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Markfield, Field Head, Stanton-under-Bardon, Thornton & Bagworth

Bagworth Show AFTER A BREAK of two years the members of the Bagworth Forward Group (BFG) are proud to announce that the Bagworth Show is making a welcome return this year.

It takes place on Saturday 27th August. If you don’t know, the Show is a vegetable, fruit, flower, home preserves, home baking, arts and crafts show with a children’s section. One of the sections is the limerick competition. The first line is provided and entrants need to provide the final four lines. This year, the first line is: ‘A lass came to Bagworth in May.’ The Show is held at Bagworth Community Centre. There are cash prizes, certificates and over twenty trophies to be won. Please do not think that you are not good enough to enter. It only needs no entries in a class, which does happen, and you could be first! A list of the classes can be seen in the schedule. Copies of this can be found on the BFG Facebook page or alternatively paper copies are located in the coffee shop area at the Community Centre. The Centre is open every weekday from 10am to 2pm. This is when the Coffee Shop serves food and drinks at very reasonable prices, well worth a visit. With regard to the Show, it begins on Friday evening 26th August from 6pm to 8pm when the Centre will be open to receive any entries. It costs 25p per entry, enter as many items as you wish in the same or different categories. Children’s entries in the Children’s Section are free as they do not receive cash prizes but are given other goodies. The Centre will again be open on Saturday 27th August from 8am. All items must be entered no later than 10.30am. The halls will then be closed for judging. From 2pm the Centre will be open for all items to be observed and for exhibitors to see if they have won. Entry to the Show after 2pm is £1 per adult, children are free. At 4pm the trophies will be presented followed by an auction of the exhibits, collection of prize money and the Raffle Draw. Many good deals can be had at the auction. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 ...>


WOW! What a wonderful Vintage Tea Party we had at Stanton Under Bardon Village Hall on Saturday 4 June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I think I can speak for everyone when I say a good time was had by all.

Connie’s Pop-up Tea Party staff served a brilliant afternoon cream tea in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We held a very successful Raffle to help towards the cost of this event. Janet Peberdy of the village provided a ‘Lucky Dip’, the proceeds of which (£90.00) she sent to LOROS. The original cost of each ticket was £8.50 but the Trust had agreed to subsidise each one by £3.50 to ensure we contributed towards the life of our village community on this special occasion. DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: A Christmas Vintage Tea Party will be held at the Village Hall on Saturday 17 December 2022 starting at 2.00 pm. Details re tickets to be announced later. We were pleased to welcome 3 new Trustees in May. However, as the only male on the Committee, I would welcome some company! Email: if you are interested in joining the Team.

Mark Stephens Chairman

Poppy Appeal 2022

AS SOME OF you will know, I retired from my position of Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) at the end of the 2021 Poppy Appeal. Therefore, there is a vacancy for this voluntary position serving the four villages of Bagworth, Markfield, Stanton-under-Bardon and Thornton. This voluntary job involves ordering poppy stock and wreaths, distributing the trays and collection tins to the shops, businesses, and schools, and wreaths to the Parish Councils in the villages. Then after the two-week Poppy Appeal period, gathering the trays and collection tins back. The collection is then counted, and the money banked. Records must be returned to Aylesford for scrutiny. Most of this will take place in the two weeks prior to the 11th of November. PAOs will be expected to store the collection tins (approximately 32) and other remaining poppy stock at home. PAOs are not required be a member of the RBL or have any military background or experience. I am continuing to volunteer for the RBL and the Poppy Appeal by teaching remembrance to schools and colleges across Leicestershire and Rutland and supporting the PAO in Coalville. I will be happy to give advice, offer support and answer any questions in relation to the PAO position. If you require any further details, please contact me.

Liz Mitchell

County Youth Officer or

Grace Newland

Fundraising Relationship Assistant 0345 845 1945

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Foxglove challenge



My fundraising pledge for the British Heart Foundation I HAVE A charity place to run the London Marathon on 2nd October 2022 in memory of my husband Nigel Dunmore who died very suddenly and unexpectedly on 11th February 2021. I have pledged to raise £3000 for the British Heart Foundation which I hope will fund research which will save many lives for anybody with a heart or circulatory condition.

AS AN ALTERNATIVE to the tallest sunflower this foxglove, is a present from the birds, and stands at a magnificent 7feet 5 inches high I wonder if any reader has a taller one!

To Advertise In The Herald, Contact Mike Wilkinson On 01530 244069 Or Email:

Nigel had served in Leicestershire Constabulary for 30 years and at the time of his death was working as a Public Rights of Way Officer for Leicestershire County Council. Nigel was extremely fit and well when he died and had shown no signs of a heart condition. Nigel has left a huge hole in mine and my family’s lives. We have 3 children and 4 Grandchildren now aged 6 years, 3 years, 21 months and 10 months. Our youngest Grandchild was born after Nigel died. Focusing on training for running 26.2 miles is a massive goal for me to achieve. Prior to retiring as a Nurse 5 years ago I was not a runner. I started running initially after completing a C25k programme. Previous to gaining this charity place the furthest distance I had run was a 5k Parkrun. Just before Nigel died at the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic I had returned to working as a Vaccinator and I continue to work as a Bank Nurse now. To help raise my pledged funds for the British Heart Foundation I am hosting a Charity Curry Night at Indian Fusion Restaurant in Markfield on Wednesday 17th September. Tickets are £18.95 per head and a percentage of this will be donated to my charity. If any readers would like a ticket please contact Muj directly at Indian Fusion. I If you would like to read my story my JustGiving link is below

Christine Dunmore

Don’t miss the Bagworth Show - from page 1 Food and drinks will be available during the day from the coffee shop area. Don’t forget that there are trophies for three particular classes, best large front garden, best small front garden and best allotment. All front gardens and allotments in the village are automatically entered for these classes and the results will be announced at the Trophy Presentation. Winners of the three classes will each receive a trophy. All of the profits from the Bagworth Show are used by BFG to enhance the life of the village. One of our main expenses is paying for the many plants in the majority of the planters throughout Bagworth. Don’t forget, if you live near to one please give it regular drinks of water. It makes a great difference. Also on the day of the Show, the Bagworth Platinum Jubilee Dog Show will take place on the field next to the Sure Start building. Again, the classes can be found in the schedule. There will also be a wide variety of stalls around the Dog Show. If you would like to have a stall or have queries about the Dog Show then please contact Bob Rushton on 07421 322653. If you would like to join BFG, please have a chat to one of the stewards at the Show.

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.


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Message from Dr Luke Evans MP

THEY SAY A WEEK in politics is a long time, but the week of June 30th to July 7th felt like a lifetime. I have had many emails and social media comments over the past few days. Some angry and despairing about the fall of Boris Johnson; claiming plots, media witchhunts and treachery. Others jubilant at the resignation of the Conservative Party leader, and anguished that it hadn’t come sooner. All in all, as with any events like this, there are things to be said on both sides and over the next few paragraphs I have set out what happened, what actions I took, why, and what happens next. As always some will agree with my actions, others won’t. Since my election I have been open and honest about the decisions I have taken and why, and I see no reason why that should change now. WHAT HAPPENED? FROM MY PERSPECTIVE. The trigger for the unfolding of recent events was the then Deputy Chief Whip, Chris Pincher’s, by his own admission completely unacceptable drunken behaviour, and further allegations of groping, resulting in his resignation. These are to be answered by him and him alone, and I hope – as with all enquiries into suspected conduct of this kind – that due process will take place. Mr Pincher, rightly, had the whip removed (meaning he was suspended from the party) when the allegations came out and Number 10 told my colleagues and the media this had all been dealt with appropriately as an isolated incident.

On the morning of Monday the 4th, Minister Will Quince was briefed for the Ministerial media round and had been told categorically by Number 10 that this issue was dealt with. Yet in his subsequent resignation letter he states “regarding the briefings I received from No 10 ahead of Monday’s media round, which we now know to be inaccurate.” Here lies the issue: Number 10 was briefing my colleagues that they had taken swift action – which they did – but also that this was the first time they had any knowledge of issues regarding Mr Pinchers behaviour, and therefore had no knowledge of any previous allegations. A letter from a previous Permanent Secretary in the Foreign Office proved this to be categorically untrue. WHAT DID I DO? At the start of last week (Monday) having heard the revelations about Mr Pincher, I shared my dismay through the usual channel: a private conversation with my Whip, explaining my concerns. Upon hearing of the actions taken by Number 10, I was pleased because at that point I believed it had been dealt with appropriately. I then attended the Urgent Question last Tuesday answered by the Government about standards in public life. It was at this point that it became evident to me that the ‘line’ from Number 10 over the weekend and Monday had changed and was not congruent with the emerging evidence. On Wednesday, it became clear after PMQs, the Liaison Committee hearing and further ministerial

resignations that the Prime Minister was not going to step down. I then spoke to Sir Graham Brady, Chair of the 1922 Committee, to inform him that I had lost confidence in Boris Johnson. WHY DIDN’T I SAY ANYTHING PUBLIC SOONER? There is a saying I first heard when I entered Parliament “do you want to be a player or a commentator?”. What this means is, it’s very easy to shout from the side-lines, but how effective is this? The media tend to revel in constant speculation. But in a rapidly changing situation such as this, I believe that effective change is brought about by those who keep a cool head. As a backbench MP and having recently been made an Parliamentary Private Secretary (an unpaid junior role in Government) I only have a limited number of levers to pull: withdraw my support for Mr Johnson, resign my post or both. I chose the former, why? Because this was the most effective way to make a change. I chose not to speak publicly on the Wednesday evening that I had spoken to Sir Brady because, even at the best of times, the media enjoy creating hysteria. We

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My cousin just died. He was only 19. He got stung by a bee ... the natural enemy of a tightrope walker.

For publication dates and details of advertising rates, visit the website at saw this throughout Brexit, the pandemic and the current war in Ukraine. And I do not want to give oxygen to this approach. I am more than happy to justify my decisions to those who have elected me in a way that is meaningful and open. As a GP, I wouldn’t speculate during the diagnosis of a patient’s illness or condition without knowing the complete picture. Similarly, I want to ensure that my constituents, who have entrusted me to take decisions on our community’s behalf, know the full reasoning behind my thinking by releasing this detailed explanation rather than giving an ongoing commentary at the time. WHY DIDN’T YOU RESIGN YOUR POSITION AS A PARLIAMENTARY PRIVATE SECRETARY (PPS)? I chose not to resign my role within the Home Office for a combination of two reasons: lack of impact and a sense of duty. While politicians are renowned for their delusions of grandeur, I still have a sense of station. If, when a Secretary of State, the Chancellor and several Ministers resign and this doesn’t change the Prime Minister’s mind, I am under no illusion that my resignation after three weeks of being a PPS is going to bring the Government down! Couple this with the reality of the fact that the Government and its work must continue. My role means I cover Immigration and have been acting as the conduit for ALL 650 MPs casework regarding passports and visa issues. There is a mountain of work still to be done, and hence I was appointed an additional team member to help deal

with the demand. At the time of writing Conservative MPs have had two leadership votes so far. In both I have voted for Penny Mordaunt. I have chosen to support Penny after taking private meetings with each candidate in which we discussed their vision going forward and how it will benefit our constituency and the nation. There is much more that could be said on this matter but I’ll end here for now. On one final and important note, I have been struck by the understanding shown when I’m out and about in our area regarding just how tough these circumstances are. I am so pleased to represent a community who care so much for one another, and for that I am truly and eternally grateful.

Dr Luke Evans MP Member of Parliament for Bosworth • House of Commons • London • SW1A 0AA w: t: constituency: 01455 635741 parliament: 0207 219 4250 m: 07920 619812 twitter: @drlukeevans instagram: drlukeevans

Dr Luke Evans’ full statement on this matter is available to read in our online magazine SURPRISE, which you can view via the Herald website at: www. markfieldherald.





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Those two are a fastidious couple. She’s fast and he’s hideous.


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Field Head should join with Markfield to create a stronger community Borough Councillor Matthew Lay writes in The Herald


HEY SAY a week is a long time in politics, but a couple of months has proven to be an eternity.

In the time since the last Herald, much has changed but sadly the challenges that effect our communities have not. We might have a different Prime Minister but essentially the same Government and its inflictions from Westminster press deeply on us and will do so for some time yet. To be clear, the obsession with build, build, build, will not be going away anytime soon. The language may change but the damage has been done already with the weakening of local planning authorities and changes to regulations to make it harder to stop unwanted development. Still, it is important we don’t lose sight of what is before us and that we continue to focus on the challenges ahead and don’t throw the towel in, as tempting as that can be.

Application for 50 new houses in Stanton FIRST UP, is an application that has just come in for 50 new houses in Stanton, south of 295 Main Street. I have already written in with my objections, but I am concerned as I was given no notification of the application by the Borough Council. This site sits at the lower end of the Village and because of this it will add further traffic pressure to the village and I have grave concerns about the access with the narrowing of the road. It is also close to a site that has already been rejected due to significant concerns about the location and the access. Although Stanton does not have a neighbourhood plan it is obvious to me that the location is not sustainable and will simply increase road traffic use. The footpath is almost non existent at the location and the village no longer has a shop which is a key factor in determining the hierarchy of settlements suitable for development proposals. The application number is 22/00527/OUT and you can go online to the Borough Council’s planning portal to object to this speculative application.

Off Markfield Lane, Field Head - 150 houses THE OTHER live speculative application still to be determined is the one for c150 houses off Markfield Lane. This is currently now in the system at Charnwood Borough Council but I am not aware of when it is likely to be determined by them. For absolute clarity this application will only be determined by Charnwood Borough Council and as such only Charnwood Borough Councillors will have a say on it. That means that those who represent Markfield like myself, have no vote in the applications determination. This cannot be right, but the present planning system allows it and developers have pounced on it. Ultimately Charnwood Borough Council has its own planning pressures (the worst in Leicestershire). My fear is that allowing this application will be seen as a benefit to them with little actual cost because that cost is borne totally by Markfield. I have written to Charnwood setting out my objections and I would urge others to do so too. You can go online at the Charnwood Borough Council’s website and use the following application reference number - P/22/1031/2 to comment. It will be especially interesting to see what Leicestershire County Council say about the application particularly the highway and sustainability aspects. They can play a critical role and add massive legitimacy to those who oppose this speculation and the destruction of our countryside. The fact that this application is taking place in a part of Field Head that is not in Markfield Parish or in Hinckle & Bosworth, adds further concerns and highlights some of the vulnerabilities for Field Head by being separated from the settlement of Markfield to which it relates to. I am a Field Head resident, and my Borough Council ward includes Field Head. My Dad grew

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up in Field Head and my Grandparents lived there for many years. I have always been clear that Field Head’s best interests are served by being part of Markfield, but an opportunity to address this has never arisen in my time as a locally elected representative. Well surprisingly I would add, it has and today I am urging residents to have their say.

Governance Review WHY IS IT happening now? Well the Borough Council were recently obliged to conduct a governance review across the Borough. Groby Parish Council in its response suggested that it made more sense for Field Head to be put into Markfield Parish as this was the community it most clearly related too. While this is clearly stating the obvious, it was a moment of honesty not often seen in governance circles which reflects well on Groby Parish Council. Nobody should be castigated for telling the truth. No sooner had the consultation began when residents received a note from a certain Groby Borough Cllr who I shall not name. Quite what possessed a Groby Borough Councillor to interfere when he doesn’t represent the area is beyond me. It has also led to a flurry of political activity much of which ordinary residents cannot see but I know is going on behind the scenes and merely uses Field Head as political pawn. It has confirmed in my own mind the need for residents to respond positively to the consultation. The consultation is online at; governance_review/1835/draft For what it worth, what you need to consider is the following – If you predominantly use services in Markfield, the shops, schools, churches, GP surgery etc, etc, does it not make sense that you help pay for the upkeep of that community through your local taxes rather than one 3 miles away that you may infrequently visit? For decades it is Groby that has been receiving the local taxes from residents of Field Head. Another key justification concerns the approach to neighbourhood planning. During the development of the Markfield Neighbourhood Plan, the group working on the plan in Markfield wrote to both Newtown Linford and Groby Parish Councils to ask their permission (as is required) to include land in Field Head in the Markfield Neighbourhood Plan. Sadly both Councils declined to allow Markfield to do this. For the record, if they had allowed this to happen, land in Field Head could today be protected from development. Markfield has allocated land for development up to 2039 and does not need to find more land for housing so Field Head would have been in a very good position today. That boat has sailed but helpfully the Borough Council recognised Field Head as intrinsic to the settlement of Markfield although that only applies to the land that is within the Borough. The note from the Groby Councillor which seemed to disown his own Parish Council made much play of the fact that in moving into Markfield, Field Head would lose two of its three Parish Councillors. In speaking to local residents, I asked if anyone knew any of the 3 Parish Councillors who represent Field Head? Not a single person could name one Parish Councillor! Let alone one who actually lived in the locality. The numbers of Parish Councillors is set by regulation and through the governance review, so whatever the outcome it remains proportionate throughout. For me, and I repeat, it’s really a simple choice, do I see myself as a Field Head resident, being part of Groby or being part of Markfield? That’s the choice on offer. It is certainly not a political one and it is patently obvious as a resident of Field Head that Field Head relates more to Markfield and not Groby. This is borne out by facts (who is registered with a local GP, school, a request for burial etc) which is exactly why Groby Parish Council put this sensible proposal forward before the politicians got involved. I will always put my local community first above any political considerations. It’s a shame that others involved only see these things through the prism of party politics first and the local community second.


Every once in a brownish-purple moon, I worry that I might be colour blind.

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Some EGGCITING news from Dove Bank Primary School

Explore Thornton Reservoir and the beautiful Bricklayer’s Garden

FRIENDS OF DOVE BANK organised ‘Incredible Eggs’ for the children at school at half term.

We had the opportunity to watch the eggs hatch live before our eyes and our live stream meant we could watch at home too! All 7 eggs hatched and we had the opportunity to hold them before they went to their new home with our Premises Officer.

Social Afternoons for All FOLLOWING on from the Jubilee tea there will be social afternoons at Thornton Community Centre twice a month on Wednesdays until December.

The first two will be on 14th and 28th September from 2 to 4 pm. Everyone is invited to drop in for a cuppa, cake and chat. Board games will be provided and a book swap available. There will be toys available for young families. Meet new friends, exchange ideas, learn new skills or just come for the company. Just pop in and spend some time in happy surroundings. If this new venture proves successful we hope to continue in the New Year. For more information contact Shirley 01530 230 422.


The Bricklayer’s Arms 213 Main Main Street, Street, Thornton Thornton Tel: Tel: 01530 01530 230808 230808 213


“STEAK NIGHT” 2 Steaks, With Hand-Cut Chips, Peas, Tomato, Mushrooms & Two Glasses of House Wine - £19.95

Traditional Sunday Lunch 1 Course - £9.95 2 Courses - £12.95 3 Courses - £15.95

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Home-Made Pie Night - TUESDAY- FROM £6.95 Lunches & Snacks: Tues-Sun Eves (Tues-Sat): ‘A La Carte’ or Snacks • Weekend Specials A Welcoming Homely Atmosphere, Garden & Great Food!

Free session for toddlers: Little Angels, Thornton YOU AND YOUR preschool child, toddler or baby are welcome to join us for this free monthly session. 2-3pm on the first Thursday of the month in term time (1st Sept, 6th Oct, 3rd Nov & 1st Dec) in St Peter’s Church, Thornton. Songs and short bible story followed by a chance to relax, chat and meet friends while your child plays. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or childminder, you are very welcome to join this friendly group. Why not wander down and give it a try? No charge and no commitment.

It only takes four men to wallpaper a house, but you have to slice them thinly.


THE HERALD • MID-AUGUST 2022 • Tel: 01530 244069 • Email:

County Councillor’s Report from Peter Bedford Email: • Tel: 01455 824733 • Web: • I HOPE THAT you are all well and have been enjoying the scorcher of a July that we’ve had!

I managed to get in a short break to Gran Canaria, but it turned out that the temperature was hotter in the UK than the Canary Islands!

Governance Review HBBC have put forward proposals, as part of their Governance Review, to redraw parish boundaries.

In a nutshell it would mean Field Head (currently within Groby Parish) would shift across to join Markfield Parish. The boundaries are already slightly confusing with my colleague Ozzy O’Shea representing Field Head, whilst I represent Markfield itself. These “political boundaries” at a County Council level would not change. My own concerns about HBBC’s proposals are the impact that they COULD have on Markfield’s Local Neighbourhood Development Plan. After years of hard work, by Parish Councillors and Volunteers, Markfield passed its Local Plan

by referenda in September of 2021. This has given the village considerable protections against predatory developers, and I would NOT want to see this undermined by an administrative proposal to shift Field Head from one parish to another. I will be making my own representations to HBBC on this basis shortly. Residents have until 7th September to submit their own comments to HBBC via their website.

Members Highways Fund (MHF) SINCE MY last update I have submitted a request, from my MHF, to fund a solar battery for the Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign in Stanton under Bardon. This is not only more environmentally friendly but will take away the need for volunteers to have to change the battery on a regular basis!

The political bit… HOPEFULLY residents will agree that my Herald

Sad news in Bagworth

THE MEMBERS of the Bagworth Community Centre Trust (BCCT) have very sadly accepted the resignation of Lauren, the Centre Administrator. Most people will be unaware of the hard work that she has put in to this post behind the scenes in order to ensure the smooth running of the Centre. Lauren has had a positive effect on the many people with whom she has come into contact in this role. Sadly for us, but good for Lauren, she has been offered another post which has proved to be too good for her to decline. As a result, BCCT will be looking to replace Lauren in the very near future. Details will be published so please look out for them. Should you be interested in applying for this role and have any questions regarding it, then please contact Bob on 01530 230429, or or Harry on 07429 909187.

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articles are broadly A-Political as I believe that Councillors should represent the entire community and not just those who share their political beliefs.

However, it would be remiss of me not to mention the current Conservative Party Leadership election. The overriding factor for me is which candidate will get to grips with local government funding; particularly since Councils are under immense financial pressures as a result of surging demands in Special Education Needs and Social Care costs. I am leaning towards Liz Truss, but I will be attending hustings in Birmingham on 23rd August to see the ‘whites of their eyes’ before casting my vote!

Commonwealth Games (CWG) AS PART of Severn Trent’s commitment to supporting a carbon neutral CWGs, I will also be volunteering at Birmingham Arena at freshwater stations reducing the need for spectators to buy plastic bottles to quench their thirst!

Surgeries AS PART of my roving surgeries, I will be holding (or rather have held, by the time this article is published) a surgery at Bagworth Community Centre on Saturday 6th August from 10.30am – 12pm.

I will also be holding a surgery on Saturday 10th September (10 am – 12pm) at Markfield Congregational Community Church as part of one of their coffee mornings. If you would like to discuss or raise any local issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch, Best wishes,


(County Councillor for Markfield, Desford & Thornton)

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Mobile: 07494820600 - Telephone: 01530 231 631 Email:

Of all the friends I’ve ever had, you’re the first.

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Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at Markfield Methodist Church


Mobile foot care service All instr Autoclauments ved for 10 STERIL 0% ISATIO N


Treatment in the comfort of your own home. Nail cutting, thickened nails, corns, callus, cracked heels and foot health advice.

Call today for an appointment 07340 029861 or email Donna at:

KNOWING Queen Elizabeth’s love of flowers, it seemed appropriate to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee with a flower festival, & we feel that we did her proud.

During the three-day celebration the church was filled with 17 flower arrangements showing aspects of the Queen’s life and reign. We are grateful to Markfield WI, the Library, & the History, Art & Reading & Rhyme groups for providing wonderful displays alongside those donated by church members. Patricia Hardy’s card stall was also a valuable addition. There is certainly a lot of artistic & imaginative talent in our midst. For those still wondering why a cabbage made an appearance - “Cabbage” is the name that Prince Philip affectionately called his wife! Less easy to spot were the small corgis knitted by WI members. However, a few eagle-eyed folks found them all & claimed a prize. A variety of refreshments was available every day & people welcomed the opportunity to sit, have a chat & watch a slide show of the Queen’s life in the process. On a rather cool Saturday bacon butties went down particularly well, & the cake stall & tombola did brisk business. At the end of a weekend of acknowledging & giving thanks for our monarch’s remarkable achievement, it was fitting to hold a “Songs of Praise” service when we sang many of our members’ favourite hymns. We didn’t quite raise the roof - but we came pretty close. Thank you to everyone who supported us &, as always, we extend a warm welcome to all our events & Sunday worship.

Coming up • Piano Recital - Friday, September 2nd • CTiM Christian Aid Coffee Morning - Saturday, September 17th • Harvest Ploughman’s Lunch - Saturday, September 24th (For more information please contact Linda on 01530 242607)


TEL: 07834465738





If you can’t laugh at yourself, I’ll do it for you.


THE HERALD • MID-AUGUST 2022 • Tel: 01530 244069 • Email:

The Markfield DEFIBRILLATOR Project AUGUST UPDATE The Post Office AED is fully operational, as Hill Lane’s will be at any moment. Huge congratulations to Manny and his team at the Post Office, and at Hill Lane to Emma and all on the Estate who have supported her. This takes Markfield to NINE 24/7 AEDs, with plans for extending coverage on the north east side of the village. With the AED Project nearly completed planning is starting for the winding up of the Project, including a location map of the village AEDs. It will be printed in the Herald and in a format that can be downloaded and displayed on notice boards across the village. I have Mike Wilkinson’s kind editorial support and other expert assistance. Dialling 999 is always step one in the event of a Cardiac Arrest, the call handler gives the site of the nearest active registered Defibrillator to be collected and administration of vital Resuscitation (CPR) starts The dual essentials of CPR and AEDs has been a constant theme for the Project, and it is so good that Alan Bourne and the PPG have taken up the baton for CPR. The latest Training Event is on 6th September (again given by the fine Ben Ryrie of the Ambulance Service). Details are in Alan’s piece below, and please give the Event your full support. I really hope this will be the start of CPR initiatives by other groups across our community. I will be delighted to give details of other quality organisations offering CPR training – often asking for just a donation to funds. For more information on the Project please contact Robert at:


Update on CPR /Defibrillator training events AS YOU ARE ALL aware by now, Robert has undertaken the mammoth task of doing the work to arrange the installation of Defibrillators around the village and close by. It must be among the largest number for a similar sized community in the county. MARKFIELD PATIENTS’ As the Chair of the Patients Group at Markfield Surgery I felt it important to provide educational events to make you all aware of how to act should the unfortunate occasion arise when someone has a cardiac arrest where the defibrillator may need to be used. The first training event took place on June 28th at the Community Centre which over 30 people attended and the talk and demonstration was carried out by Ben Ryrie from the East Midlands Ambulance Service. I am really keen if possible that the next event which takes place on 6th of September is attended by some of you out there who are involved in local sports clubs, but of course the event is open to anyone. (max 40 People).



7pm to 8pm 6th SEPTEMBER

Following on from the Successful Defib Installation Project, the Markfield PPG in Association with East Midlands Ambulance Service is Organising FREE Training for All



Details of how to book a place are on the poster alongside this article. Please try and book your place by SEPTEMBER 1ST using the following email address: or the telephone number on the poster if you are not on the internet. I really look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there.

Alan - Chair of Markfield Patients Group


Learn How to Use a Defibrillator

Learn How to Perform CPR

To Book Your Place or to find out more Email – MarkfieldPatientsGroup@Outlook.Com or Call Angela on 07971254165

But enough of me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?

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News Update from Markfield WI WI MEMBERS had a busy Jubilee weekend. We were invited by the Methodist Church to decorate their porch as part of its Flower Festival.

A shelf was made to fit the church’s arched window which was then filled with members’ jam jar posies and royal memorabilia. A large table display was arranged by two members Sue and Mary and a small table held arrangements including the Queen complete with crown knitted by our member Gill. We had also knitted corgis which were hidden in flower arrangements throughout the church with a chocolate corgi prize for those who found them all. (Photos on page 17) AT OUR JUNE MEETING we were given a talk by a volunteer from Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes. They are a volunteer charity who support health organisations by providing out of hours transport for blood, samples, human milk etc, they operate all year round and have groups around Biker Mary on the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro the country. All volunteer riders must have experience on the type and size of bikes used by Blood Bikes and have advanced qualifications. They do their own fundraising with help from some commercial sponsors. Following his fascinating talk we took the opportunity to admire his bike; the newest additions to the fleet being the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro. We were duly impressed and our member Mary Pepper couldn’t resist the chance to relive her youthful exploits. FOR OUR JULY MEETING we had a talk by Alan Rimmer which he entitled ‘The Grey Gap Year - real life story of oldies surviving in a world of youngsters’. Having got the ski-ing bug following a visit to a dry ski slope in Somerset he and his wife embarked on lessons and progressed to ski-ing holidays abroad. When Alan lost his job at the start of the recession he decided to take some time to consider what to do next; next turned out to be their decision to work as a ski-lodge couple for the season. He talked us through the trials and tribulations they went through before finally getting the job they wanted. The work was hard but they thoroughly enjoyed it and indeed felt that being in their 60s with a grown up family (most of the other skilodge applicants were in their 20s) helped them to deal with any situations which might arise. At the end of the season they were asked to stay on but decided not to. They came back and wrote a book about their experiences, available on kindle, an inspiration to those who have time and don’t know what to do - the answer is try something new. IN AUGUST we will be having a talk on Life on the Royal Yacht Britannia, there is a competition of Royal memorabilia. As always visitors are welcome.



or email:

Hard floor cleaning On site curtain cleaning Rugs, including oriental and antique All types of upholstery, especially leather RUGS - we are CLEANING SPECIALISTS traditional Persian or Chinese, Gabbeh or Kilim, we even love Wiltons and Shaggy ones!


Timing has an awful lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.


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Markfield Community Library News

Christian Aid 2022

SUMMER READING CHALLENGE THE SUMMER Reading Challenge is taking place from 2 July – 10 September.

All children aged 4 – 12 are welcome to come into the library and take part. Please see uk for more details.

LOCAL AUTHOR LOOK OUT for two books kindly donated to Markfield Community Library by local resident DOUGLAS MAAS.

Both can be located in the Local History section in due course. Fiction – DEAD WOOD. A murder mystery with a full moon to guide and ultimately all will be revealed. Non Fiction – A ROWING BOAT TO FREEDOM. A dramatic escape by rowing boat by Doug’s father fleeing pre-war Germany.

STOP PRESS WE ARE about to start planning our Halloween Spooky trail as well as a brand new event for Christmas 2022.

The library events team is keen to know if you have any ideas, suggestions and offers of help. Please get in touch via markfieldlibrary@, visit Markfield Community Library Facebook page - or why not pop in to the library to see us!

QUEEN’S PLATINUM JUBILEE WE WERE honoured and delighted to take part in the Methodist Church Flower Festival to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee in June.

Thank you to everyone that helped put it together. We were thrilled with the result and it drew many admiring comments, particularly the knitted Corgis! With Autumn approaching – why not come and volunteer with us and save your heating at home, or come and settle down with a tea/coffee and the newspapers*, not to mention the books we provide. (*daily papers are available on our public computers or local ones in hard copy).

Margaret Bowler – Chair, Markfield Community Library

WE ARE DELIGHTED to inform everyone that the Christian Aid Houseto-House collection in Markfield Village and Markfield Retirement Village in May this year, together with the Collection at the local Co-op and the Christian Aid United Service raised in total £1,566.22 • The Collection at the Co-op raised £120.55 • Christian Aid United Service raised £234.85 • House-to-House collection raised £1,210.82 This all comes to a Grand Total of £1,566.22. The amount gift aided was £683 which should generate a further £170 for the charity. Christian Aid and Churches Together in Markfield (CTIM) are very grateful for all the donations, and for all the hard work and effort of those involved. A special Thank You to the wonderful volunteers with the Good Neighbour Scheme, and also the managers of Markfield Retirement Village and our local Co-op. Many thanks again to all. Markfield Churches – working together for our community Methodist-www. markfieldmethodistchurch. org or FB Parish Church – or FB Congregational Church – FB Catholic Church - www.

Too much to fit in this month - but look online for a SURPRISE! WITH A TWO month gap since the last issue, the amount of content sent to me was far too much to include in this issue. BUT ... fear not. The extra information has been put together in my online-only magazine called SURPRISE. If you’d like to view it, there will be a link to it on the Spotlight website at www.markfieldherald.

Mike Wilkinson

Everything is wonderful My face in the mirror isn‘t wrinkled or drawn. My house isn‘t dirty, the cobwebs are gone. My garden looks lovely and so does my lawn. I think I might never put my glasses back on.

I was given the sack at work today, but that’s what happens when you’re a postman.

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Indian Fusion: finalists in Leicester Curry Awards

THE FINALISTS of this year’s hotly-contested Leicester Curry Awards were revealed on 8th August, at an event hosted by sponsor Mattioli Woods A total of 35 city and county eateries have made the cut, after receiving the most public votes. There are seven categories in the awards, with five finalists in each category. Indian Fusion, located in Main Street, Markfield, has been named

as a finalist in the Restaurant of the Year Category. The winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony on Monday, September 26, at Leicester’s Athena venue. Good luck to Muj and the team!

Finalists in the Restaurant of the Year Category • • • • •

Indian Fusion, Markfield Chutney Ivy, Leicester Dine India, Countesthorpe Spice of India, Syston Shimla Pinks, Leicester

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Control Electrics (Leics.) Ltd

Call: 0116 268 2910 Cropston Road, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7BR

Promote your business here every month Be in front of thousands of local readers as they find out more about their community

Email: or call Mike Wilkinson on 01530 244069 I tried paying my income tax with a smile, but they wanted a cheque.



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Planning Apps Erection of new Sports Pavilion - at Bagworth Colliery Sports Ground, Station Road, Bagworth, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 1BJ Proposed erection of conservatory - at 3 The Blossoms, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9SB Proposed two storey front extension, single storey rear extension, new front porch and internal alterations (revised scheme) - at 5 Chambers Close, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9NB

Markfield Congregational Community Church OUR WEEKLY Tuesday Brew About You Coffee morning 9.30 to 11.30 has been a resounding success. There isn’t a charge, however there is a plate for donations.

For anyone who hasn’t met our new minister yet, Rev Dr Rob Hunter, these events would be a good opportunity to meet him and in general have a great fun time together. I am sure you will find him to be a warm, friendly and very interesting person.

Clive Berry

Services at Trinity Methodist Church Markfield FB: Markfield Methodist Church

Sunday 14th August 10.30 a.m. Morning worship

Fell - Ash (T3) and Ash (T4) - at 17 Turnpike Way, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9QT

Sunday 21st August 10.30 a.m. Morning worship 3.00 p.m. CTiM United Service at Ulverscroft Priory

Food & Drink cryptic clues from Sheila Fox

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Answers on page 20.

Tickets cost £7.50.



For lunch tickets and more details, FOR242607 LUNCHorTICKETS please telephone 01530 01530 242166. 01530 2

Deed of Variation to amend Section 106 agreement dated 19/01013/ FUL to remove a number of the clauses and obligations associated with planning permission 19/01013/ FUL (Erection of ten bungalows (extension to Markfield Court Retirement Village)) - at Land South Of Pinewood Drive, Markfield, Leicestershire

Sir Alan’s sweetener? Dessert from North Riding Ebony dessert but not sweet! Pie from Derbyshire Patty from very near Manchester What a load of rubbish to eat! Pie from Padstow or St.Ives? Do you eat this in Melton Mowbray? Wallace’s favourite food Old cars smashed up? Shrove Tuesday favourite Do you nobble an orchard for this drink? Errol Brown’s favourite night time drink Turnover in Berne? Amphibian in an abyss? Do footballers eat them at Fulham? Loutish drink Do you drink this after a fight in winter? Ovoid found north of the border Candy cereal preferred by a male swan?

MARKFIELD Methodist Church invites you to 12.30 celebrate Harvest Time at a special Harvest Ploughman’s Lunch at 12.30pm on Saturday 24th September 2022. You are also invited to a Harvest Festival Service at 10.30 on Sunday 25th September 2022 - supporting STARFISH MALAWI.

Proposed installlation of 1 non illuminated fascia sign, 2 internally illuminated fascia signs and 1 internally illuminated totem sign at 78 Main Street, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9UU

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Sunday 26th August 10.30 a.m. Morning worship Sunday 4th September 10.30 a.m. Morning worship

Circular Benefice Walk: Saturday, 17th September IF YOU enjoy walking, why not join us on Saturday, 17th September on the Benefice Walk of about 8 miles through beautiful countryside visiting some of our local churches: St Peter’s in Thornton, St Michaels in Markfield, St Mary’s in Stanton, the Quiet Garden at the site of Holy Rood, Bagworth, and, if we are not too tired, Cross Hills Baptist Church. The walk starts at the Lychgate at St Peter’s Church in Thornton (LE67 1AA) and heads to Markfield following the Leicestershire Round through Brown’s Wood. From here our path takes us to Stanton, and then onto Bagworth, and finally back to Thornton through the new woodlands. We will leave Thornton at 11 am. You will need to bring drinks and a packed lunch. Footwear suitable for walking is necessary. There are options if you don’t want to do the complete walk. If you would like more information or to let us know you are joining us, please contact William & Shirley on 01530 230422.

Sunday 11th September 10.30 a.m. Morning worship Sunday 18th September 10.30 a.m. Morning Worship CTiM United Service with Holy Communion Music Cafe Dates Thursday 25th August, 8th September, 22nd September If you feel the need of a change of scenery & a bit of company don’t be on your own. Why not join us in the Methodist Church for an afternoon of music, singing and friendship - with refreshments, at 2 o’clock on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month. For more information please contact Linda on 01530 242607. We extend a warm welcome to everyone to join us for worship and all our church activities.

When a woman says, ‘We need to talk’, why is it never about football?

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Caravan and Motor Home storage Linton Farm

Brand new storage facility

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CaSSOA Approved

Linton Farm

Tel: 01530 230072 / 07908131538 My mate from the pub said I was posh. Naturally I ordered the butler to show him the door.


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Local Church Services Dear Friends, MANY OF US love summer- but most of us would agree that midJuly’s heatwave was a bit much. Those who remember 1976 (I was around then but too young to remember) have been reminiscing about that legendary year. An article in the “i” newspaper however argued that it “wasn’t just summer”, but a warning sign of climate change already happening. Coningsby shouldn’t get hotter than Karachi. Climate change may seem like yet another thing to worry about, on top of Covid, Ukraine, and the cost of living. Or indeed, something to feel guilty about- and guilt can be paralysing. We may also wonder what we as ordinary individuals can do. But maybe the natural world, and the Bible, tell us something helpful. One lone wild animal can be vulnerable- but as a pack or family, they are strong. The apostle Paul talks about us being each part of the “Body of Christ”- nobody can build God’s kingdom on their own, but every individual, giving what they can to the team, is essential. I hope that we can all, like the pack of animals, the hive of bees, the Body of Christ, each do what we can to care for our planet- and that together we can make a difference.

Judith Lincoln Minister, Trinity Methodist Church, Markfield FB Markfield Methodist Church





14 August 22

St Michaels and All Angels, Markfield St Peter's, Copt Oak


Holy Communion


St Peter's, Thornton St Mary's, Stanton under Bardon St Michaels and All Angels, Markfield St Peter's, Copt Oak

10.30am 10.30am

Praise Service (Service of the word) Morning Prayer Morning Prayer

St Peter's, Thornton


St Mary's, Stanton under Bardon St Michaels and All Angels, Markfield St Peter's, Copt Oak St Peter's, Thornton St Mary's, Stanton under Bardon St Michaels and All Angels, Markfield St Peter's, Copt Oak


6.00pm 10.30am 10.30am

St Peter's, Thornton St Mary's, Stanton under Bardon


St Michaels and All Angels, Markfield St Peter's, Copt Oak


Holy Communion


St Peter's, Thornton


St Mary's, Stanton under Bardon


Praise Service (Service of the Word) J22 Worship with Holy Communion Morning Prayer

21 August 22

28 August 22

4 Sept 22

11 Sept 22

Piano Recital

3.00pm 3.00pm


Ulverscroft Service with Holy Communion Ulverscroft Service with Holy Communion Ulverscroft Service with Holy Communion Ulverscroft Service with Holy Communion Holy Communion


Evening Prayer Holy Communion Something Different Service J22 Worship


Holy Communion


All Age Service Holy Communion

Domonkos Csabay Piano Recital Markfield Methodist Recitals presents a Piano Recital by Domonkos Markfield Methodist Recitals presents Csabay on Friday 2nd September 2022 at 7pm. Tickets are priced at

£12 Adults - £6 Child U16s Markfield Methodist Book in advance via website Recitals presents (preferred)


“ OR / Tel 07979 607 099 Doors open at 6.30pm

Domonkos Csabay Website: Facebook: markfieldmethodistchurch

Friday September 2 2022 | 7pm


Tickets | £12 Adults - £6 Child U16s Book in advance via website (preferred) OR / Tel 07979 607 099 Doors open at 6.30pm

My girlfriend had a facelift, a tummy lift and a buttock lift. Now she’s nearly two feet off the ground.

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Don’t Miss the Thornton Scarecrow Festival! Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th September

FOLLOW THE TRAIL of Scarecrows around the village of Thornton over two days of family fun. The theme is BEST OF BRITAIN.

The Community Centre will host Messy and Sensory Play with Wrigglers and Gigglers, Raffle, Tombola and face painting. There will be an ice cream van in attendance plus light refreshments between 10am and 3pm both days. Trail Maps will be available from The Bricklayer’s Arms and the Corner Shop from Monday 5th September - and from the Community Centre over the Festival Weekend. Don’t miss the chance to vote for your favourite scarecrow!

£3,000 set aside to help opposition to Field Head housing proposal THE THREE PARISH COUNCILS affected by the proposal to build new homes between Markfield Lane and Leicester Road in Field Head have all had the opportunity to listen to residents and consider what to do next.

Residents opposed to the planning application for 150 houses feel that professional help is essential, and Groby Parish Council has set aside £3,000 to help fund any payments to an appropriate planning expert. Newtown Linford has also discussed similar funding, following an approach from Groby to share any legal costs. Around 20 residents attended their Council meeting on 13 July. Councillors agreed in principle to consider sharing the cost of a Planning Lawyer should it be felt necessary, but the amount involved would need agreeing by Council at a later date. The developers would like to have the guidance before it considers the shared funding request from Groby, so it could be September before a decision is made. • LOCAL RESIDENTS have a created a page and by the 25th July had raised £2,290 towards the funds needed to oppose the development. Follow this link to donate -

Norman Griffiths

FREE ‘What’s Going Down’ activity brochure AN ELECTRONIC brochure packed full of summer activities and events for young people and families in Hinckley and Bosworth can now be downloaded from the Borough Council’s website at downloads/file/7734/whats_going_down_2022



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20 Years Experience All Work Guaranteed

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• All types of work undertaken • No job too big or small • Specialist preparing all types PhilinDurham of surfaces 01530 231928 • Indoor and outdoor painting Mob: 07535 182402 undertaken • Painting contracts 290 Station undertaken Road BAGWORTH LE67 1BN

FREE No-Obligation Quote & Advice

Tel: 07377 505071

Email: robertrowlett2020 All COVID Guidelines Adhered To.

Catholic Church Of St Wilfrid Of York 53 London Road, Coalville, LE67 3JB

Sunday Masses – Saturday 6 pm and Sunday 10 am. Weekday Masses – Monday and Thursday at 10 am in the Oratory in the presbytery. Please see Parish Newsletter on the website. Ventilation, with internal and external doors open, is still in place, in the Church. Sacrament of Reconciliation You can book an appointment with Fr Gabriel to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. Please call the presbytery to book an appointment – 01530 832098. Parish Contact Parish Priest: Fr Gabriel Offor – 01530 832098 www. Parish Website: www. School Details St Clare’s RC Primary School, Coalville: 01530 837747 De Lisle RC College, Loughborough: 01509 268739 Churches Together in Markfield United Services Sunday 23 August at 3 pm at Ulverscroft Priory – Anglican service. Please contact Margaret on 243292 if a lift is required. Sunday 18 September at 10.30 am at Trinity Methodist Church, Main St. Christian Aid Coffee Morning Saturday 17 September, 10 am to 12 noon, at the Trinity Methodist Church. Toasted teacakes, tombola, Red stall and cake stall. Everyone is most welcome. Village Contact: Margaret on 01530 243292




FREE No-Obligation Quote & Advice

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Last week I bought a fridge magnet. They really work. So far I’ve got 11 fridges.


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Markfield Community and Sports Centre News THE QUEEN’S PLATINUM JUBILEE CELEBRATION IT SEEMS a long time since we held our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations at the Community Centre on Saturday 4th June.

After months of planning we had got the bunting was up but we were anxiously keeping an eye on the weather as it had been a rather soggy, wet and cold week. We had a bit of a panic at 11.15am when I got a sudden call from the RAF Memorial Flight saying that, because of weather conditions elsewhere in the country, the fly past would now take place at about 2.15pm. This was the third time that times had changed but the good news was that, instead of a Hurricane, we would now be getting a Spitfire. Once again, we had to “scramble” to let as many people know as possible. At 14.10 hours the Spitfire suddenly zoomed out of the sky over the Community Centre with its iconic engine noise roaring away. It circled round the Community Centre three times with cheers from the crowd before flying off into the horizon. It was a not to be forgotten and awesome sight. Apologies to those of you who missed it but we had no control over the weather. I can only describe the turn out on the day as brilliant and it made it all worthwhile. There must have been at least three hundred people who came along during the afternoon. Initially we had over 100 Jubilee souvenir flags to give out to the children but these were all gone within the first hour. It was great to see all the local people gathered on the grass outside the Centre listening to music played by Baily from Big City Entertainments, some even brought along their own picnic, chairs and brollies just in case. Fortunately, the weather was quite kind being a bit cloudy but no rain. The Centre itself was packed. Kids enjoyed a huge inflatable obstacle course which nearly filled the whole of the sports hall. Hot food and refreshments were gratefully provided by Jo Norwood and her family. There was also an opportunity for children to make their own Jubilee rosettes and of course the boys enjoyed playing football on the outdoor sports area. Prior to the day we had grown 100 sunflower plants. These were given away free on the day however, any donations made would go to the DEC Ukraine Appeal. Amazingly all the plants went and we raised over £100 for the appeal. So, if you did take one away and it is still growing, please send us photographs as there will be a prize for the tallest sunflower grown. During the afternoon we also planted a celebration Silver Birch Tree to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Our guest of honour was villager Pat Fossey who is just a few years younger than the Queen herself. Pat came along with her family and with a regal wave of the hand proudly tipped the first trowel of soil into the hole to start the tree planting process. At the same time, we buried a time capsule. The contents of the time capsule is a secret and will only be revealed when the capsule is dug up in hopefully many years to come. I can tell you that it does contains photographs, a copy of the Herald and other bits and bobs that reflect on our current life and times. It also contains a good will

message for the future residents of Markfield. Judith Lincoln the Minister of Markfield Trinity Methodist Church kindly blessed the tree which we all hope will still be flourishing for decades to come. I have to say that, due to the present lack of rain and the water shortages we have been taking watering can loads of water down to the tree to keep it well watered and thriving. We must sincerely thank villagers Mac, who made the plinth for the commemoration plaque, Gregg who dug the hole for the tree, all the children who excitedly helped us refill the hole and of course Markfield Community Association who provided the tree itself. Most of all we thank all you residents who came along to make it a special day for the village.

MARKFIELD DEFIBRILLATOR SCHEME THE CENTRE’S DefibSafe cabinet and defibrillator are now located outside the main entrance of the Community Centre.

It is ready to use by the public in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Don’t be afraid to use it. Once again, many thanks to Charles Poole of the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust and Robert Quiney the lead on the Markfield Defibrillator Project for all their support and advice in helping us get this important facility up and running.

MAYFLOWER CLUB SUCH WAS the desire of our members to celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we had to have two special Jubilee events that both took place during the afternoon of Wednesday 1st June.

One event was at Ulverscroft Manor with a celebration dinner and the other at the Centre with a royal tea party. In both cases members of the “Markfield Royal family” i.e. Queen Dinah and Prince John came along and joined in celebrations with members wearing their Union Jack hats and waving their Jubilee flags. All members also received a special sunflower plant to mark the occasion. On the 29th June we held our annual “Wimbledon” Swing ball tennis championship but this time with a difference. Competitors were required to hit the ball as many times as they could whilst wearing

I haven’t seen my wife for three days. I don’t know whether she’s left me or gone shopping.

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Tel: 01530 242240 • • Words & pictures from Ron & Dawn Grantham “beer goggle glasses”. Wearing the glasses certainly made it more difficult and even funnier. John and Helen emerged as the eventual champions. Members also enjoyed a bowl of strawberries and cream and burnt off the calories with a taster session of Love to Move gentle armchair exercise. During June and July, we also had bingo and beetle drive sessions, a trip to Sunnyside Nursery for afternoon tea. I gave a talk on what it was like growing up in a Cotswold village during the 1950’s with childhood memories of sledges, soap boxes, old television programmes, playing in the fields and woods and many more memories that brought back smiles and laughter. How times have changed!! Our Arts and Crafts club has now gone onto doing crochet work with the more experienced making their own ponchos and the others making crochet A squares to turn into blankets etc. If you are interested in joining in, the Mayflower Club meets on Wednesday afternoons and our Friendship and Arts and Crafts Clubs meet on Monday afternoons all from 2pm to 4pm. Just turn up on the day and you will be most welcome.

NEW AT THE CENTRE THE FOLLOWING sessions are starting at the Centre so, if you require further information, please contact the Centre. Love to Move – Gentle exercise to keep you fit and moving Boxercise – robust exercise work-out sessions Weight Watchers – to help you keep trim

MARKFIELD GOOD NEIGHBOUR’S SCHEME – DONATIONS FOR FOOD BANK ALTHOUGH the scheme is still there if you need any help, we are now starting to concentrate on the current cost of living crisis especially the cost of food and other essential items.

We have started to collect donated items which we will deliver to Coalville food bank to help with their supplies. If you have any donations of non-perishable food or other items, please drop them off at the centre or call us on 07885 243033.


LOVE TO MOVE An engaging seated exercise programme designed to improve balance, co-ordination, strength, cognition and wellbeing. Physical and emotional benefits designed to get you moving more.

Love to Move is the first cognitive enhancement exercise programme of its kind in the UK, based on scientific research. When? Wednesday 11.15 -12.15

Where? Groby Community Centre

Wednesday 26th October Wednesday 21st December

All sessions are from 11.30am to 9pm For bookings and enquiries please contact Markfield Community and Sports Centre,Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST on 01530 242240 or email or you can visit our website www.markfield to view our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.

Ron and Dawn Grantham

Forest Rise Groby LE6 0BD

For more Info:

Hazel 07817303018

Insomnia is what you think you’ve got when you lie awake all night for an hour.


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Heritage Weekend 10th and 11th September ST PETER’S CHURCH, Thornton will be open during the weekend of 10th and 11th September to visitors. Come and explore our lovely Grade 1, historical church for yourselves. There is no charge though refreshments will be available to purchase. The church will be open as follows: Saturday - from 10 am to 5 pm Sunday - from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Ride & Stride Saturday 10th September RIDE AND STRIDE raises money through sponsorship for your chosen church and Leicester and Leicestershire’s Historic Churches Preservation Trust.

Markfield Scout Group News CHRISTIAN ON THE WEEKEND of 11th & 12th June, 14 beavers, 3 cubs and 6 leaders from our group attended a district camp at Willesley campsite in Ashby.

This was the first camp for three years and was very popular with around 450 members from across the Ashby & Coalville District attending. It was wonderful to finally get back to exciting scouting activities. On the Saturday our boys were able to enjoy potholing, go karting, zip wires, climbing and fire lighting to name but a few of the many activities on offer, followed by a camp fire in the evening. Some of the boys then went home but 6 beavers and 3 cubs camped overnight, and on Sunday joined in with sports activities and a jubilee street party. We all, leaders included, went home tired after not getting much sleep but having enjoyed a super weekend.

10.00 – 12.00

Saturday 17th September

• MARKFIELD SCOUT GROUP currently has a Beaver colony for 6 and 7 year olds which meet on Thursdays from 6.45 to 7.00 and a Cub pack 8-10 years which meets on a Tuesday 7.00 to 7.30. There is no scout section as we don’t have any leaders. We also have vacancies on the Committee and can always use leaders in the other sections. If you feel you can help in any way or would like your child, boy or girl to join, you can contact either of the following:




Yorkshire pudding


Black pudding


Bakewell Tart


Eccles cake




Cornish pasty


Pork pie


Wensleydale cheese

10. Bangers and mash 11. Pancakes 12. Scrumpy 13. Hot chocolate 14. Swiss roll 15. Toad in the hole 16. Cottage pie 17. Lager 18. Snowball 19. Scotch egg 20. Corn on the cob

CHURCHES TOGETHER in Markfield awill be holding a Christian Aid Coffee Morning at Markfield Methodist Church on Saturday 17th Sept from10am to 12 noon.

Markfield Methodist Church Attractions include CAKES, TOASTED TEA CAKES, TOMBOLA, A RED STALL ... plus of course some delicious COFFEE. Put the date in your diary now, to make sure you don’t miss it.

Friendly Badminton Club Requires Players

Toasted tea cakes

You may walk, ride or drive to some of the 400 churches and chapels open 10th September, St Peter’s church, Thornton is one of them. Contact Shirley for sponsorship forms, a list of churches taking part and more information on 01530 230 422

Answers to food and drink quiz



TTrust,ORatby MBRoad, OLGroby. A

at Brookvale Groby Learning Wednesdays 7pm-9pm


Tel: 0116 267 5800

Our jubilee themed gate.

South Charnwood’s Headteacher retires THE HEADTEACHER of South Charnwood High School, Andrew Morris, retired at the end of the summer term after 20 years in post. Mr Morris arrived in April 2002 succeeding Mr James Etchingham as Headteacher. At that time the school was a Leicestershire maintained High School accommodating pupils aged 10 to 14. The school became an Academy in 2013 and changed its age range to 11-16 in 2014. The school’s GCSE results, as far as progress is concerned, are amongst the best in England. Mr Morris (pictured here) said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to be a Headteacher at South Charnwood for so long. The changes that have taken place

over the past 20 years have been enormous. “All of the people associated with the school during this time have worked tirelessly to ensure that everything that has been done and all the changes that have been implemented have been for the benefit for the young people in our care. The school could not have achieved such success without the dedication and all the hard work of the staff, the conscientiousness and positive attitude of the thousands of pupils who have passed through the school and the incredible support of parents/carers. My thanks to them all. “I will miss the excitement and the challenges, the unpredictability and the surprises, but mostly the smiles and the laughter. I am grateful to have spent over half of my career

as the Headteacher at South Charnwood and look forwarding to reading of its future success.” Mr Morris is succeeded as Headteacher by Simon Andrews who has been Deputy Headteacher at the school since 2007.

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Newtown Linford Gardening Club

JAMES ALEXANDER-SINCLAIR, one of the most famous people in modern horticulture will be visiting Newtown Linford on October 25th to give us a talk called ‘Dancing with Borders.’ He will be the latest in a string of famous names from the gardening world who have been to the village in recent years. Most people will recognise James from his appearances on television, presenting on Gardeners’ World and the Chelsea Flower Show. Wearing his iconic hat, he is instantly recognisable to those of us who love gardening. He first made his reputation as a garden designer and his work can be seen all over the country and overseas. He is especially known in the USA and regularly appears at events over there. He has written articles in gardening publications for many years and is a published author. He is often seen at shows such as Gardeners’ World Live presenting on a variety of gardening topics, often accompanying Monty Don. We are delighted to welcome such a prestigious person in the gardening world to our Gardening Club. We are opening up this event to members of other gardening clubs and to people who love gardening and would wish to hear him speak, There are a limited number of tickets available to non-members of our club for only £15 and they can be obtained from the club secretary at or by phoning 01530 242452. Tickets will be available on a first-come-firstserved basis and are available now. We are sure this will be a splendid evening and we are all looking forward to it.

David Couling

My kids are seven and five. We couldn’t think of better names.


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Borough Councillor

Andy Furlong’s


Tel: 01530 231377 • Email: ON A TUESDAY evening back in July residents in Markfield were alarmed to find a pall of smoke hanging over the village.

coalfield was a major contributor to the problem for over a century. The pits at Bagworth and Nailstone produced millions of tonnes of coal. This was necessary to heat our homes and power our economy, but it came at a cost. Now we were faced with an opportunity to be a part of the solution.

A strong smell of burning added to concerns. Some keyboard warriors took to social media to point the finger at their neighbours, but it soon became clear that something more dramatic was afoot. A large section of Bradgate Park between Groby and Newtown Linford was on fire. A major incident was declared. Eight fire crews were needed to extinguish the blaze. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The incident was one of many across the UK on a day when the thermometer passed the 40oC mark for the first time. Extreme weather is more commonplace, and many readers will know that climate change impacts are both real and getting closer all the time. Urgent action is needed.

What took you so long? I have written about global warming before. You’ll forgive me for thinking out loud: “What took you so long?” I learned about the consequences of rising CO2 levels 40 years ago. It was scary back then and I adjusted my lifestyle because of seeing the ‘Keeling Curve’ a graph that revealed the inexorable rise of CO2 in the atmosphere. Twenty years later, I organised a meeting for the UK government Chief Scientist, Sir David King. He provided an update on the situation. What seemed scary in the 1980s now

looked positively terrifying in the 2000s. In 2015 I was in Paris for the climate change talks where politicians finally agreed to legally binding targets to reduce emissions and take steps to head off catastrophic climate change – the penny had dropped, but would real action follow?

environmental performance standards. Now, with less than a year of my term to go, things may finally be changing, and a commitment to build low carbon infrastructure is more common in planning applications.

The project at Stoneshollow Farm has the potential to power 22,000 homes. It will help reduce our dependence on imported gas and save perhaps two million tonnes of CO2. It could even cut bills given that solar is now one of the cheapest ways of generating electricity. There will be some short-term disruption and farmland will temporarily be diverted for energy production, just as it was in

Blocked by government Coming up to date, I was elected to the borough Council in 2019. Here was a real opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the decarbonisation of our community. Sadly, I was disappointed. Despite the council signing up to the Climate Emergency Declaration, I was repeatedly called up to approve new housing and industrial development that made the problem worse. My hands were tied by central government policy that permitted, even encouraged, the building of new homes and workplaces with shockingly poor

Stoneshollow solar farm Additionally, we have just approved the development of what may become one of the UK’s biggest solar farms near Nailstone. Unsurprisingly there were local objections, but a choice had to be made. The Leicestershire

the 19th Century for the sinking of coal mines – but without the carbon downside. I am confident that our children and grandchildren will be thankful for the decision we made.

Andy Furlong

Markfield Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture has proven bene ts in the treatment of a range of medical conditions including the management of Chronic Pain, Migraines, Tinnitus, Fertility, Mental Health and many more. Please get in touch if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

Contact: Hayley Curd on 07500 808762 or email contact@mark

Hayley Curd MBAcC is a fully licensed member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Karen Silverwood


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I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn’t met me yet.


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Governance consultation


Do you want Field Head to be transferred from Groby Parish to Markfield?

HE LATEST consultation launched by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council is called a Community Governance Review and it includes such things as

Proposed Groby Parish




• creating, merging, altering or abolishing parishes


• the ordinary year of election


• the number of councillors to be elected to the council.

The Borough Council has analysed the responses to a public consultation which commenced in February and approved draft recommendations for further consultation. Changes are recommended in a number of parishes, including Groby, Markfield, and Bagworth and Thornton, but a final decision won’t be taken until the comments of residents have been considered.



Suggested boundary change between Markfield and Groby Your view on whether the boundary should be redrawn between Groby and Markfield parishes to result in Field Head becoming part of Markfield Parish is important. It would mean more money for Markfield Parish Council and administratively would result in these changes -


IAA IAB Scale: 1:20,000

© Crown copyright. All rights reserved Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council LA100018489 Published 2022

Proposed Markfield Parish






When looking at the maps, a spokesperson for the Borough Council has provided this guidance : “The blue line is the proposed outer boundary of the parishes. The purple lines show the internal borders, which are polling districts on the electoral register. So the proposed map for Groby shows the Groby outer parish boundary, now excluding polling district HAD (which is equivalent to the entirety of Field Head parish ward), and the map for Markfield shows the Markfield outer parish boundary including HAD.” A boundary change would affect some residents in the Leicester Road, Jacqueline Road, Charnwood Drive and Ratby Lane area. Although geographically the homes are on the edge of the Markfield urban area, some residents may rather identify with Groby, and prefer the status quo. The consultation is an opportunity to express your view, either to favour change or the current arrangements. Even if most Field Head residents say they agree with the proposal, it takes two to tango and, as Markfield Parish Council seems happy with the existing arrangements, it would be sheer speculation to try to forecast the final decision.


Scale: 1:20,000


© Crown copyright. All rights reserved Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council LA100018489 Published 2022

Suggested redistribution of seats in Bagworth and Thornton THE RECOMMENDATIONS that the number of seats in Bagworth is increased from 4 to 5, and reduced in Thornton from 4 to 3. The overall number of seats doesn’t change.

How to comment IF YOU have internet access, you can read the full consultation online on the Borough website.

It’s a long address to type in so just Google ‘Grobylinx’ instead. This will take you to GrobyOnline, where you can click on a direct link to the consultation. If you don’t have internet access, you can request a paper copy a paper copy of the questionnaire by calling Rebecca Owen on 01455255879 or Mollie Brooks-Crowley on 01455255835. The consultation closes on 7 September 2022.

Norman Griffiths To all of those people who said that I would never amount to anything, I can now truly say, “How did you know?”



0116 235 5232




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