison Murray logo front and centre. Groby Juniors U8s manager Ben Blount said: “The backing from The Nottingham and Harrison Murray’s is fantastic. They’ve been involved

The Nottingham’s mascot Robin Hood joined building society and estate agency colleagues in handing over the cheque to Groby Juniors U8s. with us for a couple of years now and their generous contribution goes a long way. We are extremely grateful for their support.” Building society manager Lesley Adcock added: “The Nottingham has a firm commitment to being involved in our communities and everyone at the Groby branch is really proud to be associated with such a well-run local football club.” Estate agency manager Zara Laxman added: “Linking up with Groby Juniors has been very fruitful for all - the youngsters are able to play their matches in decent kit, whilst at the same time the community get to see how passionate we are about local projects and clubs.” The Groby branch celebrates its third birthday on 12 June. It is one of 11 branches (some of which are building society or estate agency only) spread across Leicestershire.

I have an 8.30 dinner reservation tonight. That’s like midnight in middle-age time.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • MID-JUNE 2017 • Tel: 01530 244069 • Email:

Spotlight Small Ads • CEILING FAN with 3 lights excellent condition. Price: £40 o.n.o. Tel: 01530 243778. • Robust Pro Fitness EXERCISE BIKE/ CROSS TRAINER. Digital speed & calorie count. Price: £25 • Electric Qualcast Rotary LAWN MOWER. Ideal for small lawn, good & clean condition. Price: £20 • Blue Motorcycle Nitro RACING HELMET c/w carry bag. Size small, like new condition. Price: £25 • Motorcycle PADDOCK STANDS, front and rear. Red, like new condition. Price: £20 • Black leather MOTORCYCLE JACKET. Size 44. Very good condition. Price: £15 Tel: 0116 287 0375. • Black & Decker electric SCARIFIER. Price: £20 Tel: 0116 287 1532. • Philips Thermotube HEATER. Length 12”; Diameter 2”. Complete with fittings. New - unopened. Price: £7.50 • Toilet BALLCOCK and fittings. New - unused. Price: £3 • Cooker OVEN RAILS. Price: £1 each • TUNING DIAL (incl. capacitors) as used in Lancaster aircraft. Price: £100 • Wooden PEG RACK - length 26”. Price: £1.50 • SAT NAV (Tom Tom) - used once. Price: £40. Tel: 0116 287 5973. • RABBIT HUTCH (large,with upstairs/ramp and downstairs area) and 2 metal outdoor runs for sale. Price: £40 complete. Tel: 0116 287 8313 • Honda sit-on LAWNMOWER. Just been serviced. Ring for price. Tel: 07783 926189.

• BRIC A BRAC items - ideal for car booters. Price: £50. Tel: 0116 231 2865. • Mamas and Papas MOSES BASKET with wooden stand (some sheets included). Excellent condition. Price: £25. • BABY BATH and stand. Price: £10. • Musical baby ROCKER CHAIR Price: £7.50. • Blue Fleece PUSHCHAIR FOOT MUFF. Price: £5. Tel: 0116 231 3151. • Revitive IX CIRCULATION BOOSTER - reduces swollen feet, ankles and tired aching legs. In original condition - as new. Price: £60 o.n.o. • Electric LAWNMOWER - rotary Flymo. Price: £20. Can deliver. Tel: 07794 612335. • KENWOOD MIXER with extra tools. Price: £25. • Mahogany TABLE with extra leaf 4 DINING CHAIRS plus 2 CARVERS PRICE: £250. • THREE PIECE SUITE comprising 2 reclining chairs and a 2 seater settee. Price: £150. Tel: 0116 287 7787.

IF YOU HAVE any household items which you’d like to advertise FREE in the Spotlight, please SEND DETAILS by post or email - sorry, we can’t take them over the phone. Maximum EIGHT items please. Our postal address is Spotlight Small Ads, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT or you can email details to: info@ Please put ‘Small Ads’ in the subject line, and include your postal address (not for publication).

I like to hold hands at the movies ... which always seems to startle strangers.


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