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Learn About The Different Garage Floor Types

Many home owners or building owners give more attention on the walls and ceiling than on floors and this is most especially true on the walls in less-traffic areas such as the garage and storage. It could be because the walls and the ceilings are the first things people see or notice in a building. However, floors are also as much important as walls and ceilings. In fact, building contractors advise that the floor should not be taken for granted, even in areas like your garage. For homeowners or building owners who want to bring out the best of their floors in areas like garage, storage room or deck, here are some options when it comes to floor finishing. Garage Epoxy Flooring For heavy traffic areas such as your garage, epoxy flooring is another type of flooring that cannot compete with vinyl flooring. Most modern epoxy flooring materials these days are complete systems in themselves – premium epoxy, anti-wear topcoat, application tools, etching solution, and a non-slip additive. What comes out is a highgloss epoxy floor finish. This is most fitting in places like machine shops, working areas, car repair shops, hangars and many others. The material in the kits includes the urethane fortified topcoat to guard against hot tire abrasion, chemicals and road salts. Garage Floor Mat Another special finish for the floor is the garage floor mat. These are usually made from polyvinyl. Compared to vinyl which is thin and delicate, polyvinyl is more forgiving. It is a rubberized version of vinyl. Vinyl curls, bunches under turning car tires, slippery and can last only by few years. The polyvinyl garage floor mats, on the other hand, is more durable and even simple to install. Rubber garage floor mat easily rolls out and covers the floor with no preparatory work needed. This material can be easily trimmed if a custom wall-to-wall installation is needed. The best part is that it does not curl or bunch up when passed over by a twisting or turning car or even a truck. It simply stays flat on the floor. This modern floor finisher is virtually resistant to chemicals, car fluids, road salts and is impervious to vehicle or human traffic.

These are used in garage shop floors, waiting rooms, working areas, and even in kennels. Progressive users used them in their patios and decks but note that for outdoor use, it needs a marine grade adhesive. The best thing about this option is that most manufacturers of such mats offer a 10-year guarantee on this product. Deck Paint Here is another coating that’s perfect as a floor finish on surfaces such as decks. Restore Deck Paint is not the same as regular grade coating because it is an industrial full strength formulation. It is flexible to withstand temperatures between minus 40 degrees and 200 degrees. This coating does not chip or crack or peel like the others. When applied, it bonds into the surface and forms a permanent solid material coating on the surface. Floors, basically, should be the first area that needs to have a finish first. If you want to bring out the best of your floor, may it be in areas like your garage, storage room or deck, it is always wise to use the best materials. The best materials are not always the most expensive ones; rather they are the materials that will last long and will not require technical expertise. To learn more about dune buggy parts, visit

Learn about the different garage floor types1  
Learn about the different garage floor types1  

Many home owners or building owners give more attention on the walls and ceiling than on floors and this is most especially true on the wall...