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Jan. 2010

The art of building with Air


Jan. 2010

Brief history... Inflast Project: “New methodologies for Design and Manufactoring of Inflated Structures� Finished: November 2000 Objective: Apply inflatable technology developed in the aerospace industry into the civil and architectural field. Therefore we created in 2001 Buildair moved by the market technology transfer


Jan. 2010

AirTecture Buildair is a company specialized in offering solutions for shaping space. Our goal is to offer the most advanced engineering, design and manufacturing technologies in inflatable structures We invite you to learn more about Airtecture, “the art of building with air�. 3

Jan. 2010

Integral Space Solucion • Design, engineering, and fabrication of inflatable structures. • Integral solution for your space: flooring (platforms, carpeting,

etc) air conditioning and decoration of your inflatable structure.

• Illumination: There are various and new ways to illuminate your inflatable structure from inside its tubes, granting greater notoriety and beauty.

• Calculation of membrane structures (textiles), using methods of finite elements, considering the fluid- structure interaction, in order to estimate wind effect.


Jan. 2010

Very High Security level We use treated fabrics with at least a flame retardant M2 Classification (UNE 23.727) Our structures are made of a very strong but light fabric. If it is intentionally cut the constantly working air-turbines provide stability to the structure and the repair kit allows our customer a quick fix to these situations. Even if the damage was great, the structure is quite light (300gr/m2 apx.) and it would rarely compromise the security of the visitors.


Jan. 2010

Easy and fast to Set Up


Jan. 2010

Easy and fast to Set Up Open the storage bag Spread and anchor

Connect the silent Air Fans

Wait until the structure is inflated completely 7

Jan. 2010

+ Advantages Security: A Light structure based on air, ensures the highest levels of safety to its users. Support: Our Engineers and Architects elaborate a technical memory of each inflatable structure, which is approved in the corresponding professional college, in order to enable or facilitate the legal permissions to locate your event in public emplacements, and guarantee our client the fulfilment of effective regulations. Flexibility: with our inflatable structures, size is not a restrictive factor. They can be created of any dimension. For a greater flexibility we make them by modules, which can be divided to create independent smaller spaces. Portability: Ease of transport and storage. The structures fold down into smaller modules from: 656 ft2 to 6.5 ft2 Easy to assemble: Minimum effort required to assemble and disassemble. Specialised staff is not necessary to inflate the structures. Silence: The inflating system consists of silent turbines of continuous low-pressured air, which are settled inside tubes. Independence. Additional infrastructure is not required on site. Protection: Very good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. 8

Jan. 2010

An Inflatable Structure - The inflatable building is formed by low pressure tubes, aligned parallel to each other forming a "rib-cage" structure. - Structural stability of the inflatable structure is guaranteed both lengthwise by the support of the lateral air tubes, and crosswise through the internal pressure in the tubes.


Ribs / Laterals

Internal 9

Jan. 2010

Engineering Workflow Structural Design (Architectural design)

Air lost estimation Air fan selection Inner pressure definition

Cutting pattern development Winds Loads estimation (CFD analysis)

Form-finding Process (Membrane simulation)

Stress validation analysis (Membrane simulation) Reinforcements design and validation Anchoring loads estimation and stresses over the structure (Structural analysis)

Actions over mobile Platform

Final shape for mobile platform design


Jan. 2010

Architectural Design With our technology, form and size have no limits. We have designed and produced inflatable structures bigger than 2.000m2.

Our inflatable structures are completely customized to meet the wishes of our customers, having in mind functionality and the objective or idea that our client wants to communicate. 11

Jan. 2010

Wind loads Estimation


Jan. 2010

Form Finding Process and Stress validation analysis

Some stress analysis results outputs

• Adequate textile strength • Reinforcements design • Proper sewing system, thread resistance and mechanical



Jan. 2010

Sewing Pattern Development

Sewing pattern software developed by


Jan. 2010

Inflation air fans and air losses Continuous air flow through sewing and zips are estimated with several experimental tests. Number of necessary air fans are calculated for each structure to obtain an inner pressure of max 0.008Bars


Jan. 2010



Jan. 2010

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Buildair Corporate Information - Pneumatic hangars and shelters - Inflatable buildings  
Buildair Corporate Information - Pneumatic hangars and shelters - Inflatable buildings  

Inflatable technology developed in the aerospace industry into the civil and architectural field. Inflast Project: “New methodologies for Desig...