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Editor’s Note Welcome to spring and summer 2018! As we move into the warm weather that will be upon us very soon, our newest Buffalo Exchange ‘zine is here to offer you many, many ideas for fashion, life, and a fashionable lifestyle. The number one takeaway from this issue is to just be yourself. Let your own love for fashion win out over any preconceived notions you might have about what should go with what, or what everyone else is wearing. If you want to try something out, go for it! You won’t ever know if it’s going to work unless you try. From our featured stylists to some up and coming influencers, they all say “wear what you like”. We are also including more tips for your closet and how to do effective cleanouts (hint, shopping is involved). There’s great fashion, upcoming trends we love, festival tips, and a highlight about our Earth Day charity. Have a sit and read for a few minutes! Zine Team: Rebecca Block, Jessica Pruitt, Joe Carrel, Inara Edrington, Stephanie Lew, & Emma Robinson Publisher: Buffalo Exchange Ltd. Illustrator: Emma Robinson Printed by: Alphagraphics, Tucson, Az. Contributors: Amelia Gotobed, Jessica Pruitt, Ryan Htut, Ryan Naru, Lauren Franz-Maurer, Aaron Christopher, & Kelsey Breisinger Photographers: Monica Eckhoff, Stephanie Lew, Elise Michaux, Philip Sam, Dana Whitney, Sarah Mahalish, Catherine Van Overbeke, Calle Lintz, Lindsey Nix, Monique Wooley, & Josh Pomplas Special thanks to all of the stores that contributed

Please Recycle

3 New Approaches to Spring Closet Cleaning By Jessica Pruitt

If you’re dreading your annual spring closet cleanout, we get it. All those decisions, all those pants to try on, the new 6-inch layer of clothing carpeting your bedroom floor... yeah, that new Netflix series is looking pretty good all of a sudden. Fortunately, with these fresh ideas for cleaning out your closet, the task can actually be fun!

1. Treat yourself - Go shopping! We know that popular wisdom holds to eat your veggies first, dessert second and clean out your closet before you go shopping, but we’ve got other ideas. There’s no better motivation to finally get your closet organized than having a bunch of cute new things you want to make space for! Even better, go shopping at Buffalo, put your new finds on hold (you can hold up to 5 items for 24 hours) and then bring your closet cleanout back to trade in. You could end up shopping for your new spring wardrobe without spending a dime!

2. Put it on display!

Whether you have a huge walk-in closet (we wish) or a teeny little cupboard (we’re talking to you, NYC folks), do your best to put everything out on display. If you can’t see it, chances are low that you’ll actually wear it. The best way to do this is to remove anything that’s out of season or that you don’t plan on wearing regularly over the next couple of months and sort it into store, sell and donate piles. Think of your closet like a painter’s palette!

3. Try the shoe Challenge Too many shoes that you love but never wear? Tell us about it. Challenge yourself to wear a different pair of shoes every day for a month. You’ll be surprised how much this inspires interesting new outfit combos. Document your challenge along the way by snapping photos of each shoe and posting it to your Instagram – your followers can vote yay or nay to help you decide if they’re keepers or not. If you decide they’re uncomfortable or just not your style anymore, throw them right into a bag to sell. Once your closet cleanout is complete, make a list of all the things you’d like to add to your wardrobe for the new season and head down to your local Buffalo Exchange. You can trade the bin of clothing, shoes and accessories you’re no longer wearing for new finds or even pad your pockets with a few extra dollars!

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Trends We Love

STYLE PROFILE: Phoenix Lauren from @laurenloveserik

How would you describe your personal style? I’m a style chameleon all the way, but my love for vintage is always apparent - whether I’m feeling edgy or cute. Some days I might wear black high-waisted denim with a motorcycle jacket for a 50s teen rebel look, and the next day I might wear an early 60s Hawaiian caftan to fulfill my tropical fantasy. What is your favorite trend for Spring/Summer? I loved seeing nighties all over the runways at fashion week! I collect vintage nightgowns and robes in all sorts of candy colors, and I love wearing them when I go out! What are the top 5 must-have items you’re looking to add to your wardrobe? 1. 50s playsuits and short rompers 2. 40s style pinup overalls 3. 50s floral day dress 4. Vintage straw woven handbags 5. Lacy and sheer socks with heels and platforms What do you love about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? I love going straight to the vintage section knowing I’m going to find at least one amazing piece to go home with. I also love the vibe and the people at Buffalo. It’s a fun place to hang out and look around on a Sunday afternoon. Truly one of my “happy places.” What’s your favorite Buffalo find? I love 1950s-60s western patio skirts with metallic ric-rac trim. I have three that I love so much and I got each of them at my local Buffalo. What’s your best style advice? Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Seriously! Never say you can’t pull something off – it’s all about feeling your best! Who cares what anyone else thinks!

For the Record Photography by Monique Woolley

Clothing From Buffalo Exchange San Diego Hillcrest Models: Nichole Santas Stacy Cosman Tim Fisher

Folk Arts Rare Records San Diego, CA

Ultimate Festival Guide

Photography by Calle Lintz, Lindsey Nix; Styling by Calle Lintz, Lindsey Nix, Jen Novak; Modeling by Jen Novak, Cameron DeJong

A festival is the perfect occasion to put on your wildest outfits and let your stylish self be totally free! This year, we’re loving looks inspired by the MTV generation, stripped-back sporty fits and bold colors.

Don’t forget the layers you never know what the weather will be like!

Bring tops and bottoms that you can mix and match!

Pack as light as possible!

Once you get there, swap accessories with your friends for even more fun looks!

Packing Checklist: Portable chargers or an extra battery pack for your cell phone so you can capture all your favorite performers and take plenty of selfies with your friends Chapstick Sunscreen! Reapply throughout the day to keep your skin protected – getting a bad burn on day one will definitely put a damper on day two Sunglasses Reusable water bottle. Most festivals have free fill-up stations to keep you hydrated and dancing all night long Wet wipes Fanny pack or mini backpack so you can keep your essentials with you while dancing


Clothing from Buffalo Exchange Atlanta

Photographer: Ryan Naru


Models: Daijah Thomasson, Natalia Diaz, Cassidy Hayes


How would you describe your personal style? A mix of classy, trendy, chic and girly. However sometimes I can be super sassy - it really just depends on my mood! What is your favorite trend for Spring/Summer? Omg so many! Tracksuits, trench coats, jumpsuits and plaid. Also millennial pink is staying a favorite, so super pumped for that! What are the top 5 must-have items you’re looking to add to your wardrobe? 1. 110% a plaid skirt 2. Trench coats because they are life 3. More boyfriend jeans 4. A fringe skirt 5. Dark denim pencil skirt What do you love about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? You never know what super cute treasures you’re going to find! What’s your favorite Buffalo find? Without question my plaid flannel dress (originally from H&M). I purchased it for $7 with the original tags still on. I get SO many compliments on it, plus it has pockets, sooo yeah I was sold! What’s your best style advice? Wear what you want! You don’t have to just have one type of style. Dress according to your mood – that makes it WAY more fun!

Kelsey from @kelclight

photos: Elise Michaux @elise.michaux Philip Sam @mphilipphoto


Washington, DC

How would you describe your personal style? A mix of vintage and modern. I’ve always been inspired by the 60s and 70s. 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me in jeans. What is your favorite trend for Spring/Summer? It’s not really a specific trend, but every year I look forward to the music festival season. I get inspired by the street style that I see on social media and in real life. The festival scene often sets the styling standard for the entire season!! What are the top 5 must-have items you’re looking to add to your wardrobe? 1. DENIM. To be exact, vintage high rise Levi’s 2. Vintage graphic tees 3. Round sunglasses 4. Ankle boots 5. Wide brim fedoras What do you love about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? The CLOTHES!!! Because there’s always new product coming in on a daily basis, you never see the same things twice.I love that you can find high and low-end pieces at great prices. Every Buffalo I’ve been to has an awesome and friendly staff (with killer style). You’ll never leave emptyhanded. The icing on the cake is you can sell or exchange your old valued treasures for new ones!!! What’s your favorite Buffalo find? I can’t narrow it down to one. I’ve found a Coach cross body bag and several sterling rings, to name a few. What’s your best style advice? Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially mixing prints and patterns!! Don’t follow the “rules”– if you like it, wear it!!!

Aaron from @modern.boy.vintage

Pastel Daydream Photography by Monique Woolley

Clothing from Buffalo Exchange San Diego Makeup Artist: Jenn Liptak Special Thanks to Moosie’s Ice Cream in San Diego, CA. Models: Stacy Cosman, Raquel Woolley, Almira Stoieva

Earth Day $1 Sale

Help us turn the tide on plastic pollution!


April 21


Shop a special selection of men’s and women’s fashion for just one dollar!

This year, we’re teaming up with The 5 Gyres Institute for our annual Earth Day $1 Day Sale. All proceeds from the sale of $1 clothing will go to 5 Gyres in support of their efforts to research ocean plastic pollution and engage communities in responsible use, design and disposal of plastic materials. A gyre, pronounced jy-yure, is a ring-like oceanic current system. There are 5 subtropical gyres in the ocean (hence their name!) and in 2011, 5 Gyres discovered evidence of plastic in all of them. Since then, they have been studying how plastic travels to these gyres and the effects it has on marine ecosystems, wildlife and human health as well. The Institute has a wide variety of programs like their TrawlShare, their Plastics BAN (Better Alternatives Now) List and their Mi Mar educational initiative. Notably, 5 Gyres has worked to implement a US-wide ban of microbeads – teeny pieces of plastic found in cosmetics that you can’t see or filter out.

Start reducing your own plastic use Here are a few easy-to-implement tips!

1. Carry a reusable water bottle. Not only does a refillable bottle make good environmental sense, it’s good for your bank account! 2. Go straw-free. Every day, Americans use 500 million straws, which aren’t recyclable and often end up in the ocean. 3. Bring your own shopping bag. Most plastic bags are used for 12 minutes before being thrown out. Plastic bags are difficult to recycle and, because they’re lightweight, often end up in the ocean, where they're sometimes mistaken for food by turtles. 4. Buy in bulk. Packaging now accounts for 25% of all plastic manufacturing. Buying more at once helps reduce the amount of plastic you consume. 5. Pick up litter! Picking up litter prevents waste from entering rivers and streams and, ultimately, from entering our oceans.

why i love working Bri

williamsburg, brooklyn

“I get to work with people who have great vibes who share the same interests and goals. We all inspire and help each other!”


santa monica, california

“I’ve learned more about fashion, business & human relations at Buffalo Exchange than any class I’ve taken. This job has really gotten me out of my shell and shown me that I can accomplish anything.”


tempe, arizona

“I get to meet and make strong connections with customers from different backgrounds. I love to personal shop and help people of all styles find the perfect outfit.”


chelsea, manhattan

“I feel as though I have a fashion family here and I can express my creative self.”


seattle, washington

“Supporting the recycled fashion industry is so rewarding. I work with incredible individuals who share a goal to save the planet and look good doing it!”

for buffalo exchange haley

eugene, oregon

“I’ve worked in many different retail environments, but by far Buffalo Exchange has the most fun and expressive team.”


east village, manhattan

“I get to spend my days making genuine connections with customers. There are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth.”


portland, oregon

“I’m someone who needs constant excitement at my job, so working for Buffalo Exchange is perfect for me. I love coming to work and not knowing who I might meet that day or what amazing pieces will come across the buy counter.”


sherman oaks, california

“Working at Buffalo Exchange lets me be a part of something greater than just retail trends. By buying for the store and shopping here I can give back to the community and support sustainable fashion!”


boerum hill, brooklyn

“Buffalo Exchange has really made me the outgoing and confident person I am today ̶ from a quiet college grad to a seasoned manager with a great set of knowledge to have for a lifetime.”

apply in-store or @

y t t e r c i P n c i p in


Trends We Love




Trends We Love

Secrets of a Stylist By Jessica Pruitt

Monica Negri, Tucson, AZ @Monicas_modernlifestyle

Monica Negri is a personal stylist based out of Tucson, AZ. Through her business, Ten Outfits, she helps her clients discover their personal style. And a lot of this takes place at her favorite store – Buffalo Exchange. At the end of a shopping trip together, her clients regularly walk out with 30-50 items, including high-quality designer pieces. When talking about her own closet, Monica can hardly contain her enthusiasm, listing item after item she scored at Buffalo Exchange – everything from metalpoint jewelry and Judith Leiber pumps to a YSL jacket, Chloe trousers and even a simple Hollister flannel! “Take fashion risks,” she says. “If you’ve always wanted to try something, go to Buffalo.”

Monica’s Tips 1. When it comes to resale, shop systematically so you don’t miss anything. Start with shoes because they’re easy, then onto blouses and dresses. 2. Look for quality when you shop. When you touch quality fabric, you can tell instantly. 3. A good pair of shoes can dress up any outfit! 4. Don’t keep your good stuff hidden away. Take every opportunity to dress up! 5. When you have the time, pour yourself a glass of wine, head into your closet and play dress-up. It’s a great way to get out of a style rut!

@ richiecfiles


Richie Candelo, NYC

Richie’s Tips 1. Start with a list or an idea of what you want – you can easily lose focus in a store like Buffalo Exchange that carries so many goodies!

3. Don’t buy something JUST because it’s a good deal. 4. Shop multiple Buffalo Exchange locations – each one has something different to offer.


2. Before you start shopping, check what you have in your closet so that you don’t buy the same thing.

Richie Candelo is a chef-turned-personal stylist based out of NYC. Born and raised in California, he has always loved putting outfits together. He takes fashion inspiration from the rich history and variety of cultures found in NYC. His Monday to Friday uniform consists of chic layers of black, but he loves to play up his main accessory – his hair. “Right now, I’m in love with neon green,” he says.


5. Start with your main statement piece and build an outfit around it.

Photo by Josh Pomplas

Richie has been shopping at Buffalo Exchange for the past 7 years. What keeps him coming back? The great deals on name brand finds and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. “Buffalo Exchange has such a variety of styles that anyone who loves fashion can find something they connect with,” he says.





At Buffalo Exchange, the mantra of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle� extends beyond just clothes. Much of our decor is recycled as well! The first Buffalo store kicked off in 1974 with clothing hanging from old bicycle rims. These days, our twowoman Expansion department continues the tradition by combing thrift stores for funky items they can repurpose, to give each location its own unique vibe. While there will always be those who prefer the sheen of the new, Buffalo shoppers already know that putting your own fresh spin on classic items is way more fun!

Vintage Suitcases (Tempe store)

Perfect shelves for handbags or books!

Bird Cages (Las Vegas store)

Great for displaying necklaces, plants, or converting into lamps!

Vinyl Records (Nashville store)

Spice up a counter, wall or headboard!

Large-scale pieces (Albuquerque store)

Always make a statement!

What’s Up, Doc? Photography & Styling by Catherine Van Overbeke

Here at Buffalo Exchange Austin, we love Doc Martens – and we can think of hundreds of ways to style them! Here are some of our favorite ways to wear our Docs.

Modeling by Emily Brown, Kate Forsberg, Jacqueline Speer & Teya Kroeker

STYLE PROFILE: L.A. Ryan Htut from @kinghtut

How would you describe your personal style? Kind of avant-garde with a touch of personal quirky and sparkly flair. What is your favorite trend for Spring/Summer? Fringe. Anything with fringe. Fringe is super exciting! What are the top 5 must-have items you’re looking to add to your wardrobe? • A pastel suit • A statement jacket with some sort of blown-up art • A red bag • A pair of mules • And, of course, sequins (my total weakness!) What do you love about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? The joy of finding something totally unexpected! I like to call it “treasure hunting.” It’s more of a hobby really. What’s your favorite Buffalo find? There’s too many. A pair of Jeremy Scott’s teddy bear sneakers are definitely one of my faves. What’s your best style advice? Forget the rules. Wear anything that makes you feel good. Life is just too short to wear boring clothes. Be bold. Be different. Be colorful. Or dark, lol. And most importantly be YOU. (;

Nogales AZ

San Antonio TX

Going Once, Going Twice

How do we keep our racks full of fresh fashion each time you visit Buffalo Exchange? We put every item on a countdown. If a piece of clothing doesn’t sell quickly, it’s sent to one of our two outlet stores, where it gets a second chance at a much lower price. At these outlets, located in San Antonio, Texas and Nogales, Arizona, items are on an even more accelerated countdown. If they fail to sell quickly there, they are given to designated local charities, who receive donations from us every week. At Buffalo Exchange we love clothes – and prove it by ensuring that nothing we sell ever goes to waste.

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Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 13, Spring/Summer 2018. Featuring new tips for your closet cleanout, upcoming trends we luv, Earth Day $1 Day Sale charity highlight,...

Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 13, Spring/Summer 2018. Featuring new tips for your closet cleanout, upcoming trends we luv, Earth Day $1 Day Sale charity highlight,...