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Feed on Foods that Fight Food Poisoning Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, food poisoning can still sneak in. Causes of food poisoning varies, including drinking contaminated water, eating spoiled food, or consuming food that have been infested by pests and bugs. According to Houston pest management, it is always best to ensure that the food you are about to cook, serve, and eat is free from pest contamination to avoid food poisoning.

If affected, use helpful foods against the ones that got you in this uncomfortable fix. Guard your gut with garlic. The allicin in garlic kills all sorts of bad bugs including bacteria, molds, viruses, yeasts, and other parasites. Its victims include H. pylori – the bug behind stomach ulcers – as well as Salmonella and E. coli. In fact, researchers at Kansas State University discovered that adding three to five teaspoons of garlic powder to two pounds of ground beef helps protect you against E. coli poisoning. Cool the pain with creamy yogurt. Research over the last 40 years shows that yogurt can help treat and perhaps prevent intestinal infections or diarrhea caused by bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli. Yogurt works like a natural antibiotic against some bacteria that cause food poisoning. Researchers in the Netherlands found rats that were given yogurt resisted Salmonella infections better than rats fed plain milk or acidified milk. Savor some soothing cinnamon. Cinnamon can kill E. coli. In one study, cinnamon added to apple juice infected with E. coli destroyed more than 99 percent of the bacteria after three days at room temperature. Cool it with peppermint. Peppermint can kill some bacteria that you could just as easily do without. What’s more, peppermint tea may calm those poor overstressed muscles in your digestive tract and provide a cooling sensation just when you need it most. Remember to check with your doctor before

using peppermint if you have liver or gall bladder disease. If peppermint causes heartburn trouble for you, try cinnamon instead. Enjoy your ginger. Not only is ginger a good remedy for nausea, it may also help your body produce bacteria that help you fight food poisoning. These bacteria help protect your intestines against potentially bad bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella. If your garden houses pests that contaminate the food that you eat, contact a professional Houston pest management company right away. For more information, visit Read the article here -

Feed on foods that fight food poisoning  
Feed on foods that fight food poisoning