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December 2018

INSIDE: Read about this original unrestored 1927 Buick with only 15,176 miles!

B u i c k

H e r i t a g e

A l l i a n c e

Factory 11 In late 1904, ever-charismatic Flint carriage titan and promotional genius William C. “Billy” Durant (1861-1947) agreed to take control of Buick’s 昀nancial problems — common at the time with 昀edgling automobile makers. Up to that time, only 37 Buicks had been built, but with Durant’s renowned salesmanship they were soon being produced in high volume. By 1908, Durant had built Buick into the largest producer of automobiles in America — outselling Cadillac, Ford and Oldsmobile — while becoming the 昀nancial pillar for Durant’s formation of General Motors that year. In April of 1909, Motor Age reported that GM (barely a year old) intended to construct its 昀rst new building, a plant at the Buick complex in Flint for the exclusive manufacture of GM engines. The new building, to be known as “Factory 11,” was completed in only nine months at a cost of $1 million. At 782΄ x 360΄ (6.5 acres under roof), it provided 1,700 jobs and was the largest engine manufacturing plant in the world, an adventurous step for newly formed GM at a time when horse-drawn wagons were still commonplace (as visible in the below photo of Factory 11 nearing completion). The above photo shows engines being assembled by hand; when Factory 11 was 昀rst completed there was no engine assembly line. Factory 11 was intended to be the sole engine plant for all of GM, but demand for Buicks increased so quickly that the building was soon dedicated to producing only Buick engines. Beginning mid-year with the 1910 models and continuing through late 1953, all Buick engines were built in Factory 11. With the retirement of the straight-eight and the introduction of the V-8 in 1953, Buick moved all engine production to its new plant (Factory 36), and then converted Factory 11 for other purposes.

If you’re aspiring to restore your favorite Buick to its original splendor, the BHA can help you create a textbook restoration. We invite you to browse the BHA’s electronic online archive, where you will find the research materials needed to authentically restore your Buick down to the last nut and bolt, just as it was done on the assembly line.

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ART DIRECTOR Cindy Winn Livingston


BOOK REVIEW David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car: Limited Special Edition .................10

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Mason-Dixon Chapter’s 10th Annual Car Show................12 By Chuck Hoffman

Wagons, Reattas and Tours Highlight Heartland Regional Meet ...........................14 By Alan Oldfield

Buicks on the Bricks: Flint, Michigan ..................................................18 By Dennis Manner

All-Buick Show in Minnesota .............................................................22 By Jim Jaeger

what’s coming...

Northeast Pennsylvania Buick Regional Meet: Lehighton, Pennsylvania ....................................................................24 By Sally Getz


JANUARY 2019 More National Meet Buicks

1927 Buicks........................................................................................30 By Pete Phillips

Very Original 1927 Model 54 Sport Roadster .....................................34

FEBRUARY 2019 50th Anniversary for 1969 Buicks

MARCH 2019 Buicks of 1939 Turn 80-Years Old!

Please contact Pete Phillips if you can help or contribute to any of the above upcoming articles.

December 24 Classified ad deadline for February 2019

By Larry DiBarry



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COVER PHOTO: The dashboard and steering wheel of the original unrestored 1927 Buick are in remarkable shape. Even the original leather upholstery is in great shape, considering the car is over 90 years old. Cover photograph by Larry DiBarry

message from the board The Buick Club of America The Buick Club of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the automobiles built by Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Alan Oldfield (2020), BCA #15140 319-849-3815 (IA) VICE PRESIDENT Roberta Vasilow (2020) BCA #16798 810-655-8277 (MI)

With our December issue, many of us in the colder climes will have tucked away our Buicks for the car season and are readying for the holiday season. I hope this year has been a good one for you and your family. As the weather turns colder, this issue is a good one to settle back with and enjoy stories and pictures from several summer BCA car shows. After the holidays come the responsibilities of the new year. For many of us, that means going through the family Alan Oldfield checkbook to gather records and prepare for the upcoming tax BCA President season. With that in mind, BCA Treasurer Robert Safrit has prepared a summary of the checks and balances that the BCA has in place to handle its finances. It is an enlightening report on the policies and procedures established for the Club’s financial well-being. On behalf of the BCA Board of directors, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, a joyous Happy Holiday season, and a prosperous New Year!

Alan D. Oldfield

SECRETARY Jack Welch (2021), BCA #5387 617-838-3525 (MA)


TREASURER Bob Safrit (2019), BCA #4388 919-782-3128 (NC)

As Treasurer of the BCA since the Denver meet, I would like to report to the membership how your dues are collected and used to support our club. This is an attempt to educate our members on the process that we use to protect our club.

Ed DePouli (2020), BCA #8926 704-299-5276 (NC)

All dues are collected by our club office or by an online merchant and deposited in the club's bank account. These deposits are reported to our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill Stoneberg and our Certified Public Accountant, Perks Pusateri & Co.

Larry DiBarry (2019), BCA #18395 717-263-3804 (PA) Larry Schramm (2021) BCA #25456 248-505-3883 (MI) John Steed (2021), BCA #8071 317-888-0876 (IN)

Expenses are reported to our club office to check for validation and if correct they fill out a request for payment to our CFO. If he agrees he authorizes the bill(s) to be paid by a check writing company. The payments are reported to our CPA. If any bills are paid by a credit card the CFO checks the credit card bill each month and if it is in order he will have the check writing company pay as outlined above. If there are any questions or concerns about a bill, it has to be approved by the CFO, BCA Office and President. The CPA creates various monthly and annual reports that are shared with the BCA Board and the Chief Financial Officer. After reaching a low point financially and in other ways, the BCA Office was moved to Ohio 17 years ago, and the financial footing has steadily improved to where it is today.

Terry Wiegand (2019) BCA #25247 620-665-7672 (KS)

— Bob Safrit, BCA Treasurer

BCA DEPARTMENTS NATIONAL OFFICE MANAGERS Mike and Nancy Book Buick Club of America P.O. Box 360775 Columbus, OH 43236-0775 Voice: 614-472-3939 Fax: 614-472-3222

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (2021) Bill Stoneberg, BCA #35418 512-921-7175 (TX)

NATIONAL CHIEF JUDGE (2019) John Steed, BCA#8071 317-888-0876 (IN)

JUDGES TRAINING CHAIRMAN (2023) Paul Syrdal BCA#16919 763-413-3366 (MN)

NATIONAL TOUR ADVISOR Rich Gibbs, BCA #13352 785-230-6794 (KS)

PUBLISHER: The Buick Bugle (USPS #480-130) is published monthly by the Buick Club of America, Inc., P.O. Box 360775, Columbus, OH 43236-0775; 254 Lansdowne Ave., Gahanna, OH 43230-2868. Periodical postage paid at Columbus, OH and additional mailing offices. The Buick Bugle (ISSN 0194-8415) is an official publication of the Buick Club of America Inc. ©2018. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and all administrative questions to: The Buick Club of America, Inc., P.O. Box 360775 Columbus, OH 43236-0775, Voice: 614-472-3939; Fax: 614-472-3222,

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Tom Smith’s 1937 Buick Roadmaster in a Denison, Texas Christmas parade

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You do not need to own a Buick to become a member of the Buick Club of America. An interest in Buicks is all you need. BCA membership dues are $50 per year and include spouse and minor children (only). That’s only a little more than $4 per month and you get a lot of bang for your buck with a BCA membership. Being a member of the club offers you the following:

Join the fun at or contact Buick Club of America P.O. Box 360775 Columbus, OH 43236-0775 614-472-3939

The Buick Bugle is used by many individuals as a guide for the proper restoration or maintenance of their cars and it is imperative that articles, stories and photographs submitted for publication include mention of those items which are not authentic for that make, model or year of car. Such items would include for example: wrong hubcaps or wheels, wrong paint color or upholstery, incorrect or missing accessories, etc. The Buick Club CHANGE OF ADDRESS & RENEWALS of America is unable to research articles, photos, etc. submitted Change of address and renewals must be received by the BCA office by the 10th for publication and therefore accepts them as being originals of the month to be included in the next month’s mailing of the Buick Bugle (BCA unless otherwise stated. Opinions stated in such articles or office contact information listed on this page). To avoid any unnecessary cost we stories as to the rarity or quality of an automobile, accessory, request that members pay renewal dues when they receive their invoice. Issues literature, etc. are that of the author and not necessarily that of missed because of late renewal will not be shipped unless request accompanies payment of $5.00 per issue. the BCA organization as a whole. Not all vehicles depicted in the Buick Bugle represent authentic restorations.



BUICK BUGLE December 2018 5

coming coming events events How to Place Your Chapter Event All listings are FREE to BCA chapters hosting an event. Chapters may list more than one event at a time. Send one copy of your event listing and it will be published through the month of the event. Keep your listings brief: Maximum length is 100 words. Send all coming event notices to The Buick Bugle, P.O. Box 1247, Leonard, TX 75452 or email to Organizations other than chapters wishing to have an event listed may do so, on a space available basis. Chapters in need of a certificate of insurance for their event can request a form from Office Managers, Mike and Nancy Book. The completed forms must be returned to Mike and Nancy. DO NOT SEND THEM TO OR CONTACT THE INSURANCE COMPANY DIRECTLY OR YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DELAYED. Allow 6 weeks for processing. Last minute requests cannot be guaranteed a certificate.


May 2019 May 5, 2019: St. Paul, MINNESOTA The Gopher State Chapter will host its 32nd Annual Spring Extravaganza Car Show & Swap Meet on Sunday, May 5, 7a.m. to 3p.m. at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul (rain or shine). All show vehicles 2000 & older, plus any year Buick, are welcome; trophies for top 21, plus top five Buicks. Day of show costs: $15 per vehicle, driver and one passenger; $25 per 25’ x 15’ swap space; $5 per spectator over age 12. For more info, including early registration discounts, contact us: Spring Show GSCBCA , P.O. BOX 130067, St. Paul, MN 55113 or 651-770-8096 or . Always the first Sunday in May.

held in Midwest City, an Oklahoma City suburb. The North Texas Chapter is sponsoring this event. Go to to download and print a 15-page brochure about the meet, including host/alternative hotel information, tour details, restaurants, things to do in Oklahoma and BCA registration forms. Registration forms can be found in the brochure, on the BCA website and on the Bugle mail wrap. Watch for more meet details on the back cover of each Bugle . MIDWEST CITY



June 2019 June 12-15, 2019: Midwest City, OKLAHOMA The 2019 BCA National Meet will be

June 24-28, 2019: Canton, OHIO ‘36-’38 Buick Club annual tour: Located

in Canton, Ohio at the Comfort Inn Hall of Fame, 5345Broadmoor Circle, NW, 330-492-1331, 330-492-9093. Rooms are $85 & $90 if registration is made by May 31, 2019. We invite you to attend. Ohio BCA Chapters — this is in your neighborhood and we would like to see you there. For more information please contact: Joe Suarez BCA#30005 at 219996-5372 or June 27-29, 2019: Dublin, OHIO 37th Annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show and Cruise In presented by Honda Marysville and Performance Columbus. June 27-29, 2019 at the Dublin, Metro Center, Dublin, Ohio. June 27Legends Tour. June 28-Cruise-In with 100 Six-Foot Tall Trophies. June 29-Classic Auto Show; Buick show within a show and special Buick awards. All proceeds benefit the Arthritis Foundation in Central Ohio. Information and registration:, 614-362-7370,\AutoShow.

August 2019 August 21-24, 2019: Stillwater, MINNESOTA Minnesota Fireball Chapter hosts the Heartland Regional Meet for four days in Stillwater, MN., Aug. 21-24, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Heartland Region. Event will have daily free driving tours culminating on Saturday with a peerjudged car show. Following the car show, the Heartland Regional Awards Banquet takes place while cruising the St. Croix River on a river boat. The St. Croix is America's first National Scenic River, administered by the National Park Service. Contact Jim Jaeger 763-226-1193 or; or Bill Darrow 651-2717213 or (email preferred).

BCA NATIONAL MEET COMMITTEE (NMC) Jack Welch, BCA #5387 (NMC Chairman) 781-662-4423 (MA)

Bob Starzyk, BCA #39653 (NMC Vice Chairman) 708-361-2943 (IL)

Roy Faries, BCA #25603 (NMC Secretary) 214-354-1348 (TX)

Bill Stoneberg, BCA #35418 (NMC Treasurer) 512-921-7175 (TX)

Kirt Priest, BCA #47413 (2018 Meet Chair) 408-373-9747 (CO)

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 (2019 Meet Chair) 903-436-2851 (TX)

Heather Banhidy, BCA #14382 (2020 Meet Chair) 440-235-2453 (OH)

Brian DePouli, BCA #8927 (2012 Meet Chair) 704-905-4989 (NC)

Alan Oldfield, BCA #15140 319-849-3815 (IA)

John Steed, BCA #8071 317-888-0876 (IN)

Pat Wojahn, BCA #14729 720-635-6278 (CO)

Bob Safrit, BCA #4388 919-782-3128 (NC)


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

July 2020 July 15-18, 2020: Strongsville, OHIO The 2020 BCA national meet will be held July 15-18 in the Cleveland, Ohio area at Strongsville, Ohio, hosted by the Northeast Ohio Chapter. Save the dates.t

letters to the editor Re: October 2018 Bugle correction Dear Pete: The 1929 photos (page 27, October 2018 issue—ed.) surprised me as there were two 1927s included. Oops. The blue car attributed to Bob Lindstrom is Glen Manes' 1927 model 20 Standard. Attached is my photo of Bob Lindstrom's car at the meet. The other missing '29 photo is Tony and Joy Mateykos' model 51. The photo you have is of Bill Sullivan's 1927-51 driven from New Mexico — with bees in the honeycomb to prove it. (We just received word that Bill died. —ed.) — Larry DiBarry, BCA #18395, Chambersburg, PA I apologize for the mistake — it is my fault. I know the difference between 1927 and 1929 Buicks, but got in a hurry and did not look at the enlarged versions of the photos. The colors and shapes of the cars were similar, and that's what I went by. Here are the correct photos of the 1929s. —Pete Phillips, Bugle Editor

Bob Lindstrom's 1929 model 57 Photo by Larry DiBarry

Tony and Joy Mateyko's 1929 model 51 Photo by Debbie Strum

Re: 1965 Wildcat data plate

The star following the paint code is not related to the GM strike of 1965. The earliest trim tag I have with a star is 04B 1961 (1961 LeSabre) and latest is 1961 Buick data plate 12C 1965 (1966 Electra 225). I have attached pictures of both of these trim tags. The star only shows up on 19611966 model year Flint-built cars (FB 1965 Buick data plate and FL1 for the plant code). Also, the star shows up on trim tags for everything from the Special to the Electra 225 Custom and for everything from sedans to convertibles and even station wagons. There has also been speculation that the star indicated special order paint, but I have pictures of over 200 trim tags with stars on them and more than 99% of them are for cars that don't have special order paint, so this is not correct either. I have never seen anything that definitively identifies what the star means. — Sean Smith, BCA# 42746, Tukwila, WA

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


coming events bca matters

The Buick Club of America wants you to... The BCA Board of Directors will be accepting applications from interested and qualified parties to be considered as managers of the Buick Club office. Applicants should indicate their interest in being considered by contacting the BCA office, via email (address below). Deadline for application is December 15. Qualified parties will then receive a request for proposal and be contacted by the Board for interviews. Key office duties include, but are not limited to, the following. Additional duties and details may be added as determined by the Board. • • • • • • • • • •

Manage the operation of the BCA National Office (approximately 6,800 members). Provide management advice and support to the Board of Directors of the BCA. Provide the Board of Directors a monthly report with financial highlights and and membership status. Manage a database of BCA members and subscription information for the Buick Bugle. Manage membership dues and issue and process membership renewal cards. Manage the sales of BCA merchandise and manage the inventory of all merchandise sold by the Club. Attend BCA national meets — support to the National Meet Committee. Serve as custodian of the BCA’s corporate records. Review invoices received by the BCA and make recommendation to the treasurer for payment. Respond to telephone calls, e-mail and letters from members and potential new members and assist in conducting the general business affairs of the BCA. Manage the inventory (maintain and order) of any and all awards given by the BCA and mail judging form copies to participants who request them. Provide the printing house with organized and verified information to be used in the Roster issue when printed.

Please send all inquiries to by December 15.

Alan D. Oldfield, BCA President 8

BUICK BUGLE December 2018

BCA National Chief Judge Candidates Wanted By John Steed, BCA #8071, Greenwood, Indiana

I will complete my term as National Chief Judge at the 2019 National Meet in Midwest City, OK. The following is from our Bylaws Article IX, Miscellaneous, Section 6: SECTION 6—Appointed Offices. All appointed national offices such as, but not limited to, Regional Coordinator, Chapter Coordinator, National Chief Judge, shall be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve no more than five (5) years consecutively. The BCA Judging Handbook provides further details in Appendix VII: APPENDIX VII BCA NATIONAL CHIEF JUDGE. The BCA National Chief Judge is appointed to term of office not to exceed 5 years consecutively, by the BCA National Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Announcements of a vacancy in the Chief Judge’s position are posted in two consecutive issues of the Bugle. Members wishing to be considered for the Chief Judge’s position should contact any member of the Board. The Board will interview all candidates. If you are interested in serving as National Chief Judge please contact me either via phone 317-888-0876 or by email I will give you details of the position. You will be requested to provide a resume of your background that will be presented to the BCA Board of Directors for their selection and appointment.


In Memory of James "Roddy" Pearce BCA #21011 By Bruce Kile, BCA #3013

Born March 4, 1950 in Greenwood, S.C., Roddy had resided in Atlanta most of his adult life. He passed away Oct. 5, 2018 due to heart problems. He had been an active member of the BCA/ Dixie Chapter for nearly 30 years, during which time he had served in every elected chapter officer position for at least one term. On the national level Roddy served as the S.E. Regional Director from 1999-2003 as well as BCA National Tour Advisor from 2000-2005. Roddy's love of Buicks was only equaled by his love of touring in them. His 23-year membership in the Buick Driving Enthusiasts division was a testimonial to that love by having attended at least one of the two annual touring events or the BDE's (hosted) "After Tour" up until about 2015. Members of the BDE will remember Roddy affectionately as "the CB guru". He was always there to loan, repair or even sell a much needed CB radio to his touring friends. His friendship and loyalty will be missed by his many friends.

e BUICK BUGLE December 2018


book report

David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car: Limited Special Edition An updated final edition of David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car has just been published. Author Lawrence R. Gustin and his associate, Kevin M. Kirbitz (both of whom are BCA members), are presenting it as a deluxe package, with a hard cover, glossy jacket, 300 high-quality pages (22 in color) and 215 photos. Two earlier editions were in paperback following a hard-cover original. The book is also seen as a tribute by Gustin to his former Buick co-author, the late Terry B. Dunham. Labeled “Limited Special Edition,” the new version adds pictures and words about the newly-restored Flint, Michigan factory where General Motors founder Billy Durant and his partner, Dallas Dort, first built vehicles — horse-drawn road carts and buggies — in the 1880s. There is more emphasis on Buick’s early racing successes and detail on how Durant brought to Flint axle-maker Charles Stewart Mott and spark plug developer Albert Champion. Among new photos are Louis Chevrolet in his Buick after winning a major 1909 race, Buick people with early aircraft and portraits of later Buick and GM leaders Harlow Curtice, Lloyd Reuss and Lloyd’s son Mark Reuss. As a bonus, C.S. Mott, who was the last of the pioneer auto leaders, is remembered in an eight-page feature by Gustin, who a half-century ago interviewed Mott for his 95th birthday and continued talks with him almost until Mott’s death at 97 in 1973. The book in a sense wraps up nearly 50 years by two writers — Dunham and Gustin – recording the earliest days of the Buick automobile. That’s been over for awhile as Terry died at age 72 in 2012 and Gustin, at 81, says he’s unlikely to contribute again after this edition. A much-younger Kevin Kirbitz, like Gustin a Flint native, was a major contributor on the David Buick book. But Terry was also a big part of the Buick biography. As Gustin has written, Dunham’s “enthusiasm, personal contributions and historical materials” were influential. He noted that without Dunham’s encouragement and help, the David Buick book “would not have been attempted.” Their relationship began in Flint. Gustin was The Flint Journal’s auto editor when he began to study the fascinating life of William C. Durant, once Flint’s hero as savior of Buick, founder of General Motors and later founder of Chevrolet — but later almost forgotten. While Gustin was turning “Billy Durant: Creator of General Motors” into his first book in 1973, Dunham was becoming a force in the Buick Club of America, formed in 1966. Terry, a native of Howell, Michigan, was the club’s Terry Dunham and Larry Gustin toasting the 100th spokesman as he helped create, in Flint, the club’s first birthday of Buick in Detroit. 10

BUICK BUGLE December 2018

national meet. He and Gustin spent a lot of time discussing Buick’s history and the meet. Dunham was also trying to interest Automobile Quarterly (AQ) into producing a Buick book. That effort led in 1980 to Dunham and Gustin co-authoring “The Buick: A Complete History” for AQ. Later there were five more editions, each revised, ending with a 600-page Buick centennial edition in 2003. (Gustin’s grandfather, T. E. Irving, a shipwright in Barrow-inFurness, England, who brought his family to Flint in 1928 and worked at Buick until retirement in 1952, gets credit for the title. He liked to say he worked at “The Buick,” a local expression among workers, and Larry sold that title idea to Terry). Kirbitz also contributed on those books. After 23 years at the newspaper, Gustin went to Buick Public Relations in 1984, becoming assistant director. When he retired at nearly 67 in 2005, he wanted to write a biography of the Buick car’s founder. David Buick was almost unknown and it was a difficult but intriguing challenge to get his name into the title of a book. But Terry was immediately excited; Kevin, too, soon providing important research. “David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car” was first published in 2006.t

The hard-cover 2018 “Limited Special Edition” of “David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car” is available for $29 from Be sure to specify 2018 edition.

BUICK BUGLE December 2018



JUNE 30, 2018

Mason-Dixon Chapter’s 10th Annual Car Show Article and photos by Chuck Hoffman, BCA #47247, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

The Mason-Dixon Buick Club held its 10th annual car show in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Saturday June 30th. The event was hosted by the AACA Museum and sponsored by Freysinger Buick/GMC. Freysinger is a long time supporter of the club and has sponsored this event from its inception. The museum displayed their 1910 Buick model 10 which had been “adopted” by the Mason-Dixon Chapter. Mason-Dixon members, along with the AACA Museum staff and volunteers put on a great show on a very hot summer day. They had help from the Good Humor Ice cream man selling out of a vintage truck, as well as a DJ, and live music from the Werner Family Band.

1910 model 10, owned by the AACA Museum


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

Close to 60 cars made the trek in the heat including the long distance award winners, Jim and Karen Comeau who drove 285 miles from Hartford, Connecticut in their 1970 Buick Skylark. There were show participants from six states in all. Best of Show this year was won by a spectacular 1970 GSX owned by Tim Garland. Other winners included oldest car won by Bob and Robin Miller with their 1928 Buick model 58. Another class winner was a 1937 Buick Roadmaster convertible sedan owned by Lou Mandich. Later models were well represented as well with class winners Tim Spigelmyer in his 1961 LeSabre convertible, William Carr in his 1954 Super Riviera, and

Herman Migdon with his 1990 Reatta. Buick Riveras had their own class, with Mike Lawson’s 1965 Riviera Gran Sport taking top honors. Modified Buicks were not ignored with a 1931 Buick 8-86 taking home the trophy in that category. The show goers and club members had a great time and the Mason-Dixon chapter is already thinking ahead to next year's show.t

1970 Riviera

A row of Reatta convertibles

1937 Roadmaster convertible sedan

Best of Show went to this 1970 GSX owned by Tim Garland.

Modified '31 model 86 on the left; 1910 on the right

Grand National coupe

Best of Show winner Tim Garland (right) is congratulated by Dick Beckley (center) and announcer Larry DiBarry

BUICK BUGLE December 2018



JULY 19-21, 2018

Wagons, Reattas, and Tours Highlight Heartland Regional Meet Article by Alan Oldfield, BCA #15140, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Photos by Alan Oldfield and Brenda Gorman

“Wagons Ho” was the command given as the wagon trains of the 1800s began their journey to the west. It was also the theme of the BCA Heartland Region Buick show, July 19-21, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hawkeye Chapter Director Bill Gorman and First Lady Brenda led the Iowa team in months of preparation. The show had the feel of a mininational meet: 105 cars on the showfield, with an indoor and outdoor swap, two driving tours, a judging program which included 400-point, Modified, and Unrestored, as well as a large group of owners who chose to drive and display their Buicks. Participants came from nine states, including families who drove from New York and Texas. A special theme of the show was celebration of the Buick station wagon, in commemoration of the new Regal TourX, Buick’s first wagon since the demise of the Roadmaster in 1996. Buick wagon owners responded enthusiastically, gathering 18 wagons; from a 1941 model 49, to a 1996 Roadmaster. There were two rarelyseen 1948 model 59 Estate Wagons. Others included three 1956s, one ’57, two ‘64s, a 1968, two 1969s, and one each from 1970, 1972, 1973, 1985, 1993 and 1996. One came from Texas, and David and Joann Millard took the People’s Choice-Wagon award for their 1941 Estate Wagon, which they drove from New York! A second special show-within-a-show was the celebration of the 30th birthday of the Reatta. Eight families drove their Reattas to Cedar Rapids, with

Relaxing in the shade next to a '56. 14

BUICK BUGLE December 2018

all show-goers enjoying a special Reattathemed birthday cake which was quickly gobbled up. It wasn’t just old Buicks at the show. The premiere sponsor was the local Buick dealer, the McGrath family of dealerships. They brought one each of every new Buick

The car show included a swap meet with Buick parts. This is one of John Hemingway's modified straight eights that he builds and sells.

“Wagons Ho�

Look carefully: There are three 1956 Buick Estate Wagons parked together in this photo. Buick station wagons were especially invited to attend this show, and 18 of them showed up, from 1941 to 1996.

This rare, 1941 Special Estate Wagon, one of 838 made, was restored by Bill Bergstrom in the mid-1990s, and still looks fabulous. It was driven in from Long Island, New 1964 SportWagon next to a full-size 1964 Estate Wagon owned by Ted York by Dave and Joann Millard, who took the People's Barkei Choice Award for wagons.

1948 Super Estate Wagon

Here's a car rarely seen at a Buick show: 1973 full-size Estate Wagon.

This black beauty is a 1957 Special, model 49.

Fred Syrdal cleans up his 1969 Sportwagon after driving in from Minnesota.

A rare 1970 Estate Wagon without the optional woodgrain decal siding arrives at the meet.

Another rarely seen Buick: 1972 full-size Estate Wagon

BUICK BUGLE December 2018 15

Eight Reattas were in attendance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the introduction of those unique cars.

Brenda Gorman, Belva Meyer and Joy Oldfield cutting a Reatta-themed 30th birthday cake.

Decisions, decisions...Which Hot Wheels car to choose? Cars donated by Roberta Vasilow.

Friday's driving tour was to the Amana Colonies in eastern Iowa.

Friday evening's cruise was to the local Chick-Fil-A for dinner.


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

offered today: Enclave, Envision, and Encore SUVs, Regal sedans, LaCrosse, and a sparkling white Regal TourX wagon. Show-goers could check them out and testsit any of the Buicks throughout the show. Buicks began gathering Wednesday night to be ready for the first of two driving tours. Rain followed the Thursday tourists as they drove the hill country of eastern Iowa to have lunch overlooking the Mississippi River. Better weather greeted the Friday drivers as they ventured to one of Iowa’s top tourist attractions: the Amana Colonies, a collection of seven villages established in 1855 where the German immigrants lived a communal life until 1932. Today, the villages feature a woolen mill, brewery, quaint shops and restaurants serving heaping plates of German food family-style. Friday night was a cruise to the nearby

Music provided by a local combo at the banquet

This modified Riviera was chosen by the local sponsoring Buick dealer as his favorite car in the show.

Not a common car: Late-1980s LeSabre T-Type coupe

Buick dealer, the McGrath family of dealerships. The McGraths chose a stunning, modified 1972 Riviera, owned by Ken Reed of West Des Moines, Iowa. The 2019 Heartland Regional meet will be Aug. 21-24 in Stillwater, MN hosted by the Minnesota Fireball Chapter, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Heartland regional meets. You can make your reservations now.t

Locals were welcome and came to the meet to see all the beautiful Buicks.

Chick-Fil-A where special parking awaited the drivers, and free ice cream cones. Saturday show day featured spectacular weather with lots of local families dropping by to see the antique Buicks. BCA Vice-President Roberta Vasilow generously sent a large box of Buick Hot Wheels cars which were given to all the children that came to the meet, hopefully indoctrinating a new generation of Buick enthusiasts. Show day ended with a happy hour and banquet, featuring music by a local combo, followed by dinner. In addition to the 400-point, Modified, and Unrestored awards, special awards were given for the People’s Choice Reatta (Bill Landers' 1990 convertible); and People’s Choice Wagon (David Millard’s aforementioned ’41 Estate Wagon). The final award of the night was presented on behalf of the sponsoring local BUICK BUGLE December 2018


shows AUGUST 18, 2018

Buicks on the Bricks: Flint, Michigan By Dennis Manner, BCA #12350, Linden, Michigan Photos by Greg and Kaylie Stancato

The Buicktown Chapter of the BCA co-hosted the 6th Annual AllBuick Car Show, known as "Buicks on the Bricks", with the staff at the Durant-Dort Factory One (the birthplace of General Motors) in Flint. In addition to the restored DurantDort Building where Billy Durant had his office when he formed General Motors, Factory One has now been restored and purchased by General Motors. This is where carriages were built before cars were built in Flint. The event was held in conjunction with Flint's "Back to the Bricks" annual event on nearby Water Street. With the available usage of Factory One this year, we displayed 12 vintage Buick engines on stands inside the building. Straight eights, V8s, V6s and two race engines from Buick's Motor Sports activity in the 1980s were all on display. Engineers who helped design and develop many of these engines were in attendance helping us host the event. Two of the Buick engine engineers presented a history of the 3.8-liter V6 turbocharged engines that were

produced beginning in 1978, through the intercooled turbocharged engines for the Grand National and GNX models. 176 vintage Buicks from as early as 1915 attended this free event. In addition to many Grand Nationals, we had several restored historic V8 drag race Buick cars from the early 1970s. The now restored Factory One building serves many purposes, is staffed fulltime, and is available for researching Flint and Buick history. It houses a library of history from Kettering University, and has small museum, auditorium (where we had about 150 people attending the presentation on the V6 engines), conference rooms, and banquet capability. The web site is Please consider contributing memorabilia, literature, documents, pictures, etc., as many of us have done, helping to document and preserve Buick history. Our initiative with the presentations the last three years at this event is also to capture and preserve Buick history. Additional event information is on the web site: and also at Plan to attend "Buicks on the Bricks--2019".t

176 Buicks attended the show.

1960s Buicks on the bricks


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

Red, white, and blue Reattas

1950 Super two-door hardtop

1952 Roadmaster sedan Factory One contains library materials as well as museum displays.

1963 Wildcat convertible

Buicks displayed on the bricks in front of Factory One

Row of Grand Nationals on display

A modified and very colorful 1984 Electra Park Avenue with 750 h.p. engine

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


Before cars were built here, this wagon was built here.

Inside the restored building prior to the start of the seminar. At top left, the author is a retired Buick engine engineer. Here he is addressing the crowd at the seminar.

Three Buick Drag Race Cars By Dennis Manner

We believe this is the first time these three cars have ever been together. The 1970 Reynolds-sponsored Buick is probably the most famous of the three drag race cars. This car was campaigned by Jim Bell and Pop (Lennie) Kennedy, sponsored by Reynolds Buick in West Covina, California. Buick Engineering provided prototype Stage 2 performance components during that development program to obtain vehicle performance data. This car still has the original prototype Stage 2 parts, and was restored by and is owned by Guy Parquette in Mosinee, Wisconsin. The “Dead End Kids” car is a 1970 Skylark GS 455 updated with a 1971 bumper and grille, as it ran as a drag strip car both of those years. It was campaigned by Larry and Chuck Capsel in California and is a survivor just as it last raced. The car is currently owned by John Chamberlain. The 1970 Gran Sport “Wylie Coyote” drag raced with the Stage 2 performance components and was a five-time national record holder. It is All three cars together for the first time owned by Pat Sweeny.

1970 GS 455 drag racer sponsored by Reynolds Buick


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

Unrestored drag race Buick “Dead End Kids” from 1970 and 1971

“Wylie Coyote” drag race car with GS Stage 2 performance components

Straight eight engine on display Buick V6 race car motor, used in NASCAR races from 1985-1989.

This is a replica of the first Buick from 1903.

215 aluminum V8 on display (1961-1963)

Buick's first V6 appeared in the 1962 Specials.

Buick produced its 350 V8 from 1968 through 1980.

BUICK BUGLE December 2018



SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

All-Buick Show in Minnesota Article and Photos by Jim Jaeger, BCA #12595, Buffalo, Minnesota

On September 15, 2018 in conjunction with Buick dealer Stillwater Motors, in Stillwater, Minnesota, the Fireball Chapter held its 28th annual All-Buick Show. While the average September temperature in Minnesota is 72 degrees, an excellent temp for a show, this year the weather reached into the 90s. Despite the high temperature, there were 50 beautiful Buicks on the field from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Since it was the 30th anniversary of the Reatta, tee shirts were given to participants. The shirts displayed a Reatta sold at Stillwater Motors on June 1988 and currently owned by Fireball Chapter member Bill Darrow. We also had 10 Reattas on the show field. The show was conducted with participant voting and a dealer’s choice selection. An interesting aspect of the show is that Stillwater Motors arranges to have food available on the show field prepared and served by a local youth group. The dealer supplies the materials and the youth group gets all the revenue. This year a 1937 Century convertible was selected as Best of Show and a 1963 Electra sedan with 11,000 actual miles on the odometer was selected as dealer’s choice. Next year this location will be the site of the 2019 Heartland Regional Meet.t

1937 Century convertible coupe, owned by John Mathisrud, was selected as Best of Show.

Trying anything to stay cool in the 90-degree heat, this mannequin is hiding under Paul Carlson's 1968 Skylark.


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

This 1963 Electra 225 was selected as Dealer’s Choice. The car has 11,000 actual miles on the odometer, and is owned by Larry Latrelle.

2018 Statement of Ownership

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BUICK BUGLE December 2018



SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2018

Northeast Pennsylvania Buickk Article by Sally Getz, BCA #22110, Lehighton, PA, Photos by Martha Kreibel, Laura and Sally Getz


hree years ago, John Scheib, our Northeast Region Coordinator asked me if there wasn’t a place in Northeast Pennsylvania to hold a regional meet. At first, I thought, “No,” but then I thought of a beautiful area that is right in my back yard! Our local community township park, Phifer’s Ice Dams, would be perfect.

Back in the 1800s, the property belonged to the Phifer family who ran an ice harvesting business from the three ponds for the local merchants and

k Regional Meet: Lehighton, PA residents, for which back then, there was no refrigeration. Eventually, the business closed. Between the township and the local Lions club, they worked very hard to get the property back into shape. Today, there are the three ponds, a small-scale covered bridge, a basketball court, a small-scale band shell for entertainment events, a playground area for children to enjoy, a baseball field which is the home of the Franklin Township Little League, pavilions and a kitchen which the local Lions club uses when events are held at the park. To me, this was the perfect spot to hold a regional meet.

Buicks at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

As the Free Spirit Chapter Director, I brought the idea in front of the chapter officers and board of directors and the answer was “Yes.” I took pictures of the area and sent them to John Scheib. We got the green light to go ahead to plan and to organize a Northeast Pennsylvania Buick Regional Meet for 2018. So over the next three years, the chapter had been planning and organizing this event. “D-day” finally came and the show was a huge success. Many “thanks” to those Two 1950 Super hardtops and a 1955 Special

1916 six-cylinder touring car

1969 GS convertible, 1965-1/2 GS coupe, and 1966 Skylark convertible

Another view of the 1916 model C-55

Two red Reatta convertible flank an early 2000s Regal GS sedan

Triple Gran Sports


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

1916 six-cylinder engine with exposed valves and pushrods

fellow Buick enthusiasts who attended from CT, MA, NY, NJ, and PA who pre-registered for this event. While 52 big beautiful Buicks pre-registered, there were 16 day-of-show registrants. The classes

AWARDS Class A (1900-1939) 3rd = William Bernheisel, 1933 coupe 2nd = Sam Alpaugh, 1916 Touring 1st = Larry Tindall, 1932 96C Class B (1940-1949) 1st = Howard/Martha Kriebel, 1940 Century Phaeton Class C (1950-1959) 3rd = Alan Babp, 1955 Riviera 2nd = David Brady, 1950 Super 2 dr. Riviera 1st = Frank Lee, 1959 Invicta convertible

David Brady's 1932 convertible phaeton, model 68-C

Class D (1960-1964) 3rd = Bob Fredericas, 1961 LeSabre 2nd = Ralph Reichenbach, 1964 Riviera 1st = Dick Harvey, 1964 Riviera Class E (1965-1969) 3rd = Tony Gatta, 1965 Skylark GS 3rd = Thomas Sylvester, 1967 Skylark GS 2nd = John Kuchtak, 1966 Wildcat GS 1st = Daniel Cappozzi, 1966 Skylark

Rare 1932 model 96-C, one of 289 made

Class F (1970-1979) 3rd = Tony Krick, 1972 Riviera 2nd = David Weiss, 1970 Riviera 2nd = Harry Lewis, 1970 GSX 1st = Thomas Lane, 1972 Riviera Class G (1980-current) 3rd = Eric Breiner, 1987 GN 2nd = Kevin Keenan, 1982 Riviera convertible 1st = Anthony D'Amelio, 1987 Regal Best of Show David/Deborah Brady, 1932 Phaeton convertible

1938 sedan with auxiliary turn signal lamps

1996 Roadmaster station wagon—the last year for these

In Memory of Clarence R. Getz, 1967 Buick Skylark Enthusiast Award Edward Allmond, 1967 Buick Skylark convertible

Early 1960s Buicks

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


To me, this was the perfect spot to hold a regional meet. As the Free Spirit Chapter Director, I brought the idea in front of the chapter officers and board of directors and the answer was “Yes.” — Sally Getz

were laid out in a fan tail shape. Pretty cool, right? Thursday, 12 participants attended the day's driving tour to America On Wheels, a Transportation Museum located in Allentown, PA. There the group got to view the many forms of transportation, then and now, and had lunch in the famous “Hubcap Café.” On Friday, 28 participants attended the day's driving tour up a mountain to Penn’s Peak Entertainment Complex, Jim Thorpe, Pa., for lunch. Everyone enjoyed the food, décor and especially the 50 + mile view! After lunch, the group then headed down the mountain to the Jim Thorpe Memorial. This is the place where the famous American Indian athlete, Jim Thorpe, is buried. The town's name prior to being changed to Jim Thorpe, was called Mauch Chunk. Everyone then received a $1 coin w/ a 3-D picture of Jim Thorpe on one side and Sacagawea, the Indian princess, on the other side. It was a very nice souvenir to receive.

Buick owners at the Jim Thorpe Memorial

1959 Invicta convertible and an Electra 225 “flat-top”

Upstate New York Chapter banner with a Grand National

1941 Roadmaster convertible coupe with twin carbs.

Two Electras and a 1972 Riviera


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

1941 guages

Pair of 1967 Skylarks

Friday evening, 32 participants did a driving tour to Claude’s Creamery, Palmerton, PA. There they enjoyed a hot sandwich followed by their choice of 52 different flavors of ice cream. Saturday was the main show day. The weather was fairly decent as the Buicks entered the show field for the day. My, what a site to see! All those big, beautiful, shiny, bright Buicks in one area! While the oldest Buick on the field was a 1916 Touring, the newest Buick was a 2016 Buick Regal GS. You can just imagine what there was on the field between those years. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the selections during the informal Banquet.

The Clarence Getz Memorial Award was given to Ed Allmond (second from right) for his 1967 Skylark convertible

There were plenty of scrumptious food selections for everyone to fill their bellies after a day of showing their most precious prized possession(s), BUICKS! Many “Thanks” to the “Free Spirit” Chapter members and other Northeast Region Buick Club of America Buick enthusiasts who attended this fine event. GO BUICK!t


4982 Hubner Circle Sarasota, Florida 34241

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


1927 Buicks By Pete Phillips, BCA #7338, Bugle Editor

Since there is a fabulous 1927 Buick in this issue already, and there were some nice ones at the national meet in Denver, let's quickly review their models and features. The 1927 Buicks came in three different series and sizes. The 20-series cars or Standard series had a 114-1/2" wheel base and were the smallest and least expensive. The 40-series cars were next in size, with a 120" wheelbase. These, as well as the larger 50-series cars were the Master series. These were Buick's largest and most expensive cars, and sat on a 128" wheelbase. All Buicks in 1927 had six-cylinder engines. The Standard series has a 207 cubic inch overhead valve six rated at 60 horsepower. The Master series cars had a large six with 274 cubic inches rated at 75 horsepower. The engines are quite a bit different from each other. For example, the smaller engine's water outlet is on the front of the cylinder head. The larger engine has the typical water distribution tube or manifold that sits on the left side of the cylinder head with three "feet" bolted to the length of the head. Another difference is how the fans are attached to each engine. The Standard series engine has its fan bracket mounted to the front of the cylinder head. You adjust fan belt tension by unbolting and moving the bracket, then tightening it down. The Master series has its fan bracket attached to the timing cover/gear cover near the bottom of the block, with a spring that adjusts fan belt tension. Transmissions were three-speeds with shift lever on the floor. This would be the final year for Buick's odd, "backwards-H" shift pattern. Each transmission was equipped with a key-operated transmission lock on the floor next to the shift lever, proving that anti-theft devices and the locking column shift levers on 1969 and newer cars are nothing new! 1927 Standard roadster model 24 at the Denver national meet. Notice the one-piece windshield, which was a new feature for that year. Photo by Pete Phillips

Jim Waltz with his unrestored 1927 model 20 which originally belonged to his great aunt.


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

Original “blue plush� mohair upholstery on the 1927 model 20 two-door sedan. Photo by Pete Phillips

The catch phrase for the new 1927 Buicks was "Vibrationless Beyond Belief". This was due to the adoption of rubber engine mounts for the first time--an advance that was pioneered by Chrysler. The new Buick engines also had counter-balanced crankshafts and heavier flywheels, which absorbed more of the engine's vibration. Carburetors were mounted low in the engine compartment, being of the updraft variety, fed by the sometimes troublesome vacuum tank. Vacuum tank rebuild kits are sold by one or two vendors who advertise in this magazine. In the Standard series, the original carburetor is a Marvel T-3; in the Master series it is a Marvel T-4. Factory photo of 1927 Standard series model 28

1927 Firsts and Lasts We've already mentioned the last year for the "backwards-H" transmission pattern. 1927 is a year for several "firsts". It was the first year for rubber engine mounts, the first year for a single-piece windshield for the open cars, the first use of the "goddess" radiator ornament on some of the cars, the first year for the use of a thermostat in the cooling system, and the first use of a torsional balancer inside the engine as part of the crankshaft. Most sources say that 1927 was the final year for nickel plating on Buicks, and that 1928 was the first year for chrome plating.t

1927 Standard series Country Club coupe at the Portland, Oregon national meet. Photo by Pete Phillips

The winged â–˛ goddess radiator ornament was new for 1927. Photo by Pete Phillips


Buick Engineering drawing for the new 1927 radiator ornament

BUICK BUGLE December 2018 31

1927 Buicks at the 2018 BCA National Meet in Denver, CO

1927 Standard series roadster at the Denver national meet

1927 roadster wheel with black rims and aluminum hubcaps.

Ready buyers of quality collector cars.




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BUICK BUGLE December 2018

Unrestored 1927 Standard two-door sedan at the Denver national meet

207 cubic inch six-cylinder engine in the Standard series. Notice the lack of a return water manifold—a feature of the Standard series engines. Photo by Pete Phillips

The January Bugle will feature more Buicks that attended the 2018 BCA National Meet in Denver, CO.

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


Very Original 1927 Model 54 Sport Roadster Article and Photos by Larry DiBarry BCA#18395, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Since being involved with the Mason-Dixon Chapter I have become friends with one of our members, Peter Rambis, who owned a 1927 model 54 roadster. He would drive it to our yearly car show at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. When I first checked the roster it showed that he had two model 54 Sport Roadsters! I thought it must be a misprint. Later when I visited Pete at his home he showed me that he indeed had two. Unfortunately he had just sold one to a person around Lancaster, PA. Urrggh! I missed another one! He kept his mostly original one with one repaint (Courier Brown over Courier Cream) and one re-topping. Since then we have shared a few adventures. Last year we went to look at a 1928 Sport Roadster in New Jersey (ad was in the Bugle.). The car had a cracked block and did have a spare partial engine and running gear. It was equipped with side mounts and six very nice wire wheels. Unfortunately the car had some other serious issues as well as needing all the body wood replaced. Pete indicated that for about the same asking price he knew of a 1927-54 he had been trying to buy for nearly 20 years. He told me that the lowmileage car (odometer shows only 15,176 miles) was just about as original as you could find. He saw the car at a Bennington, Vermont car show around 1998, where he took down the owner's contact information. He would call the family about every year hoping that it someday would be available.


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

Front view inside the trailer showing the two-tone paint with red striping.

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


1927 Buick Details The family said that the car was originally purchased in New Hampshire by their father, a local barber. Since he walked to work, he rarely drove the car except on special occasions. When he passed away the car stayed with the family always in dry storage. His son would have the car maintained and did take it to a few shows in the 1990s. Later when I met Pete at Hershey last year he said that he made the family an offer and they accepted! Persistence paid off! Inside the enclosed trailer where this gem is stored.

Original leather upholstery on the seat.

Interior details. The carpet is probably a later addition.

I was truly overwhelmed when I got my first look at the car still in the trailer from when he picked it up over the winter. The body still has the original upholstery, nickel plating, paint and striping! (Patrol Green over Patrol Cream with red striping). The fenders may have had some touch-up at one time but look to be just as nice. What is amazing is the original top details. Also the original boot and curtains. A unique feature of this car is the single side-mounted spare. The car had been equipped with a trunk rack and travel trunk. The former owner’s family thought that it had been removed so that the car would fit into a smaller garage and it has since disappeared. So, Pete is searching for the proper trunk rack. We look forward to see it driving soon.t more photographs on page 38-39


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

â–˛ Gauges. The carburetor heat control knob has been


replaced with a Standard series knob after the original one disintegrated. Accessory Ingraham clock is mounted on the top of the steering column.

Wood steering wheel and dashboard

BUICK BUGLE December 2018 37

1927 Buick Details


Top framework is a combination of wood and metal.

The top has been replaced once. Notice the top boot behind it and the top-rests on the body.

Tail light, wiring, and gas tank details

Rumble seat with armrests and a period-correct auto robe to keep the passengers comfortable in cold weather.

The passenger floor includes a foot rest. This was a top-ofthe-line car when new.

There's even a footrest for the rumble seat passengers.

BUICK BUGLE December 2018


Some of the car's tools on the running board: hub cap wrench; tire pump; tire tools; and a set of auxiliary horns (after-market).


Side-mounted spare, a little bit of wear on the running board rubber, and gorgeous paint colors. The accessory spotlight is mounted on the windshield pillar.

Windshield wiper motor is mounted on the top of the windshield inside the car.

Big series, open Buicks of this era generally had unpainted wood spoke wheels like this one.

Driver's side of the big six

Passenger side of the engine

BUICK BUGLE December 2018



marketplace cars for sale

1925 Buick: Limousine blue. Complete restoration: body and engine done in 2006, with photo

documentation. 6-cylinder, beautiful mohair interior, many manuals, spares, and history. 96% done with only a few small items left to do; clock, windshield wiper, etc. Driven often for lunch, one wedding, and local shows. Selling because of my age. This car is best for the serious, knowledgeable, enthusiast. Car is in Stuart, Florida. Buyer to provide transport. Strongly recommend site visit. Serious enquirers only, please. Price $22,500. Contact: Warren F. Woodworth, BCA #47418,, or 772323-6870 (01/19)

Includes radio, heater, and clock, all in working order. Absolutely no issues. $28,000 or considerate equitable offer. Call Jim for more info., 847471-2837 (12)

1927 Buick Master Six Model 47: 4-Door, 5-Passenger Sedan. Closer to Condition 1 than Condition 2, excellent frame off show quality restoration. Green on Black. Runs, drives great. $36,000 OBO. Russel Hollister, BCA #50050, Plainwell, Michigan, 269-685-2301, (12)


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Send ads, photos and report of corrections to: Pete Phillips, Bugle Editor P.O. Box 1247 • Leonard, TX 75452 Phone: 903-436-2851 • Fax: 903-587-0907


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

1927 Buick Coupe: Leather upholstery in rumble seat, Mohair upholstery in driver area. Beautiful blue color with black fenders. Show quality. $15,000 obo. Contact me for color pictures. Art, BCA #43518, 209-296-1309 (03/19)

1936 Buick Special: Dark Blue w/Gray interior. Complete frame off restoration. Everything done to exact factory specs. Perfect mechanics and super driver.

1939 Buick Special 41-C: Sequoia Cream. Red interior, Factory Skirts. Older restoration, Senior 2004. One of 714 built. Runs good, r & h. Owned 33 of last 48 years, NC Museum in-between. Trippe lights don’t convey. Asking $49,900. Age suggests sale now. Earl Beauchamp, BCA #55, Sebring, FL, (12) 1939 Buick 4-Door, Model 41: Unrestored. Runs and looks very good. Dark gray, new tires, no rust, stored in heated garage. Pictures available upon request. $16,000. John Eaves, BCA #44340, 6625 Reservoir Road, Hamilton, NY 13346, 678-492-4146 (10/19) 1940 Buick Roadmaster: 45,000 original miles. This car has never set outside. Chrome in excellent shape. Glass in good shape. I can email lots of pictures. $17,500. Robert Lawrence, BCA #49450,, 304 425 7407 (12) 1953 Buick Skylark with Continental Kit: White with Red and White interior. Recent paint, rebuilt brakes, hydraulic system. New carpeting. Good driver, looks great. $110,000. Deane Beman, BCA #39176, 904-545-5107, (12)

Get your kicks at the BCA National Meet


OKLAHOMA Registration forms for the 2019 National Meet are available on the Bugle cover wrap and the 2019 meet brochure, which can be downloaded at


the 1954 Buick Skylark, Body #116: Black exterior with red interior. $120,000 OBO. Tom, BCA #39154, for details and pictures at tjlink468@live or 612-325-9138 (MN) (05/19) 1954 Buick Skylark project car: Rolling chassis with body in primer. Includes most rare parts. Tail lights chromed. $25,000. Roger Praetorius, BCA #43342, Jamesville, NY, 315382-3742 (05/19)

1957 Century 4-door Riviera Hardtop: Brand new engine, paint, body work and tires. 1,500 miles, new spare, red and white with clear coat. All power; it is a sweetheart. $24,000 firm. Brian P. O'Neill, BCA #44483, 605 W. Easter Pl, Littleton, CO 80120, 303-437-1469 (05/19)

1960 Buick Electra 225 4-Door Hardtop: All original, 68,000 actual miles. No rust, factory A/C, great driver. Complete history, known since new. Always well maintained and garaged. Not perfect, but a nice, honest, unrestored survivor. $18,000. Brian Towne, BCA #39337, 1307 Florence Avenue, Galesburg, IL 61401, 309-343-8552 (12,1) 1961 Buick LeSabre convertible: This was a running and driving car that I took apart to have body work done and the shop stole my money. Call for pictures and details. $6,000. Bob Vlasic, BCA #2883, 219-7571148 (Indiana), (02/19)

1964 Buick Wildcat 2-Door Hardtop: 78,000 original miles, second owner, 100% rust free western car, $11,500. NW Wisconsin, BCA #49596, 262949-9160 or 262-581-6295 (12) 1968 Skylark Custom Coupe: Restored inside and out. 350 2bbl, P/S, factory tint, factory AMFM, dual outside mirrors, new cloth seats/carpet, dual exhaust, 2tone paint like from factory. Turn key cruiser. Must see digital photos. $15,500 OBO. Jace Watson, BCA #35816, Mifflinburg, PA, 570-966-9663, (12) 1972 Buick Riviera GS: One family owned car. Needs restoration. GS Package, 455 engine, trans, posi, all original and untouched. Many spare parts and manuals included. Bruce Reinke, BCA #14441, Milwaukee area, (12) 1973-350, 1976-231, 1977-350 Regal Parts Cars, 1978 Skylark Parts Car: No motor or transmission. Best Offer, all or separate. Robert C. Harpst, BCA #4853, 25 Baker Hill Road, Fredonia, PA. 16124, 724-4753423 (12) 1992 Park Avenue: 12,000 original miles, same family since new, repainted in 2001, teal green w/light grey leather interior. Needs brake, interior work, tires. Asking $2,000. Steven Thela, BCA #47365,, 914-4766977 (12) 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon: White and wood grain exterior, blue leather interior, 47,100 miles. Has third seat, Concert II stereo AM/FM stereo cassette. Excellent condition, $16,000. E-mail for pictures. Mike Robinson, Lehi, UT, BCA #22079, 801-669-7275 (03/19)t

cars wanted

1962 Buick Special Deluxe Convertible: 215 V-8, 101,385 miles, documentation since new. All books, new correct top and boot, original paint, undercoated when new, no rust on floor panels, correct interior, automatic, PS. Everything works. Ken, BCA #33364, Ohio, 513-521-2029 (12)

Wanted—1941 Buick, any body style, in excellent mechanical condition for touring: Please send photos with description. Bob Cowherd, BCA #37950, 17 Lincklaen Terrace, Cazenovia, NY 13035, 315-655-3864 (11,12) Wanted—1941 and 1969 Rivieras in excellent mechanical condition for touring: Bob Cowherd, BCA #39750, 315-6553864 (11,12)


Wanted—Looking for 1958 Buick Limited 4-door Hardtop: Minor mechanical problems ok but must have excellent body and paint. Cash buyer. Don Bentz, BCA #49147, 307-337-7148, (11) Wanted—1958 Limited or 1959 Electra 225 – Convertibles only: Any condition but should be mostly complete. Would also consider highly optioned parts cars. Paying cash. Frank, BCA #45361, 630-330-8522 (11) Wanted—1965 Riviera or Riviera GS: In #2 Drive/Show (Very Nice) Condition, Original or Restored. Wes Peterson, BCA #12442, 714485-2670 or 951-217-0323, (11,12) Wanted—1965 Riviera Gran Sport: White with red interior or white with black interior. Also, 1963-1964 Riviera: White with red interior, or white with black Interior. Looking for the best of the best, will pay

$100,000+ for the right one! Brian Kelly, BCA #49638, 155 Andover St., Danvers, MA 01923, 508-843-1919, (12) Wanted—1966 Electra 225 Convertible: In very good condition. Need photos and docs. Charlie Halpin, BCA #17637, 405 Elliot Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027, 215635-3256, (11,12)t

parts for sale

ZDD Plus: this product is for flat tappet engines (pre 1990). It adds zinc back into your motor oil. Zinc


Sunday, May 5, 2019 Minnesota State Fairgrounds 7 am to 3 pm, rain or shine Spectators’ entry $5.00 Pre-register NOW BEFORE April 15 For more info: 24-hour Hotline

(651) 770-8096

Want extra copies of the Buick Bugle ? (current issue and back issues) Order from the North Texas Chapter, BCA; PO Box 1247; Leonard, TX 75452; 903-436-2851. $8 per copy includes USA postage; $12 foreign addresses. $14 for Nov. 2016 issue to USA address. MAGAZINES ON YOUR YEAR OF BUICK ISSUE DATE THEME OF ISSUE September 2010 ...................................................1925 Buicks July 2010..................................................1963-1964 Wildcats May 2010 ...........................................1990-2005 Park Avenue April 2010 .............................................................1950 Buicks March 2011...........................................1964-67 SportWagons June 2017 ..................................................... 1953-4 Skylarks

BUICK BUGLE December 2018 41



is not an ingredient in nearly all modern motor oils. Zinc was federally mandated out of motor oils in the mid-1990s. Cost is $10 each plus $2 postage to US zip codes. Massachusetts residents add $0.63 sales tax for each. A club discount is available for 50 or more bottles shipped to one address. Available only through authorized distributor. NCB Finer Sales, BCA #8957, 33 Haven Road, Plymouth, MA 02360. Don’t forget to check out my website for more interesting products. (12,1) Rolls of AU-VE-CO weather stripping for doors, trunks, back glass, windshields and fender

welt: Will drop ship to your USA address. A good deal and very good sense. Chuck Emery, BCA #33141, 3515 Boston, Ft. Smith, AR 72903, 479-646-1481 noon – 9:00pm CST only (12) Buick Engine Enamels: For most models from 1922-Present. High temp, high gloss, will not burn off. 1922-1930 early Buick green (quarts), 1932 Buick black (quarts and aerosol), 1933-1938 Buick green (quarts), 1939-1940 Buick gray (quarts), 1941 Buick red (quarts), 1942-1952 Buick Turquoise (quarts and aerosol), 1965 Buick green (quarts and aerosol), Buick red (quarts and

J O I N U S! Buick Club of America’s

Reatta Division Receive 4 Newsletters a Year Reatta Rendezvous Trip and Election of Officers at BCA National Show Technical Help Available

For Membership Information Contact:

Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Richstein 4798 Grants Way NE Marietta, GA 30066

Contact: Martin Emeson

#AHJILJC7 <EAJH6L(I@C6 3920 E. San Miguel #318 Colorado FHDI@LFIEDL2>H:DL=,>" Springs, CO 80909 ?BG0LFEJAHCJL'IH8 J@-L5.J*LKKK? 719-641-2959; =C,CAE!CL$.AH68@-L=%L3G4G/


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

aerosol), 1977-Up GM blue (rear wheel drive only) (quarts and aerosol). Prices: quarts $39. Aerosol $18. Add for shipping. Bill Hirsch, 396 Littleton Ave., Newark, NJ 07103, 800-8282061, (12) Wheel Trim Rings: 15”, 16”, 17”. Chrome over brass $60 each. Stainless steel $30 each. Add for shipping. Bill Hirsch, 396 Littleton Ave., Newark, NJ 07103, 800-8282061, (12) Convertible tops: For all 2-Door models 1936 to Present. Also top motors, pumps, cylinders, and cables. Bill Hirsch, 396 Littleton Ave., Newark, NJ 07103, 800-8282061, (12) Carpet Material, Top material, Broadcloth, Bedford Cloth, Mohair, and the finest leather: All at the very lowest prices. Can also custom finish leather to any color or grain. Bill Hirsch, 396 Littleton Ave., Newark, NJ 07103, 800-8282061, (12) Carburetors for 1904-1956 Buicks: 100’s in stock. New, used, and rebuilt. Vintage Carburetor, Ltd., 440-786-8141, email:, Web: (12) 40,000 NOS GM parts: Huge inventory of parts. Mainly 1960's, 1970's, but some 1950's & 1980's Buick and other GM brands. Call or email with your needs: Phillips Muscle Car Steve Phillips, BCA #49660, Tulsa, OK, 918-745-0784, philmcp@cs,com.Established 1988 (02/19) Gasket City: 1900 to 1970s in stock head and manifold gaskets, 1916 up Jug engines, 1905 up valve cage manifold gaskets. Full gaskets sets, USA made 1934 up. Hershey GAC27-28 #49522. Al Lambert, Toll free 1-888-3354686, (01/20) Cowl trim tags: Help is available for sand-blasted, corroded tags, 1928 and up. Send model info and your problem for further details. A.G. Backeast, BCA #29389, PO Box 40011, Grand Junction, CO 81504, 860-8774440, (02/19) Runningboard mats: in the correct 1-piece molded patterns for 19301935 Series 50, 60, 80, 90. Northfield Ltd., 440-786-8141, email:, Web: (12) New Buick Torque Ball Seal Kits and Transmission Gasket Kits, 1934-1960: #7782 Torque ball seal kit 1934-1948 series 40, 50, $35.

#12380 Torque ball seal kit 19361948 series 60, 70, 80, 90, $35. Torque ball seal kits for standard transmission include; cork packing, shim gaskets, torque tube gasket, and instruction sheet. #52673 Buick standard transmission gasket kit 1934-38 series 40, $20. #52466 Buick standard transmission gasket kit 1936-38 series 60, 80, 90, $20. #82751 Buick standard transmission gasket and seal kit 1939-53 series 40, 50, 1954-55 series 40, $35. #10150 Buick standard transmission gasket and seal kit 1939-55 series 60, 70, 80, 90, 1956 all, $35. Standard transmission gasket and seal kits include; gaskets, seal for upper selector shaft, O-ring for lower selector shaft, cork ring for input shaft. Buick Dynaflow torque ball seal kits 1949-1960, #92113 19491952, $90. #102116 1953-1956, $90. #92518 1957-1960, $90. Dynaflow seal kits include; New outer retainer with vulcanized inner lip, shim gaskets, flange gaskets, shaft seal, and instructions. All above item prices include shipping in USA. I will ship worldwide with postal up charge. All kits are manufactured in the USA. All purchases should be done thru Paypal by using my e-mail address. JECC LLC, PO Box 616, Woodland Park, NJ 07424, 973-7145238, (11/19) 1937-1938 40 Series rear bumper rock shield: Chuck Emery, BCA #33141, 3515 Boston, Ft. Smith, AR 72903, 479-646-1481 noon – 9:00pm CST only (12) Accumulation of 1936-1957 Buick parts: Call and see if I have what you need. Frank Guildner, BCA #216, 10534 Nassau Avenue, Sunland, CA 91040-2951, 818-353-4303 (12) Connecting rods machined to accept inserts: 1937-1950 248, 1936-1952 320. Rods are $48 exchange. We rebuild 1929-1966 mechanical screw together type fuel pumps; single action $85, dual action $105. Terrill Machine, Inc., BCA #27524, 1000 County Road 454, DeLeon, TX 76444, 254-893-2610, (11/19) 1939 40 Series rocker panels, center grille molding, exhaust hanging parts, battery mounting parts and radiator fan shroud: Chuck Emery, BCA #33141, 3515 Boston, Ft. Smith, AR 72903, 479-646-1481 noon – 9:00pm CST only (12) 1939-1940 80 & 90 Series rear bumper rock shield: Chuck Emery, BCA #33141, 3515 Boston, Ft. Smith, AR 72903, 479-646-1481 noon – 9:00pm CST only (12) Buick Parts 1939-1971 full size: Many good to excellent items from 30 years

the of buying and restoring. Good parts from 1940, 1941, 1953, 1955, 1956, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966-1970. Parts cars, 2-1939, 2-1940, 1941, 1947, 1953, 2-1955, 1956. Later, 1963 Riv, 1963 Electra. Good parts from 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1970! Many nailheads 1953-1966, 1968-400, 1969430, 1970-455, 1971-455. All out and running plus straight 8s. Inquire Bob Bolduc, BCA #13334, e-mail, phone 888-2652842, 978-454-4237, 978-902-8415 (Dick), cell 978-866-4355 (12) Buick NOS: 1940 gear shaft rod insulator kit, 9 pieces, $20. 1941 center grille molding, good used, $80. 1941 center grille emblem, nice used, $85. 1942-1948 (All except model 49) trunk lid center monogram with mint center emblem, $75. 1946-1948 Special front bumper center monogram, $30. 1946-1948 Super sedan, wagon, front door side molding & clips, $45. 1952 wheel cover, good used, $35. 1954-1956 starter solenoid, GM, rebuilt, $40. 1957 Special, Century, all 4-doors, accessory door edge guards, $30 set. 1964-1967 Special, Skylark, 2-speed square wiper motor, rebuilt, $75. 1965 LeSabre, Wildcat, Electra, front bumper left rubber filler cap, $35. 1967 Special, Skylark, 4-doors, accessory door edge guards, $30 set. All NOS, except as noted. Add 20% for shipping & handling. Have trim, mechanical, 1930 – 1979. Send SASE, year, model, for list. Bob Graves, BCA #942, 21 Ferry Rd., Salisbury, Mass. 01952, 978-4630715 evenings. (12) Dashboards 1940-41 Buick engine turned: Plus “new” 1954-55 dashboards and door panels, engine tuned. Finished like new. Some stock for faster delivery. Our specialty for 25 years. Call or write for details. Doug Seybold, BCA #3983, 2761 Clark Parkway, Westlake, OH 44145. 440835-1193 (12) 1940-1941 Buick Specials. Supers, Centurys, Limiteds, Roadmasters parting out: New rubber, steering wheels, gauges, interior and exterior chrome trim, plastics, dashboards, rocker moldings, engines, suspensions, sheet metal, etc. Call or write for details. Doug Seybold BCA #3983, 2761 Clark Parkway, Westlake, OH 44145, 440-835-1193. (12) 1941 Buick: Selling 40+ years parts collection: Skirts, skirt trim, elephant ears, NOS engine parts, dual carbs, air cleaner, manifolds, fenders, fender spears, gauges, switches, accessories, front grilles, etc. Richard Mann, BCA #3985, 805-689-5978, 805-969-0164, (CA) (07/19) 1941 50 series rocker panels, rear valance panel and gravel shields,

exhaust hanging parts, battery mounting parts: Windshield center divider inner trim channel. Chuck Emery, BCA #33141, 3515 Boston, Ft. Smith, AR 72903-4521, 479646-1481 noon to 9pm CST. (12) 1948 complete rear end assembly including drive shaft: Free. You must pick it up. Jerry Innella, BCA #47058, Pittstown, NJ 08867, 908-310-3624 (12) Dynaflow rebuilding kits w/gaskets, lip seals, clutches (frictions, steels), sealing rings, front, rear seal: 1948-1963 $185 / $200. Torque ball retainer kit w/seal, gaskets $80 postpaid. Bands $55 each, exchange. (Parts in kits are available separately.) Specify year, model. David Edwards, BCA #8371, 56 Dale St., Needham Heights, MA 024941218 781-449-2065 any time, (12) 1950-1952 Super & Roadmaster left & right quarter panels: Professionally restored, in black primer, no bondo. Group #8.203, part #1339804 & #1339805. Fits 56-C, 56-R, 76-C, 76-R. $995/pair obo. Rick Schick, BCA #11187, Naperville, IL, , 630-904-1950 (12) Buick Eight upper grille bar for 1951-1952 Roadmaster or Super: Part #1343059. Good condition, will send pictures upon request. $550. Bob Saunders, 7953 Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406,, 818908-0855 (12) Dash Dy-Noc replacement for 1953 Skylark and Roadmaster: Silver, gray, and white. $160 plus $10 shipping. Gus Miller, BCA #13677, 14061 Millersburg Road SW, Navarre, OH 44662, 330832-2284 (03/19) 1953-1954 Skylark Parts, New and Used: New power brake units, tail light housings, lenses, hood ornament, side medallions, interior / exterior trim, horn buttons, floor pans, lug nuts, splash pans, wheel spinner, retainer kits and gaskets, call for list. Ken Mitson, 8409 East Cortez St., Scottsdale, AZ 85260, 480-607-3714 or mobile 630-6758177 (03/19) 1955 Buick Parts: 322 engine, Dynaflow transmission, rolling chassis, steering column, power brake booster with master cylinder, 2-Door hardtop interior & exterior stainless trim, dashboard, front seat trim plastic, and much more available. Call Vern, BCA #13869, 480-6783800, (03/20)


1956 Buick Special 4-Door Hardtop: Parting out. Power Window, PS, PB, 322 Nailhead, automatic. Also, 1956 Buick Roadmaster hood, nice. 1955 Buick power steering column. Call Dave, BCA #49915, 559-759-2568,, Tulare, CA (12) 1956 Buick parts for sale: Roadmaster or Super upper grille, newly triple plated mustache bar, $1,100. Complete Special or Century good chrome bumper, $250. Horn ring & plastic Power Steering cap, nice condition, $125. Ray Lucas, BCA #49839, 847-7224857 (12) 1958 Buick Special and Century used parts: Driver quality bumper ends, trim pieces, hub caps, front bumpers, tail light towers. Also, 1973 4-door hardtop Centurion parts car, $300 negotiable. Ron LeMaster, BCA #8356, 1817 Chestnut Street, Kenova, West Virginia 25530, 304-453-4465, (12) (4) 1964 Wildcat wheel covers: like new, $30 each plus shipping. 1962 Wildcat right & left side tail lamps, some pitting, 4 cracked lenses, good gaskets, $50 each plus shipping. Wally K., BCA #40238, Lake Villa, IL, 847-6091128, (12)

1964 X code 425 out of a 1964 Riv: complete less intake, with 400 transmission, running when removed, approximatly 68,000 miles, $1,000 for both. Dual Quad air cleaner, 2 available, $850 each, both in same condition, not show chrome. Set of NOS bumpers for 1966 Wildcat/LeSabre or Electra, front in Buick wrappers, $1,800 both. 1966 Wildcat grille, complete, nice condition, $350. 1966 Wildcat left front fender, $375. Complete 1965 Wildcat coupe parts car, running 401 with transmission, Black bucket seat custom interior with power seat Iron board console. And factory mags, will sell whole or part out other 1965 Parts available. Set of 1965 and 1966 Wildcat full wheel covers, very nice condition, $150 per set. Steve Parent, BCA #16632, 401-524-8059, (12,1)

1964 - 1970 +/- Buick wheels: 2 – 15x7 @ $40 each. 7 – 15x6 @ $25 each. 8 – 14x6 @ $25 each: Located in upper East Tennessee, 25 minutes SE of where I-81 and I-26 intersect near Johnson City, TN. Shipping them is expensive. These prices are picked

out of stock

BUICK BUGLE December 2018 43


marketplace up at my home. 423-444-9826 (Central Time Zone), (12,1) Wheel center cap reproductions: for Skylark/GS, Riviera, Electra and Wildcat chrome wheels (1965– 1978). Reproduction lug nuts available. BCA #33885.Visit or call 847-705-5761 (12) Parting out a complete 1965 Skylark Sport Wagon: 300 4-bbl. Delivery possible on large parts. Car in Northern Colorado. Larry Rouch, BCA #46126,, 970-4819120 (12)

The All New ‘59 Calendar for 2019 Featuring 12 months of beautiful ‘59 Buicks


includes shipping (Int’l shipping extra)

ORDER AT: 1959 Division/BCA c/o Brian Clark 4226 Ryan Court Hamilton, OH 45011 Checks and money orders accepted, as well as Paypal to

Reproduction front bumper emblems for 1970 Electra: 2 styles available. Stainless steel for $100 and a Resin molded exact reproduction of original, for $485. Plus shipping and insurance (about $15). John Williams, BCA #36101, BDE #210, 217-345-9614, (01/19t


BUICK BUGLE December 2018

parts wanted Wanted 1927 Model 27: Right rear lower door hinge. Part #50660. Dave Pitzer, BCA #7642, 309-697-4214, (12) Wanted—Side covers and spark plug cover for Buick Standard Six 1927: Johannus Dagevos, BCA #44893, Netherlands, (12,1) Wanted—1930-1931 Large Series front fenders and hood: for my 1931 80 Series Station Wagon. Have many 1931 90 parts to trade. Want station wagon pictures too. Chuck Straub, BCA #2022, 4209 Stettin Drive, Wausau, WI 54401, 715-581-8602 (12) Wanted—Complete windshield wiper (blade and arm) for 1935 Series 40 Buick: Bill Henderson, BCA #19590, 303-526-2278, (12,1) Wanted—Looking for usable items for my 1941 Super 56S (2-door Sport): Fuel tank, e-brake cable, left rear finder. Ryan Snellen, BCA #49216, Nashville, TN, 270-312-7703, (03/19) Wanted—1941: All gauges, panels, trim pieces, glove box door, that attach to a bare dashboard. Wiring harness for under dashboard, engine compartment and front lights. Want tail lamps for Super sedan, and front parking lights. 1949 Convertible: front and rear seats. 1940 and 1941 pinch weld stainless moldings around windshield openings. Bob Cowherd, BCA #39750, 315-655-3864 (12) Wanted—Two headlight adjustor nuts and screws for a 1950 Roadmaster: Or, a complete used headlight bucket with good adjustors. Paul Smith, Raleigh, NC, (12,1) Wanted—Late 1954 Paint Chart: Looking for a paint chart which includes the color #54-07 Tunis Blue. Mike Keel, BCA #18444,, 817-475-9502 (12)

the Wanted for 1957 Roadmaster: NOS or very nice and straight original front bumper center, left front bumper end, outer door handles (4-door) and NOS left tail light housing. Contact Lance, BCA #43818, 586-260-8993 or (09/19) Wanted—1957 Buick turn signal lever: Kevin Schultz, BCA #9979, 30728 Westfield Livonia, MI 48150,, 734-4215828 (12,1,2) Wanted—Large displacement 1960’s Buick engine and transmission: to install in my 1949 Super Convertible. Any advice on making this swap. Bob Cowherd, BCA #37950, 315-655-3864 (12) Wanted—1970 GS console auto shifter: May buy whole console. John, BCA #31309, (12,1) Wanted—Convertible top up/down switch for 1971 LeSabre convertible: BCA #13575, 651-674-7860 (12,1)t

memorabilia for sale BUICK decanter set: (possible crystal) very, very, very nice, unused condition, $100 plus packaging, insurance & shipping. Frankly I'd prefer pickup due to the fragile nature. Carl Finer, BCA #8957, 33 Haven Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360, (12,1,2) 1959 Buick introduction by Bob Hope to Buick dealers: via RCA 33 1/3 RPM


record, $100. “The Car” 1959 Buick introduction national radio, seven spot commercials via 33 1/3 RPM record, $300. Free shipping USA only. Jack Scott, BCA #12879, 407-830-4954, (12)t

commercials from the Honeymooners TV show. 45 minutes long, $12.50 postpaid. Send check or money order to Harold Doebel, BCA #40409, Box 321, Ocean Gate, NJ 08740, 732269-1206 (12)t

memorabilia wanted

services offered

BCA National Meet plaques, pins, and programs: I need 1972 (Flint), 1975 (Flint), 2017 (Wisconsin), and 2018 (Denver) program. I also need 2018 (Denver) dash plaque, and 2017 (Wisconsin) and 2018 (Denver) judging pins. Please help me complete my collection. Jerry Root, BCA #11860, 5795 Fikes Road, Memphis, NY 13112, 315-277-5727 or (09/19)t

Buick Art: Have your Buick showcased as the work of art that it is! Taking commissions to digitally hand-paint any image of one's favorite automobile or automobile accessory. These high resolution paintings are perfect for large prints or for smaller needs such as business cards, shirts or webpage layout. Also makes the perfect holiday gift. $89, Price include high resolution file of painting. Prints and framing available upon request. Call, text, or email for more information, Brandon Todd, BCA# 48330,, 573-629-7131 Carburetor rebuilding: I'll rebuild your 1956-1966 Buick four-barrel

print media for sale Master Body Parts Book 1928 – 1954: Master Parts List For Chassis 1928 – 1950. Both are in average used condition, no missing pages. $125 shipped free to a US Zip Code, all others plus postage. Carl Finer, NVA #8957, 33 Haven Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360, (12,1,2) DVD – “1956 Buick, The Best Buick Yet”: Contains a promo and

Please check the time zone before placing your call!

Rochester for member special price of $250, includes run testing. I cure leaks, stalling, flat spots, flooding. All prices plus $25 S&H. Don Monroe, 8904 65th St., West, Tacoma, WA. 98467, 253-566-8488 (12) Dashboards 1954-55 Buick engine turned: Also door panels. And we still do the 1940-1941 Buick dashboards, engine turned and installed like new. Our specialty for 25 years. Doug Seybold, BCA #3983, 2761 Clark Parkway, Westlake, OH 44145, 440835-1193. (12) Steering Wheels: Award winning steering wheels. Your original steering wheel recast in its original color. Select from many colors at no additional cost. Translucent colors and custom steering wheels our specialty. Call for pricing. J. B. Donaldson, 2533 W. Cypress Street, Phoenix, AZ 85009, 602-278-4505, (09/19) Woodgraining: Concours-quality woodgraining of dashboards and interior trim at reasonable rates, plus specialized detailing of chrome and stainless steel trim offered. Keith Payne, BCA #44437, P.O. Box 490, Purcellville, VA 20134, 571-442-0625, (05/10)t

Now ALL STRInviting Buick OAIGHT 8 wners

ing Now Invit HT 8 IG A R T ALL S Owners Buick


ADVERTISER INDEX 2019 BCA National Meet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Bell Buick Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Bob’s Automobilia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Buick Heritage Alliance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Buick Motor Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-47 CARS, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Clark’s Corvair Parts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Classic Buicks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Fusick Automotive Products, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Harnesses Unlimited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Hyman, LTD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Kanter Auto Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Riviera Owner’s Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Speed & Sport Chrome Plating . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Steele Rubber Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 TP Tip Tools & Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Waldron’s Antique Exhaust. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Become a member and receive the

North American Dues $40 Overseas Dues $60 Contact Gene Phillips: 2733 Cassell Dr. • Anderson, IN 46012 765-642-4088 •

DEADLINE: December 24 for Bugle February 2019 issue Check our web site for advertising prices and details BUICK BUGLE December 2018 45

Three bus tours during the national meet: Oklahoma City



National Memorial & Museum, Automobile Alley Historic District, Buick Building for lunch $80 for bus, museum tickets & lunch •Wednesday, June 12: 12:00 AM-4:00 PM •Thursday, June 13: 9:00 AM-2:00 PM •Friday, June 14: 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Bud’s Auto Salvage in Aline Thursday, June 13 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Take a short bus ride with BCA friends to Oklahoma City for a tour of the National Memorial and Museum, which honors the victims, survivors, rescuers and all who were affected by the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. Tour the historic Automobile Alley district, which contains numerous heritage buildings that were once home to prestigious automobile dealerships. Today many of the historic neon-lit buildings have been renovated into restaurants, bars, retail shops and urban residences. We will enjoy a group lunch in the historic Buick Building — the first and one of the largest dealership buildings in Automobile Alley.

The Modernism Festival


$60 for bus, museum tickets & lunch This is a GREAT tour for anyone who loves history and old cars! Take a leisurely 2+ hour bus ride north to Aline, Oklahoma for an exciting visit to Bud’s Auto Salvage, which has one of the largest (60 acres!) selections of cars, trucks and parts in the Midwest (read about Bud’s in the March 2016 Bugle). Lunch will be served by a group of local women.

After Bud’s, we’ll stop 1/2 mile down the road to visit Aline’s original 1894 Sod House Museum, which has exhibits, artifacts, photographs and a root cellar portraying the daily activities of the early-day pioneers. The grounds include an additional building displaying horse-drawn equipment and period farm implements.

June 13-15

Modernism Mod Market Preview & Fashion Show Friday, June 14, 6:30-9:00 PM $30 for bus & ticket

The Modernism Festival Saturday, June 14, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM $30 for bus & ticket 1950s and ‘60s Buicks aren’t the only “hip” things you will see this weekend. Get a look at mid-century furniture, styles and accessorires when you attend Oklahoma City’s popular annual Moderism Festival, which is held all weekend Friday through Sunday. We are offering two bus tours: Friday evening is the preview tour and fashion show. Saturday morning’s bus trip will take you to the Festival show. Both events are held at the historic domed First Christian Church. Be there or be square!

Registration forms available on the Bugle cover wrap and BCA website:

The Buick Bugle - 2018 December  

The Buick Bugle - 2018 December. The Official publication of the Buick Club of America.

The Buick Bugle - 2018 December  

The Buick Bugle - 2018 December. The Official publication of the Buick Club of America.