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Issue NC3 Autumn 2018

INSEPARABLE A young mother shares the emotional tale of her time with Grimsby’s Full Families

Heeling over

Boxing clever

Warm welcome

Regional guests enjoy a taster sail event with CatZero

Families choose fun boxing programme for their summer holiday

Essex man David Andrews joins the CatZero team

Our news issues are kindly funded entirely by a private donation from the Hawerby Trust

Dear friends of CatZero ... WELCOME to the Autumn 2018 edition of CatZero’s newsletter. This is funded entirely by a private donation from the Hawerby Trust, as a way for us to keep you informed of how we are delivering lasting personal change to a growing number of participants. Our forward on this occasion comes from Progression Manager, Gail Howson. As one of three ‘moveon’ officers, the work that Gail and the team provides is unique in its offering ... ensuring a vital wrap-around service exists for participants who are determined to create new opportunities for themselves. Gail has 35 years’ experience within the career’s service, spending the majority of those with Connexions, before joining the CatZero team in 2012. A true advocate of her work, Gail lives by the ethos ‘Once CatZero, Always CatZero’ and her words speak for themselves ... “The opportunities that are there for many of our participants are only truly realised due to the care our move-on team is able to provide – and it is not just a case of the next week or the next month, but years after. Be it problems with updating CVs, applying for a new course or changing jobs – or just calling in to tell us they are getting married or having a baby, these clients have become members of our family and they regard us as members of theirs. “Once a programme is completed, and this is for any age-group, there will be an intensive period of move-on support when every available opportunity is investigated for clients to secure their new futures. “That then leads to meaningful employment or training – and with our robust recording we know exactly where all our past participants are within their progression and keep in regular contact in the weeks and months ahead. “We also ensure the team is kept up-to-date, with knowledge of the types of work that is available on both sides of the Humber, which sectors are increasing or declining and what skills are needed. This helps us all to understand the economic and employment make-up of the geographical area, which in turn means our delivery and move on sessions are relevant. “It is this knowledge coupled with our hand-holding and support that prevents participants from taking a backward step, they know what they need to do but they cannot always do it on their own and that is what we are there for. “Thank you, once again.”


A vital piece of the Third Sector their paces, asking questions on an agreed job role or profession. Joanne Cooper, a Personal Assistant with Barclays’ North East SME sector explained Barclays’ long-running support for CatZero: “After being introduced to the work of CatZero, we were happy to help in providing a venue for the mock interviews. “When preparing for work, it is important that people have this kind of experience and we can see the positive impact it does have on the individuals. Pictured with Samantha and Paul is participant Ashley.

VOLUNTEERS are a vital part of the CatZero success story – from individuals to corporate supporters, there are many who give their time and premises freely.

“For some, it will be the first time that they have been put into this environment and it is only by practice that you can improve.” If you or your business can help in any way then please email

Barclays, along Hull’s Humber Quays, offers up impressive offices on its fourth floor for the mock interviews that we run as part of our personal development programmes. Held towards the end of the three-months, they see participants having to dress appropriately and find their own way to the building, introducing themselves at reception and taking the lift – making sure they are on time, of course. They are then invited into the ‘real life’ interview situation during which volunteers – all professionals from business and industry – put them through

Samantha Maskell, is proud to volunteer to assist with the CatZero mock interview days. Samantha, a former pupil at Bransholme High School, studied Law at Brunel University, in London, before winning a scholarship and training to be a Barrister at Nottingham Law School. Now in a senior position with the University of Hull, Samantha understands the insecurities that people go through when they are attempting to advance themselves and hopes her experiences can help others. That is why she volunteers for the organisation.

Samantha with Paul Wise of CatZero, who presented participants with questions during their mock interview day. The participants are part of the current CLLD programme for the long-term unemployed.

“I can recall my first months at university in London and the feelings of inadequacy and not belonging that I had, but all it takes is confidence in yourself along with the right drive and support, and you can achieve anything. “You can overcome any obstacles that you have in front of you and CatZero helps people to do this. It makes people believe in themselves who have not done so before and that is why it changes lives,” said Samantha. For volunteering opportunities within CatZero please email



Jim Dick: Chair of Trustees since 2008 THE strength of any charitable organisation is rooted in a successful and lasting partnership between those who are employed to run it and those who are entrusted with its stewardship. CatZero is proud to say it has one of the most stable and committed trustee boards that you are likely to find – and at its helm is a retired businessman who has the same passion for the charity as he did when he facilitated its launch a decade ago. Jim, a former executive at Smith & Nephew, was just 18 months or so into his retirement when his chairmanship of the Hull and Humber Clipper Steering Group saw him sail a leg of the roundthe-world Clipper race. On board with him were a group of NEETs (young people not in employment, education or training) from north of the Humber, along with skipper Danny Watson. The young people were selected as a way of engaging the community in the Clipper experience. But it did so much more than that, explains Jim. “What myself and Danny witnessed was the transformational change that the Clipper journey took these young people on. It was incredible, and we came back knowing that we had to take something more permanent from this.” The public sector employee charged with finding the young people for the voyage had been Dave Bertholini. Together Jim, Dave and Danny set about devising a ground-breaking programme that combined the ‘transformational’ experience of sailing with the onshore training and mentoring required to effect lasting personal change. “It was clear that we needed a lot more than sailing. Dave coming on board gave us someone with vast experience who had been looking at best practice with regards to youth programmes across Britain. It was this expertise that saw solid leadership of our programmes, which remains today,” says Jim. However, it was not all plain sailing. CatZero’s purchase of its challenge yacht, using NHS money, led to criticism from the then Prime Minister David

Cameron who dubbed it a ‘yacht for yobs’. This broadside simply strengthened the resolve of the team, recalls Jim. “It was all about the people and wanting to change their lives. There was a determination to prove that we were right and the only way to answer that criticism was to make a success of it.” Ten years later, Jim, Dave (Director of Operations) and Danny (Director of Sailing) remain at the head of the organisation, supported by a team that has remained largely unchanged over that decade. Hundreds of young people, and now adults and full families, have been helped and CatZero remains a well-run and efficient charity with every penny going back into helping some of the most disadvantaged people within our communities. Consistency of performance, solid leadership and innovation run alongside robust auditing and performance measures to ensure the charity is transparent, adds Jim. “Any good charity will run along business lines, with solid measures put into place to ensure its reputation and longevity. We are very good at what we do, our targets are always met, and we have strong principles and governance, but without being embroiled in red-tape.” Over the years it is the people who have remained at the forefront of Jim’s mind and he is extremely proud of CatZero’s ability to be one step ahead – for example, the present Full Families programme came out just as Government was recognising the need to work along similar lines. “I truly believe our work with Full Families is going to be a real game-changer. As a nation, we must tackle the inter-generational issues that exist within families. It is only by breaking that continued cycle that we are going to create true change. It is no good treating the symptoms, you need to work on the cause,” adds Jim.

programmes that work in the long-term.In CatZero, Wynne says he sees a group that has the foresight and skills to truly change lives, with the after-care and support being a vital ingredient. “I had seen first-hand what I call ‘tick-box’ schemes to help young people and that approach simply did not work.

‘CatZero has the foresight and skills to change lives’ IN JANUARY 2009, CatZero launched its first ever programme for young people in Hull, who were not in employment, education or training (NEETS). As we move towards our tenth anniversary, our work has now expanded to encompass both sides of the Humber estuary - delivering lasting personal change to all ages,with many of our participants living in some of the most challenging areas of East Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire. Over the years our work has been recognised and supported by some of the most successful businessmen and women in the region, who recognise the need for ‘change’ programmes to be different in their delivery. Through the Hawerby Trust, CatZero receives such support from Wynne Griffiths, who is the former Chief Executive of Young’s. In his previous business role, Wynne saw a talented team of people at Young’s given the opportunity to succeed and he sees the same ethos engrained in CatZero. “Young’s was built by people from this region who, when given the opportunity to use their commitment, energy and skills created one of the world’s most successful seafood businesses here in Grimsby. Those who support CatZero have the same ambition and aspirations,” said Wynne. A frustration for many professionals has been the inability of other organisations to offer change

“What I found in CatZero was an organisation that gets results, with a high success rate and really sustainable outcomes.” What also impressed Wynne was the way in which the founders of CatZero were determined to stand by their focus to include sailing as a bedrock of their change programmes. A keen sailor, Wynne understands the demands that are put on a person out at sea. “What those who criticise or question this fail to understand is that this is the truly transformational part of the programme, especially for the young people. “To spend days in such a close environment, to be on four-hour watches, to cook, clean up after others and be responsible for every part of that boat is a massive journey and all of this with no alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or mobiles phones. It is also a chance for some of the young people to actually eat three proper meals, freshly prepared. The ten-day sails on these programmes are the game changers, truly transformational,” he said. Wynne’s support for the charity also sees him take an active part in trying to spread the word and he hosts regular taster sails for leading professionals across both sides of the Humber. “As we look to the future, the vision is to try to change lives. If you look at the population of 16 to 25-year-olds in this region, you realise the need to do so and the absolute requirement to try and secure up to 16 CatZero programmes for young people every year.” With a dream to see a second charity yacht moored permanently on the south side of the Humber, Wynne’s determination is matched by his unstinting support for CatZero.



“I have now opened my eyes and seen a better life than before.”

As you read in our last newsletter, the Grimsby Full Families programme, running in conjunction with CPO (Creating Positive Opportunities), is beginning to have a real impact in the delivery of lasting personal change to grandparents, mothers, fathers and children. We are now working with more than 40 families from some of the town’s most challenging areas – firm in our belief that it is only by dealing with generational issues that you can effect true change. But enough from us - let us introduce you to young mum Paige and her family. CORBIN is your typical toddler – a real livewire, he smiles and laughs as he runs around the living room playing with his toys and demanding attention from the adults around him. His mum Paige and her partner Kieran clearly dote on the two-and-a-half-year-old and talk about his first days at nursery and progression into fulltime school. Together the family is looking forward to moving from their central Grimsby flat into a house in the next few weeks. “We can then get settled and that is what I want. Corbin can get his education in the same schools

throughout and have a good future,” said Paige. However, if you turn the clock back to the start of 2018, the picture was very different for the young couple, both 22. Corbin was born when Paige was just 19 and involved in a troubled relationship. With a new-born, she became a single mum and spent time moving from place to place before meeting Kieran and being introduced to the Full Families programme. “When I look back I realise I was a wreck, in fact I was falling apart. I loved Corbin from the start, but I was at breaking point and ready to lose myself,” recalled Paige. With a specific brief to help families of all ages in crisis, the CatZero and CPO (Creating Positive Opportunities) programme is running in North East Lincolnshire for three years – having received £349,000 from the Big Lottery through its Reaching Communities arm. For Paige, Kieran and Corbin the support has provided the springboard for them to deliver true and lasting change for themselves. CatZero Delivery Officer Sarah Coulson has worked with the family, attending official meetings,

Proud as punch ... FAMILIES taking part in the programme were invited to take part in a number of summer holiday activities, chosen by them. As part of their acitivity days, they attended the Grimsby Boxing Academy with owner Andy Cox. Andy has supported CatZero programmes for several years and hosted boxing training sessions at his gym, in Freeman Street.

encouraging them to join a series of summer activity days – including paediatric first aid and healthy cooking on a budget – along with assisting with day-to-day problems to achieve a successful future. Paige has also embarked on a Triple P parenting course. “It feels for the first time that someone is listening to me. I still have bad days, but they are much fewer and I understand the need to keep my mind busy and get on with my life,” said Paige.

A former professional, he is now one of the town’s best-known coaches and seeing people grow in confidence and ability is a rewarding part of his work. “Being part of projects like this is fantastic. Success for me is working with young people to see them grow and change some of the habits that have put them in the wrong situation,” said Andy.

“Sarah has helped us all so much – I have now opened my eyes and have seen a better life than before. My confidence is much better, and I can move forward. I see a bright future for Corbin,” added Paige. For more information on Full Families, please email Programme Manager Sean Cahill: sean@catzero. org

Happy faces: Paige, Kieran and Corbin enjoy time together.




‘AMAZING’. That is the one word 25-year-old Beth uses to sum up her CatZero experience. Beth Docwra successfully completed a Green Port Hull programme in 2017 – and happily says she has never looked back. Now in full time work, she is saving her money to travel and has built her confidence and experience. From Bransholme, Beth completed a Tourism and Travel course at Wilberforce College, but full time work eluded her, and she embarked on the CatZero programme after a JobCentre referral. Summing up how she felt before the course, she simply said: “I was embarrassed to not have a job. I went to interviews but did not get anything because I did not have any experience.” During the programme, she experienced rock climbing and sailing for the first time, undertook the mock interviews, CV writing and gained a whole host of qualifications – preparing her for her new life. “I met new people and made new friends, I simply cannot tell you how amazing the course was,” she said. On completion, Beth was assisted in applying for jobs and is now working full time in the medical warehouse at Smith & Nephew. “If I had not been on the programme I would probably be at home wishing I had a job and money for myself,” said Beth. So, just what did Beth treat herself to when she received her first wage: “A skydive in Bridlington – and I’ve booked another,” she added!

Seeds of opportunity GREEN Port Hull funded a total of eight programmes, using monies from its Green Shoots of Opportunity Fund. The fund was established to ensure the whole of the Humber region and its communities were able to see the benefits of the burgeoning renewables sector. The eight programmes ran during 2017 and 2018 in Hull, Beverley, Goole and Grimsby, with a headline target of ensuring 48 of the participants gained full time employment, education or training (these are known as hard outcomes). We have already exceeded that target with 54 confirmed hard outcomes, and more to follow, with people volunteering, or in part-time work or education. Sea fishing, fabrication and welding, outdoor activity leadership, customer service, production and manufacturing, retail, stewarding/security and administration are just some of the full-time jobs that participants have moved into.

Mashing it up for the day IT WAS back to the good old school days of the 1980s when lunch was prepared and served by members of a Hull programme for the long-term unemployed. There are currently two programmes running in the city supported by CLLD (Community-led Local Development) and the participants of one of them held their Café Day for more than 22 guests, including professionals from business and city organisations. The guests selected from a menu of tomato soup, lasagne, sausage and mash and vegetable curry before desserts of rice pudding, chocolate crunch or treacle sponge – with pink custard of course. Tables were laid out in rows, like a traditional canteen – with a set of school rules, which included ‘no elbows on the table’ and ‘no mobile phones’. A quiz was also prepared, to test guests’ memories of school day lessons. All at CatZero thanked hosts at the Minerva Masonic Hall, in Hull for providing the venue. For the full story, go to www.catzero. org/2018/09/19/going-back-to-school-for-latest-cafe-day



What’s new for next year? As we head into the autumn, we are already planning a variety of programmes. Here is a snapshot of what the next 12 months will look like ...

Veterans will play a large part in one of our programmes and in advance of that work, a taster sail was held with both veterans and those who support them across Hull and the East Riding including the Prison Service and the Goodwin Trust.

• A Veterans Programme funded by ABF soldiers’ charity, RAF benevolent fund (if any RAF participants ) and JobCentre Plus. This programme for unemployed veterans is to help them move into civilian life if recently left the services or to be supported back into work. The programme will look at civilian qualifications, motivational activities and address the needs of a retuning service person with the introductions to the appropriate support services. The group will experience a voyage on the CatZero yacht. • Lone Parents programme, an adapted programme supporting lone parents to be able to find work if suitable for them. With shorter sessions we can allow participants to meet their childcare commitments while attending a programme two days a week. Within the programme we will offer the opportunity to undertake three different qual-

ifications, challenging and motivational activities, one-to-one action planning as well as a taster sail on the CatZero yacht. • CLLD (Community Led Local Development) 3 and 4. Two European funded programmes will be starting in 2019, one in January and the other in April. These programmes offer six different qualifications, increased life skills, challenging activities, one-to-one action planning and the opportunity to sail on the CatZero yacht. The participants within these two programmes will be 18 years of age or older and live within specific postcodes within Hull. • And, of course, our North East Lincolnshire Full Families programme, will continue, as we work with a growing number of families.

As part of CatZero’s continued efforts to raise awareness of its work, it holds regular taster sails for key private and public sector figures within our community. On our sail in September the leader of North East Lincolnshire Council Cllr Ray Oxby, was among the guests. Read the full story on our website at www.catzero. org/2018/09/06/sailing-away-to-increaseawareness-of-catzero

The only way is Essex We have a new team member to support our 2019 work! “I FEEL like this is where all my previous experience has led me to.” These are the words of our latest recruit, CatZero Delivery Officer David Andrews as he settles into his new role with the team based in Hull. David, originally from Essex, has a background in charity work and social care and support – with previous roles in mental health support, substance misuse and working within the criminal justice system. No stranger to the ebbs and flows of charity work, redundancy due to funding changes within previous roles, saw David reassess his life and career in the south – and head north, to East Yorkshire. Now settled in Driffield, he is delighted to be part of the CatZero team and is already assisting on current projects. “It really feels that this is the right place and the right time for me to be here,” said David. Of his move from Colchester to Hull and the East Riding, he adds: “There are things that are unique to Hull. But it is important to remember that people in crisis are people in crisis where-ever they are – the geography doesn’t come into it a huge amount.”



The right point of sail “IF YOU do something you enjoy doing, you will become good at it and if you become good at something, someone will eventually pay you.” This is the ethos by which round-the-world skipper Danny Watson has lived by. It has certainly served him well, and for the last decade his mission has been to pass that mantra onto the young people and adults he works with. We all know Danny as CatZero’s Director of Sailing a vital spoke in the wheel of our organisation. As we move into 2019, our tenth anniversary year, Danny will be delivering lasting personal change through the unique programmes we structure for a variety of individuals and the long term unemployed. However, there is much more to Danny’s remit as he plays a key role in the organisation and management of our corporate onshore and offshore team-building, our business day sails and organising our oncein-a-lifetime sailing experiences. These, along with the cycle adventures he also organises and leads, all raise vital funds for our programmes. Danny’s vast sailing experience, coupled with his academic and city background, gives him a high pedigree in business team-building delivery. Danny graduated from the University of Edinburgh as Batchelor of Commerce with Honours in 1993. His business career started with Tullet & Tokyo Forex money brokerage. He then moved into sports management and sponsorship negotiations, by establishing an agency with Duncan Goodhew, whose clients included Ian Botham. Danny’s professional sailing career started with private charters, leading to skippering for Professional Yacht Deliveries Ltd. He then became the Skipper of the Ocean Youth Trust North West, working with young people. His next move was into round the world yacht racing as the Skipper of the Qingdao in 05/06, and he trained the crew. The contract was extended to 07/08 with Clipper Ventures, when he became the Skipper of the Hull & Humber, which won overall second place. Danny again had responsibility for

At the helm: Skipper Danny Watson.

crew training and supported Hull’s Tag Team (part of the Wilberforce 200th Anniversary celebrations). As well as having raced twice round the world, he is a highly qualified Yachtmaster Ocean with Commercial Endorsements, and holds his MCA Class 4 Master Yacht 3000 tonne.

Adventure of a lifetime

DANNY is again heading up a team to take our race-ready CatZero Challenge 72 Yacht on the 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race – and you could be on board. There are 12 spaces and with bookings already taking place, it could be the perfect special Christmas or birthday present for someone! This 608 nm race is the highlight of the sailing calendar and is one of the most demanding offshore races. Participants will join CatZero on Thursday 1 August 2019 at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth for inductions, kitting up and boat familiarisation before sailing across to the Cowes Yacht Haven, Isle of Wight, ready for five days of action packed racing which commences on Saturday 3rd August 2019. The race starts just outside Cowes at the Royal Yacht Squadron start line. The fleet head west to Lands End, before heading over to the Fastnet Rock near the south-west corner of Ireland, before sailing back around the Scilly Isles, eventually finishing in Plymouth. For full details and booking go to sailing/#fast

Could a trip out to sea be good for your business? OVER the last decade, Danny has organised team-building exercises for a whole host of businesses, including KCOM, ABP, the William Jackson Food Group, Andrew Marr International Ltd and AkzoNobel. Great teamwork is the key to all success and we offer a unique opportunity to challenge, motivate and bond teams. Tailored to individual needs, we offer management team days, teamwork and leadership challenges, reward and incentive packages and corporate hospitality. In addition, we offer RYA approved VHF qualification courses and RYA approved First Aid courses. This is what a representative from one company had to say after a team-building day: “We are a communications company and as a team we have never communicated better than we did today.”

For more details go to sailing or email or Join us on the waves ... other sailing opportunities for friends, colleagues and family include:

Dutch Dash: This four-day, 400-mile round-trip is a North Sea experience taking you from the Humber estuary to Amsterdam. It is a unique trip with time in the Dutch capital and we take all ages on board – from teenagers to 80-year-olds! Taster & Day Sails: The 3/4 hour trips from Hull or Grimsby are great for a family treat or surprise. 12-hour sails: These day-long sails offer a challenge away from the work environment or just having fun with family and friends. Departing from Hull or Grimsby you are taken into the mouth of the North Sea. School sails and bespoke opportunities: We offer individual sails for schools or groups/organisations and families taking private charters.

For full details, visit:



Wheelie good fun! THIS will be our BIGGEST and BEST CatZero Cycle Challenge, (CCC), yet – come and join us! To mark the 10th anniversary of CatZero, we have decided to change our annual coast-to-coast CCC – making it a little longer and a ‘true’ east to west, starting in Hornsea and finishing in Southport. These two towns mark the very furthest east and west respectively! All in all it takes in 200-miles, with an impressive total climb of 5,580ft (1710m). But rest-assured there is a full support crew on hand at all times, with all the help you will need – and leader Danny Watson assures cyclists that it is an enjoyable ride. There are stops every 10-12 miles with food and riders’ bags ready. The group always rides together with an emphasis on supporting each other. The ride takes place over three days: Day One: Hornsea to Doncaster, 71 miles with a 880 ft climb (270m). This is the longest distance with the least climb and the greatest proportion of tarmac. Day Two: Doncaster to Didsbury: 65 miles and a 3400 ft climb (1040m). This is the most challenging but beautiful day crossing the Pennines via Woodhead pass. The route to Penistone is mostly on river/canal paths and old railway lines connected with shorter road or trail sections some with steep climbs. Day Three: Didsbury to Southport: 63 miles with a 1300 ft climb (400m). Leaving Didsbury the route joins the Mersey for the first time. As well as old railway and canal sections the route follows the Mersey and Manchester ship canal at times. Then it’s back to Hull via the transport for a celebrity hog roast. The challenge takes place from Sept 13th to Sept 15th next year with riders asked to contribute £50 per day to cover the CatZero Support Team, which will be on hand to support you along the way! The package also includes transportation of you and your cycle back to Hull, training activities leading up to the event, accommodation for two nights, packed lunch/drinks whilst cycling and a CatZero Cycle Challenge t-shirt. Your challenge is to endeavour to raise £500 sponsorship for CatZero – Can you do it? For more details and your application form, please contact or 01482 333303.

On your marks ... THE honour of starting Hull’s summer domino spectacular went to a young woman who has changed her life around, thanks to CatZero.

Beth Love, 21, of Hull, pushed the first domino at the Boat Yard in Hull Marina during the August event – setting off the chain reaction of two miles, lasting 60 minutes. Dominoes, by Station House Opera, was Absolutely Cultured’s summer event in the city, which saw over 12,000 breezeblocks weave through streets, public squares and falling from windows. Katy Fuller, CEO and Creative Director of Absolutely Cultured, was delighted that Beth was able to start the event. Katy said: “It was a great honour to have such an inspirational young woman start Dominoes. The artists wanted someone with a connection to the marina. Finding Beth, and her story about how she changed her life by participating in a CatZero programme, building confidence to achieve qualifications and tackle an eight-day sail made that even more meaningful. “Dominoes was a celebratory event for the whole city, watched by over 30,000 people, so being the person who started the whole 3.5km run must have been pretty daunting and she did it with grace and confidence.” For the full story go to www.catzero. org/2018/08/13/beth-was-overwhelmed-to-starthulls-great-domino-event/

High hopes for Eastern delights DREAMS of her own restaurant, with signature dishes being from her Lithuanian homeland, are now fixed in the mind of a Hull teenager, whose life has direction and meaning thanks to CatZero. Erica Adomaviciute appreciates there is a lot of hard work to come, but she is determined to climb the ladder of success. “It is small steps and I have so very much to learn, but you never know what I could do in the future,” said Erica. Erica was just 15 when she came over to Hull from Lithuania. Joining her mum, she attended Rise Academy and St Mary’s College, before a spell with Princes Trust. However, still unsure of what her future would hold Erica’s life changed forever when she heard about the 2018 CatZero programme for NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training), which was supported by J. Marr (Seafoods) Ltd and Andrew Marr International Ltd. By the end of the programme she had passed qualifications in First Aid, Health and Safety in the Workplace, COSHH, Manual Handling and Competent Crew from the Royal Yachting Association. She also took part in café cookery days and, of course, the long-sail from Hull to the Isle of Wight and back. But, more importantly, she had a clear career path and with the help of CatZero move-on team member Fiona Daggett she has begun a six-week City & New confidence: Budding chef Erica Adomaviciute. Guilds Level Two Professional Cookery Course at the Malmo Food Park. “CatZero gave me so much more confidence, independence and happiness. I now know that people will help if you ask, and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so,” said Erica. You never know you may just be served her favourite dish, Lithuanian Dumplings, in her own restaurant in the future. “Well you never know,” she added!


2B Humber Street Hull HU1 1TG Info: (01482) 333303

The Business and Digital Hub Freeman Street Market Grimsby DN32 7DS

CatZero’s O-Zone magazine is written and produced by Southbank PR, Grimsby. Copyright 2018

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CatZero O-Zone Autumn NC02  

The autumn newsletter of the charity CatZero, currently working across the Humber region. CatZero's dedicated team works with children, you...

CatZero O-Zone Autumn NC02  

The autumn newsletter of the charity CatZero, currently working across the Humber region. CatZero's dedicated team works with children, you...

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