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Kandace Bugg K Redding/ English 1102 Synthesis Paper # 1 18 September 2011 Effects of War In the world of reality we are faced with challenges and hard decisions. As we grow into adults we are wiser and open to brighter things. Some people reflect on the past and may not forget memories. I have reviewed two articles written by Densye O’Leary and Robert S. Mulliken and have tied them together in a similar form. I will review the ways how war has changed Americans and how war has lead us into the present with memories of the past. As an adult one may focus on themselves and what is important around them. In the article “There Is a Country for Old Men” describes an individual named John O’Leary. He is 90 and is suffering from numerous strokes with an onset of Alzheimer’s. He was a member of World War II and has very few memories from the war. The memories he does have seems to torment him. The author Denyse goes on to describe how she plays a huge role in her father’s life at the end of his life. She contributes to visiting him in a hospital that he was residing in due to his well-being. She visited him on a daily basis. Denise would try and come up with ideas to bring up good memories from the past to make him happy through the present. John had portrayed himself as a war victim who deserves no self-respect. She learned through a family member that John wanted to be reunited with the lord so she found a priest three days after she heard the news. John had seemed to be forgiving himself for some consequences that had

happened in the war years. John had thought of himself, someone who didn’t deserve to live and to be honored an honorable man. During one tour he served he was asked to throw a bomb into a village and he refused because he knew he would be killing children and he couldn’t live with that in his life. He was one of many who suffered from depression and had a difficult time in recovering from it. Depression seems to happen in a lot of war veterans and affect their daily lives in America. Denyse quotes “We go on, day to day” and I interpreted it as we never know what’s going to happen in our lives daily. She is waiting until the day the Lord takes her father from her. Denyse will be relieved because she knows that he will be in a safe place. I believe that John knew he was doing the right thing fighting for his country and being able to provide for his family. His daughter Denyse knew that this was her time when her father needed her.

In “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist written by Robert S. Mulliken, was a wellknown professor of physics and chemistry at the University of Chicago (9). In this article I have found it discusses material about how the Soviet Union was in war. Mulliken talks about his first job and who he was under where he had opportunities to experiment with all the poison gases known to man (9). As for him being in the service it was brought to his attention that they were in war but not knowing who was fighting who and who had a better chance of winning. He believes that the soldiers need a good strong leader to protect our country. Mulliken states at the end of this article that there is no time to lose. I have interpreted it meaning that the war itself had begun and are in the middle of war. Many people go into war as a source of income but many look into it as a way of defending their country and fight for their rights. An argument was brought up by the government in investing in civil defense, and have the Soviet Union think we were preparing for war which was found out not to be the case. There are many departments who

play a role in war such as scientists, industrialists, and all the military. Together they come up with plans to form upcoming events in the world that we face today. All in all, I think all Americans want peace and no war but it seems that will never be the case in the not so perfect world we live in today. War today seems to differ from years ago because we have more technology to use. Many generations are looking at upcoming soldiers and telling their war stories and hoping their stories don’t happen to anyone else. We cannot predict the future and who we go into war with. Soldiers always hold onto the memories they have with them and learn to become strong war veterans.

Works Cited Mulliken S. Robert. “The Cold War.” The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist Oct. 1980: Print O’Leary, Denyse. “There Is A Country for Old Men.” Communique June 2011 44-47 Print.

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K Redding/ English 1102 bring up good memories from the past to make him happy through the present. John had heard the news. John had seemed...

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