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How to choose a perfect cricket bat ?

Four main things to consider (i) Size (ii) Weight (iii) Model (iv) Brand

Size * Choose the correct size of the bat depending on your height and play style * Bat size being too large or small is difficult to control

Choose your bat size Bat Size

Approx Age















Full SH


Full LH


Weight * While choosing a bat prefer light weighted bats * See to that bat must be effortless to swing * Light bat - lighter than 2lb 60z * Medium size bat - weighting between 2lb 70z - 2lb 90z * Heavy bat – heavier than 21lb 90z

Model * Select the model of bat that suits your style of play * Next to consider is grade of wood * G1+ is the highest grade used by professional players

Most bats are made from (i) English williow which is soft fibrous wood with good striking quality (ii) Kashmir williow which is cheaper, harder and durable Its always better to English williow

Brand * Choose a reliable and trusted brands * Some of the trusted brands are Kookaburra, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, slazenger, etc * There are many manufacturer craving high quality bats with the best woods

Want to know top 10 cricket bats

1. Kookaburra Kahuna 2. SS Ton 3. Adidas Incurza 4. Grey Nicolls Viper 5. Adidas Master Blaster Club

6. GM Icon 7. Puma Ballistic 8. Reebok Blast 9. SG Cobra Select 10. Kookaburra Angry Beast

Choose a bat that give yourself higher chance of success !!!

You can now buy cricket bats online cheaper than offline, as online sports store tend to have fewer costs associated with their businesses and so can offer cheaper prices and discounts.

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How to choose a perfect cricket bat ?  
How to choose a perfect cricket bat ?  

There are some main factors to consider for choosing a cricket bat.