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What’s the difference As I have looked back at my articles I found that my weakest article was my synthesis paper. I tried hard to combine two articles together thinking they had to be so much alike at the beginning. When I was looking for articles I found myself stumbling which articles to choose from. I was over whelmed with Gaeleio and how to use the system. Once I had figured it out I was out to a start. I put the two articles together and wrote about the differences in war. Overall I seemed to cover the areas I needed to cover. I lacked a lot of grammar and sentence structure overall in my paper. I did not have well thought out ideas to form an organized first paper. I thought I would have received a better grade than I did but I went over and learned from my mistakes and took notes on where I made mistakes. As for my strongest paper I chose the critique paper. Even though I did not receive the best grade from this paper, I learned a lot form writing this paper. I had a second chance to rewrite this paper to increase my writing skills and to work on grammar and sentence structure. I had focused ore won materials than a strong thesis and topic sentences to back up my points. I feel I had improved in some areas such as grammar and somewhat of a better understanding on coherence. There are some important aspects I still need to focus on to become a good writer because I am nowhere from perfect. I will continue to strive to have goals in my writing and do better in other English classes. Overall, I have learned so much through this class and will always keep in mind all the important tools to write a good paper. I hope that through this class I will stay focused on what literature is and what is brings to make a good paper. I never knew what literature consisted of until I registered for this class and began all the reading materials.

Whats the difference