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Editor’s Note As the summer gives way to cooler temperatures and possibly fewer mosquitos (if that’s possible, yes, please), we look forward to being able to wear jackets, and sweaters, and scarves! Fall brings the ability to play with your wardrobe and become so much more creative. So we bring you our edit for fall from all parts of the country. Our capsule closet is back with some wonderful autumn and winter colorways, as well as great tips for closet management. There’s a super Solange editorial that seems to defy any specific trends, but puts them all together for a ‘more than the sum of its parts’ look. We included a photo editorial from the northwest as well as some great shots of employee style in our ‘coast to coast’ pages. We additionally share styles from some of our customers, who are always THE BEST at figuring out how to shop and style from Buffalo Exchange. Finally, we highlight some of the good we try to do as a company and share what it’s like to work as a buyer for Buffalo Exchange. We are forever grateful to you, our customer, for the being the lifeblood of our business and hope you have a safe, stylish, and serene season in the months ahead. Rebecca Block Zine Team: Rebecca Block, Jessica Pruitt, Joe Carrel, Inara Edrington, Goldie Mahon, Stephanie Lew, Emma Robinson & Kristin Pawelczyk Publisher: Buffalo Exchange Ltd. Illustrator: Emma Robinson Printed by: Alphagraphics, Tucson, Az. Contributors: Jessica Pruitt, Judith (aka StyleCrone) & Tamara Sykes Photographers: Alondra Mendez, Alyssa Andersen, Daniel Nolan, Edna Leshowitz, Jessica Amerson, Josh Wallace, Junior Fernandez, Melanee Brown, Miranda Cavagnaro, Monica Eckhoff, Stefan Walker, Stephanie Lew, Susie Coldren & Vivian Mora Special thanks to all of the stores that contributed

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When You Support Us, You Support...

critters on the mend

Our annual Coats for Cubs fur drive collects real furs to provide bedding and comfort to orphaned and injured wildlife. Since 2006, Buffalo Exchange, with the help of our customers, has collected and distributed nearly 16,000 furs to wildlife rehabilitators across the country.

environmental heroes Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Surfrider Foundation

Every April, Buffalo Exchange locations nationwide hold an Earth Day $1 Sale, with all proceeds supporting a charity or environmental cause. Since 1997, over $600K has been raised, including $52,483 this past Earth Day alone Ěś our biggest yet!

Racheal Rios

emerging artists

The Buffalo Exchange Arts Award annually honors artists in the visual arts, the performing arts and those who make outstanding contributions to the arts through education, organization or advocacy. Since its inception in 1994, over $199,000 has been awarded to these inspirational artists.

hometown charities

Through our Tokens for BagsŽ program, shoppers are offered a token in place of a bag, which they can donate to one of three featured local charities. Buffalo Exchange contributed to 276 charities this past year and, since the program’s creation in 1994, has donated over $700,000 to local charities nationwide (while also preventing over 14 million plastic bags from polluting the environment).

Thank You for Shopping Buffalo Exchange!

Photography by Junior Fernandez Stylist: Ariann Burley Wardrobe: Buffalo Exchange Houston

Models: Chidi Odu Sara Trevino Kiara Penson Annie Burley

These looks are inspired by Solange Knowles. When it comes to personal style, she throws all the rules out the window, putting together daring looks that are always on point.

This fall, go for metallics, bold prints and interesting layers. Bright and colorful is the new monochrome

5 blouses

5 pants

The Minimalist’s Guide to Dressing Well By Jessica Pruitt Downsize your wardrobe, upgrade your life. Minimalist wardrobes are the new trend in fashion – and for good reason. Imagine snapping your fingers, I Dream of Jeannie-style, and instantly wearing the perfect outfit. That’s what a 40-piece closet can do for you. Follow these tips to get started!

Set Some Limits:

Mix & Match:

Rotate Seasonally:


Start counting! For your staple clothing, shoes and outerwear, try to keep it to about 40 pieces. The good news? You don’t have to count workout wear, pajamas, accessories, or formal wear.

Every 3 months, clean out your closet and update it for the new season. I recommend taking everything out and only putting back the pieces you really love and know you’ll wear. Put out-ofseason items in storage, donate worn-out items, and sell pieces that no longer fit or just didn’t work for your style.

Once you have your key pieces, play around with different combinations and layering pieces. You’ll be amazed at how many unique outfits you can create just by switching up your accessories.

I love to shop on a weekly basis, so I’d be the last person to tell you to go on a hiatus for 3 months. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent your closet from ballooning. Whenever you buy something new, come home and do a one-forone swap. I like to keep a reusable tote in my closet to store items I’ve decided to sell.

Pro Tip:

4 T-shirts

We put together our Fall/Winter wardrobe using 35 pieces. For the cold weather, focus on fun accessories like scarves and beanies and layering pieces like cardigans.

3 flats

2 skirts

4 dresses

2 ankle boots

1 casual shoe

4 sweaters

Quality& Versatility:

When shopping, look for two things – quality classics that will stand the test of time and neutrals that pair well with each other. Don’t be afraid to add in a couple of statement patterns or colors, but do consider how they will go with the rest of your closet.

4 jackets

2 scarves

When people think minimalism, they tend to think beige and boring. Not true! A smaller closet can absolutely incorporate bold colors, big risks, and current trends. The minimalist concept is more about allowing your wardrobe to constantly evolve and trimming away the excess so that your true style can shine through, loud and clear. Remember – when in doubt, throw it out. Good luck!




photos by Daniel Nolan

with Instagram


“Have fun and express yourself! There is no need to follow rules and you don’t have to be invisible. It doesn’t have to be serious and it can add to the pleasure of life. Like eating chocolate or experimenting with a new persona.”

“It’s difficult to choose a favorite Buffalo find, but I love the vintage yellow laquered straw turban that I discovered about five years ago. It always makes me feel radiant.”

Retro Romance Trends We Love

Rocky Mountain High

The Dynamic Mom-Daughter Duo Behind Buffalo Exchange By Jessica Pruitt

For Buffalo Exchange founder Kerstin Block and her daughter/business partner Rebecca, fashion comes naturally. Like most mothers and daughters, they don’t always have the same taste when it comes to clothing. Even still, they seem to agree on most things – including which shoes to wear. When I sat down with them, they were both wearing the same pair of Kork-Ease!

The original treasure hunter

Kerstin describes her style as eclectic and vintage, noting that she has long used fashion as a way to stand out from the crowd and show off her unique viewpoint. “I always wanted to wear different clothes because I didn’t want to look like everybody else,” she says. This is probably why she has developed such a penchant for unique pieces like 40s and 50s vintage and hand-embroidered blouses.Kerstin loves searching out unique treasures in her free time and turns over the clothes in her closet regularly. “I love to shop,” she professes.

In high school and college, Rebecca worked in the store as a Buyer and, after getting a degree in anthropology, took on her first career role at Buffalo Exchange – New Merchandise Buyer. Eventually, she started working closely with Spencer, going on to take over many of his administrative tasks. She currently serves as Vice President. Now, Rebecca’s daughter Melissa is following suit: currently in college, she has started to work in the stores and get a feel for the business.

Obsessed with shoes

Rebecca loves to shop, too, but her wardrobe is more classic and modern, with a strong bent toward practical pieces that work for her lifestyle. “If it fits and it’s cute, I’ll wear it,” she jokes. Notably, she rarely wears the same pair of shoes two days in a row. “I love shoes and purses,” she confesses. “I easily have over 75 pairs of shoes at any one time.”

Mutual respect

“A lot of times, I admire her shoes,” says Kerstin, noting a pair of leather gladiator sandals Rebecca brought back from Italy. Rebecca, on the other hand, admires how well-coordinated her mother’s outfits are. “She dresses better than me,” says Rebecca with a smile, “and when we’re out together, people often tell me I’m really lucky to have such a hip mom.”

Growing up at Buffalo Exchange

This mom-daughter team has been working together for almost as long as they can remember. “Rebecca grew up in Buffalo Exchange,” says Kerstin. From the time she was in elementary school, she would come to the store after school to work with her mother and father, Spencer Block.

These days, Kerstin and Rebecca run the company hand-in-hand. In both fashion and business, they trust each other implicitly. It’s this mutual respect that has helped them to grow the company from one small store in Tucson, Arizona to 49 stores across the US. Buffalo Exchange is a family business through and through – and it wouldn’t be where it is today without this dynamic mom-daughter duo. The best part about working together? Without hesitation, Kerstin replies, “It’s nice to know that we can depend on each other.”

Eugene Fall Feels

Photography by Miranda Cavagnaro & Vivian Mora

Styling: Alexa Jaramillo | Clothing: Buffalo Exchange Eugene

Models: Ella Narvasa, Jordan Bailey, Shelby Clyburn, Conner Baker


Alfred Banks

Instagram/Twitter @UnderDogCentral

Alfred Banks (aka @UnderDogCentral) is a New Orleans based rapper who first started shopping at Buffalo Exchange in 2007. Since then, he has refined his style and become one of the city’s rising stars. He has worked with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Mickey Factz and G-Eazy. Over the years he has performed many times at Buffalo Exchange for various parties. Recently, Alfred filmed a European Volkswagen commercial in Spain and, shortly after, toured his new album, The Beautiful.

How did you get started doing music?

I started writing when I was six years old. Both my brothers Orlandas and James inspired me to really get into it. I’m so glad I made that decision. I’ve been really making music, though, since 2009. My inspiration comes from other dope rappers that I work with like XXL Freshman Mickey Factz or my underground colleagues like rapper Marcel P. Black. They keep me on my toes.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I really just wear what I like. I take some inspiration from the hip hop fashion of 2008-2010 with how wild I can get sometimes. I love Mikey Factz, Wale and Fabolous. Other than that, it’s all about what I like.

What do you like about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? For me, it’s the hunt of finding something so cool among the shelves. I love putting an outfit together from a complete blank canvas.

What’s been your favorite Buffalo find recently?

I found a pair of High Top K-Swiss Midcourts and they are so dope. Awesome colorway and super comfy. My all-time favorite find was a pair of Jordan 8s (Peapod). I saw them and freaked out, because that’s my favorite.

We luv cosmos and creatures

Cosmos & Creature is a pop duo composed of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore. Since releasing their first single last September, they’ve had over 3.4 million streams. The California-based pair loves shopping at Buffalo Exchange. In fact, during their recent nationwide tour, they made sure to stop into Buffalo Exchange locations across the country, wearing their finds all along the way. Instagram/Twitter @CosmosNCreature

How would you describe your band's fashion style?

Molly: Retro and playful. Lately I've been really into windbreakers and 60s and 70s looks. Brandyn: We both love finding unique pieces. My favorite kind of jackets to wear all look like they’re straight out of a 90s TV show. I'd call our style high fashion 90s.

Where do you get inspiration from, both in music and fashion? Molly: Janis Joplin and the Beatles. I also have a forever romance with the 90s. Brandyn: Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other 90s shows. I'm also inspired by the 60s and a bit of the 70s.

Why do you like about shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

Molly: It’s allowed me to develop a style that feels unique and authentic to me without spending a lot. You find pieces that you could never find anywhere else. Brandyn: I always come out with something iconic. People always ask me which brands I'm wearing and I love that I don't even know – it’s not important. My answer is always, "everything I'm wearing is Buffalo Exchange."

Tucson Street Style

Photography By Josh Wallace @joshwallacex

Clothing Provided By Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Models: Andre Petteman, Lance Allan, Alyssa Sandoval, Amelia Gotobed, Josh Manis

At A lt it u d e Trends We Love

d a u q S m a Gl

l r i G n a i d y Ba

Tamara Sykes

Tamara, aka Baydian Girl, is a Caribbean-born blogger who has a passion for fashion, changing her hair frequently, and dancehall music. She describes her blog as a library of outfit ideas and a forum for multicultural women to develop their personal style.

How would you describe your style? Edgy and playful. I will throw on a leather jacket with a blush pink maxi skirt in a heartbeat, then add combat boots. I think of style as another way to speak and an opportunity to play dress-up every single day.

What are the top items you’ll be hunting for this fall/winter? Over-the-knee boots, a long-line bomber jacket, and colorful booties. What’s your favorite Buffalo Exchange find? Why do you love shopping here? Oh boy, where do I start? I’ve found so many great things at my local Buffalo Exchange! However, my absolute favorite find is the pair of metallic loafers I just purchased. They are statement makers and I feel like I’m on cloud 10 when I wear them. I have been shopping at Buffalo Exchange since it established a store in Columbus, OH, in October 2016. I love the prices and I love the quality of the clothes. When I buy something from Buffalo, I know it will be stylish, affordable, and high-quality. I couldn’t ask for more.

Fall and Winter Must -Haves Combat Boots

You can wear these with almost anything in the fall, including ripped jeans, leggings, and cold shoulder dresses.

Army green trench coat You can wear it with a jersey bodycon dress or denim.

Booties These are perfect to rock with fall dresses.

Floppy hat or boater hat (depending on your style) Wear with a scarf for a look that is trĂŠs chic!

Leather motorcycle jacket Just imagine wearing your boyfriend jeans and a sassy V-neck, then adding this to the mix! Fall street style at its finest.

A Day in the Life of a Buffalo Exchange Buyer A Buffalo Exchange buyer is someone who has fun, wants to learn, and isn’t afraid of hard work. Let’s see what this looks like up close...

Training to be a Buyer Training to be a Buyer is an ongoing process that lasts your entire career with Buffalo Exchange. To start out, new Buyers observe a trainer or Manager for several sessions before going hands-on. As they learn about the types of clothing that sell well for us and how to price it, they start to make decisions on their own. A trainer or manager is always right there with them to help them along the way. It usually takes about three months for a Buyer to complete training, but in truth, the training never stops. Whether you’ve been a Buffalo Exchange Buyer for three months or three years, there are always new brands and new trends to learn about. This definitely means you have to stay on top of your development and be proactive about educating yourself.

Fast Paced & Fun The best part about being a Buyer is how high-energy and interactive the job is. Buffalo employees are jacks and jills of all trades, rotating around the store throughout the day to work at the buy counter, the cash register, the dressing room, and the sales floor. Free time is for chatting with customers, styling mannequins or analyzing our inventory. Many employees end up loving the buy counter most of all. Every interaction is a new adventure, whether you’re having an interesting conversation with a customer or learning about a new brand or style.

Fashion Boot Camp If you want to work in the fashion industry, there’s no place like the Buffalo Exchange buy counter. At a regular retail store, you get to know the ins and outs of your own brand, but at Buffalo, you learn about every brand possible, a diverse range of styles, clothing construction techniques, personal styling, and more. Being a Buffalo Exchange Buyer teaches you an attitude of constant improvement that helps prevent you from getting stuck in a rut. Sound like the job for you? Stop into one of our 49 stores to fill out an application and meet our team. We’re always looking to hire individuals who love fashion, love people, and love a challenge.




Highlighting Buffalo Exchange style from east to west

Photography by Melanee Brown. Model: Ebonie Lee-Lamb. Stylist: Mary Tsoules

Photography by Alondra Mendez. Models: Chloe Breault & Jakob Palermo

Photography by Jessica Amerson. Models: Ryan Lawson & Emilio Rodriguez

Photography By Stefan Walker Model: Chloe Chappell Stylist: Khariff Tyson

Photography By Edna Leshowitz Model: Rocco Paone



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