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agli organi umani più importanti come cuore e cervello, fino alla mappa della metropolitana di Roma. L’oggetto umile per eccellenza, lo zerbino, si trasforma quindi in immagini pronte per essere calpestate. Anche quando l’artista nobilita questa sua pratica incisoria (che potrebbe essere paragonata alla xilografia) ribaltando l’orizzontalità in verticalità, il riferimento all’oggetto originale e alla sua funzione resta. Objet trouvé, obsolescenza, cultura alta e cultura bassa, ironia. Attraverso questa concatenazione tutto finisce sotto ai nostri piedi: Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. Silvano Manganaro

Marco Bernardi: the anti modernist who came from the future The myth of the machine has driven modernity from its beginnings: it’s a machine that has evolved and shed its essence of being a bulky, unwieldy contraption to increasingly adapt itself to man, right through to its complete simulation. It’s no accident that the pinnacle of technology is found in the android: the humanoid robot that is as equally refined as it is capable of masking its own true nature. The latest Japanese fembots – as well as, in some ways, the various Siri and Cortana; our personal secretaries trapped inside a smartphone – are shining examples of this. Incredibly, in the work of Marco Bernardi (a huge fan of science fiction), it is possible to witness a reverse process being undertaken. It is in this regression that the machines assume a human state, becoming empathetic, and in some way, also exciting. If the height of technology in contemporary industry is used to conceal itself, one of Bernardi’s creative processes is to instead deconstruct already obsolete objects, discovering their mechanisms and base functions (which are often extremely simple), and utilising all of this to construct bachelor machines. The act of dismantling is one which takes us back to curious, brilliant and innocent childhoods: to a necessity (to dismantle) that is tied to discovering what makes things work, and to unveiling the mysteries of these enclosed


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Vanagloria - Marco Bernardi  

Vanagloria - Marco Bernardi