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How to choose basketball shoes ?

Measure Your foot ! Knowing you exact length and width of foot will help you find shoes that fit properly‌

Basketball footwear comes in three basic styles High top cut Mid tops cut Low tops cut

High top cut – High top cut provide a high level of ankle support This type of cut rises up from the sole of the shoe and extends past the ankle so the ankle is covered completely. High-tops are generally the heaviest of the models because of the extra material

Mid top cuts Mid top cut have an upper that rises just below a player’s ankle. The mid-top is shorter than the high-top cuts The mid-top is the most popular style and is a solid choice for all-around players or beginners.

Low top cuts The advantage of the low-top is that it is the lightest of the three models this style allows fast players to capitalize on their speed and quickness. do not provide much ankle support

Look for the shoes !!! Each style of shoe cut provides specific benefits

High top cut

Mid top cut

Low top cut

Determine your playing style

What type of player you are ? 1. Power player

2. Speedster

3. All around player !

1. Power player This type of player requires a lot of physical contact and jumping within confined spaces. They want a shoe with maximum cushioning and stability High-tops or mid-tops shoes would work well for a power player.

2. Speedster Fast players rely on speed and quickness, so they don’t want a heavy shoe holding them back. Low-tops shoes will well suit them.

3. All around player They do a little bit of everything This type of player should look for shoes that offer good support, cushioning, and flexibility, but are not too bulky. Mid-tops are usually a great fit for this type of player.

Try before you buy‌ Give a test drive, take a walk around the store, jump up and down a couple of times

Important tips while trying shoes * Wear your shoes with socks * Best to try shoes at end of the day as feet expand slightly during physical activities * There should be about a finger’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.Â

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How to choose basketball shoes ?  

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